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December 04, 2013

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Andy needs a job to pay her dads debts after he left her and her mom in the lurch, and the opportunity presents itself. A mysterious rich Master in a beautiful manor house is looking for a live-in maid, a well payed position. what she hadn't expected however was the… Read More
Ok guys, the story HAS NOT disappeared, I have deleted the other one and attempted to make it neater, Please ENJOY. A girl named Libby has always had to put up with Alyssa annoying everyone in highschool, and acting as if she was the popular queen of the school. But… Read More
Andrew Dennis Biersack ;) and Gerard Way from BVB and MCR Read More

Tags: gay, bi, andy, gerard_way

this is the remake of love meets again im the same person who made it so ill tell u about it again. anne and andy been together for 6 years and where each others first everything and when she was 14 and andy was 15 his mother became very sick… Read More
Keri(17)Ryan(18) keri is a nerd ryans a jock keris captin of the math team ryans captin of the football team need i say more....YES so keris in love with ryan but no one knows but her bff katy(17)and katys bf so happens to be ryans bff drew(18)now they went on… Read More
Ella is 18. She likes two men. Andy he's 19. And Taylor he's 22. (It's in Ella's, Andy's, and Taylor's Piont of View) Read More
18 year old Andy is a college student who slowly starts to feel depressed despite his exciting lifestyle. He finds solace in the mysterious Dylan and the two boys quickly fall in love. But Dylan is not quite how he first appears and Andy soon learns how far he will… Read More

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