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Reggie learns that working late comes with some sexy perks. Read More
Shay will do anything for a night with Jennifer, even if it includes her husband. Read More
This is the seemingly tall tale of the outlaw so brutal that the Devil would be ashamed to mention his name and the lawman determined to bring him to justice, whether that be the jailhouse or the graveyard. Read More
Male, alcoholic and drug addicted making an appearance in crime. Started to unravel his transition of living straight or going criminal. Read More
Teiliegh Delgato awakens on a warm summer's morning, to find that her family has gone on ahead to the family's lake cabin without her, to let her sleep in. She sees this as the perfect opportunity to 'test-drive' her new, state-of-the-art, mail order vibrator, which has been hidden deep in… Read More

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