So Pissed

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Angry at her boss, things take a very unexpected turn.

It had been one of those days at work; the kind that were unfortunately becoming the norm and not the exception.  Her boss was a micromanaging obsessive compulsive and she just couldn't take it any longer.  It didn't help that things at home weren't the best and she was up to her eyeballs in stress.  

She was walking down the hallway past the executive offices; the sounds of her heels distracting her so much that she didn't even realize that she was muttering fuck over and over again.  She thought it was in her head, so she was absolutely floored when the new CFO stepped out of his office before she'd even gotten to his doorway.  His soft and sexy voice stopping her in her tracks as he said, "Everything alright, Ms. Cook."  
She'd only talked to him twice and she was scared to death of him.  Not that he was intimidating; he was actually quite nice, but he exuded a sort of raw sexuality that thrilled her, but also frightened her.  Most of the other women had said, "Not bad looking" when he first started, but she found herself fantasizing about him more and more.  
She noticed his tie was loose and before she could simply say that everything was fine and keep moving he added, "You look like you need a drink as much as I do."  
She was in a trance when he stepped out and wrapped his arm around her and steered her into his office.  The trance she was in barely acknowledged the clicking of door shutting as they were halfway towards his little sitting area by then.  "Fireball, right?" he asked.  
She wasn't sure how he knew she usually only did shots of Fireball, but it was in her hand and then down her throat a moment later.  They shared a look and as he was asking, "What's bothering you?" she mumbled something like, "I need more than a drink" as she pushed him down on his leather couch, straddled him and laid a kiss on him that left her breathless and wanting so much more.  

They sat there for a moment staring at one another as they fought to catch their breath and she nearly came to her senses and was about to apologize for her ridiculous behavior when he growled, "Fuck, I've been wanting to kiss you since I started."  

His strong hands were under her dress and squeezing her ass and pulling her even more firmly against his bulging erection as his mouth claimed hers again.  One of his hands left her ass to unzip the back of her dress and in a flash the top of her dress was at her waist and his teeth pulled down her lacy bra and slurped a nipple in as her hands tore open his slacks. 
When her hand touched his hot cock, she nearly lost all control and simply guided it past her tap panties, but she caught herself and moaned, "Please tell me you have a condom."  

He growled, "Fuck!" and she giggled for the first time in what felt like forever and said, "Unfortunately no."  
She pushed his cock back inside his boxer briefs and then began grinding on him.  They both moaned as it did feel good but not as good as it could have been if he was inside her and he purred, "I'll go get some so we can do this right later."  

She laughed and pulled at his hair playfully as she said, "Who says you'll get another chance."  
She was thrilled as his lips moved to her ear and purred, "Oh, we both want this; don't try and deny it."  

His confidence thrilled her and then his hands moved to his boxers and he pushed them down so now there was just the thin satin of her panties between them.  It felt so much better; so incredibly good that she didn't object and she began rubbing her throbbing clit against the head of his cock.  

His arms were long enough that he was able to reach around her and he pushed two fingers into her soaking pussy.  She lifted up off of his cock so she could hump his fingers, but she immediately missed the feel of his cock against her and so she slammed herself back down.  
She knew it was a bad idea because just one flick of either of their hands and his cock would slide past her panties and he would be deep inside her.  But she didn't care because she was going to cum and it was going to be powerful and she needed it desperately.  
His strong hand moved to her neck and she opened her eyes and looked into his hazel eyes as he whispered, "I can't wait until I'm ramming my cock into you and I bet the idea I might slip it in right now is driving you crazy."  
"Pretty full of yourself" she whimpered as she was almost there.  The feel of the satin against her clit as she rubbed against him was amazing and she could see him gritting his teeth to maintain control.  She bit his lower lip lightly and cooed, "You're liking this aren't you?  You like the feel of my silky panties on your little cock, don't you?"  
His fingers dug even deeper into her sopping pussy as he growled, "Oh, I'm loving this; the feel of you; the anticipation of having this little cock deep inside you; the way your face looks right now is breathtaking.  His words left her spiraling towards her release.  As her mind focused on the waves of pleasure building deep inside her she felt his very slow and obvious movements.  He was slowly pulling the crotch of her panties to the side while sliding his hips lower.  It was obvious what he was doing; if she didn't do something in a few short seconds, he'd be in position to adjust his hips and push right into her.  
What he had said a little earlier was so right because the thought of his cock slamming into her was amazing and she felt the impending orgasms grow in power and then he growled, "Tell me Ms. Cook that you can't wait to have my cock inside your sweet little pussy."  

"Fuck yes" was all she could manage and as her groans filled the air, he moved her back up and ground himself hard against her clit and she was overcome by her orgams.  He could have done pretty much anything he wanted with her as she felt like she blacked out.  
She groaned things into his ear that probably melted his insides and when she finally opened her eyes, she saw that she'd bitten through the shoulder of his shirt as she'd tried to muffle her moans.  
She slid off of him and settled into the couch next to him and looked up at him sheepishly.  In a quiet voice she whispered, "You're not going to file a harassment claim against me are you?"  
He laughed and then in a voice that was deadly serious, "No; well not as long as you finish me off, my dear."  

