The Mind Reader

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

His desire for a new employee finally culminates in an experience that blew his mind.

He was lost in thought, but as soon as he heard them, his eyes glanced away from his monitor.  She’d only been working there for a month, but he knew the sound of her heels and he always looked.  Sometimes she looked in and smiled and other times she just walked by.  Either way, for those few seconds, he lusted after her.  She always looked so good; sometimes a skirt and blouse, other times a dress.  She was always professional looking, but there was an inherent sensuality about her that was driving him crazy. 

He’d even taken to reading about various ways to make an impression on women even though he’d never use it.  The last few articles focused on hypnosis and how in some rare instances, just the right amount of eye contact can subtly hypnotize someone and make them susceptible to the requests of the other.  He was married and a manager and messing with an employee was just a bad idea these days, but god, did he want this woman.  She had the sweetest voice and eyes that he wanted to gaze into as he shoved his constantly hard cock into her sweet pussy. 

On this day, she was coming into his office and he made steady eye contact with her as he asked how she was doing and what could he do for her.  She seemed to notice he was uncomfortable and she moved her hair and then leaned over as she handed him some papers to sign.  She was wearing a blouse today and as usual, it was unbuttoned fairly low and her normal black cami was visible.  His eyes quickly gazed at her tanned cleavage and mentally said, ‘Damn!  She has such a great body.  I wish she would bend over just a little more; I’d love to see if she’s wearing that pink bra I saw last week.’ 

As the sexiest smile crossed her face, she reached for the first page he’d just signed which caused her cami to drape slightly but just enough to show a bit more cleavage.  She was so beautiful but he wanted more and he mentally said, “Damn!  It’s not fair; I wish I could see more of her!” 

He signed another of the papers she had brought in and then he heard her giggling.  He looked up at her and was obviously confused.  She smiled and covered her sweet smile with her hand as she softly said, “You signed in the wrong spot, Mr. Davis.”  He looked down and realized she was correct and without thinking he growled, “Oh, fuck me!” 

She laughed again and said, “Mr. Davis!  I think the employee handbook forbids that kind of order to a subordinate.” 

Her following giggle made him smile and he watched as her breasts swayed as she laughed and he softly added, “Well, I won’t tell if you don’t.” 

She winked and said, “I’ll be back; I need to reprint that form for your signature since you messed this one up so much.  What on Earth were you looking at?”  The smile on her face told him that she knew exactly what he was looking at and she definitely didn’t mind the attention.  She turned and her tight short skirt seemed glued to her wonderful ass and he thought, “God!  I wish I could bend her over my desk.” 

She glanced back at him and caught him looking at her ass and softly said, “Don’t go anywhere; I’ll be right back.”  She winked and he was completely speechless.  In the month since she’d started, they had shared a few flirty comments and looks, but this was amazing as it seemed like she was coming on to him. 

A few moments later, he heard her heels again and his cock started throbbing immediately.  She had a huge smile on her face and she walked around to his side of the desk and pointed to the signature line and teasingly said, “Right here Mr. Davis.” 

She leaned way over when she pointed and his eyes were nowhere near the form as her blouse gaped open even more and what he saw nearly made him cum.  Her black cami strap had fallen, or she’d pushed it off her shoulder, and he was treated to a view of a red strapless bra.  It was sexy as hell and she had to nudge him to bring him out of his trance and he signed the form without taking his eyes off of her. 

She giggled as she said, “Now, this is much better don’t you think?” 

He finally looked up at her beautiful eyes and nodded and said, “Yes, sorry that I made you make a second trip, Elizabeth.” 

She smiled and said, “Are you really, Mr. Davis?” 

He felt his face flush even more red and he said, “No, actually I’m not.  It’s always nice when you stop by; especially so today!” 

She smiled even more and she whispered, “I’m glad you feel that way; I like stopping by as well.” 

He thought he might be having a heart attack as he couldn’t breathe and he simply looked up at her beautiful face until she said, “Anything else Mr. Davis?” 

