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Longing for someone in particular right now... Read More
Written by a man insinuating that he's watching his lady love; asking her how she'd react if he was. Read More
A young couple hopes tonight will be the night. Read More
I’m casting a brief glance at the crowd, and somebody reacts. It’s an oriental boy, a young man, and he's so obviously on a commute, I can’t even explain. It’s as if my appearance has stirred something in him, he’s following me with his eyes as I cross the street.… Read More
The many pleasurable days on the estate of Lord Augustus. Here at the Toison D'or Pleasure Palace, everyone leaves with a smile and wet memories to cherish. [ Please check my page for latest additions that range from short story to script and other. ] Read More
She stood there, bare breasted, deep in thought. Read More

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