She looked over and saw that his cock was a little red from her abusing it, but it was still rock hard.  She giggled and whispered, "You poor thing."  
She slid off the couch and sat on the coffee table that was in front of the couch.  As his eyes were glued to her, she slipped her fingers into the waist band of her panties and slowly slid them down her legs and off.  
She leaned back and let him take a long look at her completely shaven pussy as she whispered to herself, "What should I do?  You were such a willing victim as I got off; I really do feel I owe you something."  

She paused as she looked at his eyes that displayed a partially amused and partially anxious feeling.  She leaned forward and softly ran her thumb over his cock; coating the mushroom shaped head with his pre-cum.  He moaned slightly and she continued, "But, and I'm sorry about this, I don't suck a man's cock unless I know him well.  She let her hand slide down his shaft; imagining how good it would feel in her pussy before adding, "You do promise if I let you cum now, you'll be able to fuck me properly."  

He nodded vigorously and she cooed, "Tell me stud; tell me what you're going to do with this monster."  

His voice was breathy and sexy as hell as he started talking.  As he told her how he was going to bend her over his desk and fuck her until she couldn't walk, she started sliding her silky panties lightly over just the head of his cock.  She relished his grimaces as the light feel apparently felt good, but also was slightly painful on his overly sensitized helmet. 
She wrapped her panties around his shaft and started stroking him with long slow strokes; making sure she rubbed the silky material all over his helmet and as her eyes flicked between watching what she was doing and then up at his face, she cooed, "Such a barbarian you are.  You sound like you're mad at my pussy and you're going to punish it.  You're not going to hurt me, are you?"  
She was mesmerized with watching his face as her hand got him closer and closer.  But she stopped and leaned back and let her fingers slide down her wet pussy lips; spreading them slightly so he could see her.  He groaned, "Oh fuck; you're beautiful.....can I taste you?"  
He looked so eager it was almost touching and so she moaned as she pushed her middle finger deep inside her and then quickly leaned forward so she could press it into his mouth.  As she felt him suckling on her finger, she stroked him harder as she cooed, "Cum in my panties, stud.  Let's see what this hose of a cock can do."  

She felt like she had so much control over this powerful man and it was an intoxicating feeling.  She pulled her hand away from his mouth and slid two fingers into her pussy as she continued to wank him.  
He was moaning "Oh fuck" again and again and she knew he was close so she immediately clamped her hand down on the base of his cock and stopped his explosion just moments before he was going to erupt.  His eyes bulged out and she could feel his cock pulsing in her hand and it was such a powerful turn on that she was on the verge of cuming again herself.  She looked into his face as she choked his cock while the fingers of her other hand softly teased her clit.
She was about to tell him to beg when he moaned, "Please!" and then his hand was on hers; forcing her to stroke him.  She didn't know what was going on inside her because being in control had turned her on, but now that he'd taken control over her, she was turned on by that too.  And then he pushed her even farther into the fog of arousal as he slid his fingers into her hair and slowly pulled her face towards his cock.  His grip felt very tender and she thought she could pull away if she wanted, so she resisted and to her great delight he didn't let her.  
His fingers gripped her hair and she fell forward into his lap and greedily took him into her mouth.  Her fingers were a blur on her clit and as he pumped his hot seed down her throat, she came as well.  She wasn't sure how many times she had to swallow, but it wasn't enough as some of his spend dribbled down her chin and onto his balls.  
She finally pulled off of him and looked up at him and enjoyed the sight of his sweet smile.  "Fuck that was amazing" he purred.  
She nodded her agreement and stood on wobbly legs and started fixing her clothes.  He watched her and she could feel how much he appreciated the sight of her until she finally said, "You promised me you'd be good to go again, so get moving."  

Submitted: March 01, 2015

© Copyright 2023 zebo85. All rights reserved.

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What a delicious surprise when I signed on today! There was your message...let's just say..."Fuck that was amazing"! As always Zebo85 you leave me wanting more!

Tue, March 3rd, 2015 5:11am


Well what a wonderful way to start the day for me!! Thank u so much for the great message. I'm glad u enjoyed it and hopefully I'll have more stories soon.

Tue, March 3rd, 2015 4:49am

Elizabeth Henry

Oh my goodness. I love this.

Fri, March 6th, 2015 3:15am


That comment certainly brought a smile to my face. I'm glad u enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

Fri, March 6th, 2015 3:54am

Alyson Williams

Just recovered from reading your last story and BAM! another hot one! Hubby still at work (some things are better when taken by your own hand! ;-}) Whew! Like the dom/sub tossing back and forth. Always love your writing and your stories. Done for the day though...can't take anymore heat! Hugs, Aly

Fri, March 20th, 2015 5:49pm


Oh my my; another wonderful comment. Thank you so much.

Sat, March 21st, 2015 7:28am

Britt Nicole

Ohhhhh goodness!!!!!! excuse me while i go change....

Sat, March 28th, 2015 9:24pm


What a wonderful comment; I'm so very glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment.

Sat, March 28th, 2015 2:26pm

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