He gulped for air as he imagined his hand reaching out to run along her tanned leg, but he simply said, “No, Elizabeth; I can’t think of anything else.  But I hope you don’t mind if I say that you look really amazing today.” 

She reached out and squeezed his arm and softly said, “How sweet of you to say.  You look great too.  That blue shirt looks really nice on you.” 

He couldn’t believe how his heart started racing and he thought, ‘Christ, I’m going to be thinking of her when I jerk off later.’ 

Her smile seemed to get a little more seductive and then she was gone.  The scent of her perfume hung in the air and he leaned back in his chair and tried to quell his raging hard on.

The rest of that week went by without them engaging in any overt flirting, but he made a point of stopping into her cubicle each day and taking a long lingering look at her.  She seemed to truly enjoy his attention and one day, he was thrilled when he thought, ‘Dang, I wish she would turn away from her monitor so I could really see her.’  It was almost immediately right after when she turned to face him and slowly crossed her legs.  It left him breathless and even more horny for her. 

The weekend went by so slowly and on Monday, she was in his office right at 8:00 with some questions about payroll which she handled.  She was wearing a green dress that he didn’t recall seeing before and he looked her up and down and she smiled under his gaze.  He finally said, “Is that a new dress, Elizabeth?  That color is incredible on you.” 

She moved closer to him and turned slightly and softly said, “It is new, thank you for noticing.  It’s not too short for the office is it?” 

It seemed like a strange question as it went nearly to her knees, so he said, “Huh?  It’s not short at all.”

She smiled and said, “Well, the problem is when I sit” and as she turned she pulled the dress against her and he had a wonderful view of her ass.  A moment later she was sitting down and he understood her question now as her dress rode way up her legs.  When she slowly crossed her legs a second later, he felt like a deer in the headlights as he could have seen way up her dress but he averted his eyes as he could feel her gaze on him. 

“Do you understand my concern now, Mr. Davis?” she softly asked. 

His voice was trembling as he replied, “Do you mean that you’re worried that the dress rode up your thighs a little bit?”

She glanced down at her dress which was above mid-thigh and then with the sultriest smile on her face looked back at him and seemed to acknowledge that he was daring her to show him again.   “Yes, Mr. Davis; that’s exactly what I’m worried about; worried that some of the pervs we have working around here might try and look up my dress if I’m not careful.” 

His heart was pounding and he reached down and adjusted his cock as he thought, ‘My god, this woman is so fucking sexy.’  He noticed her wonderful smile when he glanced at her and then in spite of his years of training about how to act professionally, he took a deep breath and in a breathless voice said, “Yes, I can understand your concern.  A beautiful woman like you has to be careful at all times because us old pervs would be thrilled to catch a glimpse of your thong.”

His eyes kept glancing down as her top leg was constantly rocking and he intended to take a long look when she uncrossed her legs again.  In fact, he was nearly 100% sure that she wanted him to look, but then his jaw nearly hit his desk top when she said, “Yes, that’s right.  I don’t want to be the talk of the office if someone might catch a look on a day I’m not wearing anything.”  She let that comment sink in and then she softly added, “Although if it was the right person looking, I’d find it really thrilling.” 

He was vaguely aware of himself saying, “Oh” but then she was uncrossing her legs and his eyes were glued to her legs.  He knew she was watching him but he didn’t care.  He was so aware of his breathing, he wondered if she could hear his raspy breaths and then her voice was so sexy as she whispered, “I really should get going” but instead she scooted lower in the chair and since her dress didn’t move with her, even more of her beautiful legs was on display. 

He saw her green thong come into view and then it was gone and without raising his eyes back to her face he whispered, “Yes, Elizabeth; I probably should get back to work also.”  In his mind he thought, ‘Jesus; she has me so turned on, I might cum right now.’  The smile that lit up he face a second later was if she’d read his mind.He had an unrestrainable urge to show this woman just how turned on he was, but he couldn’t think of any reason to get her around his desk.  A moment later he stood and softly said, “Thank you for listening to my concerns about my dress, Mr. Davis.  Is there anything else you might need?” 

