Rachel and Sara: A Rough Love Story

Rachel and Sara: A Rough Love Story

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This novella revolves around Rachel, a part-time dominatrix who ends up falling for Sara, the submissive college girl downstairs. After a few torrid encounters dominating the girl, Rachel tries to fight the actual feelings she begins to have for her. Matters only get more complicated as the once compartmentalized pieces of Rachel's orderly, solitary life collide and she realizes just what Sara means to her. This story contains graphic descriptions of both rough and romantic sex between adults, primarily two women, although there is a smattering of other legal, consensual, sexual behavior.


This novella revolves around Rachel, a part-time dominatrix who ends up falling for Sara, the submissive college girl downstairs. After a few torrid encounters dominating the girl, Rachel tries to fight the actual feelings she begins to have for her. Matters only get more complicated as the once compartmentalized pieces of Rachel's orderly, solitary life collide and she realizes just what Sara means to her.
This story contains graphic descriptions of both rough and romantic sex between adults, primarily two women, although there is a smattering of other legal, consensual, sexual behavior.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Rachel and Sara: A Rough Love Story

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This story contains graphic descriptions of both rough and romantic sex between adults, primarily two women, although there is a smattering of other legal, consensual, sexual behavior.<br /> <br /> The story revolves around Rachel, part-time dominatrix who ends up falling for the submissive college girl downstairs. In the first Chapter, the girl, Sara, marches up to Rachel's apartment to pick a fight and gets a rough surprise.

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Rachel and Sara: A Rough Love Story


This story focuses on a sexual relationship between two adult women. The sex in the first few chapters could be considered crass, offensive or even misogynistic. Sort of like an all female adult movie directed by a man. It also features themes of domination and submission. If, as a reader, you are bothered by this, I would urge you to at least get as far as the end of chapter four before you cast it aside. The evolution of the central character sort of requires the somewhat degrading introduction. Eventually, it turns into a love story so syrupy sweet, it could give diabetes to a Hallmark card (although there's some crazy sex in the later chapters too).

Chapter One: Some Kind of Predatory Lesbian

Rachel Vancourt arrived home around six o'clock, early for a Wednesday. She lived in a spacious, top floor, three bedroom apartment in the Westwood area of Los Angeles. The apartment was overpriced, but Rachel could afford it, and she enjoyed living in such close proximity to the UCLA campus. The lower floors of her building were packed with tanned, horny frat boys and bouncy co-eds experiencing life away from home for the first time. Rachel's surroundings offered her plenty of distractions, but she lived alone. Her solitude was by design; as an attractive woman a few months shy of thirty-nine, Rachel would have, no doubt, had many opportunities for lengthy relationships and even marriage had she ever desired either but she hadn't had a committed relationship since her long distance boyfriend from high school broke it off during their freshmen year in college. It had been a cliche situation, and even then she wasn't that upset by it.

In truth, Rachel found she just never really had any interest in sharing her life with another person. She found most people annoying; always going on endlessly about their needs and feelings, always expecting her to validate their egos and never wanting to hear the hard truths. "People are idiots" was one of Rachel's mantras. Despite her misanthropic nature, Rachel made a great effort not to be overly impatient or rude to her few casual friends and co-workers in the simple interest of not complicating her own life. She didn't always succeed, and by the end of work, her patience was usually taxed to it's limit. Sometimes her solitary nature and resentment of most people made her worry that she was a sociopath or something, but then she would always laugh darkly to herself,”Hey, so what, it's not like I'm murdering people and eating their faces.”

That's not to say, Rachel had no use for other people in her personal life. In the years since graduating college, she discovered several things about her self. Most importantly, she was bi-sexual and more than a bit of a domme. Her innate disapproval for people wasn't bound in any way by gender. When she had sex, the behavior aroused her far more than the physical form of her partner. During grad school, one of her assistant professors had introduced her to a little private fetish club in Hollywood called Bastille. At the club, Rachel had earned a reputation as a favorite with newbies and part-timers because she was a great actress but in reality, very gentle, at least physically; "the most fantastically verbally abusive bitch in the joint" one submissive woman had called her.

