Tinder Time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Stacie needs something to feel alive again and she finds it.

Stacie sat there with her phone in her hand, but she was lost in thought.  Her husband of over 20 years was in the same spot as always watching some nonsense on TV and even with him no more than 10 feet away, she’d never felt so lonely.Even before this virus nonsense, he’d seemingly lost interest in her; it had been more than a year since they’d had sex and even longer for any sort of intimacy and she was tired of it. 

Her mind was whirling as she thought of the conversation she’d had with her best friends a few weeks before about opening a Tinder account for fun.  Her little sister had also been there and she considered Melanie her very best friend and she had thought it a great idea because they knew how fed up she was with her current situation.  Remembering their advice, she opened a new email account first and used it for the Tinder account.  She only posted two photos; one of her in workout gear and even she admitted her current zeal for working out was worth it because her ass looked pretty amazing and since it stopped at her shoulders, it was completely anonymous.  The other one was a picture she’d taken a few months back to try and get her husband’s attention as she was desperate for a good, hard fuck.  The picture was black and white and her slip was above her stocking top and her face was turned sideways and mostly in shadow so she knew no one would recognize her. 

All she said in her profile was, “Dreadfully bored with life right now!” 

Her heart was racing and she could feel her arousal growing as she went through the last few hoops to open the account.  She was close to chickening out when her husband literally growled as he asked for his evening snack.  Whereas she’d lost over ten pounds during the stay at home measures, he’d gone much farther the other way and for the first time in their marriage she didn’t find him the least bit appealing. 

She hit submit and then went to the kitchen to find something to feed him she tried to accept the fact that she might not get any matches.  She thought she was still attractive for 45, but she wasn’t sure what to expect.  Her one friend had told her to swipe right on everyone so she could increase her chances of matching as it would be a nice boost to her self-confidence and just not message back if someone wasn’t overly appealing or even unmatch with them right away. 

She thought that was rude so after finishing her waitressing duties for the evening she settled into the couch and looked at her phone.  She started going through the profiles and tried to be covert so he wouldn’t see her hand movements although it likely wasn’t necessary since he was engrossed in a movie he’d probably seen five times already.  After just ten minutes, she’d found several interesting profiles, but the rest were quickly dismissed.  She felt more alive than she had in months, or maybe it was years, and she put her phone down again to go get herself another glass of wine and Jabba the Hut another beer. 

When she returned, he annoyingly said, “Your phone has been going crazy; ever heard of silent mode?” 

She ignored his condescending manner and picked up her phone and panicked when she saw it was all Tinder notifications and thank god he was too lazy or uninterested to look at her phone.  She quickly changed the settings and then went back into the app.  She’d matched with two and she had 4 messages from one of them and one from the other.She immediately decided the multi message guy was too needy and quickly replied that she’d met someone before turning her attention to the other message. 

After reading just the first sentence, she pulled her light blanket over her legs even though she was quite hot and not cold. 

“Wow, wow, wow!  My jaw hit the table when I saw that first picture and then I became quite dizzy from the second photo as blood rushed to a certain part of my body!  You are definitely the most sensual woman I’ve seen on here so please message me back because I’m sure I have the cure for your boredom.  Lastly, please tell me the brand and color of that slip is as you look amazing in it and I hope I’ll be seeing you in it…..and out of it very soon!” 

There were so many things to like about the message that she couldn’t think straight.  So many compliments and although very flirty, the message wasn’t over the line and most importantly the confidence he displayed by saying he was sure he could cure her boredom was absolutely exhilarating.  He also seemed to be very intrigued by her lingerie and she’d always enjoyed dressing well and that included her lingerie as her collection was vast and the vintage slip she was wearing in the picture was one of many she owned. 

Now that she had a match and one that intrigued her she was both scared and beyond excited.  She wanted to be pursued and at this point in time she was sure this Hubie was the one she wanted pursuing her. 

She thought for a moment and fought the sexy smile that was building as she typed, “I’m quite sorry that my pictures seemingly caused you so much physical pain ????!  How can I be confident that you truly have the cure?  Do you have a degree in Boredom Eradication that I can verify?  Lastly, I’m not sure I’m intrigued or concerned about your obvious interest in my lingerie, but it’s a Vanity Fair, lilac in color, and sinfully soft.” 

She read and re-read it several times, making small edits here and there before hitting send and then she finally exhaled so loudly that her husband looked over at her before returning his attention back to the TV. 

