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College Freshman Andy who reported a rape to the campus cops, suffers more from them than he did from his attacker. Read More
Danny's mom suffers further abuse at the hands of his buddy Ryan. Ryan inflicts pain and humiliation to convince the poor woman that she has no free choice and belongs to him. Read More
Ryan decides it is time to take some nice modeling photos of Danny's mom. Read More
A young family gets unwillingly enslaved, and now they have a new purpose in life. Read More
A middle aged woman's continual humiliation and abuse at the hands of her son's best friend. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Romance and drama with a little sex in the mix. Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy. Kyle needs an assistant and picks the most unlikely candidate against his better judgement in hopes that his good deed will help Hailey get on her feet. His attraction to her isn't the only… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

**Trigger warning on every chapter!** This is a very dark and graphic story. Please do not read if you are triggered by SA, or abuse. English is not my first language so pardon my spelling and grammar. Read More

Tags: love, rape, abuse, hurt, kidnap

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Winter Maestri leads Peraza after his parents' suspicious and tragic death. Andyvion, a servant from the household of the new king of the neighboring land, leaves his home and his mates to warn Winter of a plot. Winter will do anything to keep himself and his land free, even take… Read More

Tags: abuse, anal, angst, beast, 3plus

Book / Adult Romance

March 31, 2022

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Riley Brooks appears to be leading a charmed life on the outside. On the inside, she's spiraling as a result of an abusive relationship. Once the relationship comes to a tumultuous end, she loses very nearly everything, her sanity included. As an effort to promote her career, she is forced… Read More

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"This is honestly some of the very best writing on this site, hands down. It's hard to find anything comparable. Your analogies are unique and ..." Read More

Young punk Alex continues his dominance over his high school teacher and the man's fiance. They both become his sexual slaves, and the eighteen-year old boy's perversion seems to know no bounds. Read More
A young English teacher makes a mistake by failing a student who will not stand for it. The boy turns the teacher into a sex toy. Read More
Jenny's progress is commendable, but is she reaching her limits of humiliation and pain tolerance? Read More

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The The Humiliation Board House

Poor innocent eighteen year old Jake has fallen onto hard times. He is forced to enter the dark world of sex for money. Can he handle it? Read More
Poor 18 yr old Michael's torment increases as he is branded a faggot and used by the boys at his school under the direction of a sadistic doctor. Read More
Colin is turned into a pathetic slave, and is forced to expose himself more and more. Read More
Ezekiel has been running from his past his entire life. Is the one person he shouldn't pursue the one person that can redeem him? **Jewish Word Definitions** Bedeken (Be-dek-un) - during the signing of the ketubah, marriage contract, the groom with pull a veil over the bride to signify his… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

On the run from slavers, Pip is separated from his best friend, Tilbei, and finds himself on a strange planet, with even stranger aliens. His handsome rescuer is different from Pip. The odd man's human, after all. Read More

Tags: abuse, anal, slash, mm, 3plus

*Mind Over Matter has been edited!* Braden is in the hospital. His friends are reeling. How could this have happened? What if this is just the beginning? TW for themes of violence. Read More

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The Gay Erotica House

[M/M, Slash] When an incubus and his harem are infiltrated by the escaped sacrifice of an infamous cult, should they keep him to join the harem's ranks? Or should they throw him back to the cultists and risk bringing about the end of the world as they know it? Warnings:… Read More
taken from my book, "Does It Bother You Much?" Read More
Two detectives take on more than they can handle in their search for the men behind several murders. (Slight age gap) Read More

Book / Gay and Lesbian

August 13, 2017

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The Gay Erotica House

Edan has seen little of life. Raised in a secluded temple by holy men, he's the Chosen One, destined to be sacrificed. He's been taught all his life how dark and evil the world is beyond the protective walls of the temple. It's Edan's destiny to save the world. That… Read More

Tags: gay, abuse, hurt, slash, mm

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Nathanial Miklas has an interesting side-job. He's an empath who can untangle what's going on under the surface people show the world. His own world is finally carefully arranged how he wants it, safe and contained, different from his past. Will the man he meets on his latest job break… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

"Are you disappointed in life? Tired of living? Do you want to ensure your loved ones are well cared for after you pass away? As Clinical Director of The Ultima Centre, I can guarantee that your privacy, every personal consideration, and the transfer of your life will be sensitively managed… Read More
Enter with me if you will into the mind of Libby. Her future is in your hands... Read More
After Olivia's parents mysteriously sends her brother off for a year, he comes back an entirely different person. His fun and quirky personality is replaced by something dark, and dangerous. She makes it her mission to find out what's happened to her brother, and why he was sent away to… Read More
When 18-year-old Noah is kidnapped by a gang his abusive boyfriend owes money to, he finds himself held at the mercy a mysterious stranger. Initially desperate to escape, he begins to realise that the experience may actually be the chance he never thought he'd get of escaping a life filled… Read More

Tags: love, gay, abuse, hurt, rescue

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Ezra is a mess of secrets and fear. He’s learned to hate himself and it’s eating him up inside. Who can save Ezra? His father? God? The college student that shows up at Ezra’s school? Ezra himself? Or is he a lost cause? (M/M, abuse, violence, self-harm, rape, torture, brainwash) Read More

Tags: gay, abuse, slash, angst

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

This is my first ever poem. It is something I wish I could say to my ex for what he did to me when we were together. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

When a man known for his luck picks up some unexpected cargo, he may find he's lucky in love. His possible lover hasn't had much of the good kind of luck. His life has been controlled with fear and pain. A chance meeting may change his luck for the better… Read More

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