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Anita and Patrick are lovers. Their sex life satisfies Anita, but Patrick has a new idea to put some variation and new life into their relationship. Anita isn't enthusiastic about what Patrick wants, but she's afraid to lose him as a lover... Read More
Andrew is home alone. A girl from his neighborhood comes to visit him. She wants him to drive her to her school because her bike has a flat tire. Andrew agrees, but the two of them have something else going on before he takes her to school... Read More

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Two teen boys first man-man experience Read More

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Editor's note. If you haven't read part 1 yet please read it first. It sets the scene for part 2 and will make this one better Read More

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Sex with Becky the young girl in the apartment downstairs Read More

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Young Nick goes shopping with mom and dad Read More

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Charlie needed a little spice in his life. Is he going to get it? Read More

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She's a stuck up girl who has everything, he's been tasked to look after her for a week. As the week passes her behavior infuriates him but he's slowly becoming attracted to her. Read More

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Detention with a naughty little school girl with a big round ass ready for spanking Read More
Andy flies often but he's never fucked a stewardess. This flight is boring, the woman next to him is talking rubbish, the only thing entertaining him is the sight of the pert little ass walking up and down the aisle of the plane. Hiding his erection with a blanket he… Read More

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Rob and Serena are out for a stroll when an opportunity shines through a glass house... Read More

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My version of what happened in Story's dream if he had not woken up. 1,000 word challenge starts with "I take my hand..." Read More

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I got the inspiration from “To eat or not to eat” by the one and only Benawriter. This is a true tale of my first girl on girl experience AND my first ass play experience (if that doesn’t interest you then a warning this story is not for you). Read More

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She rode me hard like her pony on the ranch. Read More

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an extenuation of "a wytche's tale" except now a rival goddess is involved. Read More

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Sometimes the things we aren't supposed to have, are the best Read More

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He leaned over top of her to whisper in her ear. “That’s ok.” She could feel his hard dick against her ass. “I had enough of your pussy last night.” He licked the side of her ear and then spit on his left hand. Read More

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The true story of my 18th birthday. Read More

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