The Courtyard

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Moving into a new apartment complex had unexpected benefits.

He shook his head and muttered for the 50th time or so that he shouldn’t be doing this.  But he knew he would because he couldn’t help himself.  He darkened his living room and settled into his favorite chair.  It had all started two months ago when he moved into a new apartment complex.  It was a new complex in a trendy part of the city and he had an apartment that looked out over a courtyard.  It was one of the many reasons he had rented this place as the courtyard was a meeting area for lots of professionals his age and all he had to do was use the stairs right off his third story balcony and join the fun. 

However, it was a night that he was getting home late from work that it had happened.  It had been surreal and wonderful and from the first minute he saw her, he was addicted.  She had the apartment across the courtyard from his and that night he’d walked into his apartment without turning on any lights when he spotted her in her well lit apartment across the way.  He couldn’t really distinguish many features other than she was a brunette and fairly tall.  What had caught his eyes was that she was undressing as she was standing in her living room. 

She had just pulled a dress up and over her head and she was wearing a lacy bra and panty and that was sexy enough but she was wearing stockings and he couldn’t breathe as he thought stockings were sexy as hell.  She walked out of sight for a moment and he realized that he had a unique vantage point.  Since his apartment was directly across from hers, he had a view into that room through about a 4 foot opening in her drapes.  For other apartments the angle of view wouldn’t have allowed for the view he was getting.  He also realized that since his apartment was dark, she likely couldn’t see him. 

He wished he had binoculars as he hoped she’d be back soon.  And sure enough, she came back in with a short robe on now that wasn’t tied in the front.  She was on the phone and she turned and reached for something on the couch and her robe opened up and he realized she was now completely nude as her breasts came into view.  His cock was throbbing and he felt a momentary pang of guilt as he watched her, but it quickly was squashed as he opened his slacks and began stroking his cock inside his boxers. 

She seemed to be a bit upset about the phone call because she threw it down to the couch and quickly slumped down next to it.  He wondered if maybe she’d been stood up by a boyfriend.  If that was the case, he must be an idiot because she looked amazing from where he was sitting.  He watched her pick up an ipad and she quickly became engrossed in something.  He considered finishing himself off quickly so he could get something to eat, but as he watched her hand went inside her robe and based on her movements, it seemed clear that she was caressing her breast and nipple. 

His cock jumped in his hand at the realization that she was starting to masturbate.  He wondered what she was reading and he smiled at the idea that maybe she was reading some of his erotic writing that was on an amateur author website.  He tried to slow his stroking in the hope he would time his cum with hers, but that goal was in jeopardy as she spread her legs and began fingering herself.  He cursed himself again for not having binocular as he couldn’t see that much, but just the idea of it was so erotic that it didn’t matter that he couldn’t see her clearly. 

She set her ipad aside and his stroking became frantic as her own urgency matched his.  Her fingers were clearly up on her clit now and he wished he was there helping her and then he groaned as he exploded.  He’d tucked his cock back inside his boxers just before his explosion to keep the mess to a minimum and as he tried to catch his breath he watched in mesmerized silence as his sexy neighbor came a minute later. 

Over the next few weeks, he found out through some courtyard gatherings that she was married, but her husband traveled a lot for work and her name was Elizabeth.  He’d even seen her in the courtyard once but she was with her husband so he didn’t approach her.  However after getting the opportunity to see her up close, he discovered that she was very attractive.  She had greenish brown eyes that haunted his dreams and a very nice body as well.  He had borrowed some binoculars from a friend as the idea of purchasing them made him feel even creepier about what he was doing.  Like Tom Peeping with borrowed equipment was more acceptable than if he bought the binoculars for that specific use. 

He found himself adjusting his nightly schedule so that he would be in his apartment around the same time as when he first saw her with the lights off just in case he’d get another chance to see her.He had seen her a couple different times walking around in her apartment, but nothing like that first night.  However, his heart raced one night he saw her walking down the staircase off her balcony to the courtyard.  She was wearing a sizzling green dress that was very clingy in all the right spots, but yet moved about her legs as she moved.  She looked nothing short of amazing and he had to see her up close to see how her eyes looked against that green dress.  He quickly found a clean shirt and hustled downstairs. 

He quickly found her near the bar and made his way over. He was usually quite shy, but he had to meet her and so he walked up and ordered a beer and tried to act casually as he introduced himself and asked her name.  She was incredibly sweet as she shook his hand and replied, “Well, James it’s nice to meet you; I’m Elizabeth.” 

