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Love can be really dangerous sometimes. Read More
PART FIVE -THE WHITE MOUNTIAN Are you ready for this? In this part of Tales Saga answers will be given….but what will be the price? Love Proclaimed. Death overcome. War on the horizon. Dreams revealed to be reality. More and more the most dangerous and wanted man in the world… Read More
A young girl, Murasaki, harbored sleeping theurgical abilities that needed to be awakened before the wrong people seek those powers for their own dark agenda. Traversing through obstacles and challenges of both body and mind, one way or another she will come to find her strengths and talents, one way… Read More
murasaki, akuma ka tenshi is about a young girl discovering her abilities before the wrong people do the fate of the world could depend on it.. this will be a chapter based story. it is in progress so i hope it goes well, has been a very long time since… Read More

Book / Adult Romance

September 21, 2018

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

“Is it better to have loved someone, who you’ve lost, or not to have loved that person at all? I asked this question in regards to millions of people who have never experienced the physical aspect of loving someone unconditionally.” Read More

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When darkness kissed your skin. When pain bled obedience. When I caressed your Soul. In passion our Union is destined to hold.... Deric Offshore is a young man, with numerous problems. He is alone, constantly in peril and on the verge of losing it all... So when he takes the… Read More

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The only thing Onica James wanted was to right a wrong. Never in a million years could she have imagined that her quest for justice would bring her face to face with creatures the world says does not exist, and into the arms of the man who would rule over… Read More

Book / General Erotica

July 30, 2017

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A young Couple start a steamy adventure with a road trip, watch for curves! This story is being written entirely on my "notes" app on my iPhone, yup, one finger, has done it all! Read More
His name is know, his face looked for. Cilian works for the mafia, and is one of the boss's top men, but when he finds himself at a tight spot, he doesn't hesitate to turn to his childhood friend. Joe is a good shelter, both emotionally, and physically, however, will… Read More
When his best friend is found to be on the verge of ruin a doctor takes action to prevent disaster Read More
Have you ever asked yourself, what is power? Is it money? Is it fame? Is it influence over someone or something? Is is strength? Is it good, Is it bad? Before you answer allow me to tell you a story, the likes of which I know you've never heard. (After… Read More
WELCOME- To a brand new World. Xilonia (Zi-Lo-Nia) is a planet trapped in a war it never wanted. Xilonians (Zi-Lo-Ni- Ans) are the beings that call Xilonia home. They are now….nothing but strangers in their own Land. They have been routed by their enemies the Acri (Aker-Ri)…..and the Xilonians have… Read More
A Conquered sequel. Seven years have passed since the war and Shane and Laira are preparing for their upcoming wedding. Evangeline and Liam's relationship is on a knifes edge since Jack died. Kaleb wants his daughter back and a new threat emerges from the shadows. Read More
Dons Domain (Book 1) Blind Haven The Dons Domain takes place in an alternate timeline where the most prosperous Cities of the World spin on money. And big players called Dons hold all of the cards. But none of what transpires in these games of Cat and Mouse are games… Read More
PART FOUR- The Blood of Brandon Blood. It is vital. It is….power. For Brandon it is pain and darkness…and his destiny. The Flame. The power within him. The secrets behind him. The men that want to control him. It is all connected by webs of betrayals and tragedy. The truth… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

England 1906, a massacre rips the very heart out of London. Friends Shane and Liam are lucky to survive but at a price. As they live on they must face obstacles to get through. Is it a coincidence that they lived our is it all part of a much bigger… Read More
Jack Horner, is a new set of episodic novella's I am writing, following the adventures of a late twenties, tough but vulnerable, female spy who calls herself Jack just to fit into the male dominated world she works in. Of course, working around so many men, she gets a lot… Read More

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PART THREE- THE SECRET THREAT (Ch1-30) After an intense battle to protect his home form the Ghoul menace both Brandon and Ezekiel emerge from multiple skirmishes with hearts that are heavy with unspoken words, unrevealed truths, and unrequited passions. After the events following Ezekiels poisoning the two beings attempt to… Read More
Jubei is sure Rika and Sayna are still involved with the Klaww Gang and is determined to get some answers to the whereabouts of the senior founders are stationed. The same one who turned against him. But who said he can't have some fun and a little vengeance with Rika… Read More
As Jubei and Azula make their way to Hyruichi City. They find out that the town is under the vigilant protection of the new Sherriff sent from the fledgling Human Government. Jubei finds information that will help him in his conquest but it may be more trouble than it's worth Read More
In the post apocalyptic aftermath of world war III, mankind has been separated into two factions. There are Humans, those untainted by the radiation of nuclear warfare. Then there are those whose cells have been infected and mutated, known as Humes. The segregation has caused unrest fueling a great deal… Read More
This is my very first story, I am a noob if you want to call it that at writing stories. I do roleplay so that helped but if it's not descroptive enough tell me and ill be sure to add more next time, but hope you like it. :) Read More
'I was just your ordinary girl, the only difference was i grew up in foster homes before becoming a homeless street kid from the age of 14, what's the worst the could happen?' - Julie 'I finally found her,my mate, but how can i tell her that we're worse then… Read More

Book / Other

August 09, 2015

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

In the year 2345 the existance of superheroes has become common place. For Sub Zero, a superhero with ice powers his new partner is the strangest thing he'd ever seen. Not only does Absolute Zero embody everything unstable, his ability to wield Sub Zero's power effortlessly is unsettling. But not… Read More
Catalina Williams is someone that doesn't believe in backing down, and doesn't mind speaking what's on her mind. She is not the social type, seeing the world only in black and white. She is a minx throw in biker boots and you have one bad ass chick like me. Now… Read More
There are a lot of questions people have about Deacon Xander. Like why he finds it near impossible to kiss a woman. Every time he tries he hears a voice in his head scolding him. Why is it that even though he is straight, he in love with a man… Read More
Rosalie finds a secret yearning, more than mere desire, to experience the bounty of her new stepsister, Maria. Maria's ample breasts and sweet smell drive Rosalie insane with lust. Can Rosalie successfully seduce her older, more experienced stepsister? Can Rosalie get enough experience herself to be able to please Maria… Read More

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