Her body was literally buzzing with excitement and as she rubbed a hand up her thigh she was shocked when a pulse of energy went straight to her core.  It was a delightful sensation as was the buzz of her phone a moment later which signaled a new message.  She opened the app and she reminded herself to keep from showing her emotions as she read, but then finally got up and moved to another room before he wondered why she was smiling and giggling.  She read his message again and she nearly dropped her phone as her hand was shaking. 

“Don’t be sorry as there was no actual pain; unless you consider hunger for someone a pain.  However, sometimes pain can be very pleasurable at the same time, don’t you agree?”

Those two sentences were nearly enough to make her cum, but his seduction continued. 

“Unfortunately, I don’t have a degree you can verify online, but without a doubt when we meet you will find out for yourself that I’m not making an idle boast.  I definitely believe you should be intrigued by my interest in your lingerie.  You obviously expected a reaction from that picture and you’ve caused a very powerful one from me.  A woman that knows how to dress to accentuate her femininity holds all the power in a relationship; well, in most cases anyway.  If you’re not doing anything right now, let’s get together as I don’t want to waste another moment before we meet so that we can work on this boredom issue you’re having!” 

She suddenly knew what he meant by saying hunger because she was feeling it as well.  She looked again at his profile pictures and that only added gas to the fire, but now what was intended to be a bit of fun was very real. 

As she was wondering how to slow this roller coaster down another message came in, “Wear that lingerie set and I don’t care about the wedding ring I see in the picture.  Don’t let fear of the unknown ruin what will be a magical experience for both of us.” 

It was as if she was having an out of body experience because it felt like she had no control over her hands as she typed, “What’s your address?” 

She was already on her way to the bedroom when his response came in with “Excellent!” and then his address which conveniently was only a few miles away. 

She’d showered less than an hour ago after her work out, so she simply threw her hair up with a few pins before slipping into the lingerie set as requested; or was it as commanded.  That put another buzz into her body before pulling the dress over her head that she usually wore with that slip.  A slightly sheer purple shirt dress that had snaps instead of buttons.  A new pair of black heels finished the outfit and then a quick touchup of her makeup before texting her sister stating, “I’m using you as an excuse tonight so cover for me if need be.” 

She’d never sent a text like that before so with a quick shout over her shoulder that she was going to meet her sister, she wasn’t surprised that her phone was ringing as she got into her car.  She plugged in the address in her navigation system before pulling out and then answering the phone. 

“What the fuck are you doing?!” her sister gasped. 

“I don’t know, but just trust me; it’s okay” she replied. 

“What if someone sees you?”

“I’m going to his place so that won’t be a problem.” 

“Jesus!  You’re insane; at least give me the address so I can check up on you if needed.” 

That made her giggle and so she gave her sister the address and they agreed that if she didn’t hear from her by 11 PM; a good 3 hours away, her sister would check up on her.

She was pulling onto his street and saw that he’d messaged to go ahead and pull into the garage and so she did so taking notice that it was very neat and organized.  She smiled and wondered if she was insane when she thought that if he was a serial killer at least he was a tidy one. 

The door to the house opened as she was getting out of the car and she thought her legs might give out when he purred, “You’re even more stunning in person, Stacie.” 

She managed to quip, “You’re not so bad yourself” and boy did she mean it.  Although his polo shirt wasn’t tight, it showed that he was in shape and his khakis made her want to see what was inside them. 

He was holding a bottle of wine in each hand and asked softly, “Red or white?” 

She was stepping into his house and had to squeeze past his tall frame in the doorway and took a moment to decide and in that short silence, he’d set one bottle down on a counter, pulled her tight to him and kissed her.  Soft at first and when she quickly responded, more passionately.  His hand was sliding across her ass and she literally melted and when he said, “Or we can just work on that boredom problem right away” she felt herself nodding. 

With unexpected ease he lifted her into his arms and carried her upstairs.  It was an absolute blur as some moments later she was standing at the end of his bed in front of where he was seated and there was soft music playing and she heard him purr, “Don’t move, Ms. Stacie.”

He slowly undid the sash and then undid the snaps one by one until it was completely open.  He nudged it off her shoulders and as it was falling down her arms, his hands slowly walked their way around her body.  He seemed to know every nerve ending that would give her pleasure and when he pulled her to him, she quickly straddled his lap and they kissed again; more urgent this time. 

