Beach Boy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Her chance meeting to interview a beach guy on his amazing lifestyle turns into one long term horny ride!

I told him I liked it rough, he looked me in the eye with a raw, hungry desire, as if I’d flicked the “yes you’ll do for me” switch.  I acted strong, on my guard, he slowly walked towards me, his body posture screaming sexy, confident.  I tensed slightly, apprehension coursing through my body.  As he neared I braced myself, he raised his arm and grabbed me by the throat, his other hand on my lower back, pinning me to the wall; his hard was pressing against my sex.  I felt the moisture appear between my legs, my legs started to shake.  I roughed back at him, pushing him off me, slapping him across the face, hard.  He didn’t flinch, as if it was his standard, normal ‘mating’ procedure.  He grabbed me by the throat again, not tight, pushing his mouth against mine, hard, his tongue then entering and exploring every inch of my mouth; I reciprocated, sucking on his tongue, kissing him passionately.  I grabbed hold of his hard through his loose jeans, the thickness almost filling my hand, Jesus.  My hand reached around and grabbed his ass, pushing his hard against me even firmer.
“come on, show me what you’re made of - fuck me, now” his eyes bored into me, taking in what I had said to him, then he kissed me back again, holding my face in his hands, grabbing my hair and pulling my head back, kissing my neck ravenously.  He then stopped and looked at me, studying my face.
“Don’t stop please?!” I begged him, trying to grab his hard again but he stopped me.  Then, again, he held my throat but this time he pressed his thumb into the side of my neck, his sparkling eyes boring into me as I slipped in to the blackness……

