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September 08, 2019

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The love a character has for his author Read More

Featured Review by Megan Mackenzie

"Ice, this is so unique and interesting! For this website especially. I’m guilty of doing it myself, creating a man in a little fantasy world. ..." Read More

A fiction writer grew up with a family without being adopted and writes a new hot novel but cannot think of anything to replace his foul working title. He's in bed with his so-called step-sister and she satisfies his lust and solves his literary dilemma. Read More
Reading, writing, likes and comments. This is not a rant, so there will be no need for bashing others. I am just voicing my thoughts and opinion. Read More
... the current vogue... about porn... Read More
26 year old Casimir Falun is a popular author from Oxford, United Kingdom. He always prefered to keep to himself due to a complicated family problem. He lived on his own, didn't have many friends, and rarely went out unless it was needed. One day, out of the blue, his… Read More
Teiliegh Delgato awakens on a warm summer's morning, to find that her family has gone on ahead to the family's lake cabin without her, to let her sleep in. She sees this as the perfect opportunity to 'test-drive' her new, state-of-the-art, mail order vibrator, which has been hidden deep in… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

How Earth, moon ,stars came into origin. An author couples' ego clash. Would remind you of MILTON"S PARADISE LOST. Please suggest whether it needs to be elaborated or is it ok. Read More

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