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Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



what do you do to the boy who has always picked on you? a. make his life hell. b. become best friends. c. fuck him till you can't walk straight. d. fall in love with him. i'm joe and this is my life and my story.



what do you do to the boy who has always picked on you?
a. make his life hell.
b. become best friends.
c. fuck him till you can't walk straight.
d. fall in love with him.
i'm joe and this is my life and my story.

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Chapter 1 JOE

Staring at the cold, blank walls Joe couldn't help the satisfied smile that took over. I couldn't believe it was all over. Four years of nothing. The thought saddened me but not as much as I thought it would. Fuck! If I could do it all over would I have gone to josh's place? Would I have preferred living in ignorance? Alright slow down there Joe. You might wonder what the fuck is going in here? What led me to the state I'm in. And that state been me sitting here in a cold dark cell, all handcuffed. It was funny how today had literally turned out. I bit on my lip as I remembered the events that brought me here.

* * * * * * *

I ran up the stairs, pausing to make sure josh's car was in the car port. I grinned, nodded my head and made the short jog up. I blew out a bated breath and knocked. I frowned when there was no answer. Twisting the knob I found it open. Weird I thought. If anything josh was as paranoid as they come, for him to forget to lock the door was even stranger. Shrugging off the thought, I scanned the entryway and everything looked as it should be If not eerily quiet. A sudden lump formed in my throat and thoughts ran through my mind. What could he be so busy with? Pasting on a wide smile, I couldn't wait to break the news to Josh. I'd been working my ass off for the past two years at work and now it had paid off. I just got promoted and I was in a mood for celebration and who else to celebrate with than my boyfriend of four years. Walking slowly and catching my reflection I nodded in satisfaction and made my way to josh's study only to find it empty. I frowned now, unease prickling on my skin but fuck! I was never uneasy. I felt as though I were I was walking a tightrope, fear gripping my palms, my heart beat sounding like a sledge hammer. I stopped at the dark brown oak door and stared at the intricate designs adorning the top and let out all the breath I had been holding out in a whoosh. "For fucks sakes Joe, this is Josh your boyfriend you've loved him since you were nineteen years old. There's nothing to fear, just open up and dive into his loving arms" I mumbled uneasily. Not sure why my brain was screaming for me to run, to not turn the lock. I wiped my sweaty palms down my side and turned the lock; slowly but gently. The opening of the door was immediate and that nagging sensation increased tenfold, my scalp prickling from heat. I walked in and stopped dead in my tracks; as sounds of moans, screams and laboured breathing permeated the room. I stood there gawking, bending my head trying to understand the position he had her in. Oh Josh fuck me you're such a stud she would say. Ooh yes! Give it to me, harder yes! YES! She would say. Fuck! It all sounded like some horribly rehearsed scene from a porno flick, highly fucking unbelievable. It was funny the cheating bastard hadn't heard me enter, how very unlikely when his doxy was screaming like a banshee. By a force of habit, I heard myself clapping.

"Perfecto. Marvelous. Encore" I said in a deadly calm voice. That ought to do it and it did. He froze and was climbing off his skank, his eyes wild and fearful. You better fucking be.

"Babe. I-" I cut him off with a glare that could wilter and cause damage. I watched the red head looking at me with panicky eyes as she hurriedly dressed. She made to pass quickly but I stopped her.

"Hi I'm Joe" I stretched out my hand towards her. She looked at me as if I was crazy and maybe I was because in that moment, I thought I'd feel a sense of pain so profound that I'd pass out from a heart attack or a feeling of loss yet neither came.

"Karen" she said softly. I stared at her blue eyes, plump lips and I swear she couldn't be a day more than eighteen. "You know Karen, you could just wait in the living room when we are done here you both can carry on I don't mind" I smiled but I'm sure it looked more like a sneer than anything. "I like to share, I'm generous that way". She looked at me in confusion, then at Josh and shook her head no and snatched her hand from mine and ran like the hounds of hell were after her. Interesting I smiled.

"She's so nice, wherever did you get her from?" I addressed my cheating, lying, two faced ex-boyfriend.

"Joe don't" he sighed. His expression tight and pinched.

"Don't what? That's besides the point. Guess what? I got a promotion. Yay!" I did a little cheer. I walked towards him, swaying my hips seductively. His eyes moving with my every move. He always did love my ass and hips. Too bad. I threw my hands around his neck. "Won't you congratulate me?" I pouted.

"Congratulations Joe" he said half hearted and I squeaked, kissing his cheek.

"I'm hungry Josh why don't you make something for me to eat?" I smiled wide.

"We have to..."

"Shh" I shushed him. "We will, not right now okay?"

