The Building Manager

The Building Manager The Building Manager

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


He was supposed to be keeping an eye on the building as part of his job, but when his eyes started watching one of the tenants his normally dull job gets very interesting.


He was supposed to be keeping an eye on the building as part of his job, but when his eyes started watching one of the tenants his normally dull job gets very interesting.


Submitted: July 25, 2013

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Submitted: July 25, 2013



It was wrong and he knew it, but he couldn’t help himself.  He was a young, red-blooded man and the sounds he heard coming from the apartment next to his were so fantastically erotic, he had to investigate.  He reasoned that it was part of his duties as the live in manager.  It was really a pretty good gig as it didn’t require too much time, but his hours were flexible and it allowed him to work odd jobs while he worked on trying to become a full-fledged writer.  The noises he was about to investigate had started as indistinguishable, but now they were clearly moans and so sultry that he knew that some young thing was getting it good. 

Knowing the layout of the complex, he knew the sounds were emanating from the bedroom and there was a window in the courtyard into that room.  He slipped on his sneakers and out the door he went.  It was a stormy night, so tree branches scratched his face and arms as he worked his way close to the window.  He immediately noticed that the window was open slightly and the breeze was blowing the curtain back and forth and as he snuck nearer, he could barely see a shape on the bed.  When he stepped next to the window, the breeze was just right and he saw her.  Instead of a couple in the throes of passion, it was just a woman on the bed.  In the dim light he could see that one hand was caressing her breast while the other one was down the front of her pajama bottoms. 

She was wearing a white loose fitting tank top and both her breasts had escaped through the arm holes and it was a sexy sight as they swayed in rhythm with her rocking motion against her hand.  Her breasts were full and slightly larger than expected on her slender frame and as he watched, she pulled one breast up and sucked on her hardened nipple.  His cock felt like it was going to explode as he watched this beautiful young woman lost in her search for pleasure.  He felt a pang of guilt, but the sounds of her moans quickly erased the guilt and he watched her solitary dance. 

He couldn’t be sure, but he recalled the noises starting nearly twenty minutes ago so she’d been at it for a while.  He thought about running inside and knocking on her door and seeing if he might get lucky, but taking advantage of a horny girl in that way seemed worse than his current tom peeping, so he decided to just watch.  Her face was twisted in a pained expression as if she was desperate to cum, but just couldn’t get to the top of the pleasure roller coaster.She rolled on her side and reached frantically in a bedside stand and before rolling back, he heard the buzz of a vibrator switching on. 

She frantically pushed her pajama bottoms down and he was able to see that she was completely shaved and he barely stifled a groan as he watched her push the vibrator slowly up inside her.  She pulled it out, rubbed it against her clit before pushing it back in.  He could tell that the vibrator was doing the trick and she was going to cum when his fucking phone went off.  He ducked and quickly silenced it while moving towards the side door to his studio apartment.  He was inside and shaking like a leaf at the close call when someone started pounding on his hallway entrance door. 

He strode over and was completely surprised when he saw it was her.  Her hair was a mess and she’d thrown a light sweater on over her tank top, but he could still see her hard nipples pushing through the thin fabric.  She came barreling into his apartment and words poured out of her in a rush. 

“I think someone was spying on me from the courtyard.  I can’t believe it; I thought this was a secure building.  We have to do something” 

He felt strangely calm and he had a momentary stray thought that maybe he had something wrong with him if he was calm as he watched this poor woman panicked at being watched.He guided her to the chair and took note of the musky scent of her arousal thick on her.  His cock had shriveled up when his phone had rang, but it quickly perked up at her being so near to him while so fresh from her masturbating.  He got her a glass of water and was surprised when she said, “Have anything stronger?  Like a cold beer?” 

He quickly got her one and then told her to stay put and he’d check the courtyard.  He took his trusty bat and pretended to look for signs of intrusion.  He actually found the back gate left unlatched which some of the pet owners did when they’d leave to walk their dog, but it was against the rules, so it gave him a good explanation.  She was standing when he walked back in and he couldn’t help but admire how good her body looked.  Her ass was firm, but with enough curves to make it interesting and he wondered if she was still wet from arousal.