Although Rachel would have denied it, on a subconscious level, she understood that the roles of submissive and dominant were, in fact, reversed on a deeper level. As the domme, Rachel felt it was her role to focus all her time and attention on even the most minute details of a submissive's torment, often spending hours attending to every inch of their bodies while paying little or no attention to her own sexual gratification. Domination was it's own form of servitude. Her job was to make it perfect, and the fact that that perfection required pain or humiliation to achieve the desired pleasure made it all better for Rachel. She never pushed too hard, she had the gift of transporting her playthings mentally without exceeding their tolerances physically.

Rachel took out all the frustrations she'd earned dealing with all the idiots at work, on the freeways, at the store and everywhere else in the soulless wasteland of Southern California, while she was partying at Bastille. Most of her time their was spent dominating other women or men, especially in front of or in tandem with their spouses or dates. She had met Renee, probably the closest thing she had to a real friend, at the club where the two of them would routinely abuse her worthless worm of a husband, Milo. She did have a few single male slave buddies she liked to play with, and every once in a rare while she'd drop the domme act, find the biggest, hairiest bastard in the place and let him have his way with her. She felt that getting strapped down to a table and thoroughly bred like a sow by some inconsiderate pig once or twice a year kept things in perspective. Reminded her how the other half lived, as it were.

Wednesday, however was not a club night and Rachel planned on her usual evening at home; dinner, paperwork and a book before bed. She slipped off her charcoal colored suit jacket and laid it over a chair in kitchen. After clicking on the stereo, she glided over to the bar, unbuttoning the top buttons of her indigo silk blouse. She mixed herself a Manhattan and went over to sift through the pile of mail she brought up with her while humming softly along with Billie Holiday while the stereo crooned "My Funny Valentine". After determining that today's mail once again consisted of more people wanting money than offering money, Rachel headed into the master bathroom to change. She took off her blouse and stood in front of the mirror. She was tall and lean, nearly 5' 10” and was lightly complected, maybe even a little pale, and meticulously groomed. She wore very little make-up, just some deep red lip gloss. Her eyebrows were dark and striking, giving her a somewhat severe look. Along with a sharp nose, her facial structure looked more Eastern European than her immediate ancestry actually was. Rachel was also very fit. She spent forty five minutes each morning on the treadmill and took Krav Maga at a local gym on Tuesdays and Saturdays. She had long, straight, glossy black hair with just a few small streaks of gray that she was too proud to color. She undid this now from a tightly done braid and let her hair fall below her shoulders. She posed a little in front of the mirror in her bra and suit pants thinking about how she needed to head to the mall that weekend for some new clothes. She needed a few new outfits appropriate for work and at least one that was completely inappropriate for work. Suddenly she heard a loud banging on her apartment door. "What the fuck?" she muttered and tried to grab her blouse off the bathroom door handle where she had lazily hung it. The blouse sleeve caught, and as Rachel tried to free it, the banging came again, louder this time.

"Fuck it" she swore as she quickly grabbed a towel from the towel bar and covered her chest. Pissed off, she stormed the rest of the way to the door, holding the towel over her bra with her forearm. "What!" She barked and pulled open the door. Standing there, was a short,curvacious, buxom blonde girl, in her early twenties wearing pink shortie sweat shorts and white mini tank top with three Greek Deltas in pink plaid. Her hair was bleached and wavy, cut fairly short, not far below her earlobes and she had warm, green eyes. The sorority bimbo, as Rachel immediately thought of her, was standing in the hallway with her hands on her hips and her frosted pink lips pursed in a stern expression. "I'm Sara Lancing" she said brusquely, "I live downstairs on the 16th floor and we need to have a serious conversation."

Rachel had no idea who the girl was but she sincerely doubted this bitch could have a serious conversation if her life depended on it. Nevertheless, she didn't think having a shouting match with some rabid princess in the hallway would endear her to her neighbors. “Come in Sara,” she said tersely, “My name is Rachel. As you can see I am in the middle of something so if we could make this quick.”. She motioned the girl past her into the foyer and shut the door.

“I can see you're in the middle of something” The blonde began rudely, “Have you tricked some other poor college girl into your bedroom?”

