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Steam is an erotica short-story. Copyright © 2018 by Alex Sharpe. This story contains highly sexual and mature depictions of adult material, and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 years. Steam is an erotica romance story. It contains highly sexual and mature depictions of adult content,… Read More
Just bring him home by forwarding this poem onto everyone you know and even those you don't! When you re-unite us you will be blessed for this is a test...for Alex and I and the readers to pass...Thank You for all my beautiful fans...xoxox Read More

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"Be careful, Nic" he stressed her nickname. "I'm not a very patient man." He lowered his face to hers. "I don't like sharing my possessions." His hand grabbed her right arm tightly to stress his point. "Then I suggest you start taking better care of them". Read More
Nick swim is a scene teenage boy living with his mother in canada. his life is alredy hard enough he is bullied,he is gay in a homophobic camunite, his dad left him at 4, he only has 4 friends plus his boyfriend derek getter, and has add, his teacher hate… Read More
My brother came out the closet about 3 years ago and he is now dating nate. Nate is one of the hottest guys ive seen in my life. He would never like plain old me but that doesnt mean i dont think about it. Then one day he kisses me… Read More
Alex and Christian have just gotton married and are on thier honeymoon on an island and they couldnt be happier Read More

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