He cleared his throat and she jumped as she turned.  He smiled as he apologized and then explained the gate situation.  He said he’d fix the gate in the morning so it would lock for sure and she seemed relieved.  He walked her back to her apartment door and he was surprised when she hugged him in relief.  He felt her body shaking at first, but then he was consumed with the feel of her hard nipples against his chest and her pussy pressed firmly against his thigh.  She thanked him for his help and seemed to pause before closing the door behind her.  He wondered if she’d been waiting for him to make a move.  That night all he could dream about was her body.  His fantasies got hotter and wilder as the night progressed and in the morning he threw the covers off and wanked himself until he exploded all over his sheets. 

He felt so much better and as he lay there breathing hard, he thought he heard a noise outside his window.  He figured it was just a stray rabbit and mentally planned his day.  While showering, he had a devious idea.  He knew he shouldn’t, but the idea consumed him and before he knew it, he was dressing and walking over to her apartment.  He knocked on the door and waited.  He was about to leave, but then her door opened as far as the chain let it.  When she saw it was him, she quickly undid the chain and opened the door and his jaw hit the floor. 

She was wearing a very sheer white babydoll nightie.  It was two layers of nylon, but it left little to the imagination and his arousal grew exponentially.  She yawned and stretched and her tiny white panties came into view and he wondered if she had any idea what she was doing to him.  She poured herself a cup of coffee and offered him one as she asked what was up.  He nearly chickened out, but he pushed forward and said he was sorry to have to talk to her about this after what she went through last night, but he had two different upstairs neighbors call to complain about the noise coming from her apartment last night. 

She raised an eyebrow and her cheeks flushed a little bit as she suggested it must have been when she freaked out about being watched.  He was gaining confidence and he replied that both neighbors said it was before that and then he asked if she had a cat or something.  She asked why and he said that they both thought they heard moans and actually, he did as well so they were speculating she had a cat and it was mewing from hunger or something. 

She laughed which surprised him as she said, “Well, it was hunger all right, but it wasn’t a cat; more like a pussy.” 

She laughed even harder and he acted like he didn’t understand her little joke, but inside he wanted her even more.  For her to be joking about this was hotter than hell.  He was lost in thought and apparently lost in a daze as suddenly she was straddling his lap and holding a knife just under his chin.

“It was you watching me last night, wasn’t it, pervert?” she hissed. 

The knife startled him so much that he quickly admitted that he had been watching her.  . 

“I thought so…..what am I going to do with you pervert?” she asked.

He quickly apologized, but she continued to hold the knife at his chin.

She finally said, “I got pretty hot when I realized you were watching.  If it wasn’t for that damn phone of yours, I would have had a really monster orgasm.  I had my vibrator just right and I was imagining you pulling on my cock and how good it would feel if you’d been fucking me with my vibrator in my ass.  It was going to be a tsunami of a cum; I could feel it.  So you owe me, don’t you think?”  She scooted a little closer to him and added, “Did you like what you saw?”

Her pussy was nearly pressing against his now throbbing cock and he quickly said, “Oh fuck yes, you are so incredibly sexy.” 

She slapped him lightly on the face and said, “Oh, aren’t you a sweet little pervert.” 

She then grabbed a handful of hair and pulled hard enough that his chin rocked forward and into the knife just enough to raise a drop of blood.  She looked surprised and he considered simply overpowering her and taking the knife away however, he wanted to see where this was headed.  She stood and told him to walk over to the couch and strip naked before lying down.  He did as he was told and the silence added to the sexual tension in the air.  As he lay on the couch, she took a long look at his cock.  He knew from his years of sports that he was average size in length, but with a larger than normal helmet.  He was hard as a rock and she slowly straddled him and started inching her sweet pussy closer to his cock. 

She stopped short of making contact with his cock and looked deep into his eyes before saying, “You do as I say or I call the cops about last night.” 

He took a long slow look at her hard nipples pushing through the babydoll, smiled and simply nodded.

She put the knife along the back of the couch as she said, “Before one of us gets cut in a bad place, let’s put this somewhere safe.”  She quickly added, “Do as I say or it will be back in my hand quicker than you think is possible.” 

