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the ministry of darkness and its leader the undertaker are taking actions against the attackers of gangrel after this last one ends up being brutalized by a bunch of guys in a bar. the undertaker goes even as far as kidnapping the young sister of one of the attackers as… Read More

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Dr. Selene Licamae has developed a new fragrance for her line of perfumes. From a flower in her own garden, she tests her knew scent on her boss. This is my acceptance for Storywriterx's challenge for the Manator. Enjoy! Read More

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Sexy feet with protruding freshly varnished nails really turn me on and make my pussy overflow with sexual delight.Touching,kissing,licking and nibbling tootsies covered in cream cheese tantalises my engorged tongue.Sexy strapped sandals dress them up to turn me on seducing only urges sucking sensations which make my nipples errect. Read More
This transgender Comic yarn is an account of events which happened over 2 decades ago one late spring evening in May The story details a somewhat graphic account of a group of friends who decide that crossdressing is an excellent theme night idea for my flat warming party. Two lesbians… Read More
Hope springs eternal for romance seeking Sarah as she meets her ideal guy online and embarks on a wild,lusty and passionate relationship. Dowdy old maid Sarah works for a haulage company in downtown Sheffield operating from a bland Portakabin. One day her life changes forever as she begins an online… Read More
Lusty afternoon romp leads to murder as two co-workers take advantage of a quiet lift to have sex with each other. Clare has just been offered her dream job and is currently working for a marketing agency in the centre of London along with Blake. After the sudden death of… Read More
Two lovers-what they did and what they left behind Read More
Speeding leads to the intrusion of police officers, but what can become of such an intrusion? Read More
Poem describes the anticipation of love making... Read More

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An English 18-year-old and another senior student are expelled from a Boys' Boarding School after being discovered in bed together wearing stockings. Lee's mother, intimately aware of her son's stockings fetish, sends him to her younger sister in California to keep him clear of his father who will be enraged.… Read More

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