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December 06, 2019

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A poor girl with a three year old, a sick room-mate, and a pile of bills grows desperate for money. In order to keep her pantry from going bare, and her landlord to force her out she makes the desicion to take on a fake boyfriend. The onlyproblem is... the… Read More
I hated that she had him, she has him and I want him for me all for me. I want to be taken by him any way he wanted, where he wanted. Just as long as I was taken by him! Read More
Teasing and torturing brings a steamy afternoon to new heights of pleasure and pain. Read More
Starts during Future Trunks' timeline. About Trunks' growing love for Gohan. After his death Trunks travels in time to meet the younger Gohan which stirs left over feelings. Will Trunks be able to restrain himself and possibly find a way to still gain love? M. Trunks/M. Gohan, M.Trunks/Gohan, Trunks/Goten, Gohan/Videl Read More
This is the story of Hirra, Gohan's older sister, and tells of her relationship with Future Trunks when he comes to help fight the androids. Expect some OC X Future Trunks. Plus ... a surprise ... Read More
Every one wants revenge when some one does them wrong. What happens when a girl actually plans and executes a revenge scheme? Will it go the way she wants or will it turn around and bite her on the ass? Sabrina is that girl and she's out for some payback.… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

(COMPLETED) Notorious Lord Lockton was well known…throughout the ladies in London. He was the talk of the ton and women would not stop whispering of how deliciously wicked he is. Lord Lockton can have any women in his bed…except…Lady Evelyn. Lady Evelyn was a proper lady. Who never stepped out… Read More

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