He found her bravado kind of silly, but he nodded to show he took her seriously.  She ran her hands through his chest hair as she moved up and pressed her pussy right down on his cock.  Her panties were soaked from her arousal and the thin wet nylon was not much of a barrier. She rode up his length and he could feel his helmet pressing up between her spreading lips.  When she reached the tip of his cock, she rocked her clit against his large helmet and her lips curled in a snarl-like smile as she gasped, “Oh fuck.” 

She rode back down his cock and growled, “Play with my tits; rough, but not too rough.” 

He had no idea what the hell that meant, but his hands quickly went up inside her babydoll to feel her beautiful breasts.  She grabbed his hands and pulled them out and placed them on the outside of the babydoll as she murmured, “Like the feel through the silky nylon.” 

He could barely hear her as her words had trailed off as she had pressed her clit against his helmet again.  He quickly got to work and mashed her breasts back against her body before gripping both nipples between his fingers and thumbs and pulled down towards him. 

She squealed and he started to release his hold on them, but she panted, “No, that’s perfect; just perfect.” 

She was really humping her clit into his helmet now and her breaths were coming in ragged bursts.  He sat up enough to suck one nipple into his mouth and the slippery nylon covering her breast seemed to accentuate the sensations for her.  She leaned her head back and he could see her eyes rolling back into her sockets.  Her hands moved to the waist band of her panties and pulled down on them ever so slightly.  That subtle change in the only barrier between them was enough and as she rocked forward slightly, his helmet pushed up inside her.  Her eyes flashed open and her groan was intense.  He glanced at their joined pelvises and he noticed that her panties were still between them and so part of the gusset was now pushed up inside her.  She rocked back and forth feeling his helmet touch all of her nerve endings just inside her pussy and as his hands moved back to her breasts, she moaned, “Oh, oh, oh, yes, I’m cuming.” 

He thoroughly enjoyed watching her shake with pleasure as she continued to rock on the tip of his cock.  She finally slid off of the top of his shaft and looked down and realized what had been contributing to her pleasure. 

She sighed, “That was a wild ride.”  She glanced over at his raging hard cock; partially soaked in her wetness and cooed, “Gosh that must be painful; too bad.”

She got up and started to walk away and he grabbed her forearm and whispered, “Please.” 

She laughed and then she slowly slid her panties down as he looked up at her with his anticipation glowing in his eyes.  She straddled him in the reverse cowgirl and slowly impaled herself onto him.  From the moment that his cock started sliding into her sweet pussy, he felt a tingle spreading throughout his body.  When it finally reached his neck, he shivered in delight as he watched her pussy take the rest of his shaft inside.  She leaned forward over his legs and as she raised herself up, she looked back, smiled and slowly lifted her babydoll up to reveal her beautiful ass.  The message was clear and he reached out and slid two fingers through her honey before gently penetrating her rose hole. 

She squealed in delight and started riding him at a fevered pace. As he spread her open enough to slide his second finger inside, just the thought of taking her there pushed him over the edge and he groaned and spurt after spurt of his creamy fluids filled her womanhood. 

She looked back and laughed as she said, “Good thing you got me off first as that didn’t take long.  You better stay hard long enough for me to get mine.” 

He watched her reach down and start caressing her clit as she continued riding his cock.  It was painful at first, but the pain subsided and he realized that he wasn’t going to lose his erection.  She started moaning something unintelligible and he sat up to play with her breasts some more.  She loved that and leaned back against his chest as she rocked back and forth in his lap with his cock buried deep inside her.  She took one of his hands and guided it to her clit and they both teased her until she announced she was cuming.  Her orgasms seemed to last forever and he held her tight to ensure, she didn’t throw her weight the wrong way and break his cock in half. 

She finally threw herself off of him and laid there panting.  The view of her ass was inviting and he didn’t think twice of rolling up to a kneeling position and hunching lower until he could press his helmet against her rose hole. 

She looked back at him and sighed, “I knew you were my kind of pervert, but I don’t think you can get that mushroom dick inside…..”

Her words changed to an “Awwwwwww, fuck” as she took the large helmet and then his shaft inside her back door.  The pleasure he felt was insane and he tenderly pistoned in and out. 

Sweat started rolling off of him and she moaned over and over again, “So good, so good; fill me up with your cum.” 

He finally felt it boiling up inside him and at just the right moment, he pulled out and sprayed her with his eruption.  He finally fell over her and kissed her neck as they both fell asleep. 

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