What Happens in Vegas....

What Happens in Vegas.... What Happens in Vegas....

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A trip to Vegas would have been memorable anyway, but when he sees a woman he used to work with, the trip improves exponentially.


A trip to Vegas would have been memorable anyway, but when he sees a woman he used to work with, the trip improves exponentially.


Submitted: November 03, 2015

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Submitted: November 03, 2015



Just the ride down the elevator hurt every part of his body, but unlike his friends he couldn’t sleep off his hangover so he was going to look for the proper combination of grease and caffeine.  It was only 10:00 AM and he was tired, but couldn’t stop smiling.  They’d gone to a well-known strip club called Spearmint Rhino and like always he’d felt completely uncomfortable there at first.  He loved the female body, but those places always got to him so he must have a smidge of morals somewhere.  However, all was forgotten when a beautiful woman from Colombia came up and sat down with him.  They immediately fell into an easy conversation and he had her laughing in no time.  She didn’t push private dances or even trying to get him to buy her a drink and so it was completely unusual and incredibly enjoyable. 

He finally bought her a drink and after 30 minutes of them chatting, he said, “Aren’t you going to get into trouble if you don’t get me into a room soon?” 

She laughed and said, “I’m on the early shift this week so don’t worry I’ve made more than my fair share already tonight so I’d like to just enjoy our conversation some more if that’s okay.” 

He smiled and must have betrayed his thought of, “Ew, how many guys has she been grinding on tonight?” because she immediately laughed again and patted his arm and said, “Listen, Joe; I’m not like that.  I’m probably the only woman in this place that can make good money and avoid almost all contact with my customers.  Guys just like spending time with me and so I don’t have to do what the other girls do.”

He simply smiled and said, “That doesn’t surprise me Claudia.” 

And then she said, “I like you Joe; how about we get out of here?  I’ll buy you dinner and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get lucky” and then she laughed in such a wonderful way.

His friends had returned back from their private dances and looked full of shame and satisfaction just in time to hear that and their faces displayed their disbelief.  He took Claudia’s hand and told his friends he’d see them tomorrow, maybe; if his organs hadn’t been sold on the black market.  Claudia’s energetic laugh made them all smile and off they went.  And to his great surprise and delight, he did get very lucky.  As he walked through the casino trying to ignore the sounds of the fucking slot machines, he remembered his night.  She’d been surprisingly awkward at first and he wondered if she really was telling the truth and wasn’t all that experienced.  However, she eventually loosened up and was an absolute animal. 

His cock was still sore, but he felt it stiffening at just the thought of her.  She had an amazing little petite body and her pussy had been out of this world.Although he knew he probably shouldn’t have, he couldn’t help himself and enjoyed the sweet taste of her pussy after he’d found how tight she was.  He had decided that she must be telling the truth about how inexperienced she was and so he enjoyed every intoxicating drop of her honey.When he made her cum as he sucked on her clit, he felt like an incredible stud.  Even more so when she quickly rolled him over and whispered in his ear that no one had been able to make her cum so easily before.  When she climbed on top of him a moment later and rode him, he laid back and began telling her things from the depth of his perverted mind.  His words clearly affected her and as she rode him slowly and sensuously, he fucked her mind at the same time.  She had a series of orgasms and when he finally came, she snuggled next to him and told him that she was so happy she’d taken a risk and brought him home.

When they woke the next morning, they exchanged numbers and she told him she might just come to his hometown because he was such an unusual mix of gentleman and pervert.  He had run back to the bed and jumped back in and kissed her as he laughed and said, “Awwww Claudia, now I don’t feel like such a piece of meat that you just used, abused and then threw away.” 

She giggled loudly and rubbed his crotch as she said, “Baby, I look forward to another chance to use and abuse you!” 

He nearly ran over a little old lady as he was so distracted with the memories of his incredible time with her.  A moment later he was in the lobby and he pulled out his phone because a text came in.  It was work related and he dealt with it, but then he saw what the date was.  For some reason, the day was nagging at his brain and he couldn’t remember why.  He checked his calendar and there were no noteworthy birthdays listed and then it dawned on him.  A woman named Cindy that he’d worked with a few years back!  He was sure it was her birthday today and just the thought of her made him smile even more. 

She’d been truly amazing; a surreal combination of sexy and sweet while being incredibly bright and excellent at her job.  She’d been a wonderful friend as he’d gone through his divorce and there were more than a few times when they’d been alone at a happy hour and he had hoped something might happen.  Unfortunately nothing had, but he had fantasized about her a lot back then, and when she’d quit, he’d been really sad to see her go.  They’d stayed in touch for a while, but then eventually drifted apart after a while.  He’d seen her maybe 18 months ago when she’d brought her baby into the office, but hadn’t had any contact since.  However, he was in a great mood and he still had her number in his contacts so he quickly typed her a Happy Birthday message; saying he wished he would have been lucky enough to give her some birthday spankings.  He attached a picture of him smiling just in case she didn’t recognize the number and hit send. 

