Knight In Shinning Armor

Knight In Shinning Armor

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Jake Knight comes to the rescue when Katelyn White needs someone to play her boyfriend, stranger to each other with no strings attached. Soon they both will realise that what should have been a one-night date became the true love stories of two people that just cannot get enough of each other. However, down the line they will encounter heartache, passion, love, lies and violence. Will their love be enough to stay together or will they let go of something so perfect.


Jake Knight comes to the rescue when Katelyn White needs someone to play her boyfriend, stranger to each other with no strings attached. Soon they both will realise that what should have been a one-night date became the true love stories of two people that just cannot get enough of each other. However, down the line they will encounter heartache, passion, love, lies and violence. Will their love be enough to stay together or will they let go of something so perfect.

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“Katelyn what did it say” I looked at Julian as she asked me what the massage was from my parents, she has been my only friend since I moved to LA a few years back to become an architect. She made me felt welcomed always trying to hook me up with someone she know, but even thou she was the looker everyone wanted, the blond skinny and long leg girl, with brown eyes looking as round bullet wanting to shoot you. She was my best friend the only one I ever share any of my life history.

“My sister is getting married in three months”

“You look totaly depressed about it" Julian asked worried.

“Strange enough, I really don't care anymore I haven't seen them in so long and they haven't bother to do any evert for me so this wedding will only be a slep to attend” "Don't go then"

"You know if I don't go, they will have aminusion against me, for the poor Katelyn haven't showed up again"

"You should stop stressing what they think"

"I know I should, I can't go alone" I said.

“What about a I get you a date, someone to keep you company”

“Oh no you don't, you scare me when you say things like that"

"You never even gone on one of my blind dates I have organised for you" Jullian said.

"I don't have the time for someone now, this is just crazy, who would possible fit and servive my family they will immeliate me infront of him"

“Someone drop dead gorgeos, someone not scared of family rejection and someone to make you the center of attention.” Julian said, with a smile she does not want me to see it's on her face.

“I saw that.” I pointed out.

“What?” Julian asks.

“I can see you are enjoying this, you are supposed to support me, and it feels like you are against me, I will never hear the end of it if I take the spotlight of Angie”

“Doesn't matter what you do, you will always have the spotlight and that's what everybody can handle” Julian said. Julian walked closer to me, she put her arms around me,

“You will be fine Katelyn, and I don’t know why you let your parents upset you in this matter”

“You are right, I don’t know why I let them get to me" I said with some sadness coming from my voice.

“You know you still got me,” Julian said smiling at me. “Thanks, Julian you are such a good friend to me, you are an angel you know”

“What about a dating service, I know someone there”

"Are you serious? That is not going to work. I cannot believe you even are suggesting this?”

“Well what other options do you have? You only have three months you know, Julian said, you do not have allot of time to find a decent man, and by the way you do not want to find a permanent problem remember. Just do the date service thing, you know you don’t have the time to spend any time with someone anyway,” Julian laughs at me and that wasn’t funny I thought, I work hard to get some education done.

“You think it is funny Julian… yeah I guess your right this is funny, I cannot believe I am doing this,” I laughed too.

“What? Going on a date with a total stranger you hardly know, your right I can’t even believe you’re considering it,” Julian said,” maybe it will do you some good at least get something out of it.”

“Some support you know, it was your lousy plan to call a dating service.” Those words made me cold, how did I come to this. Isn’t there any knight in shining armours anymore, to swept you off your feet where the women doesn’t have to go looking for them.

“Oh…darn it, yeah-right maybe I should do it, what do I got to lose.”

“Would you at least get something out of it?” Julian said with a smirk on her face. I looked at her in shock,

“No…! I will only find someone at this dating place that I can take to the wedding and nothing more.” oh that is so great, where did I went wrong to deserve this “Okay”

“Okay what?” asked Julian.

“I will do it,” I said making a face at the silly idea.

“Okay, so it is a go then,”

“Yes my dear, it is a go, but I will go see first if I would be able to do this, I cannot believe I am doing it.” I could not help but to put my face in the palms of my hands.