As I came round a ray of sunlight was dancing across my chin & throat, the warmth and serenity a world away from the last scene I remembered before passing out.  My eyes scanned the room – I did not recognise anything.  I jumped up with a start “Shit!” I exclaimed
“Easy” said a tone, very soft and hushed, yet deep in masculinity.  He was sat next to the door, in a low leather recliner that had seen better days.  His tatty jeans in pale denim sat sexily along his toned tanned stomach. His fingers were pressed together like a church steeple, his eyes examining me, his pale golden hair tousled. 
“What did you do to me?” I said inquisitively, fearful.  Panic started to rise within me, fearing the worst.  What did he do, my mind was racing, my eyes darting around, images flying through my mind but not making any sense, any clarity. 
“Ssh” he said “you were far too ahead of yourself, I simply restrained you before you went too far.  You are an attractive girl and to have had you becoming carried away would only mean one thing – that I would just have to follow.  And I can't stop.  I’ve watched you sleeping for hours”.  His voice was low, extremely calming and extremely horny.  Stop it! I thought to myself, staving off any impure thoughts. I lay back against the huge fluffy pillows, my eyes never leaving him.  I pulled the covers up to my face, noticing that I was naked. 
“You undressed me??!!”
“Yes, is that ok?”
“Erm no, not really!?  I hardly know you!!” 
“I thought it better for you to sleep naked and free.  You needed to relax to free your mind of those mad thoughts you had earlier” 
“How long have I been asleep?”
“About 5 hours?” 
“Oh – you promise you never touched me – I’m scared, I can’t remember anything and you’re a complete stranger, this is alien to me”
“I promise you I didn’t.  That’s not how I work, I could never do that, it’s just not right” I eyed him for any signs of a smirk, lies.  Nothing.  Either that or he was damn bloody good at this.
”Ok thank you” I still don’t believe you though”.  He just looked at me, no reaction on his face.  I felt like an idiotic, naïve little girl, believing a complete stranger.
”You hungry?” he asked. 
“Yes, thanks, I need a drink of water more though?  And my clothes if it’s not too much trouble” 
“Ditch the sarcasm, it doesn’t suit you” 
“Huh?! You’re scolding me after what you’ve done?!” 
“I told, you, I’ve done nothing” he just smiled a faint smile and rose from the chair.  He was exquisite, his hair bounced slightly as he walked away, his jeans hung loose, trailing the floor slightly, he had a slight sway from the hips when he walked, but yet clumsy – I found it both sexy and cute.  He ran his fingers through his hair, put his hands on his hips and stood still as he reached the doorway.  He then sighed; I eyed him for a while, not knowing what he was thinking, what he was going to do.  He simply turned and looked at me, eyeing me almost lovingly.  I frowned and cocked my head, as if to say “What’s wrong?”  We stared at each other for what seemed like hours.  I felt a cold rush invade my body, I shivered slightly and my nipples stood on end.  Wow, I thought.  He then turned and walked away, as if he had fulfilled a little personal task.  He walked back into the kitchen.  I heard the tap turn on, a clink of a glass, then silence.  This man was so utterly gorgeous but weirdly mysterious.  To have had me in the situation he had me in last night and to not have taken advantage of the opportunity that had presented itself to him, now that to me was an enigma.  Sitting watching over me, almost like he was guarding me, preventing me from making an idiot of myself, surrendering myself before my time, giving myself away too easily?  I slowly put my feet onto the floor, keeping the covers close to my naked, vulnerable body which by now was strangely aching for him??  Bizarre.  I could hear him padding barefoot around his lovely home.  It wasn’t new, or old; decorated in neutral hues encompassing a mix of both traditional and modern tastes, with a splash of beach hut.  Pastel rugs under my feet with warm wooden floors; driftwood statues dotted around.  It was light & airy, very welcoming and it felt so clean?  It suited him, what I’d seen of him, anyway. I still couldn’t understand his ‘chivalry’ of earlier, he seemed a raw, sexual man who could fuck forever, and whenever, the situation came about.  My daydream was jolted when he appeared carrying a tray, upon which was a glass of water as requested, strawberries & sliced melon, natural yogurt in a tiny bowl and a slice of brown toast with curls of butter on the side.  I smiled to myself at how sweet I found his effort.  I looked up at him and his eyes never lifted until he stood back up. 
“I’ll just go get you your clothes; you must be feeling very uncomfortable by now” 
“Thank you, and thank you for the food, it looks lovely”
“You’re welcome” I wondered if he wanted anything from me?  What is he about?  It all felt so strange.  He padded back into the room with my clothes, promptly turning away and walking back out, closing the door behind him.  I quickly jumped up and started dressing in the quickest manner I’d ever done before.  I’d feel much better conversing with him if I were fully clothed.  Once I was dressed I calmed slightly, then picking the tray up I made my way outside, the least I could do is eat with him after his kind gesture.  I slowly walked across the kitchen, following the waft of sea air, walking through the beautiful voile that was dancing on the sea breeze.  He was sat on the swing seat, one foot up on the balcony, a bottle of beer in one hand staring out to sea, gently rocking the seat.  The sun was slowly setting, casting a golden glow across his already tanned body, his face appearing even more gorgeous in the softening light.  He eyes sparkled as he looked up at me, I'd never noticed before but they were a beautiful pale blue. I could have fucked him right there on the floor. 
“Do you mind if I sit with you?” 
“Not at all - please” he gestured to the seat next to him.  He stopped rocking the seat and placed his outstretched leg over his other knee.  I picked at the food in front of me; the water when I drank it was very welcoming. 
“You can use the shower if you wish, I’ll stay here throughout” he said, looking at me sideways with the slightest of smirks.
“Not funny” I said softly “but that would be appreciated, thank you”. 
“Let me know when and I’ll get the towels ready for you.” 
“Okay”.  The silence was deafening had it not been for the sound of the waves, although by now the gentle lap was barely audible.  Feeling slightly embarrassed in front of this stranger, I slowly ate pieces of food, resisting the urge in my hunger to shovel it down. 
“Don’t mind me” he said recognizing my awkwardness. 
“That obvious?” 
“Erm, yes, you could say so”
“Stop saying sorry”. 
“I can’t help it sor…”  He smiled slightly at the brief interruptions of my words.
“How did we meet? My recollection is quite hazy; everything else is stressing me out because I can’t remember?” 
“You came here?” 
“Did I, I wonder why?”
“You’re a writer, you’re here to interview me on my lifestyle; apparently it intrigues you?”
“This is embarrassing, I don’t remember?” 
“Don’t beat yourself up, I didn’t know what the hell was up with you when you arrived though, you were all giddy & giggly” He flashed his eyes across at me and I drew in a sharp intake of breath, those beautiful eyes.  He was right though, I do faintly remember being full of confidence when I arrived here, how else would I have said what I said when I had met someone for the first time?  But why was I like that?  Where did it all come from?  My mind was racing again, frantically trying to remember any small memory of the events that had led me to his door. 
“Your dominance last night, I remember it now.  Is this part of the real mysterious you?” 
“I seem to recall it was you who initiated it?” Shit, he was right, I blushed slightly as my mind betrayed me and made me remember that part.  Snippets & flashbacks were coming back to me; my eyes darted back & forth again, across the floor.  I tried to remember the remainder of what was said, but hopefully not carried out. 
“I-I’m sorry, you’re right?!”  I looked at him; his eyes met mine as if he was studying me.  He smiled very slightly and pulled his gaze away from me.  I watched him as he took the last mouthful of beer from the bottle and stood up. 
“Would you like another drink?” 
“Yes please – you got a beer spare? Think I need it”
“Of course” as he padded off into the kitchen I quickly shovelled the last of the food down my neck before he returned.  I was so hungry but nervous to eat in front of him.  He returned back to me, padding across the stone floor in the kitchen, beers in both hands.  I put the tray on the floor and thanked him again for the food. 
“You finished that quick - you hungry?”
“I was thank you again”
“Stop saying thank you” 
“Ok, sorry” 
“Stop saying sorry” 
“Okay, okay” I said with a smile, realizing how ridiculous I must have sounded. 
“Or I’ll slap you” he said with a cheeky smirk”
“Huh?!  I said with a sharp outtake of breath disguised as a laugh 
“Oh really?”
“Yes really” I smiled softly, taking a sip from the bottle, the coolness coating my throat and being very thankful in the warm air.


Submitted: August 03, 2014

© Copyright 2023 zeusdaughter24. All rights reserved.

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Fantastic xxx

Sun, August 3rd, 2014 8:14pm


Thank you lovely Richie bear - keep your eyes ready for the next chapter...;-)

Sun, August 3rd, 2014 8:24pm


Is this the way you like to be had/treated? Do you like a gentle giant who keeps you awkwardly on your toes, since you don't really know what his next move might be? Would you want me, if we were ever to meet, to take your passionate breath away with the invading kiss of raw sexuality, then strip you naked, leaving you wanting me with your very fibre of being, only to leave the ball in your court as to whether you did anything to follow up upon your sensuous thoughts about me?? Yes, that would be a very scorching meeting indeed!! You, my sweet, are a little vixen!

Tue, June 9th, 2015 9:26am

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