Rachel's eyes snapped open wide, “Excuse me?”. She was completely taken aback by this fiery little stranger yelling at her in her own home.

“I'm the pledge coordinator for Delta Delta Delta chapter at the University of California, Los Angeles” she began in what sounded like a well rehearsed phrase. “Last night,” she continued, “one of our pledges was leaving my apartment and she told me you tried to, uh, hit on her, er, pick her up, on the elevator last night.”

Rachel immediately remembered her elevator ride to the apartment last night after Krav Maga. It was about 10:30 and she was riding the elevator up to the 22nd floor when the elevator stopped on 3. One of the countless college-girl cuties that were always stumbling around her complex stumbled her way on to the same elevator. The girl had obviously been drinking, and she seemed to forget to press a button when she boarded the elevator car. Rachel sensed an opportunity an engaged the girl in conversation. They quickly got around to the point that the girl was rushing home because her boyfriend was just getting home from a long road trip with the UCLA rugby team and she was just dying to see him. As the elevator stopped on 22, Rachel made as if to get off but kept the conversation going, holding the elevator door open. “So, is your boyfriend a good kisser?” She asked the drunk girl. “Uh huh” the girl responded huskily.

“As good as this?” Rachel said and suddenly stepped into the elevator kissing the younger girl softly but firmly and wetly on the mouth. The girl responded submissively and without hesitation as she half melted into the other woman's kiss. After about ten seconds Rachel broke away and took the girl's limp hand in hers, shaking it gently. “I'm Rachel,” she said calmly, “and this is my floor.” She let go of the girl's hand, but the girl clasped onto Rachel's ring finger with her thumb and forefinger, seeming reluctant to completely break physical contact. “I'm in 2213 if you'd like to come over for a while” Rachel said seductively. The drunken girl looked at her hesitantly.

“Um,” she murmured, “and started to step forward, “No, I'd better not” she finished and stepped back, still not releasing Rachel's finger.

“Better decide quick” Rachel said staring into the girl's slightly glazed eyes as the elevator doors began to close. Reluctantly, the girl let go of Rachel's ring finger just as the doors came to a close. Rachel watched as the elevator's display counted down through the remaining floors to the ground. Seeing that the elevator was not coming back up immediately, she guessed that the girl had decided to continue on home. “Damn” she thought, “Oh well.” and simply went home, showered, frigged herself senseless with her magic egg vibrator and went to sleep.

Apparently the drunk girl had recounted the tale to her dumb, and probably homophobic friend who was now standing in her living room, yelling at her. “Alright” responded Rachel icily “If you are talking about who I think you're talking about, she certainly didn't mind what happened between us last night and I sure as hell don't see what business it is of yours”.

“What happened between you...ewww” the sorority bimbo said “Gross, you make it sound all gay. You hit on her! Like some pervert pick up artist!”

“Did this girl tell you she had a problem with happened?” Rachel demanded, her voice rising.

“That's not the point” the blonde continued to yell, “As the pledge coordinator for the Delta Delta Delta chapter at the University of California Los Angeles, it's my responsibility to meet with all of our pledges as well as numerous other sisters here in my apartment. I can't have some predatory lesbian lurking around the hallways trying to pick up all my friends! It's creepy!”.

Well, Rachel may have made a great effort to tolerate shit from all the wold's idiots when she was out in the world but she would be damned, no, she would be Goddamned, if she was going to tolerate this idiotic shit right here in her own living room. Rachel threw the towel to the floor and Sara's eyes opened wide as the half clad older woman advanced on her. “Listen bitch!” Rachel screamed, as she stepped into Sara, knocking the short girl off balance while simultaneously grabbing a handful of her hair. “What consenting adults do legally here, or anywhere else is none of your fucking business!”. She marched the startled girl backward toward the wall. Sara stumbled as she was forced backward, still struggling to keep her balance as she grasped at the hand clutching her platinum locks. Rachel slammed her against the wall, not hard enough to injure but firm enough to make the younger girl think twice about struggling. Rachel stepped in close so that she was talking very close to the snotty bitch's perfect little ear. In the back of her mind, she admired the smooth, naturally suntanned skin and the wispy angel hairs that curled in front of the girl's ear. “My private life, and with whom or how I choose to spend it are not only none of your business,” Rachel said shrilly in Sara's ear, “but the kind of shit that I do would scare the holy fucking hell out of some vapid, gum chewing sorority twat who couldn't tell you her last name without her smart fucking phone!”