He smiled and found his sense of humor as he replied, “Any time Elizabeth; and please let me know if any office perverts ever bother you.”  She giggled and softly said, “Oh, don’t worry, I will.”  She turned to leave but before she got very far towards the door, he quickly added, “I could use your help with this stupid sexual harassment video I’m supposed to watch.  I can’t seem to get it to load.” 

He pushed back from his desk as she walked around his desk knowing full well that if she looked, she’d see his bulge.  Sure enough her dazzling smile grew as she glanced down and saw it.  He suddenly had a moment of concern as he thought, ‘Oh Jesus; what if she asks me to stand up so she can more easily access my computer.’  Her smile seemed to get a little sultrier and then she was leaning over to grab his mouse and he relished how her body was pressing against him.  He could feel the swell of her breast against his arm and then she whispered, “It will be easier if I can sit down, Mr. Davis.” 

He was frozen in place and she softly added, “I think you’ll flunk the harassment quiz right out of the gate if you’re expecting me to sit in your lap, Hubie.”  He wasn’t aware of her ever using his first name before, especially Hubie.  He went by his formal first name of Hubert; in fact, he allowed very few people to call him Hubie, but it sounded perfect coming from him.He glanced up at her smiling face and he chuckled and stood suddenly and as they moved around each other, his hard cock ended up rubbing right against the small of her back.  She froze in place and he wondered if she could feel his cock throbbing and then she smiled and softly said, “Of course, sexual harassment is only a problem if it’s unwanted attention, right Mr. Davis?”  Her using his proper name right then made it so much sexier and he could feel his cock throbbing and he congratulated himself on wearing dark pants as he was almost certain he was going to explode. 

He leaned closer to her and inhaled her perfume and very nearly lost his composure and nuzzled her neck as he silently wondered whether her bra matched her green thong he’d just seen.  She glanced up at him and softly said, “Oh duh”.  He was dumbfounded as he was almost certain he hadn’t said that out loud, but in his incredible aroused condition anything was possible and then she added, “Here’s the problem” and he thought, ‘Oh she’s just flipping me shit again’.  “Look here” she said.  Her right hand pointed to his screen, but her other hand was inside the top of her dress scratching her collar bone and it was pulling her dress open enough so he could see the matching green bra.  Of course his eyes were glued to her tanned cleavage and the bra was so low cut that her nipples were nearly spilling out of the bra and he thought, ‘Oh god; if she as much brushes against me, I’m going to lose it.’ 

Suddenly she was standing and smiling as she said, “Well, that should about do it” and then she was so close that their pelvises were almost touching as she brushed something out of his hair and whispered, “You smell really good Hubie.”  It was such a sweet gesture and then her hand was on his bicep as she flicked off a piece of lint.  He laughed and without thinking his hand went to her hip and squeezed.  She moaned and the sight of her soft lips opening was too much and then the unthinkable happened.  “I really should get back to work, Mr. Boss” she said playfully and then the palm of her hand slowly slid across his shaft as she was apparently reaching for the edge of his desk to help her balance as she walked past him.  He didn’t know how it could have been an accident, but then she whispered, “Oh good Lord; I’m such a clutz” and she was staggering into him and he felt her hand grip his shaft and then it was all he could to keep from exploding. 

Her eyes were locked on his and they were sparkling like he’d never seen before.  She almost seemed disappointed that he didn’t explode.  In a voice that was husky with desire, she whispered, “Thanks for not letting me fall, Hubie.”  He could barely breathe and he could only smile as he continued to fight to keep his control. 

He glanced down at his screen and the video was playing and he softly said, “Thanks for all your help, Elizabeth.”  She smiled the most amazing smile as she whispered, “Any time, Mr. Davis.  It was my pleasure.”Before he could stop himself, he whispered, “Me too.”  She brushed her breast against his arm as she walked by and he distinctly heard her whisper, “Good”.  He watched her sweet ass as she walked out and they shared a smile when she looked over her shoulder and caught him leering. 

