Sitting on Santa's Lap

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A horrible job as a department store Santa takes a turn for the better!

He was sitting there looking at the nearly endless line of kids and he wondered why he’d ever agreed to this.  He was a successful business man, but he thought it would be fun to be a department store Santa for the holiday season, but the fun didn’t last long.  There was the occasional sweet child, but most whined, or smelled and then there were the parents.  Complaining about the quality of the picture or the wait or one of a million other complaints it and it was intolerable.  He’d taken to doing shots of Fireball every chance he could and he thought the cinnamon smell was a nice cover for the buzz that was getting him through his 10 hour shift. 

Just when he wondered how he could possibly endure any more he saw them.  Two women in their early 20’s dressed as elves; short skirts and tops that barely covered their young and firm tits.  They were eyeing him and smiling and he realized that he’d talked to one of them during his break yesterday when he’d removed his wig and beard to cool off.  He was a modest man, but he knew that he wasn’t bad looking and he wondered if these two young ladies had come dressed as they were to have a little fun with him; maybe just to tease him, but hopefully more. 

As he eyed them, the brunette bent over to adjust her stockings and he got a glimpse of her tight little ass.  Her green thong was so wonderfully bisecting her tanned cheeks.  She winked, but then gave him a naughty motion with her hands and he shrugged his shoulders and smiled.  The two young women whispered and giggled and then the blonde bent over and gave him a look at her tits; the lace of her red bra on display and he took a long look.

He whispered to his elf helper that he would be taking his lunch break after the two women and his mind went into overdrive at the thought of having them for lunch.  It took all of his self-control so he didn’t have a huge chub while he waited for them to get to the head of the line.  The sight of these two women in their skimpy outfits had him imagining things that would keep him warm at night. 

When they finally approached he changed his normal greeting of “Have you been a good girl (or boy)” to “Have you young ladies been naughty or nice this year?”  He put the emphasis on the word naughty and they clearly enjoyed and understood his innuendo. 

They both smiled and whispered, nearly in unison, “Oh Santa, we’ve been very naughty, but we’re hoping you’ll still bring us a treat” as they each settled onto one of his thighs. 

His hands went around their backs and across the tops of their asses as he whispered, “Oh, don’t worry, Santa has something very special for the two of you.” 

They were both rocking on his leg like they were trying to grind themselves to a cum as his photographer got the camera ready.  They leaned in to kiss him on each cheek and it took all his self-control to not glance left and right to look at their beautiful breasts and just as the camera was clicking, their hands reached down and grazed his very large erection. 

He swore he could feel their wet panties through his Santa costume and he whispered, “If you ladies want, I can give you your special gift right now.”  They looked at each other and smiled and didn’t hesitate to follow him. 

He had a small dressing room and moments later they were inside.  When he tried to remove his beard and wig, they quickly stopped him and said, “Oh no Santa!  We want you just like this!” 

They did peel off his coat and toss his fake fat belly aside before yanking his suspenders off his shoulders.  As his pants got to his knees, they pushed him down and as the brunette dropped to her knees and started sucking him, the blonde stood on the small couch, pushed his head back flat on top of the couch, pulled her thong to the side and pressed her sweet pussy down onto his mouth. 

For the next few minutes, he received an incredible blow job while he ate the blonde’s pussy with an enthusiasm that left her gasping for air.  Finally, the brunette said, “Santa’s cock is one sweet yule log and I need it inside me right now!”  The blonde moved off of his face and the brunette climbed onto the couch and leaned over the arm rest and pulled her thong to the side and whispered, “Fuck me, Santa baby.” 

He looked at her sweet pussy; all wet and ready for him, and he eagerly moved in behind her and slammed his cock balls deep into her surprisingly tight pussy.  The blonde knelt next to him and kissed him, gasping how good she tasted on his mouth. He held onto the brunette’s hip with one hand as his other hand began fingering the blonde’s snatch and he couldn’t believe how amazing this was.  The sight of his cock sliding past the green thong with each thrust while the woman he was fingering played with her own tits was pure fantasy material. 

He could feel the brunette’s hand down inside her thong as she frigged her clit and moments later she was groaning that she was cuming and he couldn’t help himself and his own climax was only seconds later.  The blonde had started rubbing her clit as he fingered her and she was overcome with her own orgasm and he pumped his seed deep into the brunette as the two women came.  

He continued thrusting until his release was complete and he nearly fell off the couch as the blonde pushed him aside and started lapping his cum out of her friend’s pussy.  She stopped long enough to eye him and purr, “Since you’re obviously too old to get it up again, it’s only fair that I do this.” 

The sight of the blonde eating out the brunette; with her tight little ass waving in front of his face was sensational and he realized that he’d never lost his erection.  He was drunk from the pure sexual nirvana he was experiencing as well as the numerous shots of Fireball he’d consumed and he spanked the blonde’s ass and growled, “Too old you say?!”

She looked back at him and her eyes seemed to say, “I hoped my little insult would get you going!”

He ripped her thong down her hips and plunged inside her.  She looked back at him and her face was exquisite as it illustrated her pleasure and he growled, “Santa needs to cum down your chimney, naughty girl.” 

Her eyes rolled back into their sockets as she clearly understood his message and a moment later, he was pushing the head of his cock into her rose hole.  She was pushing back to meet him and he could feel her legs quivering as each inch of him sunk into her.  When he was finally balls deep, he paused and let his fingers run up and down her thighs and ass for a moment as he’d never experienced pleasure like this before. 

She pushed against him; obviously urging him to begin thrusting as she whispered, “Please Santa; I’m naughty!  Do what you need to do.” 

It didn’t last long but after three incredible thrusts, she came with a squeal and he felt her honey sliding down her inner thighs from the wet cum she’d had.  His cock throbbed continually as he felt like he had ten orgasms in a row; most of them shooting nothing but air, but they felt sensational.  When he finally pulled out, the brunette had tired of watching and her lips wrapped around his cock; seemingly relishing in the taste of her friend. 

He begged her to stop as he was sensitive as hell and she reached up to kiss him sensuously before whispering, “Get dressed, Santa; you’re coming home with us.”  He smiled and watched them fix their clothing and a few minutes later they were walking out as he wondered what sort of carnal delights lay ahead of him.

Submitted: December 26, 2014

© Copyright 2023 zebo85. All rights reserved.

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Well it seems you can be naughty and Santa still rewards you...mmmm what a thought! Luv'd it... well done! ;)

Fri, December 26th, 2014 9:58pm


I'm very glad u enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Not my normal type of story so it was kind of fun to write.

Sat, December 27th, 2014 6:57am

Secret Solace

This is probably the most colorful erotica I've read in awhile. "Santa needs to cum down your chimney, naughty girl." That was hilarious! I like a sexy story with a mix of humor.

Mon, December 29th, 2014 11:03pm


I must admit I chuckled for quite a while after typing that. Elves on the shelf were cringing all over the world. Lol

Thanks again for leaving a comment.

Mon, December 29th, 2014 3:51pm

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