He messed up as just touching her hand made him breathless as it was her right hand; the hand that he’d watched finger her pussy and caress her clit.  He softly said, “It’s nice to finally meet you.” 

She replied with a coy, “Oh?” and he tried to recover by saying, “Yes, I noticed you down here in the courtyard and I was struck by your beauty.” 

She smiled and seemed genuinely pleased with his compliment, but quickly flashed her left hand and the large engagement ring and wedding band as she said, “That’s very nice of you James, but maybe you didn’t notice that I’m married.” 

He chuckled and tried to be casual as he said, “I did notice Elizabeth, but since we’re nearly neighbors I thought we should meet.”  She gave him a confused look and so he added, “I noticed you and your husband return to your apartment one night as I went to mine and we’re right across the courtyard from each other.”  He took a deep breath and added a statement he’d rehearsed often, “So, just in case you see me dancing around in the nude after having a few too many, I thought we should all meet so it’s not so awkward.” 

She giggled and it was a wonderful laugh and then she said, “Yes, that’s very good thinking.  I’m glad you’re so observant and clever as it’s nice to know that you’re across the way keeping an eye on things.”  He wondered if she had meant for that to sound as flirtatious as it sounded to him and then she added, “And the level of awkwardness would certainly be dependent on your dancing ability as seeing you nude wouldn’t be awkward at all for me.” 

She was clearly flirting now so he smiled at the wonderful compliment and reached out to tenderly lift up her left hand and moved closer as he held up her ring and whispered, “You haven’t forgotten about this have you?”  His fingers touched her rings gently and she blushed and said, “Not at all; neighbors should be friendly, don’t you think?” 

He released her hand and let his hand move to her arm and then down her side until it was resting on her hip before he said, “Most definitely, Elizabeth.” 

She stared at his hand for a moment and he thought he noticed a shiver before she playfully brushed it away as she whispered, “Well maybe not that friendly, Jimmy.”

He smiled and then he changed the conversation.  They talked for a while until she said, “I had a rough day at work, so I think I’ll turn in.” 

He quickly touched her arm again as he said, “It really was lovely to meet you, Elizabeth.  I hope you have a good night and better day tomorrow.”  She gave him a wonderful smile as she said, “Well how sweet of you!”  She paused as if she was considering whether she should say what’s on her mind and then she whispered, “You promise you’ll keep an eye on me from your apartment?  My husband is traveling and I hate to be alone.” 

His mind was racing as his imagination had him thinking that she had just invited him to watch her.  He quickly said, “Maybe we should exchange phone numbers just in case.”  She seemed genuinely excited about that idea, but she said, “How about email accounts?  I’m usually on my ipad at night.”  They both had gmail accounts and so they plugged them into their phones and then they walked across the courtyard together before they had to separate to go up the stairs.  They reached their balconies at the same time and shared a cute wave before entering their apartments. 

His heart was racing as he was still hoping that she was thinking of putting on a show for him.  She glanced over towards his apartment as she pulled on one side of her drapes.  It left the similar sized gap as the first time he’d seen her and he darkened his main room as he went into his bedroom to get the binoculars and some lotion.  His phone buzzed and he saw it was an instant message from her, “Your main room is dark; are you already going to bed?” 

He replied and lied, “Nope; I’m in my spare bedroom doing some work on my computer.” 

She quickly typed, “You shouldn’t work so hard!  I’m going to see if there is anything on Netflix so I won’t bother you if you’re working.” 

He took a deep breath and considered the consequences of what he was considering and then typed, “Well, it’s not really work as it’s my hobby of writing.” 

There were a few minutes of delay until her reply, “Oh?  What kind of writing?  Is it online anywhere?”

He couldn’t believe he was doing this but he gave her the URL and his writer name for the erotic website where he posted stories. 

This time there was an even longer delay and he was so intent on looking at his phone that he almost missed it.  He looked up and saw her shrugging her dress off her shoulders and down her body.  She was wearing a short black slip underneath and it hugged her wonderfully.  He had binoculars now and he could tell it was nylon and he imagined how amazing it would be to be running his hands all over her curves with her just in that.  As he thought of that, she slipped her strapless bra off and a moment later, she was sitting on her couch and skimming her thong off and down.  Although her body was covered by the slip, he still thought she looked sexy as hell. 

She finally responded and he smiled as he read it, “Oh Jimmy!  You’re a naughty boy!  I know of that site I believe I’ve read some of your stories!” 

