The International Flight

The International Flight The International Flight

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Stuck on a long flight to Europe, Hubie couldn't believe his luck.


Stuck on a long flight to Europe, Hubie couldn't believe his luck.


Submitted: June 18, 2013

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Submitted: June 18, 2013



As he settled into his coach seat for the trip to Europe, he was not at all looking forward to this trip.  After 15 total hours of traveling, he would be headed straight into 10 hours of meetings.  He needed to sleep, but sleeping on a plane was a skill he hadn’t yet mastered.  His grumpiness was disrupted when he noticed a slim woman had settled into the seat beside him.  There was nothing worse than being stuck next to someone that overflowed their seat while traveling on an international flight, so he was very pleased to see she was perfectly proportioned for the small airline seats.  Although he wasn’t the most outgoing person, he turned and introduced himself.  Her eyes displayed the fear that he was going to want to chat with her through the flight and he couldn’t help but smile as he added, “Don’t worry I’m not an overly chatty person, so I won’t be boring you with my life story.  I just thought that in case I fall asleep and end up invading your personal space you’ll be able to thump me on the head and say, ‘Hubie – get the fuck back into your own seat.’”

She laughed and showed a beautiful smile which she quickly hid again and replied, “I’m glad to hear that.  I despise international travel and I hope to immerse myself in my book until I fall asleep.”  He smiled and said, “It’s a deal, no chit chat and I’ll try not to bother you again.”  She seemed incredibly relieved and feeling a bit of chemistry between them, he added, “If there is anything I can do to make your trip more enjoyable please don’t hesitate to ask.”  She gave him a curious look and he had a vision of her straddling him with those beautiful teeth smiling at him as she rode his cock. 

He pushed the sexual thoughts out of his head and worked for an hour before deciding that was much too boring.He opened his portfolio of erotic writing and worked on a few different stories and as he looked around the cabin, he glanced at her e-book and saw with intrigue that she was reading that Fifty Shades of Grey book.  She was completely engrossed in it and so he took the time to really look at her.  She was wearing a long dress that was very loose fitting so it didn’t tell him much about her figure.  However, as he watched her out of the corner of his eyes, she continually squirmed and shifted and the sleeveless dress afforded him a view inside her dress and he caught a glimpse of green satin lingerie.It looked like more than a bra, but he wasn’t quite sure. 

His lingerie fetish set his cock to throbbing as he wondered what sort of delightful garment his neighbor was wearing and how could he see more of it.  He knew he shouldn’t, but he tapped her on her shoulder.  She pulled her ear bud out and didn’t hide her displeasure with being interrupted.  He smiled his nicest boy next door smile and said, “I am sorry, but I need to use the bathroom.”  She smiled when she realized that he wasn’t trying to engage her in conversation.  As she moved her stuff about so she could let him pass, he added, “I couldn’t help but notice the book you’re reading; is it as good as I’ve heard.”  Her face flushed with embarrassment, but she managed a response, “Well, I’ve not gotten too far into it, but so far it is quite intriguing.” 

He smiled and said, “Sorry if it seems I was tom peeping or something, but I’ve not read it and so I was curious.  To even the playing field, you’re free to take a look at what I’ve been reading.”  He pointed to the screen of his laptop as he stepped over her and then he walked up the aisle without another word.There was a short line, but after relieving himself, he stood for a while to give her a chance to keep reading if she’d taken him up on his offer.  He hoped she had and he hoped even more that his writing was making her squirm in her seat.  All of his writing included some amount of his fetish for fine lingerie and since he had glimpsed that stunning green satin under her dress, he hoped she was finding something to her liking.  

After about ten minutes had passed, he finally walked back down the aisle and lightly squeezed her shoulder.  She jumped which signaled she had been immersed in his laptop screen and he thought that was a good thing.  She looked up and he thought she looked a bit flushed in the face and this time she stood up to let him pass and he noticed for the first time that she was taller than he had thought.  His pelvis grazed hers and just then the plane hit a bit of turbulence.  He grabbed the seat back in front of her seat while she grabbed him around the hips.  This time their pelvises were pressed completely against each other and he noticed her eyes narrow a bit before she looked away.  As the turbulence passed, he moved his hand to her hip and squeezed it as he asked if she had her balance back.  She glanced down at his hand and then up at him before whispering, “Not entirely.” 

He let his hand slide down the side of her leg for a moment and he was sure that the way the dress moved under his hand that she was wearing a slip underneath.  Before he was even buckled up again she leaned in and whispered, “I took you up on your reading offer and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind if I read some more.”  Without waiting for an answer she handed him her kindle and pulled his laptop towards her.  He quickly said, “Wait, most of these stories aren’t finished; let me open a few of them that are completed.” 

He quickly found what he considered his three best stories and opened them for her.  For the next fifteen minutes, he flipped through her erotic book trying to find some sexy scenes while waiting for her to say something.  She finally slid her reading glasses off and leaned over to him and asked, “Who is the author as I’d like to buy some of their books.”  He smiled and reached into his pocket and took out one of his business cards and wrote his author name for the various free erotic web sites where he posted stories.  She looked at his card and looked incredulous and finally said, “You wrote these?” 

