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A dirty POV short story that looks a moment in the life of a sex slave. Read More
Your mouth isn't the only place that dribbles in your sleep... Read More

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Courtney gets something from her boyfriend Jeremy, but there's a debt to pay. Read More
Regular sex with my daughter-in-law while my son was away Read More
The tales of Jessie and Lukah. A country couple with a passion for life and each other. Read More

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A shit day at work needing release. As always his lover was there for him. Read More
Brandi is abducted in broad daylight, tied, gagged, and blindfolded. After being taken to a secret location, she is thrown onto a bed and left tied but used as the private fuck doll of several men, bringing her the most intense pleasure of her life. Read More
by Virginia T. Watson A girl peeps through the teachers' lounge window and sees a wild 3some. She gets too horny to take it any longer, and after speaking to one of the teachers, meets him and the other teacher for some special after school attention. Read More
There's more fucks for your bucks in here! Welcome to Bukkake Splat Party where the degradation of a young girl is entertainment for a troubled man who sees Brian Peppers glowing in the corner. Thrill to Sir Spunkalot firing on cue after a countdown from ten to one. And enjoy… Read More

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Professor Ron S. Write has a couple of students seeking additional help with his class. He has a lot to teach them, but will they be able to handle his teaching methods?? This book is a collaboration between Storywriterx, Amy Turner, and Awoken. We hope you enjoy! Read More
When her boyfriend asks what she wants for her birthday, he does not expect her to say that she wants to try multiple men; however, as he thinks about it, he realizes it would be very hot to see her be so pleased and used. Her wish is granted, and… Read More
Twenty-eight-year-old Rick Portier is no CEO, but he's paid well enough to afford his car and his mortgage while still being able to live comfortably. Not needing to worry from one paycheque to the next, Rick doesn't think too hard about calling in to work and taking the day off… Read More
anna's power goes out and a ruggedly handsome stops to help. there is a lot of electricity between these two! Read More

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September 01, 2016

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Sage has a an interesting night... Please leave comments, and feedback. Read More

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It is so difficult to meet someone. I had all but given up on these feelings I have bottled up inside. Then I found the personals section and there he was.The ad read as follows: "Retired professor seeking younger man to grow a friendship with". Read More

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My sister-in-law leaves her husband and comes to live with us. Sexual attraction builds up and when my wife goes out of town for a seminar, the attraction explodes into open lust and .... Read on to find out what happens. Read More

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Jess did not expect the event that transpired to happen when she attended confessional on that early Sunday morning but will she attend again and what would the consequences be if she didn't. Please comment your thoughts and ideas, hearing your feedback boosts my confidence to write more. Read More
THree friends spend a night in. They end up in and on each other Read More

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Sharon's story of how she did the nasty with a guy she met at her friend's party Read More

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