He was trying to find the signs to the buffet when he thought he heard a familiar giggle.  He looked up and saw a group of women that looked like they were just arriving.  As he was trying to figure out if one of them was someone he knew, he got a text and he laughed when he saw it was from Cindy. 

“Jesus Joe! I haven’t seen you in what, a year and a half, and you think you can say shit like that?!” was her reply. 

He knew that if she’d been mad she just wouldn’t have responded and so he quickly typed, “Hell yes, I know I can say that.  ‘Fess up; you got that sexy little smile you get when you read that, didn’t you?  The thought of you over my knees and my hand on your bare ass wouldn’t be such a bad way to spend your birthday, would it?” 

She replied quickly with a “Maybe” and he knew she was smiling so he wrote, “Come on, let me see the birthday girl’s smile.” 

A second later she sent it and he felt his legs shake.  She looked fucking incredible as always, but that wasn’t what made his legs shake.  The background in the picture left little doubt she was in the same hotel lobby as he was.  He looked over at the group of women again and whispered, “Holy fucking fuck!” and started walking.  When he was about 20 feet from her group, she caught sight of him and her mouth fell open in disbelief. 

“Give me a hug, birthday girl” he exclaimed and as her friends looked on in surprise, she did just that.  He bent down as he was much taller than her and she wrapped her arms around his neck and he lifted her and spun her in the air.  She was laughing and the feel of her body against his was indescribably good and when he finally set her down some of her friends that he knew were looking on with amused smiles.  Good natured comments about him stalking her were bandied about and he quickly asked whether their significant others had been dumb enough to let this group of beautiful women come to Vegas all by themselves.  He noticed more than a few of her friends that he didn’t know smile at that one and he wondered if his lucky streak was going to continue with one of them. 

He saw with some disappointment that she was still wearing a wedding ring, but she looked even better than the last time he’d seen her and so he whispered that in her ear.  She immediately said that he was full of shit as she was still carrying some of the baby weight and she’d had her child close to two years ago.  He simply winked and told her she was crazy.  He quickly found his manners and said they looked like they needed to check in and he hoped he would see them again. 

Her friends quickly pulled her away so they could get checked in and started on their activities.  She gave him a wave and a smile and he wondered how the hell this could be happening.  He figured he better hit the tables soon because there was no way his luck was going to keep going this good. 

About a half hour later, he was feeling much better as he’d eaten way too much bacon and eggs at the buffet and had enough Diet Mountain Dew to stave off his hangover and fatigue.  He got a text from Claudia who was just waking up telling him that she already missed him and she was kind enough to attach a picture of her lying in bed and it left very little to the imagination.  He responded that he’d been worried that she’d broken his cock, but seeing the picture of her proved to him that it was still working fine.  They shared a couple LOL’s and then he was bellying up to a blackjack table. 

He’d actually won a couple hundred dollars the night before so he was hoping that his luck was going to continue.  He certainly had been lucky with women thus far so maybe the cards would be equally as excellent.He’d only played a few hands and it wasn’t looking too good when his phone rang.  Knowing how grouchy casinos are about phones, he got up and his heart jumped when saw it was Cindy. 

“Miss me already” he quipped.  Her wit was quick as ever as she said, “Oh fuck; I didn’t mean to call you; why I would waste that whole ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ on you?!” 

He smiled even more because her saying that spoke volumes about what was on her mind.  She said she was in a hurry as they had a whole afternoon of shopping planned, but wanted to know how long he was going to be in town and whether they might run into each other somewhere and lastly, what was he doing in town anyway.Like a typical man, he and his friends really didn’t have any plans other than gambling and drinking so he told her that but said he hoped they’d bump into each other somewhere.  He stayed away from the question about why they were there because they’d come here because he’d beaten prostate cancer about six months prior.  It had taken him that long to get his strength and hair back, but he knew she’d be upset he hadn’t told her.  There were so many times he had wanted to tell her because he would have loved to have her support, but he didn’t want her to see him looking so weak and vulnerable. 

As always her wit was top notch as she quipped, “You’re hoping to bump into me, huh?” 

He laughed, but quickly said, “Hell yes; we’ve got the whole spanking thing to do yet, don’t we?”  And then he added, he couldn’t help himself and asked, “What does a beautiful woman like you wear shopping in Vegas, Cindy?” 