“Yeah you doing this,” Julian laughed jumping up and down with happiness. “It will not be that bad, just think of it as one of life’s bad experiences.”

“I think I have enough of those to keep me for a lifetime,” I said shaking my head at that thought.

“I will make the arrangements and let you know when you should go, Yeah Katelyn Is getting laid.” _______________________________________________________ This time, I wonder what it feels like To find the one in this life, the one we all dream of But dreams just aren't enough So I'll be waiting for the real thing, I'll know it by the feeling The moment when we're meeting, will play out like a scene Straight off the silver screen So I'll be holding my breath, right up 'til the end Until that moment when, I find the one that I'll spend forever with Cause nobody wants to be the last one there Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares Someone to love with my life in their hands There's gotta be somebody for me like that Cause nobody wants to do it on their own And everyone wants to know they're not alone There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere There's gotta be somebody for me out there Tonight, out on the street, out in the moonlight And dammit this feels too right, it's just like déja vu Me standing here with you So I'll be holding my breath, could this be the end? Is it that moment when, I find the one that I'll spend forever with You can't give up, (when you're looking for) a diamond in the rough (cause you never know) When it shows up, (make sure you're holding on) Cause it could be the one, the one you're waiting on Cause nobody wants to be the last one there And everyone wants to feel like someone cares Someone to love with my life in their hands There's gotta be somebody for me, oh

As the lift was busy going to the floor I press in, this song just made my feelings even worse, I am here to find n date not someone to marry, I stepped out of the elevator waiting for someone to assit me and the song keeps on playing, great we'll maybe someday there be somebody for me out there but I don't think its today. Getting my mind back to reality to what I am here for. I cannot believe I am this pathetic to have to hire someone to escort me to this wedding. This is just not right. I have been happy just the way things are, why do I need a man in my life to keep everyone else happy. They just complicate everything and I just do not have the time for complicated now in my life. After my teenage years the fiasco with Shaun, I have not felt like going into something or complicate my life with a relationship. I do not do people they are just mean, that is way I choose to stay away from them, being on my own is safe and no one gets hurt. I have not really considered any relation at all, because there has not been time to consider anything. When I moved to Los Angeles, I been studying and focusing on my job at JKCE Projects and nothing else, and for now I prefer it that way.

“Hi, I am here to see Ronald, I am Miss White,” I said.

“Would you just wait for a few moments, his on his way?” the receptionist said.

“No problem,” and that song keep on playing in my head, really.

“Can I get you something to drink Miss White?” the receptionist asked.

“No, I am fine, thank you”

“Miss White, I am Ronald I will assist you in your business here today.” I look at a short man that appeared in front of me, not to bad looking but definitely a Ronald looking. He is a friendly man not because he has to be, but of pure nature. Hopefully he won’t recognise how stupid she is, this kind of thing isn’t what I would say is on (My to do list)

“Hello Ronald,” I said with a warm greeting.

“Please join me Miss White,” Ronald showed the way. Oh my, this is really happening, Is this what my life has come to, choosing a man from a lineup to date you, this is so ironic.

“Miss White as I explained before, Ronald said, we are strive to be highly professional, that is for the work we do as well, any complaint of any kind should be reported. Miss White, we take this very seriously.”

“Understood” I said and I nodded my head to him. “We have lined up some of the men we thought would fit your profile best Miss White,” the short man explain to me. I looked down the line of men. This is ridiculous, how can I pick a man from a line-up this is crazy, I thought to myself. Ronald looked at me as if he understood what I was thinking and when he finally spoke, I jump to the sound of his voice, “are you okay Miss White?” Ronald asked concerned.

“Yes… yes I replied again” I was not sure if the first yes was clear enough. Nodding his head at me he continues,

“Is there anyone you like Miss White?”

“I, I, I’m not sure,” nervous as I sound I tried to keep my voice steady. A sound from somewhere behind me made me jump again, what was wrong with me, seriously, and I turned around and looked right into that emerald green eyes, the most beautiful human I have ever seen.

“Miss White" Ronald try to get my attention because I swear I was like a statue staring at this man.