His hands were slowly sliding her slip up to her hips and she reached down to take it off for him, but he growled, “No baby, leave it on; I want you to leave it on.” 

His thumbs were gliding along the legbands of her panties and she was lost in the feel of his hard cock pressing against her and she hadn’t felt this alive in way too long.  His mouth was nibbling on a nipple through the soft cup of her bra when she realized he was leaning her back over his thighs so she reached back to place one hand on his knee and as he murmured, “Good girl” his thumbs dipped into her wet pussy. 

She moaned loudly and his chuckle made her feel wild and she humped his thumbs and felt very much like a seductress as she moved as he watched her. 

He groaned something like, “Oh hell yes” and suddenly she was on her back and he was expertly guiding her panties off over her heels before pushing a pillow under her hips and after yanking her body to the edge of his bed, he knelt on the floor and literally devoured her.  She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been on the receiving end of oral and definitely it was never as good as this and she was screaming Hubie a dozen times as he gave her a powerful orgasm.

She wasn’t sure how long it took her before she was aware of her surroundings again, but he was busily kissing his way up and down her stocking covered legs when she finally whispered, “Oh my, that was fucking unbelievable.” 

He chuckled, “Still dreadfully bored?” 

She giggled, “Your degree taught you more than that, yes?” 

She heard a “Hell yes!” but she wasn’t entirely sure because he was lifting her higher up the bed at the same time he was slipping his cock inside her.  She wrapped her legs around his lower back and pulled him deeper inside her; deeper than any man had touched her and as she moaned in absolute pleasure as she decided that wearing her lingerie while being fucked made it even more erotic.  They found their rhythm and as she felt another wave of pleasure getting closer, he rolled her over so she was on top. 

Her husband had never wanted this and she eagerly took over until he yanked her bra and slip straps off her shoulders exposing her tits to his view.  She quickly covered them with her hands as she was very self-conscious of the effects that breast feeding had done, but he gently pulled her hands away as he whispered, “You’re beautiful.”

His fingers were magical and she was soon riding him again with an urgency.  As he pulled on one nipple and she shrieked in delight she was vaguely aware that his other hand was missing.  She glanced over and it was digging in his nightstand and when she heard the buzz of a vibrator being turned on she wondered how she’d been lucky enough to meet this man. 

She had plenty of experience with toys, but never a man doing it so when he quickly found just the right spot on her clit, she came with so many spasms and shudders that it took several minutes before she realized he was asking her if she was alright. 

She began moving on him again as she whispered, “Never better; not even close in fact!”

She wanted nothing more than to make him cum so she started riding him slowly and doing everything she could to squeeze his cock as tightly as possible and soon he was grunting and thrusting so powerfully up into her, she was being lifted off the bed.  He was gripping her ass with one hand when he turned on the vibrator again and she wondered how it would be possible for her to cum again.  She even whispered that it was his turn, but he quickly said, “Our turn” before finding an even better way to move the vibrator on her clit.

She was completely lost in the sensations and was grinding on him wildly, but she knew that when his index finger pressed up to the first knuckle in her tight little rose hole, it was no accident.  No one had ever touched her there, but she was so sweaty and so slick from her sweet honey, his finger had slipped in fairly easily and she was quickly pushing back against his hand as she needed more of him inside her.  The rest was a blur as the combination of the double penetration and his expert manipulation of the vibrator until she felt something she’d only read about.  She knew she was about to squirt and he obviously did also because he purred, “On my face.” 

She didn’t want to lose the feel of his cock deep inside her, but she didn’t want to disappoint him even more so when she felt it start, she dismounted and straddled his face and rubbed her clit on his nose as she coated him with her honey. 

Her body had never felt such pleasure and moments later she found herself lying flat on his bed and he was kissing a line down her spine as he whispered, “Mind if I get off now, Ms. Stacie?” 

The tone of his voice and the absurdity of the question made her giggle and she finally giggled out, “I suppose I owe you one since I’ve cum three times.”

With her still flat on the bed, he managed to prop up her hips enough and was slowly inching his rock  hard cock back into her pussy as he purred, “Bullshit, three times.  At least five.” 

As her mind started to go blank as she enjoyed how his cock was wonderfully plowing her pussy, she wondered how he could know her body so well already.

The feel of his cock exploding inside her moments later triggered one last orgasm and just before she fell asleep she whispered, “Wake me before 10:45”.  

She felt him kiss her one last time and then she was out. 

