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Calming the bride before the altar is easy for a bridesmaid and her step brother Read More
The college and post college sex adventures of the trio; Chastity; Erica and Bethany. Read More
----- DADDY'S HORNY and HUNG TEENAGE SLUT ! ------ ''HUNTER'S HORNY and SWEATY SEX ! '' ---- LICK MY CUM CREAM-PIE ! ______________________________________________________________________________ PART 2: FUCK ME, BABE ! --- Warm Cum Tonight ! _________________________________________________________________ Read More

Short Story / Mature Sex

September 16, 2021

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Francine is inadvertently caught up in a crazed teeny bopper mall appearance. Luckily maybe: several hired events crowd control officers come to her assistance. However, in the ensuing mayhem: she is 'mall mauled'. Read More

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Begleite Harry und Draco auf eine wundervolle Reise im Raum der Wünsche. Voll mit Analsex, Lust, Komödie und vielleicht auch Snape. (Also Dumbledore kam schon vor). Es wird sexy, heiß und lustig! Read More

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After being kicked out of his house Jerry was left with few options of where to go. He must turn to an old friend. Read More
Don't move, stay on the ground. I knew the old cunt wouldn't stop. He won't let anyone take me away. Read More
This is another real life experience. It was a extremely horrible experience. Not the sex that was extremely wonderful when Im stoned that way it didn't hurt as much. I'm living with old cunt in his beach side apartment. He's smashing my pussy and my bum everyday. I need to… Read More
I love making porn videos. Making home porn is much more exciting, especially on Sundays. Read More
Living in Australia can be exciting. Living with a old guy was not what I expected. I miss living with another woman. I miss the soft touch of another woman. Old cunt tries his best to be soft. I luv the feel of his dick. Nothing beats a real cock.… Read More
After having a late lunch and sex session. He's now watching Porn. He's watching me starring in the porn video. Will he be able to perform again, after our afternoon session. Follow/ message me on instagram missink31. I'm a real person. Thank you for reading. Read More
Part 2 Convid Lockdown, Prawns and Porn Chapter 8. We Continue on after a late lunch of prawns. I need to prepare for work. But he has his needs. I take all my own pictures which seems to excite him. Follow me on instagram missink31 Read More
What to do while in COVID-19 lockdown. This is a true story of my current life experiences. I think old cunt is wanting to eat me as we watch porn starring me. Eat my flesh he's thinking. I know he luvs eating raw meat. Read More
How my new straight college bestie became bi and got buggered in the same evening with my boytoy and me. Read More
College girly fun caught out: but hey these two over sexed nymphets really enjoy sharing a step-daddy’s cock and arse. Read More
I teach curious teenage boy a lesson. Read More

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Tales from my sex life. Some fact, some fiction and some a mixture of the two. Read More
High drama with 2bjs and one awkward condom wrapper in a 60 minute booking with a sex worker. Read More
A man pays a sex worker for owo and sex with condom. She washes his dick in the sink. Read More
I'm trying to write about my experiences with a handful of sex workers, to try and capture the essence of its abstract loneliness, but its so excruciating to write I can only do it in bite sized segments in the hope I'll develop them into something more. Anyway, a start… Read More
Okay....if that's what you want Read More

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"Great piece, what a way to ask. I don’t have the right tools but If I did I would have to oblige your request. " Read More

A man and an a woman meet to keep "the numb" at bay. She gives him control for one afternoon. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

If only Billy knew, of the secrets his dad and I kept... Read More

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