Mrs. Touhott

Mrs. Touhott Mrs. Touhott

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Does Hubie's loyalty to his female boss finally pay off?


Does Hubie's loyalty to his female boss finally pay off?


Submitted: June 10, 2013

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Submitted: June 10, 2013



As he sat there waiting for his boss to come into the executive conference room, he thought about how lucky he was.  He’d been promoted to Chief Financial Officer of this family owned company when he was only 24 and now at 26, he was embroiled in an acquisition that would nearly double the size of the company.  He knew Daphne had stuck her neck out when she’d promoted him over so many other internal and external candidates and he was loyal to a fault.  His other fault was his obsession with Mrs. Daphne Touhott.  She was 45 years old and like a fine wine got better each year.This was in spite of the fact that her last two years had been exceptionally challenging as her husband had died suddenly from a heart attack and she’d been left to run the business alone.  Hubie knew that was one of the reasons she had promoted him was she knew she could trust him and that allowed her to focus on other parts of the business. 

His thoughts went back to Daphne and he smiled as even though her name wasn’t pronounced that way, he had to catch himself at least once a week as he nearly called her Mrs. “Too Hot”.  She always told him to call her Daphne, but they both seemed to enjoy him being more formal with her.  His thoughts drifted to wondering what she’d be wearing today.  She was always in a skirt or dress and she wore them better than any woman he’d ever seen.  Her curves were just perfect and each of her outfits seemed to hug her just right.

He couldn’t help but wonder if she’d let anyone near her womanly goods since her husband had died and the thought of being lucky enough to press his lips to her pussy made him quickly harden.  He tried to suppress his thoughts as he knew she’d be coming in soon and his cock was starting to throb.  Little did he know that Daphne was also struggling with her lustful urges.  Even though she had adored her late husband, their sexual chemistry had waned over the last few years of their marriage and so she was terribly neglected.  She masturbated often, but it wasn’t enough.  She wanted to find a lover that would indulge her many fetishes, but it had to be someone that could be discreet as she had an image to uphold and so she felt that her situation was nearly hopeless. 

She pushed those thoughts out of her head as she entered the small conference room that was adjoining her large executive suite.  As usual Hubie rose to formally greet her and she couldn’t help but notice the large bulge in his slacks when he turned towards her.  She felt her heart beat rapidly increase and then he said it, “Good morning, Mrs. TooHot.” 

His face turned completely red with embarrassment and she giggled as she settled into the chair next to him.  She playfully tapped his arm as she said, “One more reason you must start calling me Daphne.” 

Hubie was speechless for two reasons; the first was obvious as he’d finally messed up and called her Mrs. TooHot; the second was the image in front of him.  After sitting down, she had crossed her legs and her wrap skirt had fallen open revealing several inches of her beautiful sky blue slip.  Little did she know that he masturbated daily with thoughts of her in her lingerie.  He’d known for quite a while that she wore stockings and garter belts as he could see the telltale bumps under her skirts and dresses and he found that sexy as hell.  However, the normal prim and proper Mrs. TooHot rarely had flashed a view of her slip like this before. 

He told himself that he needed to stop looking, but it was so beautiful and it looked so sexy against her legs and he saw that the slip was split up the middle and he was hoping she’d move in her seat and he’d get an even better view.  As he was lost in his own thoughts, Daphne finally noticed young Hubie’s gaze.  As she moved some papers on the table to distract him, she glanced down and realized what he was looking at.  Her first thought was to fix her skirt, but she stopped herself and her second thought made her pussy spasm in arousal.  She’d always viewed Hubie like the son she’d never had.  He was always so polite and so professional, but seeing his lust filled eyes, she finally understood how much he desired her.  Under different circumstances, the thought might have simply been considered a nice compliment, but in her current state of mind, she realized that he could be the perfect lover.  His loyalty was beyond question and she’d always ignore her own physical attraction to him because she had considered him like family, but now it was like a light had been turned on; more of a blazing fire as she realized she was fantastically aroused. 

She reached down and scratched her leg as she uncrossed and then crossed her legs the other way and with a little help from her hand, she was now revealing even more of her slip and a view of her legs all the way up to the tops of her stockings.  She couldn’t describe the incredible pleasure she felt in displaying herself to Hubie and as she glanced over at him, his adoring eyes made her want him even more.  Hubie was having trouble breathing as he had watched her legs moving and now with the visual feast in front of him, he worried that he might actually cum he was so incredibly turned on.  His cock was throbbing and literally jumping in his slacks and he hoped she wouldn’t realize his attraction and be disgusted with his wanton thoughts.