He nodded and she smiled and then sighed, “Holy shit; that’s some really wickedly hot stories you write.” 

It was his turn to blush as he whispered, “Why thank you; I’m very glad you liked them.  I have plenty more on my laptop if you want.” 

She made a motion like she was fanning her face and said, “I need to cool off first.” 

He smiled and quipped, “Like I said before, if there is anything I can do to make your trip more enjoyable please don’t hesitate to ask.” 

She giggled and then whispered that she needed to use the ladies room.  She grabbed her purse and was quickly down the aisle.  He let his mind wander at thoughts of joining the mile high club and before he knew it she was back.  He noticed that she had pulled her hair up in a loose pony tail and her neck seemed very inviting.  After she put her purse back in the overhead compartment, she settled into her seat and then leaned into him and asked, “Would you be so kind to switch seats.  I’d like to see if I can doze off and it would be easier if I could rest my head against the side.” 

He nearly said no as he’d asked for the window seat for the very same reason, but he quickly lifted the arm rest and as she stood, he scooted over and she settled into his window seat.  She squeezed his arm and thanked him for letting her read his stories and he wondered if maybe she had fingered herself to a nice cum in the restroom and that’s why she was suddenly sleepy. 

She turned her back to him and nestled against the wall.  He noticed several things at once; she hadn’t put the arm rest between them back down and her nicely formed butt was well into his seat.  He then noticed that her dress had buttons down the side and they were undone clear up to mid-thigh.  As he watched, her hand slowly pulled the slit open and revealed the green slip that he had thought was there.  His mind raced and his heart pounded as he wondered whether this was an accident or not. 

Without moving, she looked over her shoulder and her eyes seemed smokier than before as she whispered, “Would you be a dear and grab my blanket from the overhead and put it over me?” 

He quickly adjusted his growing erection so he could stand up and quickly found a fairly thin, but oversized blanket next to her things.  He opened it up and before sitting down, he floated it out over her body.  The section over her legs seemed to have a mind of its own and it didn’t quite cover her exposed slip.  He got a wildly devious thought and so he reached out to pull the blanket towards him to fully cover her and in the process let his other hand slide along the silky fabric.  It was like he’d been struck by lightning as he felt an immediate shock to his cum filled balls.  The slip was probably the most sumptuously silky one he’d ever felt and he desperately needed to feel it on his cock.He knew it was probably a risk, but he couldn’t help himself and he pushed more firmly against the back of her leg as he let his fingers slowly trail across her slip before reluctantly pulling his hand away. 

He leaned over her and whispered, “How’s that?” 

Her eyes opened slightly as she said, “Absolutely perfect.” 

He settled back in his seat and wondered what he was going to do with his raging erection when he noticed her hand motioning for him. 

He leaned over her again and this time, pressed himself ever so lightly against her backside and the pressure on his cock was heavenly.  She whispered, “Can I ask for one more favor?” 

He smiled and said, “Of course, how many times have I offered to make your trip more enjoyable?” 

The smile that appeared on her face was incredibly seductive and so she replied, “Well, feeling your hand on my leg reminded me of these horrible stories about blood clots forming in passengers’ legs during long flights so would you mind rubbing my legs while I’m lying here trying to sleep?” 

There was no way that this was some innocent request, but he wanted to make sure so he put his lips even closer to her ear and replied, “I have heard of that, but I have no idea where the clots form, so to be safe, how about I massage you from head to toes?”  He quickly added, “Again, not an expert, but I reckon the massage should be done through the least amount of clothes as possible so my hands will be under the blanket, okay?”

He wasn’t sure, but he thought he saw her tremble and in a hushed voice she said, “It is better to be safe than sorry, right; so do what you think is best for me.” 

She pushed her butt back against him even more as she laid her head back on the pillow. 

He was positively giddy with this unexpected opportunity.  He started with her neck and soon she was breathing deeply although he knew she was far from asleep.  He wasted no time in moving one hand lower until he was massaging her lower back with firm strokes with one hand while his other hand continued to rub her neck and shoulder blades.  He could tell that her hands were doing something under the blanket and when he looked under it, he realized that she had pulled her skirt all the way up to her waist and her green slip seemed to shimmer in the pale light; inviting him to caress her through it. 

As his hand moved off her lower back, he pressed hard with his other hand on her shoulder and she gasped and moved suddenly and he took the opportunity and slid his hand down and over her wonderfully firm breast.  He whispered sorry, but let his hand ever so gently cup and caress her breast before moving higher again.  A second later, her hand reached up and grabbed him by the back of his hair and pulled his head towards her. 

With her wet lips pressed against his ear, she whispered, “I did a ton of butt crunches yesterday and my poor ass is very sore.” 

He was expecting her to tell him to go easy on her, but she quickly added, “So, really let me have it; I’m going to need you to really bear down on me to get all the tightness out.” 