"He is not one of our available men Miss White" As if he knew what was going on in my mind, Ronald looked confused at this for a second and said,

“Will you give me a sec Miss White?” He walked out of the room. I was still staring at this man that started smiling at me. As I realised what I just did making a fool of myself, I tried to make my escape, but how he is looking at me and I didn't want to take my eyes of his and I felt my body go numb at the sight of him. I am startle by his voice that is so sweet I could sink into the sound of his voice, I think I totally embarrassed myself to.

“Hi, I started laughing.” that dark hair and jaw line, well-formed bone structure made him strikingly handsome. There are few universally attractive men, who lack a well-defined bone structure but his was perfect. His emarald eyes almost looks black. He has broad shoulders that are classically attractive masculine feature and for good reason, large shoulders appear protective and combined with a good height. He is irresistible, I thought to myself.

“Hi, my name is Jake” he said with a soft smile in the corner of his mouth. That smile was if to say I know exactly what you are thinking and I would eat you for breakfast.

“Sorry, about that I didn't mean to stare, I don't know what got into me” I try to plead, feeling so stupid now.

“The feeling is mutual” he said with a slight frown.

"I am really sorry, this stuff makes me nervous" I showed my hand to the line up full of men.

"I believe you, I wouldn't be able to do a dating service"

“Oh, you don't work here then?” I said so ashamed of my actions.

“No, I do not, this is a client of mines business, and I am just visiting him.”

“Oh okey" and I felt how my cheeks gone pink, “how could I make this up to you for being so dumb, staring like fool at you?”

He cocked his head to the side, “tell me something, what is a gorgeous women like you doing here looking for what exacly, don’t you have plenty of those on every corner waiting for you to call or just look at them.”

“You are very sweet, but no” I said. “It’s more complicated than it looked like.” I swear I saw this man blush at me and then he gave me a look of Oh, honey if you only knew, I am not that sweet.

“What do you mean no?” he asked looking curiously at me.

“I just need someone for one day to pretend he is my boyfriend" I smiled at him, hoping he does not realise how pathetic I am.

"Oh, I see"

"Yes, I know it sound pathetic. Its just I don't have the time to go looking for guys to date" I said without even looking at him feeling so ashamed of myself.

"Why not"

"Too busy with other things that I am supose to do" I said feeling even more ashamed.

“You mean having fun, what you are supposed to do at twenty,” he asked and laughed the sweetest laugh.

“Yip that, but I am twenty-two and am not really that boring as it sounds, just trying to do the right thing by studying and working at the same time” I corrected him.

“So you are beautiful, you’re a clever workaholic and young, but still, why do you need a pretended boyfriend for?” he asked.

I blew out a breath, “my sister is the one getting married in three months, and I do not have a date for the wedding and because of that I will be the old pathetic sister with no life, I just want the cosip not to be about me for ones”

"Sounds like you have it going for yourself there, well as you said earlier that you want to make it up to me for doing what you have done.” I looked worried now, what is it that this man can possibly want from me. I am so nervous around him that I had told the man everything about my dilemma in a few minutes. I looked up staring at him waiting for him to finish.

“So as for you owing me, I thought that we do it the right way,” he said.

“What could that possible be Mr Jake….”

“Jake Knight,” he said to me so business like tone and so professional.

“Jake Knight,” I said with a wonder in my voice.

“Katelyn White, nice to meet you Mr Knight” and I reach for his hand to shake it, his grip was so manly, and strong, this man just keeps on impressing me.

“The pleasure is all mine, Miss White” Jake smiled a warm smile but still so dangerous. So I tried to show some dominance toward him.

“So you said we would do it the right way and what will that be, Mr Knight?”

“That I will take you out maybe, I thought of dinner first, a movie or ballet after that.” Jake took a step closer to me, towering over me as if I was so tiny to his muscular body.

“Oh, two dates already I see, you really do not have to do this” I said.

“I do not think you have much off a choice Miss White,” he said.

“Why is that Mr Knight?” I asked curiously looking at him somewhat shyly.