He quickly replied, “Oh?  And you didn’t leave a comment?” 

He looked over at her apartment and saw her laugh and then she typed, “Sorry; I couldn’t comment on the site as a guest.  I’m worried my hubby might get mad if he found out I registered on the site.  Which story is your favorite?” 

He quickly told her two of his favorites and he wondered if his dream was going to come true and he was going to watch her get off as she read one of his stories.  He smiled when she replied, “Well I’m pretty tired, so I’ll read them some other time.  Good night Jimmy.” 

He had a feeling that she didn’t want him peppering her with questions about whether she liked it as it might get awkward and so he replied, “Good night to you Elizabeth.  Sweet dreams.” 

He hunkered down on his bean bag chair and waited to see if she was going to move into her bedroom.  His cock throbbed when she didn’t move from her spot on the couch and he could see that her eyes were glued to her ipad.  He knew she was reading his story and he felt an incredible surge of pride and elation as he watched her set the ipad aside a moment later and within moments of her hands moving to her pussy, she was cuming.  It was so erotic to know he’d helped her cum and his cock exploded moments after watching her cum. 

It was incredibly intense and when he opened her eyes, she was already staggering to her feet and he smiled as her legs were obviously a little wobbly.  She glanced over at his apartment; almost as if she was trying to peer into his darkened apartment.  For a moment he thought she could see him, but then she shook her head as if she was telling herself no to something and she walked out of his line of sight. 

That night had just been three days ago and tonight as he entered his apartment, he was in a hurry to meet up with his friends and he whipped his polo shirt off over his head.  His phone beeped a second later and he laughed when he saw her comment,

“Oh; is tonight the night for that nude dancing you promised me?” 

He walked back in front of his balcony door and waved at her before typing, “It was drunken dancing I promised and I’m just off work.” 

He could see her laugh and she quickly replied as she held up a bottle of wine, “Come on over then!” 

He couldn’t believe this was happening and he texted his friends to tell them that something had come up, and boy how true that was as he reached down to adjust his bulge, and he wouldn’t be able to make it to happy hour.  He knew he’d take a lot of shit, but he didn’t care.  The idea of spending some time with this beautiful woman was too good to pass up. 

He pulled his shirt back over his head and hurried down his stairs and then up hers.  She met him at the door and handed him a glass of wine and he couldn’t help but stare.  She was wearing a tight black skirt and a slightly sheer pink blouse.  It looked amazing on her and he wanted to push her down on the couch and have his way with her.  Instead they sat on her couch and had an amazing conversation as they finished off a bottle of wine.  They were both getting a little tipsy and she commented that it might be a bad idea to open another bottle, so how about a beer.  That sounded good to him and he followed her to the kitchen and took a long look at her incredible ass as she bent over to grab the beers.

She glanced up at him before she stood up and busted him looking and she literally purred, “See anything you like?” 

He tried to keep it light and glanced past her and into her fridge and said with a smile, “Nah, looks pretty bare inside there.” 
She laughed, but her eyes showed a little disappointed that he hadn’t flirted with her. 

When she handed him the beer, he leaned down and whispered, “I saw plenty I liked, Elizabeth.  You’re incredibly beautiful.” 

She was quite surprised by his comment, but she smiled broadly as she gave him a wide berth when she walked past him.  The sun had gone down and so before she sat down, she went over and closed her drapes.  Just as she had done previously, she left them partially open.  Without thinking, he said, “You know you should close those all the way if you want complete privacy.” 

She glanced over her shoulder and gave him what he could describe only as a smoldering look as she said, “I think we’re okay; you’re the only one that would have a view and you’re here.” 

He gulped as she seemed to insinuate that she knew that he had peeped on her.  She sat back down and turned towards him as she crossed her legs; baring so much of her wonderful thighs to his view.  “Can I tell you something kind of personal?” she asked softly.

His mouth was suddenly dry so he took a drink of his beer and tried to be casual as he said, “Sure; fire away.” 

She smiled and in a quiet voice said, “I really enjoyed reading your stories the other night.”  He was about to say that he was glad, but she quickly added, “You write beautifully, but part of my enjoyment was because I sensed you were watching.” 

His heart was pounding out of his chest as he wondered what he should say.  She bailed him out and asked, “You were watching me, weren’t you, James?” 

He knew he was blushing and he decided to come clean, “Yes, Elizabeth I was watching.  I’m sorry, but you are so beautiful and that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever watched.” 