Her words weren’t out of her mouth for a second before he pressed his thumb deeply into her firm cheek and stroked down its entire length. She sighed and shifted slightly so both cheeks would be more accessible.  He couldn’t think of anything other than how fucking delicious it felt with the slip sliding across her panty clad ass and he massaged her cheeks with deep, punishing caresses until he felt his hand starting to cramp up. 

With every touch, the low moans she was emitting were driving him crazy and as he paused his caressing of her to massage his right hand with his left, he leaned over and whispered, “I’m moving to your legs if your sweet ass is feeling better.” 

She opened her eyes just a fraction and cooed, “That was fucking incredible; your hands are pure magic my dear; too bad you don’t have more.  Please don’t stop; keeping working your magic.  My entire body is positively tingling.”  He pressed his lips to her ear and softly said, “If you like the tingling sensation so far just wait.”

He moved his lips down to her smooth neck for just a second as his hand slowly undid the zipper on his slacks.  It seemed incredibly loud and he wondered if that was his imagination or she could hear it as well.  She must have heard it as a moment later she was manipulating the blanket to cover his waist.  He reached in and pulled out his throbbing cock and was amazed at how much pre-cum was leaking from the tip.  Shifting onto his hip, he pulled up the back of her slip and slowly slid his cock down the silky gusset of her panties. 

She whispered, “Brilliant idea; I was hoping this is what you meant.”

It was his turn to moan as her delicate hand reached down as she spread her legs sligtly and then pressed his cock even more firmly against her silken panties.  His own pre-cum was nothing compared to how wet the gusset of her panties was and as he rubbed his thumb up and down the length of her hamstring, he shivered as the slippery nylon caressed his cock.  He felt her smooth the front of her slip down over his cock and so with each of his slight thrusts between her legs, his cock was surrounded by the silky nylon. 

His left hand slid under her and found a nipple.  She gasped and pushed back against him while pressing his mushroomed cock head against her clit.  He could sense that her orgasm was close, so he pulled her dress off one shoulder and roughly pulled her breasts out and pulled hard on her exposed nipple.  She kept up a frantic rhythm of humping back against him as she rubbed his cock against her clit. 

He bent down over her and whispered right next to her lips, “Cum for me.” 

As she leaned forward and planted her lips on his, she did just that.  Her moans were muffled by his mouth and soon she was seductively sucking on his tongue as wave after wave of pleasure crashed down on her.  His own arousal was well past the point he would normally cum, but he was fighting it as he wanted this incredible moment to continue forever.  He felt her softly stroking his raging hard cock for a few moments as if she was contemplating her next move. 

Her hand moved away and then he felt her pulling down her panties.  Trying to be helpful, he started to withdraw his cock so he could reposition it when her pussy was exposed.  However, she had different plans as she reached down and grabbed his cock and pulled it back against her panties. 

She turned her face to him and whispered, “Don’t move.” 

He was content to wait and see and he felt her pulling down the waist of her panties again, but she stopped when they were still half on.  He assumed that she intended on guiding him past one of the leg bands and inside her and since he was itching to sink his cock into her pussy, he pulled her leg band to the side and started pushing forward. 

Her hand quickly slapped his hand away as she chided him, “I told you not to move.” 

She then pressed his cock head against the front of her panties and pushed back against him.  When he realized what she was intending, he wondered how this was possible.  He eagerly thrust forward as she pushed back and inch after inch of him slowly pushed their way into her pussy; forcing her silky panties up inside her as well.  The front of her panties had an intricate lace pattern on them, so his sensitive cock head was now being stroked by sumptuous nylon, rough lace and her squeezed by her tight pussy.  This had been one of his fantasies since he’d first experienced the feel of nylon against his cock and to top it off, it was happening at 35,000 feet!

He groaned, “Oh fuck yes” and her immediate response was, “This is better than I ever imagined.” 

As he pushed his last few inches inside her, he pulled up on the waist band of her panties and the effect on her clit must have been outstanding as she let loose a high pitched squeal that made him wonder if a steward would be breaking up their activity soon.  He decided that he couldn’t take the chance of being interrupted, so he began fucking her with long, slow strokes and he was rewarded with her heavenly moans each time his cock bottomed out.  It was no surprise that the friction from her panty lined pussy was too much for him and moments later, he panted, “I’m going to cum.” 

She reached down and gripped his balls with a vicious squeeze that took his breath away as she growled, “Not quite yet.”

He still had a hold of the waist band of her panties, so he started pulling them from side to side and the caresses on her clit did it for her and she bit down on her own arm to stifle her screams of pleasure.  She released the grip on his balls and after a few short thrusts, he unloaded inside her.  The pleasure he felt was indescribable as his cock spasmed time and time again.Even after he knew he was completely dry, he kept having the same orgasmic feeling.  It was breathtaking.

It finally stopped and he leaned more of his weight on top of her as he whispered, “If there is anything else I can do to make your trip more enjoyable please let me know.” 

She sighed and reached back to slide her hand up and down his slippery wet shaft.  To both of their surprises, it quickly hardened.  She glanced over her shoulder as she whispered, “I think I have just the solution for my sore butt.”  His eyes went wide with excitement at the thought………

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