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His eyes were piercing as he laid them upon me. I felt butterflies in my stomach every time he would even smile at me. I knew after I found out what he did for a living I could never get involved with it or him non the less. but I… Read More
Deep in my own thoughts, thoughts about him, I couldn't help but touch myself. Read More

Poem / Poetry

May 25, 2017

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Emma and James never thought their friendship would become sexual but now she can't imagine it any other way. Please comment and let me know what you think. Read More

Tags: friends, alone, oral

Joan is still awake and horny after a passionate night with Tom. Warning: Gts fetish. Read More
A poem I wrote about vengeance, shattered hearts/minds and emotional breakups. Read More
She wakes up wanting him, then takes care of business herself. Read More
Its 10 o'cock on a Saturday....Julie And Sam Are alone in Sam's flat...she moans and squirts.....he's an animal... Read More
Landon Bradford is bored. He hates his job and his life. He needs to change something. One day something snaps and he gets a taste for murder. After this event he realizes that to commit the perfect string of murders, he must acquire an accomplice. Read More
A man's feelings crashing to the surface and hurting people around him. Read More
Hanna looks up at Nathan, "Why are you doing this? Do you know what will happen if I tell someone?" "Its funny how you think people will believe you. Because they wont, youre the daughter of a theif, a dead one at that!" Before she even thought about it, she… Read More
EXPLICIT EROTICA Adult Readers Only Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country’s Legal Age Read More

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A girl gets made fun of by five guys. When she finally stands up to one of them, they all stalk her and wait til she's alone and then they rape her. She spends most of her time depressed. Not talking or eating until she gets revenge. Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 15, 2012

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DEFINITELY 18+!! I had to get something off my chest, thus. Enjoy, as far as that's possible. Read More

Book / Adult Romance

November 22, 2011

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When you thought thing was better with Amber and her family where you thought wrong. their is no hope to help her family. this about a young girl who is aloen and odnt know who turn to... well she make through all the stuff that is going on in the… Read More
Kelly never liked summer because it ment stay home with her mom. he mom was horrible she would go out one night and come back maby a week later leaving Kelly all by her self with no food and just some water. she had to go to the grocery store… Read More
A beautiful girl trapped in sadness. But she hides her tears from the world. Read More

Tags: love, dark, sadness, alone

A poem about past drunken lust in that fair city called London town. Read More

Tags: sex, lust, love, alone, city, drunken

A girl. Standing all alone on a bridge ready to end it all ... Based on my real-life experience and Avril Lavigne's 'I'm With You'. Read More
They closed the pool for the night. Two people were left inside. Read More

Tags: sex, hot, alone, oral, pool

Twas the night before Christmas,us alone in the house, I was getting very busy, undoing their blouses. The net stockings and garters, were donned with great care, in hopes that Captain Viagra, soon would be there A collaboration with two other people.It isn't finished yet will be soon Read More

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