What Happens in Vegas, Part 2

What Happens in Vegas, Part 2 What Happens in Vegas, Part 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A chance meeting between two former co-workers becomes even more intense and pleasurable.


A chance meeting between two former co-workers becomes even more intense and pleasurable.


Submitted: November 16, 2015

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Submitted: November 16, 2015



He stood there after she’d left and he started shaking.  He laid down on the bed and tried to control his body’s shaking, but he realized he was overcome by both the physical exertion and also the raw emotion of finally being with a woman that he desired for so long.  He closed his eyes and relived each amazing moment until his phone beeping broke his thoughts.  His buddies were telling him to get his ass in the lobby, so he quickly dressed and headed out. 

They tried to convince him to go back to the strip club with the hope that Claudia had some friends that would show them a good time.  He, in turn, convinced them that they couldn’t afford another night like the previous one as they’d each dropped several hundred dollars on private dances and he honestly would rather hold out the hopes of seeing Cindy over Claudia.  Kind of crazy since he was trading an available single woman for a married one, but the effect Cindy had always had on him belied logic. 

They went and had a nice steak dinner and were at a craps table that was slowly heating up when he got a text from Cindy telling him that they should meet up with them at a club.He and his friends weren’t big club goers, but when he mentioned it to his friends, they were more than eager to go see what might happen.  They stayed for a while as the craps table was hot and when they finally walked away they all had some additional winnings in their pockets. 

He texted Cindy that they were on their way and she quickly retorted with a “Jesus, you’re just now leaving?!  You really don’t want to see me that badly, do you?!” 

He replied with a “Awww baby; the craps table was hot so now I have some money to pamper you with!”  He then added, “Are you wearing that same hot dress?” 

She replied, “Nope; I only wore that for you!  I’m wearing a more conservative dress so I didn’t have a bunch of losers hitting on me all night, but you’ll have to find me to see what I’m wearing!” 

How she knew he was going to ask for a picture made him laugh, but he took a pic of himself and he hoped she would like his loosened tie and sport coat look. 

She didn’t reply for a few minutes, but when she did he wasn’t disappointed, “Oh fuck Joey; I’m already thinking of what I’m going to be doing with that tie.” 

He was breathless as he typed, “Its first job is as a blindfold so as I slowly ravage you; you’ll never know where I’m going to touch you next.  Since you won’t send a pic of your dress, what’s underneath it?” 

He had to be careful so his friends didn’t see their messages and his eyes went wide when she replied, “I can’t believe what you do to me, stud!  My pussy is still raw from your cock, but just the thought of being with you again has me wet and ready for you.  Please hurry!” and then she added, “You’re such a perv and you’ll see soon enough what I’m wearing underneath; let your imagination run wild.”

The trip to the club seemed to take forever and when they entered his eyes were flashing around the place.  He saw some of Cindy’s group and immediately went over, but before he spied Cindy one of the women he didn’t know pulled him out onto the dance floor.  She was already half wasted and she made it clear by how she was rubbing up on him that she could be his for the night.  He wondered what the hell was going on because it was unusual for him to be so lucky with the ladies, but he managed to get away from her and headed back to the group.  His friends were already trying to identify their targets for the evening when he finally saw Cindy talking to two different men near the bar. 

He became immediately jealous, but when he saw her smile he started to relax.  Her dress wasn’t as sexy as the blue one, but it was red and curve hugging up top and then flaring out towards the hem.  He slowly eye fucked her and he knew she was watching him and enjoying his lust for her.  He smiled again as she blew off the two would be suitors and slowly joined her friends.  He made his way over and knew he needed to be stealthy as neither of them needed her friends starting rumors about them.  He went to the bar and came back with a tray of shots and made sure he was next to Cindy as he passed the tray around.

As people were distracted, she whispered in his ear, “If you want my friend, Lily, I can go back to those two guys near the bar; their younger than you and should have more stamina.” 

For a moment he didn’t know what she was saying but then realized that Lily was the one that had pulled him to the dance floor and he thought it was adorable that she was also a little jealous. 

He dropped his hand behind her and then quickly moved it up under her dress and as his fingers pressed up against the tiny thong covering her sweet pussy, he growled into her ear, “Not a chance, Cindy; you’re the only woman I want.” 

He slid his fingers along the crotch of her thong and was thrilled when she shivered and gasped softly, but then everybody was doing the shots and he had to pull his hand away.  His mind was racing for an idea to get her away from the group and back to his hotel room when she whispered, “Thank God; I’ve been dying waiting for you to show up.”  She then added, “Play along.” 

She leaned into her friend and groaned, “I think there was something wrong with my sushi” and suddenly she was bolting for the bathroom.  Even though she’d told him to play along he was still concerned about her well-being and was glad when her friend followed her a moment later.  A few minutes later her friend was back shaking her head as she told everyone that Cindy was puking her guts out and someone needed to make sure she got back to the hotel safe and sound.  No one volunteered and he finally said, “Well, fuck; I guess I’m the only nice one here.  I’ll take her back.” 