She paused and then his aching cock began to thicken when she said, “Right now, nothing but a towel.” 

He knew she was more than happy to tease him as they’d done this so many wonderful times when they’d work together and he simply murmured an “Ohhhhh fuck yeah.” 

She laughed but he swore he could hear that she was a little breathless as she said, “Since you brought it up, what should I wear?” 

He smiled as this felt so damn good; like it hadn’t been years since they’d flirted.  “I’m sure you have a sundress; hopefully a pink one that would look sensational against your tanned skin; and of course your laciest strapless bra because you know how I’d like to catch a peek of that.” 

She gasped a “God, you’re still an old pervert, aren’t you, but you do know me, don’t you?!” and then she added “Hold on a second.” 

He heard her put the phone down and a moment later she was sending a photo of herself in a pink sundress.  She clearly wasn’t wearing a bra as it clung to her wet skin and she looked sexy as hell; especially since her nipples were hard. 

“Jesus, Cindy!  You look even more beautiful now than you did when we worked together; how do you do it?” he asked. 

“Oh shut up, Joe” she whispered, but he knew she was smiling.  He told her that he figured she had to be running late, as usual, but please find him at a blackjack table before she left.  She gave him a sexy maybe before saying bye and he knew she would be looking for him and he would definitely be looking forward to seeing her. 

He was on a bit of a roll when he spied her looking for him and fuck did she look good.  The dress hugged her curves perfectly and only came to mid-thigh so he saw lots of her tan legs.  He waved at her and when she saw him she got a great big smile.  She left her friends behind and hurried over.  He turned, but wasn’t able to stand before she leaned in and gave him a hug and whispered in his ear, “Take a long look, perv.” 

He didn’t catch on at first, but then he understood and he looked at her tits.  Just to make sure he got a good view, she was pulling down on the bodice of her sundress so he could see her bra; he found it intriguing that she’d obviously been thinking of his earlier comment about wearing a lacy bra.  “It’s new; even Vince hasn’t seen it; do you like it?” she whispered directly into his ear. 

Vince was her husband so he smiled at the thought he was seeing it first.  Her hand was on his thigh and if she moved it any higher she was going to find out just how much he was enjoying the view and he stammered out, “Fuck yes I like it, Cindy.  I’ll like it more when I’m taking it off you later.” 

He didn’t know where he’d gotten the confidence he was displaying and his arm went around her waist as he added, “How about I give you a birthday kiss and you give me one back for luck.” 

She squeezed his thigh and turned slightly so her friends couldn’t see them and she leaned in and gave him the softest kiss ever.  His arm was still around her back so he pulled her closer and kissed her back, but it definitely wasn’t a sweet kiss.  When she responded to his more passionate kiss, he felt like he might blackout and then to add even more heat to it, she finished the kiss with a little bite on his lower lip.  Her eyes had always mesmerized him, so when she pulled away he wasn’t surprised with how electric her eyes looked

“Promise me I’ll see you tonight” he whispered. 

She smiled and said, “You just took the words out of my mouth; I hope so Joe, I really hope so” and then she was gone. 

His luck at the tables continued and by the time his friends joined him, he was up over a grand.  However, he wasn’t even that excited about that because Cindy had sent him a few different pics of outfits she was thinking about buying and each one was sexier than the last.  The last one was of her in just her bra and thong and she immediately texted, “Oh crap; that one was for Vince, not for you.” 

She didn’t ask him to delete it and so his reply was, “Sure it wasn’t for me.  You look amazing Cindy; I hope you know that I still think you’re beautiful and sexy; even more so now than when we worked together.” 

She replied, “Still?!” 

He stepped away from his friends and quickly typed, “Oh Cindy; are you saying you didn’t know I wished we’d been more than friends?” 

And then he didn’t hear anything else from her.  It drove him crazy because he worried he’d said too much.  He tried to put her out of his mind and went to downtown Vegas with his friends for the afternoon.  It was 7 or so before they got back and they decided to clean up and meet up in an hour or so for dinner and whatever else they were going to do.  His friends were excited about meeting up with Cindy and her friends and kept asking if he’d heard from her.  He said he didn’t know what was going on and maybe it wouldn’t happen and then he hopped into the shower hoping to get his mind off of her. 

As he walked out of his bathroom 20 minutes later in just a towel, there was a knock at his door.  He assumed it was one of his friends, so he swung it open without even looking as he turned to go back in the bathroom. 

He was stopped in his tracks by her sweet voice, “I see my timing couldn’t have been better.” 

He swung around and there was Cindy and she was in one of the new dresses.  “You always liked me in blue, didn’t you?” she purred.