He slumped into his chair and giggled like a teenager.  A sexy young woman had just fondled his cock right in his office.  He was shaking his head and smiling when there was a knock on his door.  He looked up and tried to compose himself as it was her.

“I need your phone” she said.  He put in his password and handed it over as he assumed it was something related to work.  As her fingers flew on the keys, he glanced up at her and was dazed by the sultry smile she had on her face.  His mind raced and he realized he needed to say something.  He took a deep breath and tried to hide his nervousness as he started, “Hey Elizabeth, can I ask you something?” 

She glanced down at him and said, “Of course, Mr. Davis, you can ask me anything.” 

Just the way she said it made him wonder how many salacious things he could have asked.  However, that wasn’t important right now.“Is everything okay…..with us.  I mean, I just want to make sure that you’re not uncomfortable with anything going on.” 

She paused and her eyes were twinkling and her smile was radiant, “Mr. Davis, I’m fine.  I don’t know what you think is going on, but I’m very comfortable.  In fact, I’m very happy here.  I find working her both stimulating and satisfying.” 

He was embarrassed as hell because in a few short statements she had basically said that nothing was going on between them, but then said working here was stimulating and satisfying.  He was completely twisted up inside because he wasn’t sure what, if anything, was going on, but he was loving every second of it.He thought to himself, ‘I usually don’t like surprises, but this woman can surprise me anytime.’ 

When he looked up at her she was smiling.  “All finished” she said.  A second later, she added, “Do you like surprises Mr. Davis?”  

It was uncanny that she asked that right after he had thought it, but he didn’t dwell on it and quickly said, “I’m learning to.”  She squeezed his shoulder and leaned into whisper, “Good.” 

As they shared a long look, his mind went to how thrilling it had been for her to give him that view of her panties.  He started getting hard again and his mind went into overdrive as he imagined bending her over his desk; pulling her thong to the side and sliding his cock deep inside her.  He would tell her to look back at him so he could see those amazing eyes of hers; his hands gripping her hips as he thrust again and again.  He was imagining the feel of her sweet pussy gripping him; hearing the sounds of his cock slamming into her wetness; the sounds of their bodies smacking together. 

His thoughts were broken when he heard her gasp and she whispered something that sounded a lot like, “Holy fuck” and when he focused on her again she had a look on her face like she was completely aroused and then she suddenly said, “I need to get going.” 

She hurried out and he enjoyed the sight of her ass wiggling as she walked out.  He was lost in thought about this amazing young woman when a few minutes later, his phone beeped.  It wasn’t one of his normal announcement sounds so he was confused.  He picked up his phone and saw a message, “Surprise!” 

It took him a moment, but he finally realized that she had installed a messaging app when he handed her his phone and he was surprised and pleased as hell.

He quickly typed, “Definitely surprised! A good surprise!” 

“Good; I thought it might be nice to have a way for us to talk; you know, but not through the work email” was her reply.  His thoughts were complete chaos and he didn’t even know what to say.  He didn’t have to because a moment later, she added, “What were you thinking of a few minutes ago when you got all quiet?”

He quickly replied, “Oh, I can’t tell you that.  My thoughts were very unprofessional.” 

Her message was immediate, “C’mon Hubie, I really want to know.  The way you were looking at me was really flattering.” 

He wasn’t sure what came over him, but he was typing before he really thought it threw, “Just flattering?  It seemed like you were a little more than flattered?” 

Her reply was immediate, “Maybe” and then “Spill it; I’m bored.  Thrill me…….. again.” 

