Sun Bathing

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Hubie stops by to see a 'friend' on an afternoon she chose sunbathing over work.

Hubie knew he shouldn't do this; he shouldn't just pop by his former employee's house while she was sunbathing that warm August day, but they'd shared some very amazing times before she'd quit and gone to another company.  Plus, she had just texted him a photo of herself laying by her pool with the message, "This heat is sure making me thirsty".  If that comment alone wasn't enough to be a distraction the photo of her in that light blue bikini was the nail in his decision making coffin. What follows is a loose recollection of that afternoon, or was it Hubie's imagination as he tried to fight the urge to surprise her.
She just looked too good and he can't resist mixing a up a batch of vodka lemonade, cooler, ice, cups and suntan oil.  His decision was confirmed when she simply laughed as he opened the back gate (that she'd left unlocked he suspected) and walked towards her feasting on her tan body.  She'd also literally purred, "I thought maybe a photo of me wasn't quite as enticing as it used to be."  To which he quickly responded, "Making the decision took 30 seconds; it was getting everything ready" as he waved the cooler at her.
Fast forward many minutes and both into a 3rd drink, a wave of the suntan oil bottle, a knowing grin on your pretty face and soon we're in a fairly secluded corner, you face down and me rubbing the oil into your shoulders.
Lots of gasps and contented sighs and you’re nearly asleep, when you feel your bikini top unhooked.  Leaning up on your elbows enough to look at me, but not enough to show me what I had hoped to see; a smile and a purred, "Careful, mister", a nice long drink as you eyeball me as if you're trying to read my mind and intentions, but then back down and now my hands are on your back and you can't help but silently admit it feels damn good.
Your mind is nearly blank and you hear ice rattling in my cup and you know I'm taking a drink and then I'm tracing an ice cube all over your back and spine and it's refreshing and teasing.  Soon my hands are down to your legs and sweet Jesus, the foot and then individual toe massage was seductive as hell and you start wondering if you need to put the brakes on this.  That thought escapes as my hands start working higher; kneading your calves and hamstrings and it's like you can't stop moaning in delight.  Not necessarily a sexual moan, but there's a hint of it in the sound.
I lean up to reach over to pour another drink and there's something pressing into your butt and then lower back and you know what it is and you try to think of something witty to say, but instead you feel your thighs tense and goodness you're pressing your body into the lounge chair cushion more than normal.  You can tell I've freshened your drink as well and so you prop yourself up to take another drink and it's a bigger drink so you know you're breasts are exposed but seeing my gaze on you is just too nice of a feeling to stop.
You close your eyes for a moment, soaking up the heat of the sun as well as the extremely nice feeling of the moment and then a gasp and growl as I've put down my cup, oiled up my hands and now those hands are cupping your breasts ever so tenderly.  Your instinct is to flatten to the chair, but my thumbs are making small circles and moving higher and you resist that instinct as you look back and give me a little eye fk over the top of your shades.  You have to look away because now I'm oiling your nipples and holy hell it feels amazing.  You're about to put an end to it when I give one last little squeeze to each nipple and then spread oil on the upper part of your globes as I whisper, "We don't want these beauties to burn."
You can only try and hide your smile as you take one last drink and lay back down as you sigh something that sounded like, "Sure."
My hands are quickly re-oiled and focusing on your upper legs and those fking tantalizing thumbs of mine are making small circles on your inner thighs and consistently moving higher.  You're trying to fight your arousal from spiraling out of control, but your nipples are still tingling and hard as rocks and now this.  My circling thumbs are mere inches from your bikini bottom and without looking up, you purr, "You're very thorough."
A chuckle from me and then you fight a sigh from escaping as my thumbs graze against you.  You should stop it, but damn it's just such an incredibly yummy experience and what's the harm of a mostly innocent massage.  You giggle to yourself as it's been anything but innocent and to emphasize that point, you feel my thumbs slide under the edge of the bikini.  You think about stating that "No chance of a sun burn there", but my thumbs are pressing more firmly against your ass cheeks and damn it, that feels nice.
For a good couple of minutes, you're treated to a nice butt massage and you can't stop yourself in time and you groan "Hey!" when the delightful pressure from my thumbs is suddenly gone.
Another annoyingly adorable chuckle from me and then my body pressing against yours as I reach up to grab my cup and take a drink as I grind my very hard manhood even more firmly against you.  Your head is spinning, but you manage to quip, "You really could put your glass closer to you."
A chuckle before, "I'm afraid I'll knock it over" and then "plus, this feels really nice, doesn't it?"
"Sure" and then a squeal from you when an ice cube dropped on your back.  You fall for the trap and push up to shake it off and my hands that are holding ice cubes instantly cup your breasts and that cold feeling on your nipples was a brief moment of torture followed by indescribable pleasure.  You knew this had to stop or you'll lose all will power so you pushed your upper body back down to the chair.
Taking the hint, I pull my hands away, "This side is good and oily so do you want to flip over so I can do the front?"
As your brain was processing just how out of control that would likely become, I added, "Or, you seemed a bit disappointed when I ended the butt massage so should I continue with that for a bit longer?"