“Lancing” the girl stammered.

“What?” Rachel said, jerking the girl around so that she faced the wall with Rachel's body pressed up against her.

“Lancing” the girl stammered again, “m-m-my last name is L-Lancing.”

Rachel had to fight the strong urge to laugh. This had to be the dumbest bitch in the world, or at least the dumbest in captivity. “Well, sorority pledge princess Sara Lancing” Rachel began, before the scared girl interrupted her.

“I-I-I'm the pledge coordinator for the Delta...” Sara began.

“Shut up, stupid bitch!” Rachel barked the girl's ear.“Don't ever fucking interrupt me!”She slapped the girl hard across the bottom of her left butt cheek. Her cotton short shorts offered little protection and the sorority girl squeaked and jumped forward three inches.“S-S-Sorry” Sara stammered.

“As I was saying sorority princess” Rachel continued, “the question is, if I am some kind of crazy, perverted, what did you call me? Lesbian predator? If that's what I am, then why the hell did you come up here, alone, dressed in slut pajamas, to have this conversation?”

“What, I don't, uh what do you mean?” Sara said weakly, here composure destroyed by the older woman, who now had her pressed completely up against the wall and was pressing her small, firm breasts into the back of the younger woman's head. “It was warm today, and, uh, I wasn't expecting...”

Rachel slid her free hand down to Sara's hip and then up, just a bit to stop below the left side of her ribcage. Then she began to slowly move it forward forward toward the girl's tanned, flat, belly. “What?” Rachel asked “You weren't expecting what? To be put in you place? To be treated like the stuck up little bitch you are? You weren't expecting to find out you wanted a woman's hands all over your slutty little body?”. She punctuated each question with another brisk smack across the girl's backside.

“No, that's not...I don't do that with girls...it's not, that's gross” Sara babbled weakly, almost nonsensically, as Rachel stopped slapping her ass and returned her free hand to the blonde's ribs, moving ever closer to her ample left tit.

“Gross?” Rachel asked, seductively now, right in the young girl's ear, “are you sure that's gross? You're little friend didn't seem to mind last night”. She now was freely grasping the girl's plump, firm breast and squeezing with just the right amount of pressure. Just the right amount of pressure was, after all, Rachel's gift.

“Did you...did you touch her like this too?” Sara burbled, her cheek resting against the tastefully painted drywall, eyes closed. She began, maybe subconsciously, to grind her hips against Rachel's pelvis as it pinned her to the wall

“No, stupid bitch” Rachel whispered in a husky voice, “It was more like this!” She spun Sara around, so that her face was level with Rachel's small, firm, breasts and then she released the blonde girl's hair and clamped her hand firmly onto Sara's lower jaw, squeezing her mouth open. Rachel rammed her tongue straight into the other woman's mouth with no romance or ceremony. It wasn't so much a kiss as it was a tongue beating designed to stun and fatigue an already weakened opponent. Sara squealed breathlessly but made no attempt to pull away when suddenly, Rachel thrust her hand down the front of Sara's sweat-shorts and roughly squeezed the girl's labia together. She was surprised to find that the inside of the girl's panties were as wet and steamy as an August in New Orleans. Sara's knees buckled and she started to slide down the wall to the floor. “Oh no you don't, you horny bitch” Rachel hissed and grabbed both of the girl's wrists, pulling her up and spinning her, once again, to face the wall.

“Why do you keep talking to me like that?” Sara demanded weakly as Rachel reached around and groped at her crotch through her sweatpants

“It's obviously turning you on, isn't it bitch?” Rachel said, “Your positively gushing”. To punctuate her point, she ran her index finger down the center of Sara's slit, and the girl gasped sharply.

“No, it isn't, it can't be...I'm not a...I'm not gay” Sara began to babble again.