He reached down and squeezed his throbbing cock before both his hands hovered and then his fingers flew on the keyboard.  “He told her how his cock had gotten harder and harder as he waited for her to uncross her legs.  Wondering if she was intentionally teasing him or whether she didn’t realize the impact she was having on him.  He told her how just the sight of her thong had nearly made him cum.  How he wanted to throw her on his desk and rip her thong off so he could taste her.  He wanted to consume her soul; to hold the core of her femininity in his mouth and feel her pussy spasm as she came.  And then he told her how he would have raised his head like a lion after feasting on his prey, but instead of blood dripping down his jaw it would have been her honey.  He told her he would have kissed her hard his fingers digging into her bra cups to pull on her nipples.  He told her how he would have slowly undone his slacks; enjoying the passion in her eyes as she waited for that moment.  That sweet moment when his cock would open her up and he would push deep inside her.  He told her how he was imagining her right then; her breath caught in her chest.  Her thong soaked from her arousal.  How his words were painting images in her head that were making her pussy throb.

He paused and then messaged, “Thrilled yet?” 

Her reply was immediate, “Oh my fucking god yes!” 

His head was spinning as he typed, “Good!  I need you to find some place private and take a picture of you with your hand down inside of your thong.” 

“Oh?” was her quick response. 

“Yes please!  I need to cum so bad and I want to have a picture of you while doing it instead of just using my imagination like usual” he quickly typed. 

She responded immediately with, “Whoa!  Are you saying you fantasize about me?”

He took a deep breath and typed, “Yes I do.  I think you are wonderfully sexy….too much information?” 

“Not at all” she replied; “I had no idea, but you need to take a breath, Mr. Davis.  I’m not about to send you that kind of picture.  Flirting with you is one thing, but this is something completely different. 

His gut did a somersault and he immediately typed, “Oh fk, Elizabeth; I’m so sorry.  I just got carried away.  Heat of the moment, you know.  Did I offend you?” 

“Breathe Hubie” she quickly replied.  “I’m not offended.  We both just need to breathe.  It’s quite a turn on that you want to jerk off to my picture, but I’m not sure if that’s the best idea…..just yet.” 

He was about to respond when she added, “Don’t you have a meeting you’re supposed to be at?” 

He looked at his calendar and sure enough he was.  He messaged, “Oh fk; I’ll be back in an hour or so.”  He grabbed his phone and laughed as he saw she’d sent a L reply. 

His brain was almost completely mush during the meeting, but he managed to get by, but all he could think about was this incredible woman.  He’d taken his laptop and as the sales flunkies were droning on and on, he elaborated on his earlier story.  There was something completely wrong about writing erotica while in a meeting, but it was pretty common for people to do work during a meeting, so he got about a page written and sent it to her as he realized he could access the messaging site from his laptop as well. 

Her reply was a few minutes later and it thrilled him, “Hubie!  Shouldn’t you be paying attention during the meeting?” and then a moment later, “I’m going to have to wring out my thong, it’s soaked!” 

He barely kept his poker face when he read that and moments later he was back in his office trying to do as she suggested earlier, breathe.He wondered if he should message her right away but then he wondered if he would look too anxious.  As he sat there fretting about it, she messaged, “WTH?!  Back from your meeting and you can’t say hi?” 

He couldn’t help but giggle and he quickly replied, “What are you stalking me?  First you know I was late for a meeting and now you know I’m back?” 

“Maybe” was her response.  A moment later she added, “Those things you wrote… fantasize about me like that?  You think you’d like to kiss me?  Undress me?  Explore my body?  I’m nothing special.” 

He could almost see her doubting him; doubting herself and his fingers flew, “Oh Elizabeth; I would be thrilled to do any or all of that.  I think your amazing in so many ways; beautiful eyes; sweet little body, wonderful sense of humor, so intelligent.  Yeah, I’d love to kiss you, undress you, explore your body.  Mmmmmmmm!” 

She replied a few minutes later, “Hmmmmm, I think you’re full of crap, but it does sound good.  Really good.” 

The rest of the day they sent quite a few messages back and forth but it was mostly conversational.  Talking about what music they liked; telling old stories. 

The next morning he was in early as usual and he was busy working when he decided that it might be around the time she woke up in the morning.  He sent her a short, “Good morning, Elizabeth; I hope you slept well.”  She replied almost immediately; almost as if she was waiting for the message with a “Hi; can’t talk.  Off to the shower.” 

