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Hope springs eternal for romance seeking Sarah as she meets her ideal guy online and embarks on a wild,lusty and passionate relationship. Dowdy old maid Sarah works for a haulage company in downtown Sheffield operating from a bland Portakabin. One day her life changes forever as she begins an online… Read More
Lusty afternoon romp leads to murder as two co-workers take advantage of a quiet lift to have sex with each other. Clare has just been offered her dream job and is currently working for a marketing agency in the centre of London along with Blake. After the sudden death of… Read More

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February 27, 2012

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Liam and Kimberly's relationship has been rocky but one night, things begin to look up... Read More
This one actually took me awhile to write. No, my drug history is not as extensive as the poem suggests (I'm a good kiddo). Neither would I go this far for one person, an addict is an addict, and an addict has no place in my life. Read More
This is the second story in the "Detention Room One" series of stories that focus around a small all girl college town. A young manager is experiencing loss from shoplifters. A corporate expert is called in to help her get things under control. He introduce Julie (the young manager) to… Read More

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