A fairly long pause as you figured that would be nice and hopefully something you could control so you threw out another irritating and indifferent, "Sure."
You giggled at the frustrated look on my face before taking a quick drink so my wandering hands could be stymied before settling back into the cushion and purring, "Continue cabana boy!"
A chuckle from me and this time I was massaging over your bikini bottoms and it felt really good and was a lot less enticing so you relaxed and enjoyed my hands wandering up and down your back and to your butt again and again.  As he looked down at her wonderful little body, he knew he should stop, but he also knew it was next to impossible.  They'd always shared this amazing chemistry and even though he hadn't seen her in person in nearly a year, that same feeling was back as if they'd just been in the office the previous day.
He intended to give her every chance to say no, but he was definitely going to make her decide so he leaned forward again to grab his cup and this time he pressed the tip of his rock hard cock against her opening and if it wasn't for their clothing he would have pressed up inside her.  She leaned up on her elbows and he handed her cup to her and felt her pushing backwards into him as they eye fucked each other for a long moment.
It was all he could do to not just pull clothing out of the way and enter her; from the look in her eyes, she definitely wanted him to, but he wanted to tease her a bit more.  He settled back and broke the contact and her eyes fluttered as she groaned sexily. 
Moments later his hands were oiled again and he tugged her bikini bottoms down enough to expose half her ass as his butt massage took on a renewed vigor.  It was absolutely sensational feeling and when Hubie tugged them even farther down off her hips, she simply spread her legs a bit farther.  There was ample room now for his hands to slip inside the legbands of her bikini bottoms and he did so.
He wasted no time and soon his thumbs were gliding sensuously up and down her lips and he dipped his thumb tips just barely inside her and enjoyed how wet she was.
"Shall I?" he asked vaguely.  She didn't look back at him, but she moaned as he pressed just one thumb into her to his first knuckle.
"We shouldn't" she finally sighed.
"But?" he whispered as he pressed his other thumb in as well.
"But I want to and I need you" she finally gasped.
He smiled at the admission of her need and he thought about just pulling her up to all fours and plowing her, but he wanted to watch her so he leaned up her body again forcing his hands under so that as he kissed her neck his hands were cupping her breasts until their mouths found each other.  After some heart stopping kissing, he growled, "Climb on then". 
And with strength that even surprised himself, he managed to pull her up, turn and lift her and deposit her on his lap.  Their hands worked in perfect unison to free his cock and soon she was riding up and down his cock in a frenzy of lustful hunger.
It was insanely erotic and it was all he could do to not lose his nut as her pussy had his cock in a death grip.  Remembering what she enjoyed most, his fingertips teased around her tight little rose hole while his other hand caressed her clit softly at first, but eventually almost roughly.  She was biting his shoulder as she kept gasping, "You fucker" again and again.  It brought back so many memories of their times together and as expected her fingers joined his in manipulating her clit and as she gasped something that sounded a lot like the L word, she came so hard that he was pretty sure she lost consciousness for a few breaths. 
Moments later he was exploding inside her with grunts and gasps as it felt like his body was pulling the jizz from the far reaches of his body.  They slowly moved together for another minute or two as they kissed almost tenderly until she rested her face on his shoulder, whispering, "I needed that; thank you."
He swatted her lightly on the ass and purred, "Any time." 
"Careful as I might take you up on that offer" she said dreamily.
"You better" was his response, but then he was jumping to his feet lifting her to her feet at the same time.  "Fuck!  I think I just heard someone inside your house."
The thought that her husband had arrived home early had their hearts hammering nearly as fast as earlier and as he threw everything into his cooler and started for the side gate, he suggested she jump in the pool to wash away the 'evidence'.  She smiled and he heard a splash as he slipped through the gate.
He was halfway down the block to where he'd left his car when he heard a man's voice calling out, "Hey, I've been trying to reach you for a while."  He paused long enough to hear their exchange and when he realized that it seemed they'd luckily escaped detection, he finished the walk to his car as he thought that hopefully they'd have another much longer meeting.

Submitted: June 07, 2020

© Copyright 2022 zebo85. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

So absolutely scorching hot! Whew! Yummy indeed! Loved every bit of this sexy recollection! Always love your Hubie stories any day to make it steamy!

Mon, June 8th, 2020 3:05am


I’m very glad you enjoyed it and that Hubie has a good life for sure! It was too hot to actually do anything outside so writing that story made it a little warm inside. LOL

Mon, June 8th, 2020 10:47am


That's what I love about your visits, Zebo. You come with a lunchbox and all your equipment.
Let me mention in passing that you're switching third person to first person back to third.
I'm guessing that I shouldn't be distracting you so much while you're writing, but I do love playing with your ice cubes....

Mon, June 8th, 2020 4:41am


Hey Kitten - I noticed I did that and got too lazy to fix it. I figured I could chalk it up to creative license but yeah, just being lazy.

And you have to come (or cum) prepared, right?!

Mon, June 8th, 2020 10:49am


Sexy stuff!

Mon, June 8th, 2020 5:38am


Yeah the Hubie stories are the best. Totally enjoyed this. He has an eventful life huh?

Mon, June 8th, 2020 9:08pm


He really does! Not sure how I get this life but I keep crossing my fingers.

Mon, June 8th, 2020 2:43pm

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