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King Gaelin has been cursed since he was eleven years old. Inside of him is a beast with an insatiable appetite for cruelty and brutality. After decades of living a life of chaos and blood, he meets someone who gives him peace but good things never last long. Another curse… Read More
With the hot and humid months of the year upon Tokyo, tempers and bodies are even quicker to burst into flames. Honda and his tough demands prove to be a challenge to handle, and Lana finds great satisfaction at showing her physical strength and resilience. But for all the pleasure… Read More
When everyone else chose to go on campus for college, or move to another town, Emma decided to stay home. No one understands this, but her father is all she has, and he needs her. Sometimes, it's questionable just how much, but in a loving relationship, nothing and no one… Read More

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Miranda was forced into marriage by her parents in order to pay off the family debt. She's nineteen, a virgin, and even somewhat pretty, so it only made sense. Her husband? Why, the eminent Mr. Jones, a railway tycoon and thirty years her senior. This is the story of their… Read More

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