"Okay" he agreed, trying to figure me out so I slid my expression into one of carefree abandonment as he went about with the task. The moment the door closed behind him, I wanted to explode I was so angry all I could see was red clouding my every judgment. Without meaning to I saw his iPod in the deck and went through it. Satisfied I chose "Icona pop's I love it". Twirling around the room, I jammed to the song not sure what my next move was. Out of anger I took a pillow and pulled it apart and it felt good, strangely therapeutic. So I cleared his drawers, emptying it of its content, threw the lamps against the wall. "Oops!" I giggled as I continued dancing. I emptied out his closet, throwing jeans, shirts and I grinned when I saw his precious suits. Looking for anything sharp I found a pair of scissors that I used to rip them apart seam for seam. But the loss, the pain I currently felt was at odds of what I was doing, I needed him to know pain worse than I anything I was feeling. Spying his lighter a thought, waltzed in my mind but I stopped hesitant I could get into trouble. "Fuck it!" Throwing off his sheets, his clothes, destroying the fuck out of his room I set it all ablaze. Take that you asshole I thought in satisfaction. It was at this time Josh walked back into the room, his jaw dropping on seeing the mess, the plate in his hand dropping to the ground shattering into a million fragments. Just like my heart.

"Are you fucking crazy? This is what I've been saying" he yelled, his face ashen and white. I stood there smiling like the mad hatter. "If you didn't have a lose screw in that fucking brain of yours, I wouldn't have the need to cheat"

"Oh really?" I sneered. "What is this? Blame Joe day?"

"You fucking bitch" he hissed and made to grab me. He had this wild, manic look I'd never seen in his eyes and fuck it scared me, like he could actually hurt me. So I did what every other girl would have done, I kicked him in the balls and punched his nose.

"Fuck!" I yelled as he howled in pain. I remember turning my back on him, sitting down in front of my makeshift bun fire staring into the flames. I don't remember much but here I am; in jail. It was a good thing he didn't press charges or I'd see myself serving time, the cops had said. I buried my face in my bound hands. Okay maybe I lied it hurt as hell especially now I'd come down from my adrenaline high. I felt like my chest was squeezing so tightly, my breathing tight. Was this how it felt to be heartbroken? Fuck! It sucked.

"Joe Mccanister?" I raised my head. "Your bails been set"

"Thank God" I hissed between clenched teeth.

"This way ma'am" I walked in the lead as I walked down the rounded corridor and made it to the front desk. There stood the last person I wanted to see if anything I didn't have much of a choice. I sighed because he'd never let me live it down. It was pathetic but I didn't have that much friends and my seven siblings; four sisters and three brothers didn't count. As the youngest, I was coddled, still I am coddled and I'm daddy's little princess. Sigh! Don't get me started when mum was preggos for me the doctors told her I was going to be a boy, surprise, surprise I didn't come out with a cock but a plain 'ol vagina. And to my parents joint amusement they thought it would be funny to name me Joe mind you which wasn't short for Joanne or Josephine or Jolene. Just plain 'ol Joe. Carter whistled, adjusting his circle rimmed glasses.

"Never thought I'd live to see the day chubby Joe would go to jail" he winked and it irritated the hell out of me. I ignored him as I smiled sweetly for the cop who was taking off my handcuffs.

"If you were into kinky shit you should have told me imbecile" I snapped at him. "Does it turn you on to see me like this?" I smiled seductively for him. I was handed my stuff and made my way out.

"You know it does chubby joe can't wait to see my handprints on your ass" he winked. I rolled my eyes and proceeded to make my way the opposite direction.

"Hey hey, where do you think you're going to?" He frowned.

"Home" I smiled sweetly.

"Cut it the fuck out, you're going to josh's place aren't you?"

"Of course not" I made my expression blank. He lifted my chin up and I looked into his grey eyes, eyes so light grey they looked like molten silver.

"Do I need to spell it the fuck out for you? Arsene, vandalism and assault. A thriple charge, do you want to spend some time in jail and I don't mean this shithole, something worse?" He squeezed my arms tight. I whimpered and pushed him away.

"Do you know how I feel huh? For fucks sakes you've never had anyone cheat on your stupid ass" I hissed. He stood there a while blinking so I turned around to make my way home.

"Hey hey baby, take it easy" he sighed pulling me close. "I'm sorry today must have sucked balls"

"It has" I mumbled closing my eyes tight to ward off the tears forming in my eyes.

"Are you hungry?"


"Let's go" he pulled me along towards his Mercedes G-wagon.

"Miss Mccanister" Josef nodded at me. "Josef" I smiled in greeting.

The rest of the drive to the hilltop a swanky restaurant was spent in silence.

"Are you doing okay?" He asked a touch of concern in his voice.

"No" I didn't bother to elaborate.

"Should I beat him up, you know rough him up" he wiggled his eyebrows.

"No of course not" I stifled a giggle. I said staring out of the windows, watching a we wheezed by the beautiful view. "You know I always thought we'd get married, have a house full of babies y'know?". There was no reply as he sat primly, his face taut. I looked away shrugging wondering what was going on in that block head of his.

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