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Laila was a sweet, quiet, kind of shy straight "a" student getting ready for her senior year in High School.. she had no idea that her life was about to change forever. she was told that she was too young to know anything about love.she was told that she had… Read More
Check out The Sweetest Dark Angel: bad girl finds love and a killer. Read More
A short story in an ongoing novel about a newly submissive women in the world of BDSM. Read More
A young couple in love share love and sex on the first day of summer Read More
My name is Arlington Andcis and I am the author of Even in the Darkness. The story is important, the writer is not. The first time I met Matty, the story’s main character, he said to me, “Life is too far to walk alone. But I’m still walking.” I looked… Read More
This is completely unedited, comments are welcome. I will add more at a later date. ------------------------------------------------------------When KIMMIE SADOW moved to New York to get away from her southern childhood roots, no one could convince her she shouldn’t have what she wants. With a family past filled with alcoholism, homelessness and… Read More

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