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A woman develops a relationship with an alien plant with a superior intellect and libido. Read More

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"Luckiest plant I ever heard of!!! Too bad he's sterile, fathering three out of 3 would be quite stimulating!!!" Read More

Redneck - check Deserted Country Road - check Pickup Truck - check UFO - check Anal Probe - check Micropenis - well...not so much anymore. Read More

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Kaania La Tallin was stolen from her home planet, forced to become a slave to the very race who who conquered her planet. Now she was to be a bride to the very man who led the charge against her people. The fates were cruel and her world would forever… Read More
When he gets home and sees a UFO hovering over his house, a man goes inside and sees his wife in bed with a male alien. Read More

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August 09, 2015

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

In the year 2345 the existance of superheroes has become common place. For Sub Zero, a superhero with ice powers his new partner is the strangest thing he'd ever seen. Not only does Absolute Zero embody everything unstable, his ability to wield Sub Zero's power effortlessly is unsettling. But not… Read More
sexual pleasure at the end of this story and warning about war is mad and escape it for safety Read More
Into space, the real and endless, Where death awaits the mortal coil. But it was sure I thought Should I Let Myself? Read More

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March 13, 2013

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Would you rather I take you back and let someone else buy you who will probably use you then kill if they saw fit? Understand this little one, I am your owner now. Without me you would be used and discarded. I have chosen you for a special task and… Read More
Utopian City. The epicenter of where superheroes live and engage in epic battles to save the planet. At its core are three sidekicks: Omega Girl, Warrior Lad, and Shadow Archer. Trained as future heroes of tomorrow, the three become close friends and even closer as secretive lovers. When a tragedy… Read More
Jeff has an encounter in the woods that he never expected. "A brilliant light pierces the night sky"...and Jeff becomes a pawn in another reality. Read More
This is a story about a race of beings in search of human sperm in order to find the ancient seed that they had planted in humans thousands of years ago. This race of beings - the maut'ii - plan on finding the ancient seed in order to create a… Read More
A woman wakes up on New Year's Day and discovers that she had somehow gotten herself pregnant and it might have something to do with her latest sexual conquest. Read More
At the beginning, Stela was just a human girl addicted to the night life with a working father and a dead mother. Trying to fit in, she finds herself in a situation unknown to others. Suddenly she dies the same night an alien meteorite lands on earth. Was it coincidence?… Read More
Stela is an Alien Succubus who has been waiting for her human boyfriend, David, to give up his virginity for over a year. Not being able to take the celibacy any longer, she turns to her Math Professor who seems to be interested in her as well. In the end,… Read More
A distant future of the Light Year 5010. A galactic conflict within the area known as Quadrant Five has created a civil war between the peaceful planets of the Galactic Alliance and the warmongering alien race known as The Pathors. Pathor General Ez'Ra Or'Resho is enjoying some time on the… Read More
Its the year 2072, the humans have sent a ship to mars, ready to land and walk the surface for the first time. But whats that in the corner of your eye? Watch out because there's something on Mars...but its too late they've seen you Read More
A lonely Earth female goes into her house for something to drink,walks back out to her garden and discovers a naked alien being who looks exactly like her late husband. Read More

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