His mind was suddenly consumed with thoughts of her luscious body in the shower and then, of course, his mind had him joining her.  They traded a few messages; slightly flirty and so he confessed, “I’ve thought of nothing but you and me in a shower since you mentioned heading to the shower.” 

He laughed out loud when she a moment later said, “Why do you think I told you, dummy?  Gonna tell me your thoughts sometime?”  He quickly replied, “If you want.”  “Yessssss” was her immediate reply. 

She was out of contact for a while and he imagined her getting ready and he quickly typed down his thoughts from earlier.  About kneeling in front of her and tonguing her pussy as the hot water spilled down over both of them.  About pressing her against the shower wall and sliding deep inside her.  Fucking with such passion that the steam of the shower and their urgency made them both so weak kneed and dizzy that they had to stumble out to the bathroom and collapse on the floor to recover. 

When she finally responded, it was a simple, “Holy fk Mr. Davis; you certainly can write erotica!”A second later, she asked if he liked a particular outfit she’d previously worn.  It was a skirt that had a zipper all the way up the back and a form fitting pink blouse.  He quickly replied, “Hell yes; that skirt drives me crazy… that zipper really functional or is it for show?” 

“Maybe you’ll find out some day” was her coy response. 

They didn’t message much for a while and he was deep into something at around 7:15, when there was a knock on the door.  He looked up and to his surprise it was her and she looked absolutely amazing.  She was wearing the very outfit that she’d asked him about and he couldn’t wait to see her sweet ass when she walked out.  Her hair was different than she normally wore it and even though he wouldn’t have said this to anyone else, he quickly said she looked lovely. 

She smiled and it seemed to warm the entire room.  She stepped inside his office and whispered, “That story in the shower was fucking amazing, so to return the favor, I thought I’d prove to you that the zipper is functional.”  She stepped closer to his desk and then turned and reached back and slowly started raising the zipper up.  The smile on her face made him giddy and as the zipper reached above her knees, he couldn’t breathe.He had a momentary image of how sexy she’d look if she was wearing stockings; the sight of a garter strap finally coming into view.  Suddenly she stopped and giggled as she said, “Mr. Davis, you look like a kid on Christmas; I’m glad you enjoyed the show.” 

He was distraught as he said, “Fuck, Elizabeth; that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, but is that all I get to see?  I want to know if you’re wearing a thong or not today!”  She looked over her shoulder as she put the zipper down to the original level as she whispered, “I have to leave some things to the imagination, baby cakes.”  She turned to leave and she stopped and looked back at him, seemed like she was about to say something and then shook her head like she thought better of it.  She took another step and with his voice husky from lust, he said, “What is it Elizabeth; tell me…….please?” 

She turned and he looked at her eyes which he found so mesmerizing and she took a step towards him.  Stopped, smiled and whispered, “No thong today Hubie.”  His eyes went wide and he smiled at the image and then as she brushed her hair back from her face, she added, “And I’m bare as a baby’s butt down there.” 

He was unable to stop himself and he whispered, “Holy fuck.” 

“Good luck focusing, Mr. Davis” she cooed and then she sashayed out. 

He sat there imagining her on his desk; her skirt off and his face buried in her pussy.  He got a message a second later and he had to reach down and adjust his throbbing cock as she asked, “Did any of that make you hard, old man?” 

“You have no idea” he quickly replied. 

“Show me” was her immediate response. 

Even though it was still before 8, the idea of whipping his cock out to take a picture of it was risky as hell, but he didn’t care.  He unzipped his slacks and fished it out and thought he was going to cum just from that.  He thought he really should have shut the door, but it added another element of risk and as he was so focused on taking the pic, he didn’t hear the sounds of someone entering his office until they cleared their throat. 

“You look really flushed Mr. Davis; is everything okay?” came Elizabeth’s sweet voice. 

He looked up and decided he must have completely misunderstood her message and he scooted himself farther under his desk to hide his exposed cock.  Her eyes were twinkling and she came around his desk as she said that she more forms for him to sign and he better not screw them up this time. 