“You owe me remember,” he said. _______________________________________________________ As I sit at my desk, the only thing I can think of is how she moved me. She moved me in a way that nobody has ever succeeded before. This is so strange for me, I have seen a fair share of attractive women, but this woman, and she makes my blood go hot. I shake my head thinking of how ridiculous I must have looked, I really hope I did not show my dumb amazement towards her. Oh my, but I could help myself she is slim with a perfect body shape with long dark brunette hair almost black, she looked like a goddess with those long black hair, it falls all over her shoulders like black velvet. Bright artic blue eyes that feel like she could look thru your soul and the most perfected face you could ever imagine she has the softest skin, blush tanned skin with luscious lips and with perfected dimples. I just wanted to feel every inch of her, that body, she has curves everywhere it should be, it just made her so perfect in every way. I just wanted to put my mouth all over her, kiss her in places I even didn’t know existed on a women’s body, she will push me over the edge by just breathing in the same room with her. I harden just thinking of that. How can she make me feel like this, it is just not possible? I always have the company of women they normally fall over each other to get to me. I never thought of myself as the lady’s men type, I always believed they are there for the publicity. I could see in Katelyn’s eyes how she looked at my body as all the rest of the women. I just feel sad that she may just be another tabloid gossip girl, she is too beautiful not to have someone in her life women like her are always taken or something is wrong. I need to be careful it just makes it so difficult in my kind of social life, there is always tabloid gossips when women know or talk too much. My wealth has brought all kinds of situations to me, and there for could I read people very easy. Katelyn and I sat a date for tonight, hoping deep in my soul that I will be able to control myself and that she will not be just another gold digger looking for fortune and fame I just had enough time wasted on those. This could be the most difficult, or this will be a walk in the park. However, before that, I need to know more of this woman. I think I should give Dave a call to see what he can find out about Katelyn White. Picking up the phone, “Meg” “Yes sir”, Meg answers back immediately.

“Get Dave on the line for me, thanks Meg.” A second later, the buzzer went off.

“Mr Knight, Dave is on line two.”

“Thank you, Meg”

“Dave here” the other side answers.

“Dave, its Jake”

“Mr Knight, what a surprise to hear from you” Dave said with some hummer in his voice. “Yes, long-time” I said.

“What can I do for you Jake? “ Dave asked.

“I need you to check out someone for me, find out everything you can about this person,” I asked.

“Give me the name,” Dave asked.

“Katelyn White” I answered.

“On it Jake,” Dave replied.

“I need it as soon as possible but it must be today,” I demanded.

“I will try my best to see what I can get,” Dave said.

“Good, talk to you later then” I greeted. Then the phone went dead. Thinking to myself that this is insane, let me get back to work maybe that will take my mind of this insanity of obsessing over this woman.

“So this guy just agreed and with no problem he will go with you?” Julian asked.

“Not in so many words, he suggested that we have dinner tonight and then we will see how it goes,” I said.

“It is a date then?” Julian asked.

“Yes, if you wane call it a date and I just realised my number one problem.”

“And what will that be?” Julian asked curious.

“I have nothing to wear,” I said nervous.

“No problemo, that will not be a problem at all, Julian said. Tell me is he at least a looker,”

I looked at Julian for a few seconds thinking and try to progress everything I have actually noticed about Jake. He was so handsome, more handsome than anyone I have ever met before. Jake has the most emerald green eyes what amazed me about it was the darkness it changed to, something you couldn’t miss or forget, because it was so breath taking beautiful and with that dark hair with his blush skin and his smile was the one thing I couldn’t keep my eyes off, I just wanted to touch his lips. Julian started laughing, “I think your face just told me everything I needed to know, is it possible for any man to be that breath taking?”

I could not help but to blush pink all over, “he is not your any living man and he has some potential”

“Oh is that so?” Julian asked.

“Yes, he is very handsome for sure, I said”

“Wow, that is something coming from you, I am finally free of trying to make you see the glory of having a men in your life, they are not all bad, you know, but coming from you that you actually noticed someone for once, that’s good.”

“It does not mean I am going to marry the guy,” I snapped.

“You are in all over your head my dear all the sighn was there at the right place at the right time you are getting married, I will go and get the maid of honour dress ready,” Julian said with a laugh in her voice.

