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Walking into Motown after a three week absence, the bar staff pouring my drink without my asking, expat regulars welcoming me with open arms and familiar little huddles of flirty Nipponese smiling. There would always be newcomers too, some were occasional drinkers resident in Tokyo but many were visiting businessmen.… Read More
Hannah wants to have sex with another man while her husband watches: With the rules established, they set out to find the man to do the job right! Read More
Returning to the neighborhood of his youth, a traveler invites the mother of his oldest friend to rediscover her passion...while her unfaithful husband is away from home. Read More
In the 1970s, I ended a period of anxious unemployment by enlisting with a very sober insurance company: assuming that it would mean nothing more than years of tedious days in a quiet, anonymous cubicle. Instead, what awaited me were Three Great Loves - in addition to secrets, confessions, deceptions,… Read More
I'm supposed to write about what I'm thinking of right now, and all I can think about is that plain wooden chair... Read More
Following on from After Hours- the barmaid turns the tables...strong language throughout. Read More
She had a Hall Pass but the time expired. Can she have her cake and eat it? Read More
When the wind dropped to nothing, the tempers on the yacht turned to short, and the sex turned to anal. Read More

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Jane Anderson had a good job, a nice apartment and a loving boyfriend. But her life was about to be shattered by the deception of the man she thought she loved. Then she met Alison Roscoe. Little did she know it, but Jane was about to be plunged into a… Read More

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