He couldn’t believe that she’d remembered as he’d told her that nearly five years ago when they first started becoming friends.  He knew he was getting hard and he tried to stop it, but she was just too sexy. 

He was finally able to talk and he said, “Yes Cindy; you’ve always looked amazing in blue and you are really rocking that dress.”  He quickly added, “I’m sorry if what I said in that last text was awkward.  I guess seeing you again like this; so totally unexpected, I wanted you to know how much you’ve always meant to me.  When we worked together, it was so hard for me to keep from pulling you into my arms and kissing you.”

Her eyes took on a look of affection and then she whispered, “Do it”. 

He stepped closer and pulled her to him and kissed her.  He kissed her so hard that he felt like they would both have bruised lips.  She gasped, “I don’t have much time right now, so take me now; take me hard, Joe……please.” 

He looked down into her beautiful eyes and saw the fire there and his hands went to the tiny shoulder straps of her dress and as he slid it down her body, she tugged on the towel and it fell to the floor.  As she stepped out of her dress, he hung it on the bathroom door and she smiled as she whispered, “Such a gentleman; a wickedly perverted gentleman.” 

He picked her up and as she wrapped her legs around him, he carried her to the bathroom vanity because the bathroom had mirrors everywhere and he’d thought of this very thing after his shower.  He wasn’t even aware that she wasn’t wearing a thong until she was guiding his cock up and down her wet slit.  He gasped in disbelief as he set her down on the marble vanity and as she leaned back, he thrust slowly into her and the feel of her was immaculate.  Her bra was off a moment later and as he held himself deep inside her, his mouth devoured her nipples. 

He began thrusting and she groaned in delight as she whispered, “I’ve dreamt of this moment so many times Joe.” 

He couldn’t believe his ears that this amazing woman had actually fantasized about fucking him.  He groaned a “Happy Birthday” into her ear and she giggled but then she said, “God, look in the mirrors, Joe.” 

Their eyes met in the reflection and he whispered, “I can’t believe this is happening.”

She gazed up at him and whispered, “Believe it; and we look amazing together, don’t we?” 

“Wait until you see this” he growled and he pulled out and turned her so that she was bent over the vanity. 

He took a long look at her amazing ass that he’d watched every time she walked down the hallway past his office.  He even ran his cock, which was dripping with her honey, up and down the crack of her ass to tease her before he guided it down and buried himself once again in her tight little snatch.  Their eyes found each other in the mirror and he would never forget the sight of her.  She was obviously enjoying the feel of his cock and her tits were swaying with every one of his powerful thrusts. 

As he was about to tell her to rub her clit for him, her hand was already moving and it was tantalizing to watch her chasing her orgasm.  She growled for him to fuck her harder; to go deeper and he gave her everything he had.  His previous night’s activities kept his own orgasm at bay as he was sore and that allowed him greater control than he would have normally had given how many times he had dreamt about being with this amazing woman.

She started gasping his name and he focused his gaze on her sweet face.  When her orgasms hit her, her face literally glowed and he lost control as well.  He had the presence of mind to pull out and as soon as his cock stopped erupting, he lifted her and set her back on the vanity.  He kissed her mouth softly before he knelt and he was in heaven as his tongue and lips cleaned up her honey that coated her inner thighs and pussy.  He then ran a wash cloth under the sink and he used the warm towel to finish cleaning her legs up before he leaned her forward to wash his spunk off her lower back and upper ass. 

She hugged him tight as he did so and she whispered in his ear, “Damn Joe; you give me the fucking of my life and now you’re tenderly cleaning me up.  This is a dream isn’t it?” 

“A dream come true, Cindy” he whispered and he’d never spoken words he meant more than those. 

He watched as she rinsed the wash cloth out and cleaned his cock up as well.  As he stood there on wobbly legs, he watched her pull out some makeup out of her purse.  He softly asked, “Could I take a picture of you, honey?  You look so amazing standing there in the nude.” 

“Christ, you’re a perv, sweetie.  Go ahead” she said with a sweet smile on her face.

So, as she fixed her makeup and hair, he took several pictures.  She looked at him and said, “You’re only getting these because I know I can trust you; I can trust you, correct?” 

He smiled and said, “Always; I’d never do anything to hurt you……unless you wanted me to.” 

She laughed and it was such a glorious sound.  She kissed him one more time and whispered, “God, I can’t believe the effect you have on me.  I want to blow off my friends and just fuck you all night, but it will have to wait.  So, don’t get too drunk because I’ll be back tonight…..if that’s okay.” 

“Oh fuck yes” was his quick reply and then she was gone.

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