“Pppfffff, which will be the day”

Julian span around heading for the door, “you are right and hopefully soon” Julian said.

“Where are you going?” I asked confused.

“To go get a maid of honour dress” Julian laughed at me. I just stared at her thinking to myself, has everyone gone mad, how in the world could that happen, one simple favour from a totally stranger and now you think that we are getting married. I really don’t think so, or that this will end up in a wedding, right,

“Yeah right, Katelyn” I hear myself say. Did I just answer my own question, maybe I am the one going mad. This is just not right. We hardly know each other and sure, we need to have a few dates before we can say anything further about this relationship. I just think Julian is making things up that is not there and she has not even met Jake so how does she know that we will marry each other. _________________________________________________________ “Jake, its Dave”

“What do you got for me Dave,” I asked.

“This girl is clean” Dave said hesitant and very unsure.

“Clean, do you wanne say there's nothing on her?” I asked curious.

“Al I have got in such short notice is she went to school in Sunset Beach, moved to Los Angeles when she was eighteen because she had problems with the parents not approving of her.

"What do you mean her parent don't approve of her"

"I don't have my fact yet, but seem she had a tough childhood"

"What else do you got"

"Got an older brother that is married with two kids and working in the family business. Younger sister is getting married. This was info from someone that was there growing up with Katelynn, she had one relationship with a high school boy and ended four years ago, she caught him cheating on her, the source said she was there when it happened. Katelyn doesn’t know who it was, her sister spilled the beans in front of everybody, she stormed out looking badly hurt about the information, and after that she moved away”

“Who was it Dave, the persons that the guy cheated on her?”

“As for the information I got it looked like her little sister was having fun with her boyfriend, but Katelyn doesn’t know it is her, and the best part is she invited this Shaun guy to the wedding,” Dave said.

“That’s looking for trouble, I said, so you are sure Katelyn doesn’t know about them.”

“I don't know for sure she hasn't been in touch with no one, no one knows nothing about were she is and what she does” Dave said sadly.

“Way?” I asked curious to know.

“I have check everything there is, I haven't find the right people to give me answers I wanted. But I could not understand the information that I have received, and then I looked closer, the problem is that Katelyn was not biologically a White,” Dave said.

“What! Jake said shocked.

"And you’re sure?”

“Yes, I check that out but could find enough to prove everything to be the truth, but as I would dig further because it look somewhat fishy. Katelyn doesn’t know anything about her being adopted, her trouble started since the little sister was born, Katelyn was in the way. They thought after Pete White was born there was complications and wasn’t supposed to have any more children, so they adopted Katelyn whose mother was killed in a car crash, or so the story was told but I don't think it was the facts” Dave said sadly.

Jake didn’t answer or asked anything, and Dave continued “I don’t know what your business is with her, this is one tough cookie. If you were looking for a relationship you will get a shoe up your ass and she doesn't do relationships no record of ex boyfriend and no friends” Dave said.

“Is there anything else,” I asked.

“Yes, she is working for your company as an intern architect for almost six months and still got another six to go. She does not have a life she only studies and work and have one friend Julian is the girl’s name. She does not go out or see anyone else it is only this one friend. She is a closed cocoon she does not let anyone in her life. That is all information I could get in such short notice, there is nothing else Jake. This girl is clean as can get. I will send you all the info”

“Thanks Dave,” I said.

“No problem,” Dave said. I ended the call to set my mind straight. Maybe I should get too involved and just help her out and get out. Nevertheless, she just jump into my heart and warmed up every inch of me, and now this info. Do I really need this drama in my life? I have never given any women a day in my life, what makes her now different from the other. My thought run high for a moment, maybe it is that smile of hers, that only heaven can make, I harden just thinking of her again. I am willing to take the shoe up my ass for her, and see where it takes me. Katelyn is working for JKCE Projects, who would have guessed that. As the intern architect that is impressive if I must say so, but hasn’t she realised that she is working for him, how could she not know? I thought. She will never go out with me if she knows I am Jake Knight CEO of JKCE. I think I should keep this a secret from her just a while longer for the mean while I have her under my eye and control.

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