“Goddamn” Rachel thought, “This idiotic bitch is almost too contemptible to fuck...almost.” Still, this whole situation, while hot as hell had started out pretty weird. Despite Rachel's predilections and the fact that some interpretations of recent events might fall under a puritan’s definition of sexual assault, Rachel had no interest in raping this girl or anyone else. She removed her hand from Sara's shorts and placed her palm against the center of the shorter girl's back, pining her into a corner. Her hands remained aloft from when Rachel had pulled her up by her wrists. It was almost as if the girl was frozen, like clay for Rachel to sculpt as she saw fit. “Alright you simpering twat” Rachel sneered, ramping up her performance “There's the front door. I'm going to get some...equipment. I'll just be about three minutes. If you are still here when I get back, I am going to make you my bitch. I am going to use you like the little slut you know you want to be. I am going to fuck the holy living shit out of your cute little ass until you can't even see!” She finished, her sexual intimidation reaching its crescendo.

She left the panting girl up against the wall in the corner, arms raised over her head, legs spread, like a hooker waiting for the cops to slap cuffs on her. Rachel chuckled darkly as she left the room, heading for the back of the apartment. She figured a ninety percent chance the girl would split for the door as soon as she left the room but only a ten percent chance that she called a cop or did something else rash. She smelled her finger, still sticky from the young girl's sopping pussy. Maybe only a five percent chance she called the cops.

Nevertheless, Rachel proceeded as though the girl would still be there when she returned. She hurried into the bedroom closet and opened her toy chest. She rooted around, looking for just the right thing. Before she found it, her eyes stopped briefly on the cattle prod. “Nah,” She decided, “the obnoxious bitch deserves it, but that's a bit too heavy for this situation”. Instead, she kept rooting around until she found what she wanted. It was a long, slender sex toy, barely bigger in circumference than her thumb. It was long though, close to nine inches and heavily ribbed down it's entire length. The twenty-something kid at the sex shop called it a “finglonger”, and then laughed hysterically at his own joke but Rachel failed to get the reference. She grinned evilly at what she had in mind, “This bitch is gonna feel every nook and cranny of this baby.” Rachel then took the leather harness out of the toy box and slid the finglonger into the adjustable rings. Then she slipped off her heels and suit pants. She stepped into the harness and tightened it over her black, silk, french cut panties. She grabbed a pocket rocket vibrator as well and tucked it into the back strap of the harness. After fastening the straps that came up between her thighs, she grabbed a tub of a thick, cream-like lubricant tastefully labeled “Butt Butter” and headed back to the front room, fully expecting it to be empty.

Much to her surprise, She found Sara standing exactly as she had left her; facing the corner, her arms over her head, trembling. Rachel thanked her lucky stars as she crossed the room back to her prey. “Well, well,well, so you're still here are you, you horny little bitch?” Rachel said snidely, “I told you what was going to happen when to you when I got back ,didn't I?”

“Oh God” The girl half sobbed, “What are you going to do to me?”

“I told you, I'm going to make you my bitch” Rachel replied as she stepped behind Sara and hiked her sweat shorts up between her bubble butt cheeks wedgie style. She began to spank the girl hard across the exposed flesh. “You're already a dumb, snotty brat bitch (Smack!), I'm just going to use you and make you MY dumb (Smack!)snotty (Smack!) brat (Smack!) bitch!” (Smack!).

“Oh God,” She sobbed again, “You're gonna make me gay! Don't make me gay!”

“Christ this is one ignorant bitch” Rachel thought, “I doubt she has two brain cells to rub together”. She scooped out a handful of the lube and slathered it all over the strapped on finglonger and said “Don't worry bitch, you're not a lesbian for taking cock right UP YOUR ASS!” and she ripped the girls pink cotton panties down and immediately jabbed the lubed tool an inch into the squirming girl's tight little butthole.

“Argh!” Sara screamed, “Not there, ungh, I don't do it like that!”

“You do tonight bitch” Rachel growled and grabbed the younger girl by her succulent hips, pulling her back quickly as inch after inch of the finglonger disappeared into her clenched rectum. “Relax and take it like a brave bitch you sniveling cunt” Rachel ordered.