Everyone seemed genuinely happy that he’d volunteered and they could stay and keep partying and didn’t seem to question that he realize he intended to ravage her once he had her alone.  He followed Cindy’s friend to where the bathrooms were and a moment later, his arm was around Cindy’s back as he ‘helped’ her out of the club.  When they were safely past their friends she giggled and said, “That was an Oscar worthy performance right there.” 

A moment later he was flagging down a limo as he wanted to ride in style.  After giving the hotel name to the driver, he put up the screen and she was in his lap and kissing him passionately.  Their hunger for each other hadn’t been diminished by their earlier fuck and when she growled, “This time I’m in charge, love” he didn’t argue.

She straddled him and he was tickled pink when he realized her dress was very stretchy and soon it was off her shoulders and past her tits.  He only looked at the sexy red bra for a moment before her front hook bra made it very easy to have one hard nipple and most of her petite tit in his mouth in a flash.  As her hands frantically worked at his slacks, she groaned, “Fucking brilliant of me to wear this bra tonight!”  She then squealed as he simultaneously bit her nipple lightly as both his hands spanked her tight ass cheeks. 

His hands moved off her ass and along her thong and he shivered as he felt how wet it was and he cooed, “Been thinking of me all night, haven’t you, sexy?” 

“Not really” she purred and then she gasped again as he spanked one cheek again.  She grabbed a handful of his short hair and yanked his head to the side as she moaned, “I love it a little rough baby; how’d you know?” 

He yanked her thong to the side so she could impale herself down onto his cock, he looked deep into her eyes and after moaning a delighted, “Fuck, Cindy; I could never get tired of how good you feel” he added, “Baby, I’ve fucked you so many times in my fantasies I feel like I know everything you like.” 

With her honey oozing down onto his balls, she stayed there without moving as she looked into his eyes.  Her eyes were so amazing and filled with an intensity that he’d never witnessed before.  She slowly rode up his cock and then back down as their eyes stayed fixed on one another and then with a voice that trembled she whispered, “You were in love with me when we worked together, weren’t you?” 

The question surprised him due to the timing of it and how much it seemed to affect her just asking it and he answered without hesitation, “Yes, Cindy I was……and seeing you again like this; I don’t think I ever stopped loving you.”

She continued moving on his cock with more urgency now and she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him and then bit his ear before whispering directly into it, “God, why didn’t you say something?!” 

There was no answer to that question and he moaned something like, “Let’s just enjoy things now” and based on how frantic se was riding him he assumed she agreed.  He was certainly not objective, but he thought they fit together perfectly.  He growled that sentiment into her ear and she purred a teasing, “Meh” but then quickly added, “Joey; I’ve never felt so full!” 

He was sure it was complete bullshit, but he still beamed and he kissed her tenderly and then snaked his hand between them and found her clit.  He simply pressed his fingertips against it and she did the rest.  She moved sensuously on him as she continued riding his cock while grinding her clit against his fingertips.  They moved together with their eyes never leaving each other until she began groaning his name over and over again.  When her orgasms hit her, it was a surreal experience for him.  She leaned back over his thighs as her body shook with pleasure and then suddenly she leaned forward and nearly head butted him.  It seemed like she was having an out of body experience as her fingers dug into his chest as if she needed something to hold onto; like she was falling.  It was painful, but also insanely pleasurable and he fought to not lose control.

He growled and then she wrapped her arms around his neck and squeezed it tightly as she sank her teeth into his shoulder.  He didn’t know if she was trying to keep from screaming or what, but he barely resisted his own need to scream, and at the same moment as lightning bolts flashed in his head, he came so hard that he thought he might black out.  Over and over, his cock exploded and he was barely aware of her sweet voice whispering, “You like it rough too, don’t you baby cakes?” 

He spanked her ass one more time as he gasped, “I guess so; that was fucking amazing.” 

He noticed they were getting close to the hotel and he helped her fix her clothes as she kissed him softly and said, “You’ve wrecked me already; I’ve never cum that hard before. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fuck my husband again and not think of how I wish I was with you.” 

“Geez, that’s too bad” he said with a smile and she playfully slapped his face, but then kissed him quickly to ensure he knew that she was just playing. 

He helped her out of the back and as his arm went around her back he said, “Let’s get you into that big Jacuzzi tub in my bathroom.” 

Her eyes were sparkling as she said, “Oh yessssss.” 

He was so intent on looking down at her as they walked through the casino that he didn’t see Claudia until they almost ran right into her. 

She stood there and in her sexy accent said, “Oh now I see why you haven’t returned my texts.”  She paused and then said, “She’s beautiful.” 

Cindy was confused for a moment, but then her mouth went wide and she looked first at Joe and then at Claudia and she echoed the same words, “She’s beautiful.” 

The two women looked at each other and then up at him and he thought for a moment about how incredible it might be as he wondered if they might be thinking the same thing, but he quickly said, “Good to see you Claudia.” 

They left her standing there and Cindy was looking at him with a wide eyed look on her face as they entered the elevator……..

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