She was walking around his desk and he was frozen in place.  Just having her next to him with how turned on he was made his brain go completely blank.  In the most conversational tone, she said, “You really do look stressed; especially so early in the morning.  Maybe you should join us for happy hour some evening; blow off some steam.” 

He nodded as he tried to reign in his out of control arousal.  As he handed a form to her, she dropped it.  She muttered that she was such a klutz and to his utter amazement, she squatted down and slowly turned his chair towards her as she reached for the paper that was next to his chair.  He could barely hear her as she said, “Yes, Hubie; you’re obviously very stressed.  You definitely need to join us soon.I think a night out would do us….er I mean, you good.”  

He imagined her spinning his chair a few more inches and taking his cock into her mouth and he swore she whispered, “I wish.”  But when he looked up at her as she stood back up, she was smiling sweetly like she hadn’t just been eyeing his cock. 

She left a moment later after thanking him and it sure seemed like she was thanking him for the view of his cock more so than for signing forms.  When he was alone again, he sat there wondering what the heck was going on.This was so wonderfully out of control and he waited for her to message.  To say something to acknowledge what had gone on so far this wonderful morning.  He smiled when she messaged, “Pretty crazy morning, huh?” 

It was so noncommittal, but he quickly replied, “Yes!  Wonderfully so; I’m glad you came in early.” 

He realized he still hadn’t put his cock away when she replied, “God, I wish.” 

He sat there trying to make sense of her message when she added, “Oops; I misread your message.” 

He giggled like an idiot as he thought that maybe she was saying that she wished she had cum early. 

He threw caution to the wind as he typed, “LOL; never a good thing for a guy to do that.” 

It took her a few minutes but he smiled as her reply said, “OMG!  Careful Mr. Davis, I might misinterpret your intentions.  We’re both married, you know.” 

He was completely flummoxed now as she seemed to be warning him to watch himself, but he was sure she had looked at his cock and liked what she saw.

He took several deep breaths and then typed slowly; correcting his wording several times.  The app allowed for each other to see when they were typing, so after a few minutes, she sent a message, “Just say what’s on your mind, Mr. D.” 

He liked the new formal name and so he finished his thought and hit send.  “Make no mistake about it, Elizabeth, I think you are a beautiful and very sensuous woman.  I think you’ve seen proof of how desirable you are to me.  So, if I step out of line, please tell me as I definitely don’t want to offend you or put you in a position that you’d find uncomfortable.” 

He was shaking his head a moment later with a huge smile on his face when she replied, “Don’t worry, you haven’t crossed any lines…..and in regards to your last sentence, I’m very flexible, so I’ve never found a position that is uncomfortable for me ;)”  As he thought about stroking his cock and getting the release he desperately needed, she added, “Oops, I shouldn’t say never because the right person might get me to do something really crazy.” 

He thought to himself, ‘God, I’m going to lose it!’  A second later, she replied, “Don’t you dare!”  He was completely confused.  How the hell could she have known what he was thinking, but it was enough to make him hold off.  A few minutes later, she messaged, “Sorry, I got interrupted by someone.  I didn’t get a chance to finish my thought as I was going to say, ‘Don’t you dare say something pervy Hubie!” 

He laughed and replied with a “Who me?” 

 He was pulled into a couple of meetings and he ignored the urge to check for messages as he didn’t want to get caught and the meetings were important so he needed to focus.  When he returned, he noticed that she had booked a meeting for them during a company offsite meeting.  The offices would mostly be deserted except for the few of them that were participating in the meetings the following week.  Just the idea of them alone in his office made his heart pound and as soon as he accepted the meeting, she messaged him quickly, “Thanks.  I really need your help with something.” 

 A message that could have meant nothing or it could have meant something exceptionally thrilling.  He replied with, “I hope I’ll be of some help.” 

She replied that she had to run a quick errand, but she’d be back before their meeting. 