He tried to start his presentation, but he could barely speak.She turned towards him as she uncrossed her legs and he caught a glimpse of her matching sky blue panties and the straps of the matching garter belt and his world felt like it was getting turned upside down.  She squeezed his thigh and asked, “Hubie, what in the world is the matter with you today.  You seem completely distracted.”

He hung his head in shame as he confessed, “Daphne, I’m terribly sorry, but I have wanted you for years and with you sitting right next to me and I can see so much of your sexy lingerie, I can’t think.  Fuck, I can’t even breathe.  My cock is so hard for you and all I can think about is burying my face in those pretty blue panties of yours.” 

Her heart was pounding in her chest as she heard him confess his desire for her, but she was still cautious.  “Hubie – I’m so sorry, I hadn’t realized you felt this way and that I’d been so careless with my skirt.”  She paused for a moment as she considered her options and then added, “Well, that’s not entirely true, I did see where your eyes were looking earlier, so I had a bit of fun and let you see a little more.  I guess I’m a bit of a hussy, aren’t I?”

Her playful tone made him look up and he quickly said, “Oh gosh no, Daphne, I would never consider you a hussy; you are such a lady, so sophisticated and fine……but so entirely hot and fuckable too.” 

His use of the word fuckable had a profound impact on her and she knew it was now or never.  “Hubie, you are so sweet and such a handsome young man.  As owner and CEO of this company you understand that something happening between us would be scandalous.  My place in the community and this company would be forever tarnished if someone even suspected something was going on.”She paused for en even longer time as she gazed into his face and took note for the first time of how soft his lips looked.  His eyes were moving from her still exposed lap to her breasts and she wondered if her hard nipples were visible and then she finally added, “You say you saw my panties…….did you see that they were wet?” 

His eyes flashed back to hers and they widened in shock and then quickly closed to lust filled slits.  In a voice that made her shiver, he panted, “No Daphne, I didn’t notice they were wet….I would very much like to look again, closer if possible.  You know that I would never betray you.  No one would ever know; I would do anything to be with you; I dream about making you cum; seeing how beautiful your face would be as you cum.” 

His devotion was such a turn on and the size of the bulge in his slacks was certainly making her wonder just what his cock was like.  She spun side to side in her chair and her slip and skirt flipped up with her movements and the air felt cool against the heat of her thighs.  She finally said, “This really is crazy; we have this deal to complete and there are so many reasons we shouldn’t be having this conversation.” 

She started to swing her legs under the table to hide them and then she stopped.  She knew the guest entrance to the conference room would have locked when she had closed the door from her office and since it was already 7:00 PM, no one else would be around.  She moved her chair so it was facing him again and softly said, “It does seem like you’re in some discomfort, let’s get your cock out and let it breathe and stretch a bit.” 

Hubie looked at her with disbelief in his eyes.  His disbelief turned into astonishment as she added, “We don’t have all day” and then leaned over and quickly undid his belt, slacks and zipper and then reached into the fly of his boxers and hauled his cock out.  Just the touch of her hand on his hard cock felt sinfully good and he focused with all his might to hold off the orgasm that nearly erupted.  Once it was exposed, she released it and leaned back and admired it. 

For the first time, her own lust was betrayed in her voice, “Hubie, that’s a real nice piece of meat you have there.  Just like Goldilocks would say, not too small or not too big, but just right.” 

Watching Daphne looking at his cock was like a dream come true and he wondered just how far this might go.  He didn’t have long to wait as she added, “Hubie, we do have work to do, but it’s clear that you……, fuck, okay, who am I kidding, both of us, need some release so we can focus.  So, do as I say, okay?” 

He nodded silently and willed his cock to stop throbbing.  She lifted up off her chair and then swiftly pulled her half-slip down her legs and off.She leaned forward again and draped it over his cock.  The feeling of the cool nylon against him was fantastic and then she was leaning back again and sliding off one shoe.  He watched as she placed her foot against his cock and started rubbing his cock through the slip with her toes.  He groaned and then gasped as he watched her reach down inside her panties.  He heard her fingers enter her wet pussy and he panted, “I desperately want to taste you, Daphne.” 