It was her turn to blush and she reached out and squeezed his arm lightly and said, “Please don’t be sorry.  I left the drapes open like that far for a reason.”  His mind was spinning at the idea he was going to soon have her naked, but she quickly added, “It did turn me on to imagine you watching me while hopefully jerking off, but I won’t cheat on my husband.” 

Her comment kind of stunned him and all he could say was, “Oh” and then he quickly recovered and added, “I understand.” 
She scooted closer to him and her skirt rode up her legs more and he saw both garter straps; they were an amazing purple color.  She noticed his eyes on her legs and she giggled and said, “You like my lingerie don’t you?” 

He nodded as he couldn’t talk and she quickly said, “I want you to watch me again, but this time I want to watch you too.” 
He felt like he was going to fall off the couch; he was that disoriented from the idea of them watching each other as they masturbated.  He finally whispered; his voice completely breathless, “That sounds incredible; should I go back to my apartment?” 

She giggled and he was confused until she said, “Jimmy!  You’re already here, but you have to promise me that you won’t take advantage of the situation.” 

He was trying to comprehend things when she added, “I want you to tell me a story while we do it; I think that would be extremely sexy.”  She could tell he was more than a little bit out of synch so she added, “I think we should leave most of our clothes this first time, so we’re less tempted; don’t you think?” 

He nodded and watched in silence as she unbuttoned her blouse far enough down to show her lacy purple bra. She then leaned up on her knee and pulled her skirt well up her legs and he saw she was also wearing a matching purple half-slip.  She looked at him and then down at his crotch and he quickly undid his belt and pants and pushed them down his legs a little bit. 

She smiled and when he looked at her in confusion, she softly said, “We match.” 

He glanced down and smiled as his boxer briefs were purple and matched her lingerie set.  He took a deep breath and started weaving a story and he made it in the present tense and after a few sentences, he stopped and asked, “Does this bother you that I’m referring to us in the story?” 

She smiled sexily and whispered, “Not at all Jimmy; do you see how wet I already am?” 

He glanced down at her panties and saw the discoloration reached well up towards the waist of the panties and he couldn’t help himself as he said, “Yessss; I bet you taste as beautiful as you look.” 

She smiled and whispered, “I do, but you’ll have to take my word for it…..for now.” 

He took another big breath and began talking again.  The story involved them meeting at a downtown bar and their attraction got the better of them.  She had begun rubbing her half-slip against the crotch of her panties and he swore he could hear the fibers of the slippery garments rubbing together.  She’d slipped one strap of her bra off her shoulder and most of that breast was exposed and he gazed in wonder at how beautiful it was.  She touched his arm and he stopped his story telling and she asked quietly, “Would you take your penis out of your boxers so I can see it?” 

He looked at her and thought it was cute that she called it a penis so he said, “Tell me you want to see me stroke my cock and I will.” 

Her eyes went wide as she whispered, “Oh my”, but then she leaned closer to him as she purred, “I want to see you stroke your cock, James.” 

His hands were trembling as he lifted up and pushed his shorts down to his knees and she gasped as she looked at him.  His cock head was oozing pre-cum and she licked her lips as he started talking again.  She pulled her half-slip higher and he lost his train of thought as she pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and pushed two fingers into her pussy.  The scent of her arousal was a sensory delight and he felt intoxicated as he gazed at her fingers plunging in and out of her wetness.  The sounds of her fingering added another layer of lust to an already incredibly erotic situation. 

He wasn’t even sure if anything he was saying was making any sense, but she gasped, “Oh fuck, I’m so close Jimmy.”  She then dipped her other hand inside the top of her panties and although it was hidden from view, it was obvious that she was caressing her clit as her gasps and groans rose to a new level.  He completely forgot about his own stroking and she was oblivious as her eyes were closed and so he leaned closer and whispered the rest of the story.  Describing how he had pulled her into the back room of the bar and had her bent over a row of empty kegs as he fucked her from behind. 

It seemed to do the trick as moments later, she came.  He realized he wasn’t even breathing as he tried to burn the image of her face as it lit up with pleasure into his memory banks.  A few moments later, she opened her eyes and smiled sheepishly as she growled, “Fuck!  That was unbelievable.” 

She glanced at his still hard cock and sat up and then seemed to have an idea as she lifted her hips and quickly pulled her half-slip down and off as she purred, “I bet this will feel good.” 

Before he could do or say anything, she asked, “Before you finish yourself off, do you mind if I touch it?  I just want to see how my hand looks wrapped around it.” 

