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Sweet dreams are made of...whatever you want them to be made of. The sweeter they are, the harder it is to let go of them, once you start to wake up. Read More
A dedication to the French-Canadian superstar singing diva which reflects on my personal adoration for this national treasure.Not short of Controvercy she seduces her listeners and fans with her powerful sexy songs which are complimented by some steamy and imaginative short film styled videos. Read More
A poetry dedication to one of my favourite French singers.You might have seen her picture appear on my profile page.Slim beautiful and erotic singer who seduces listeners with her pleasurable husky voice and voluptuous sexy figure.Adored by millions her music will be the lasting legacy of a true legendary diva. Read More
Sexy,sassy Solentville Tales is a screenplay set in a south coast English marina village where gossip,sex,affairs,scandal and adventure are never too far away. It features a boatyard,a charming pub and a cast of people which might make you laugh,envy or want to loathe. With different scenes and characters emerging throughout… Read More

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