Stacie was too far gone to know that her Boredom Eradication therapy had lasted nearly 2 hours and across town her sister was going crazy that she hadn’t heard from her.  She knew they’d agreed on 11 PM, but she couldn’t help herself so she told her husband that her sister needed to talk about things and she left the house.Pulling up to the house 15 minutes later, she didn’t see her sister’s car anywhere and had a moment of panic.  She ran up the sidewalk and hit the doorbell and a few minutes later, Hubie opened the door wearing a tight fitting t-shirt and some long and baggy exercise shorts that did nothing to hide the size of his still semi-hard cock. 

“A friend of Stacie’s?” he asked with a charming smile. 

“Her sister!” she said defiantly and with a bit of jealousy as this man had something very appealing about him. 

He waved her in and whispered, “She asked me to wake her at 10:45, but if you want to check on her she’s in the bedroom at the top of the stairs.” 

He was so nonchalant about the entire situation that her concern was quickly leaving and she felt more than a little sheepish about overreacting.“It’s okay; I’m sorry, I should just go.” 

He shook his head and took her gently by the arm and led her up the stairs while taking the opportunity to check our her ass in the running shorts she was wearing.  Before they got to the top he whispered, “Your mom must be absolutely beautiful to have daughters that look like you two.” 

It was now Melanie’s turn to start buzzing with excitement and as she peaked her head around the door he opened for her, she became very aware of how close he was to her.  It felt good and the smell of sex on him was more than a little intoxicating as was the feeling of his hand moving slowly up her hamstring.  She had one foot on the landing and the other on the last step and as she looked at her sister sleeping with the most peaceful expression on her face, his hand was now palming her ass. 

“What, what, are you doing?” she finally stammered out. 

“Seeing if this ass feels as amazing as it looks” he calmly stated.

“Want to go in and make sure she’s still alive?” he asked with a chuckle.

His hand was even more brazen now and his fingers were sliding up and down her sex and it felt amazing.She was five year’s younger than Stacie and although her marriage was better than her sister’s, her husband’s sex drive was also waning and it had been far too long since he’d cared about her pleasure over his own.

Her brain silently plead with her that she should be stopping this.  This man with the magic fingers had obviously just fucked her sister to the point of exhaustion so this shouldn’t be happening, so she mumbled that she should probably be going, but she couldn’t move; she couldn’t pull herself away from his touch.

Hubie glanced at his watch after pulling the bedroom door closed and saw he had just about 30 minutes before he needed to wake Stacie.  His other hand slipped up under the loose fitting sweatshirt Melanie was wearing and was soon cupping her very perky tit through what he quickly decided was a vintage nylon teddy and he couldn’t believe his luck; two sexy women on the same night wearing vintage lingerie and sisters even!

Submitted: June 24, 2020

© Copyright 2021 zebo85. All rights reserved.

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Hubie hit the Tinder Jackpot, didn't he?
As always, Zebo, you're very well spoken and hotter than ever...lingerie fetish and all.
Hubie must be living right. Even the time is agreeable to his escapades. The detail is exquisite and the circumstances very relatable. The garage is pristine. I like a man with a clean garage.... and a dirty mind.....and a big dick

So, if you'll pardon me, I have something in my nightstand that I need to use after reading this. That is, unless you'd like the honors

Fri, June 26th, 2020 3:31pm


Always a pleasure to read your comments! And sign me up as I’m certified on a variety of power tools and accessories. ????

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Fri, June 26th, 2020 9:38am

Amy F. Turner

A very tender and sensual time. Oh my! Sisters and lingerie. Nice. What a horndog, Hubie is. Always ready to play. Mmm. I do like how bold he is to declare what he wants. And what Hubie wants. Mmm... Hubie gets. Yum! So fun!

Mon, June 29th, 2020 1:21am


Thanks Amy; always a pleasure to read your thoughts. Hubie is definitely the man! LOL

Mon, June 29th, 2020 1:50pm


Love that the slip is the lure. So few slips in erotic stories. Thanks.

Mon, June 29th, 2020 8:39pm


I enjoyed this read, you did a great job all the way around. Very erotic and a very lucky Tinder hook up, he knew exactly what to say and what to do.
Great piece!

Sat, August 8th, 2020 1:37am


I’m very happy you enjoyed it. I’ve been enjoying your book you’re writing!

Fri, August 7th, 2020 7:07pm

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