Sara held as still as she could as Rachel began to ream her. She sobbed quietly at first, but after a few minutes, she quieted down. At this point, Rachel had worked the entire length of the slender rubber dong into Sara's bowels and was working on a good rhythm. She began raking her fingernails slowly and lightly down the girls back, over her tank top, as she sodomized her. “What am I doing to you now bitch?” She asked loudly. Sara only grunted in reply. She was beginning to get into it now, working her hips back against the thrusting toy cock. “Answer me bitch!” Rachel yelled.

“Ugh, You're...you're fucking me” the girl grunted.

“Where am I fucking you bitch?” Rachel asked, picking up the pace

“Ungh, ugh, In my...ugh...asshole!” Sara wailed

“Do you like the way I'm buttfucking you slut?!” Rachel demanded

“Oh God” Sara moaned, “don't make me say it, God, please don't make me say it”

“Answer me bitch!” Rachel screamed again “Do you like the way I buttfuck you?!”

“Oh, God, ungh!!!”Sara groaned as Rachel rammed the finglonger as deep as it would go and grabbed a handful of the girl's sweaty blonde hair, pulling her head back. Rachel reached behind her and grabbed the pocket rocket, then she reached around Sara's waist with her free hand and ground the little vibrator into the sorority bitch's tiny pink clitoris. A thin strand of drool ran out of the corner of Sara's mouth as she moaned “Yes, yes, I love it when you buttfuck me! Take my fucking asshole! Fuck it hard! Use me, make me your bitch!”. Rachel was shocked to hear the filth that poured out of the sorority girl's gaping mouth. The girl's eyes rolled back into her head as she was rocked by the first anal orgasm of her life. Rachel quickly pulled the finglonger out of the girl's butt, and Sara's knees gave way. She fell forward and slid, face first, down the wall, still grunting and shaking.

Rachel knew what she had to do next if she really wanted to teach this idiot girl a lesson. After letting her lay there for just a few seconds, Rachel grabbed the girl's wrists and pulled her to her feet. “Get you clothes on bitch!” She barked, “I'm done with you!”

“But...but” girl stammered dazedly

“Yeah, butt, butt, you just got yours fucked, now get out!” Rachel sneered

Sara pulled her panties up from around her ankle, then nearly stumbled as she put on her shorts. Rachel pulled her along as she staggered to the apartment door. Rachel opened the door and ushered the dazed sorority bimbo out into the hallway. “Remember this bitch!” Rachel hissed in the girl's face, “If you ever come knocking on my door again, you're going to get more of the same!” She slammed to door shut in Sara's face, but immediately looked out the peep hole. Sara took a few steps away from the door and then braced herself with one hand against the opposite wall of the hallway. She stood there, breathing deeply for a few moments, and then looked toward the door. Much to Rachel's surprise, Sara took a step toward the door and started to raise her hand, as if to knock. Then, as though she thought better of it, she hurried off in the direction of the elevator.

“Holy living fuck” Rachel gasped finally. She hurried into her bedroom and ripped off the harness and her panties as well. She flung herself on the bed and began immediately to massage her own aching clit with the pocket rocket. She thrust her hips into the air as she worked her pussy with the little toy. Finally, she took the finglonger and slid it's length down her throat, tasting the insides of the young girl she had just violated. With that, she came, hard. Her abdomen clenched and spasmed as she ground her teeth. Her juices sprayed from her like a fire sprinkler and soaked her satin bedspread. “Fuuuuckkk meeeeee!” she squealed through clenched teeth. She blacked out for just a second, but as she came to, she instantly thrust her hands back down to her soaked pussy and started rubbing it even more frantically. That girl had really gotten to her. She pleasured herself constantly for the next hour, pausing only to go back to the toy box for a bigger dildo. Finally, she ended up on her face, biting her silk pillowcase as she used both hands, working a large black vibrator into her salivating pussy with one while pushing the finglonger up her own ass with the other. After the last massive tremor ripped through her body, she passed out, still wearing her stockings and work jewelry, with the finglonger sticking out of her asshole like a perverse tail.

End Chapter One____________________________________________________________________

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