He lost track of time as he worked on a monthly report and he didn’t hear her shoes on the tile hallway until she was shutting the door.  He looked up and as he walked towards him, he noticed that her breasts were swaying more freely than usual and he thought, ‘Holy fuck; she’s removed her bra.’

She smiled and in a voice that made his cock swell to new levels of hardness, she whispered, “Very observant, but not exactly, Mr. D.” 

He shook his head as here it was again; like she was reading his mind.  She giggled and as she leaned against the corner of his desk, she looked at him; glancing down at the bulge in his slacks several times before saying, “I need to confess something Hubie.  For whatever reason, I can read your mind and I have to tell you, it’s been fucking really hot to do so.  You have had some lovely thoughts about me.” 

He was in a state of shock and he was having trouble seeing straight, but his mind was certainly sharp as he thought; questioned really, ‘Are we going to fuck?’ 

“First things first, Hubie” and in one quick motion, the zipper on her skirt was undone and her skirt was floating to the ground and she was standing there in front of him in stockings and a garter belt.  “Am I as sexy as you imagined?” 

His hands reached for her, but she shook her head and so his eyes devoured her.  She looked even sexier than he had imagined and more so since he could see that her wetness was coating her inner thighs.  “Fuck yeah, Elizabeth; I’ve never seen a sexier woman in person!” 

“Nice answer Hubie, but enough talk” she cooed. 

His eyes went wide when he suddenly felt like he was reading her mind and she was envisioning his hands tied to his arm rests so she could be in complete control as she rode him.  Without thinking, he whispered, “Do it!”  A second later she had two other stockings in her hands and she quickly tied his hands to the arms of his chair and his pants were undone and at his ankles in a heartbeat.  She stroked his cock and whispered, “God, it took all my control not to suck you this morning, Mr. D; you’ve got one lovely fucking cock.” 

Her language turned him on and a moment later, she had rolled a condom on and was straddling him as she slowly impaled herself down onto him.  She kissed him and their first kiss was magical as the feel of his cock splitting her open at the same time.  She pulled him tight to her and then moaned in her ear, “I promise you’ll get to taste my pussy soon.  You’ve thought of that more than anything and you will have it, but for now, I need your cock.  I need it so bad.” 

With his hands tied all he could do was watch this beautiful woman.  She rode him with slow measured movements and then stopped while she leaned back and started playing with her clit with one hand as her other hand dipped inside a very lacy bra and teased a nipple.  “You like watching me don’t you, Mr. D?  I think it’s hot how much you want to see me cum.  Since we started flirting, your stories and your thoughts have had me wet and wanton.  I came three times last night in the tub thinking of you and here I am fucking you in your office because I can’t get enough.  Tell me why you want me.” 

Her eyes were closed and he whispered, “Open your eyes baby” and then he proceeded to tell her that he’d never met a woman that possessed such a natural sensuality while also being, intelligent, funny and so beautiful.  As his sweet words filled her ears, she got closer and closer to the edge until she was rocking wildly on his cock while her fingers were a blur on her clit.  When she came, her hot honey streamed onto his thighs and it was such a sweet warmth and her pussy was clamping on his shaft that he groaned, “Oh Elizabeth baby; I’m going to cum too.” 

She rode up and down his shaft several times to give him the friction and release he needed and then they were kissing again; softly, tenderly, intimately; like long time lovers.  “Jesus, this is going to be a problem, Hubie; because I’m going to want to do this again and again.”

Submitted: December 22, 2014

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Very nice

Thu, December 25th, 2014 9:21pm


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it and thanks for taking the time to comment.

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Very stimulating!

Fri, December 26th, 2014 5:13am


I am happy to hear that. Thanks for the comment

Fri, December 26th, 2014 9:46am


Always a fan of mister Davis and his affairs. ;) very hot.

Tue, December 30th, 2014 9:51am


Yes, Mr. Davis is definitely a lucky fella. Glad the temperature was to your liking. Thanks for the comment!

Tue, December 30th, 2014 4:42am

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