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‘A twenty-first century Hansel and Gretel. A tour deforce of descriptive writing. Utterly relentless.’ ‘Woo! A cross between Sweeney Todd and Silence of the Lambs! Love it!’ MAE! You don't want to meet her on the last train home. It’s getting DARK outside. LIVE featuring sensational Ruth Pownall: Read More

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A young cocktail barman’s life changes for the worst when he serves Sex on the Beach to a mysterious, alluring model on a dark, rainy night. verb: to entice or tempt someone. noun: attractiveness. allure: the power an attractive woman exerts over a man. Read More

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"Damn it Covid! You fucknut!... brilliant HJ!" Read More

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December 14, 2014

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I try heehee a new short poem I did, enjoy. Read More

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