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Alex falls in love with Theo, her brothers best friend. After a date with her new boss, she realises she loves Theo, and the rest is history Read More

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“YOU!” “Me. The person who put your brother in jail, the one who destroyed your sister’s business. The one who your family killed her unborn child and humiliated her. Me, your wife. I came back, Alexander. To finished, what I have started two years ago.” Read More

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Chloe runs into an ex who is still in love with her and who she loves back but with a young son and two jobs, does she have time to take on trouble as big as Shane Montgomery? Read More

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March 24, 2013

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A wicked life of pain and love in one devotion to be with the one you love forever. Read More
I'm sure everyone has heard the phrase "we all have a breaking point" I'm here, living proof that's a flat out lie. You never know how strong you are until you have to be. Once you see everything I've overcame and experienced in my short 29yrs of life, you'll understand,… Read More
A mysterious woman, a man bent on her destruction, inter woven with the assassins. Can Ezio get her to talk and trust him before she kills him and those around her with her silence. Why is she here and what is it the Captain of the guard needs her for? Read More
Hanna looks up at Nathan, "Why are you doing this? Do you know what will happen if I tell someone?" "Its funny how you think people will believe you. Because they wont, youre the daughter of a theif, a dead one at that!" Before she even thought about it, she… Read More
A stormy night, a slick road, a disaster in the making, but for a strong hansom man. Cassidy was on her way home from university when she skidded to avoid a creature in the road. Injured and dazed she thought she would die in the fast filling car. But some… Read More

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