Her foot kept moving up and down his slip covered cock and her eyes were mere slits as she said, “Call me Mrs. TooHot.  It sounds so much naughtier, don’t you think?” 

He groaned again as she slid the silky slip across his sensitive mushroom shaped head, “Oh Mrs. TooHot, please let me taste you.” 

She giggled slightly and then she growled, “Hubie, I have a lot of fantasies that have never been fulfilled; would you indulge me if I ask?” 

He didn’t even pause to consider it and quickly replied, “Mrs. TooHot, I’ll do anything; anything to give you pleasure; your pleasure is all I care about.” 

She pushed her toes up under his balls and then jiggled them a bit with her silky toes as she cooed, “You don’t even want to know before you agree?” 

She could see he was close to cumming and that turned her on even more.  She began stroking his cock with her toes with long strokes up and down his shaft and rubbing his helmet each time she reached the top.  Her sky blue slip was saturated with his pre-cum and she wondered what he tasted like. 

He finally gasped, “Please tell me some of your fantasies, Mrs. TooHot.” 

She reached down with her left hand and pulled her panties to the side so he could see that she had two fingers buried in her pussy while her pinkie was tickling her rose hole.  His eyes glowed brightly and she knew he was going to be a fantastic student and would, in fact, do whatever she wanted. 

“Well, Hubie, I have a lot of fantasies about my ass; you tonguing my ass, you fucking my ass, you placing a vibrator in my ass while fucking my pussy.” 

She had his cock pressed tight against his belly and was now making slow circles through the slip just on his head.  She could see him tense as it was probably an agonizingly wonderful feeling, but not quite enough to make him cum.

“Does that sound good, Hubie?” she cooed.

“Oh yes, Mrs. TooHot; that sounds terrific; what else?” 

She pushed her pinkie a little farther into her ass while starting to caress her clit with her thumb.  She was getting close to an orgasm herself, but she wanted to hold off.

“Well, I didn’t realize it until today, but you obviously have quite a fetish for my lingerie.”  He was nodding and starting to thrust his cock against her foot; trying obviously to get his orgasm.  She found his need exhilarating, so she slipped off her other shoe and surrounded his slip covered cock with the soles of both feet.  He started thrusting between her feet, but quickly stopped when she commanded, “Not yet; not until I tell you to.” 

“So back to my lingerie,” she started.  “On certain days, you’ll come to my house and help me get dressed.  If you do as you’re told and are a good boy, I will pick out a panty and garter belt set for you.” 

His eyes were glazing over and he involuntarily thrust between her feet once before catching himself before saying, “Mrs. TooHot, I don’t understand; for me?”

She moved her feet in unison up and down the length of his shaft and watched his body shake with anticipation.  “Yes, Hubie, I’ll roll stockings up your legs, attach them to the garter belt, slide panties up over that beautiful cock of yours and you’ll wear them under your pants that day.  On even numbered days, I’ll come to your office, mount that panty covered cock of yours and ride you until we both cum.  How does that sound?” 

She could feel his cock pulsing between her feet and his silence was his answer.  As her own fingers started plundering her pussy, she said, “Cum in my slip, Hubie.” 

He only needed to thrust a few times before she felt his cock growing in size and then exploding.  The first eruption somehow escaped the confines of the slip and she was amazed as it shot up past the level of his shoulders before falling back down on the slip.  She trapped the rest with the slip and stroked him a few more times before whispering, “Oh Hubie, please suck my clit, I’m almost there.”

He immediately fell to his knees and as she reached up with both hands to pull him to her, her panties fell back in place so his lips sucked her clit into his mouth through the wet thin nylon of the panties and the sensations seemed to be magnified.  She threw one leg over his shoulder and humped his face and as he pressed his thumb into her ass, she climaxed.  Even with her wild thrashing, his slips stayed clamped to her clit and the wave of orgasms was unlike anything she’d felt in years.  She finally had to wedge her other foot against his shoulder and push with all her strength to break his mouth’s grasp on her clit. 

He fell to the floor and looked at her in awe.  His eyes were locked on hers and he whispered, “I’ll do whatever you want, but after we work for a little while, can I please fuck that sweet pussy of yours?” 

She laughed as she fixed her skirt.  She patted his chair as she said, “Let’s see how much work you get done first.” 


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