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December 17, 2022

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

This story is about two people, John and Maria who are both getting ready to go out on their third date. And as the custom goes,, the third date is usually the "sex date". In this story, we will be reading two conversations. One with John and his penis, and… Read More
Longing for someone in particular right now... Read More
Written by a man insinuating that he's watching his lady love; asking her how she'd react if he was. Read More
A young couple hopes tonight will be the night. Read More
I’m casting a brief glance at the crowd, and somebody reacts. It’s an oriental boy, a young man, and he's so obviously on a commute, I can’t even explain. It’s as if my appearance has stirred something in him, he’s following me with his eyes as I cross the street.… Read More
The many pleasurable days on the estate of Lord Augustus. Here at the Toison D'or Pleasure Palace, everyone leaves with a smile and wet memories to cherish. [ Please check my page for latest additions that range from short story to script and other. ] Read More
She stood there, bare breasted, deep in thought. Read More

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