She didn’t need to give him a reason, but maybe she needed to have an excuse for herself.  He simply nodded and a second later his cock was pulsing in her hand as she gripped it low near his balls.  She never took her eyes off of his cock, but she quickly removed her hand and draped her slip over him.  He reached down to take over and as he started stroking the silky slip up and down his length, she reached out and put her hand on top of his and joined in.  Her thumb rubbed over his sensitive head each time their hands reached the top of his cock.  He was so mesmerized by the wonderful sight of that as well as how incredible it felt that she didn’t see her other hand holding her panties moving towards his face. 

She must have removed them at the same time as the half-slip without him noticing, but as she whispered, “Do you like how I smell, Jimmy?” she held them to his nose. 

He instinctively wanted to inhale every bit of her scent, so he let go of his cock and reached up with his right hand to press her panties tighter against his nose.  He was so completely lost in the moment that it took a moment before he realized she’d taken over stroking him.  He glanced at her and her eyes were sparkling with such an intensity it thrilled him.  She adjusted the slip so she could see his cock better and he began humping her hand as she stroked. 

He’d never seen his cock ooze as much as it was and as he felt his balls swelling up right before that glorious moment, he groaned, “I’m gonna cum, Elizabeth; watch out.” 

Her lips were on his ear as she purred, “Cum for me, Jimmy!”

He knew he was going to spurt all over the place, but if she didn’t care then he didn’t either and so with a renewed intensity, he humped her hand and then he closed his eyes and thrust up so high that his ass was at least a foot off the couch.  As the pleasure of that first release coursed through him, his eyes flashed open to see his beautiful neighbor’s mouth wrapped around his cock swallowing every drop.  She bobbed up and down on him giving him one of the most amazing and complete releases of his life and when she finally sat up, he groaned, “Fuck Elizabeth; that was one helluva surprise!” 

She smiled and blushed as she whispered, “You were such a complete gentleman by not trying to take advantage of me……and your cock looked so damn tasty, I couldn’t help myself…….but, you need to go now.” 

He smiled and fixed his pants as he watched her fix her clothes.  She finally looked up at him and saw him staring and then he asked, “Please tell me we’ll do this again.” 

She giggled and whispered, “Maybe” and then “Good night, stud.” 

The walk back to his apartment was a blur as he wasn’t sure his feet were even touching the ground. 


Submitted: April 19, 2015

© Copyright 2023 zebo85. All rights reserved.

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Besame lucky is Elizabeth to be the object of James addiction! That was so erotic! I don't blame Elizabeth. ..i would want to taste James too!

Sun, April 19th, 2015 8:58pm


Why thank you very much. I obviously think James is the lucky one. :)

I had visions of that Jimmy Stewart movie (Rear Window I think) when writing this....well not exactly like it LOL

Sun, April 19th, 2015 3:04pm


That was such a turn on! Hmm, to bad I'm not home alone. Like Besame said who can blame Elizabeth for wanting a taste! :)

Sun, April 19th, 2015 9:55pm


Yes, that is too bad! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Sun, April 19th, 2015 3:05pm

Alyson Williams

You write the BEST sex scenes! So hot and erotic with the right amount of class. So happy to see you back here. Missed you. Hugs, Aly

Mon, April 20th, 2015 1:12am


oh Aly, you are too nice! There are plenty of writers, including yourself, that put me to shame, but thanks for the sweet comment.

Sun, April 19th, 2015 6:23pm


My goodness. This was hot. You made such a hot impact without even trying. Everything was smooth and sexy. Good job! I like it!

Wed, April 22nd, 2015 5:51am


Well thank u for that very nice comment. I'm not sure I deserve such a comment but it was definitely fun to write. I'm trying to decide if these two deserve another story.

Wed, April 22nd, 2015 1:00pm


Hands down, THE BEST plot i have seen here yet. It needs to be polished and i really wish the ending had more impact. But i understand the difficulties of wanting a sequel.
However, that's just the critic in me, everything else in me needs a cold shower...
Your audience reach is crazy clever, and your ability to add realism anywhere did not go unnoticed!Amazing flow and suspense.

Wed, April 22nd, 2015 8:48pm


Thanks for the generally positive comment; sorry parts of it apparently disappointed you.

Sat, April 25th, 2015 10:12am

Krystal Clear

Really good story. Loved how you worked it. ~Krystal

Sat, May 2nd, 2015 10:38pm


Thank u very much. I always enjoy getting comments from other writers.

Thu, May 7th, 2015 4:55am

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