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The sequel to “Remus’ Little Girl”. It is time for Sirius to be dominant to his little puppy. Read More
Remus is going to have fun punishing his “little girl”. Read More
It is set straight during “Prisoner of Azkaban” between Sirius escaping with Buckbeak and Harry getting Sirius’ letter. Before he leaves forever, Sirius pays one more visit to Remus. Read More
What happened between Remus and Sirius before THAT scene in "Order of the Phoenix" Read More
Male, alcoholic and drug addicted making an appearance in crime. Started to unravel his transition of living straight or going criminal. Read More
Do you really want to know the true meaning of the word S-E-X? Are you ready to get yourself re-orientated about the dynamics of sex? Do you really want to know the science and art of sex? Have you ever pondered on the right appropriation of sex? To you, what… Read More

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