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Andrew's dream comes true: at eighteen, he can buy a motorcycle. But it seems he made the wrong choice: he doesn't really master the motorbike he bought because of a lack of experience. The consequences are evident: he has an accident, and he needs medical and physio care... Read More

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I'm not Jealous I'm territorial. Jealous is when you want Something that's not yours, Territorial is protecting What's already yours, and Monroe was already mine. She's my estranged wife with memory loss. She doesn't remember a damn thing, but damn me to hell It's been a year and it was… Read More
She felt guilty for choosing this place so far away from our home or the home we used to have back in Montana, but its okay that's the life we left behind now we get a fresh new start a new beginning. Something in me was telling me that were… Read More
How is it possible to fall for someone just when your parents die in a car accident, you were a part in? Simple, when the one you fall in love with is the one who nurses you back to health. Read More

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July 20, 2012

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The dull grey sky, the shivering raindrops, the agonizing memories, would the Sun ever return? Would someone lead the warm light rays back to Earth? Since his parents' deaths, Ken Tiagor's life had been full of violence. Revenge is what he wanted. Though, does seeking revenge mean clearing the gloomy… Read More
A desensitized police detective investigates the murder of a teenage girl. Read More
A woman in need is a woman indeed. Read More

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College boy and his dream girl left stranded in jungle after accident. Read More

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