Interview Techniques

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Hubie wants this new job badly, but he wants his new boss even more so.

He was on his third hour of interviews and he felt pretty good.  He’d spent five years in his first job that he had landed straight out of college and this was his first opportunity at moving into a larger company as one of the top finance executives.  His mentor at his current job had gotten him this opportunity and he didn’t want to mess it up because he’d stuck his neck out for him and he wanted the job. 

His next interview was going to be with the founder’s daughter, who had recently been promoted to president.  He’d done some research on her and this was the interview he was most concerned about.  Partly because she was known for being pretty tough on people, but more so because he considered her smoking hot.  She was somewhere around fifteen years older than him, but that didn’t bother him at all.  On the contrary, it made her even more appealing. 

He waited by her secretary’s desk and she was a pleasant woman which was good because he had to wait for nearly 20 minutes.  He was about to excuse himself to use the restroom when Jane finally stepped out and introduced herself.  He was a little surprised that she didn’t even acknowledge that she kept him waiting and he had to force himself to keep his eyes from wandering her curves.  She was even more exceptional looking than he had seen in the numerous pictures that he had found online. 

She was wearing a red knee length pencil skirt and sheer white blouse and her full C cup breasts swayed with each step and he wondered if the lace he spied under her blouse was only a camisole and not even a bra.  She turned to lead him back into her office and he immediately noticed that her legs weren’t bare and that made him wonder if she was wearing stockings.  He scanned her skirt for any telltale signs of a garter belt and his heart raced as he thought maybe he spied a bump along the back of each leg.

He then saw how well her skirt hugged her sweet ass and that the back of her skirt had a very high slit.  As she walked, he feasted on the sight of her legs flashing due to the high slit and that exquisite view along with his mostly full bladder, made it hard to stop the erection that was building.  He adjusted his tie and took a deep breath and steeled himself for a daunting challenge.  His mentor had given him some advice and he hoped it would help.  He had told him to not back down when Jane eventually tried to steam roll him.  Something his mentor had assured him she would do at some point. 

He was surprised that she led him to her conference room table instead of sitting behind her desk as a show of authority.  She leaned over the front of her desk to grab what turned out to be his resume, and he was lost in the view up the slit in her skirt to where he thought he could see the darker band of the top of her stockings.  Just the thought of her long legs wrapped around his lower back; the smooth nylon of her stockings caressing his skin made him light headed. He barely averted his eyes in time so she didn’t see what he’d been looking at and he wished he’d used the restroom.  It was making his attempts to quell his arousal from becoming very noticeable nearly impossible. 

She sat down and asked him to give her a quick summary of his resume.  He did so in a few minutes; hitting the highlights and he struggled to keep from saying something sarcastic as she was reading her email on her phone the entire time.  It was so obvious because there was nearly 30 seconds of silence between when he finished and when she looked up from her phone.  He had almost made up his mind that he couldn’t work for her because they would likely be working together fairly closely and he was almost 100 percent sure he couldn’t deal with what appeared to be a very rude personality.

She finally looked up and gave him a disinterested look and then leaned forward as she pushed his resume towards him to show him a bullet point on his resume.  She was focused on his resume and he glanced down her blouse and wished he hadn’t.  Her blouse had billowed open and she was wearing a creamy colored camisole and it was gaping open and he would have seen a nipple if she hadn’t been wearing the skimpiest bra he’d ever seen.  It explained why her breasts were barely restrained and my god, it was sexy.  It was a light pink color and it looked amazing against her very dark skin. 

He sat there stunned and she seemed quite perturbed when she had to ask her question a second time.  She was asking him to elaborate on the bullet point she had pointed to on his resume.  It was a decent question, but just the way she asked it made him think that she really didn’t care what his response was going to be.  He kept an eye on her as he explained the project that she’d asked about and he went so far as to insert the words, “It was a very sexually satisfying project”.  She actually nodded when he had said that and it was clear she wasn’t listening at all. 

When he finished, he then asked if he could ask a question.  And of course, she had to lean back and cross her legs and his distaste for her personality seemed to make his need to fuck her exponentially higher as he devoured the thighs that came into view.  He took a breath and asked, “Would we be working closely together; needing to spend a lot of time together I mean?” 

She seemed surprised by his question and hemmed and hawed and then said, “Well, yeah probably.  You’ll be one of the top finance executives right from the start and if it works out, quite possibly the CFO within two years, so yes, we would need to work together a lot.” 

He smiled and said, “I was afraid of that.  Jane, I think this company has a great history and an even greater future ahead under the right circumstances, but I don’t think I could work for you.” 

He started to stand and she looked at him like she couldn’t believe was happening.  He could see that she was pissed off and she said, “What the hell?!  You’re going to walk out of the interview?  Are you crazy?” 

He smiled for the first time because he thought he finally understood her brash attitude; she was scared of screwing up and she was feeling like she was doing that very thing right then and there.  It dawned on him that everyone that he’d already interviewed with had said that they should hire him and she was going to have to explain what happened.  He softly said, “I might be crazy.  I want this job; I want it badly.  I know I could do a good job here, but from what I’ve seen, your personality and what I’m guessing is your management style will run this company into the ground.” 

He couldn’t believe he said it as soon as it came out of his mouth.  He was thinking of how he was going to explain this to his mentor when she slapped him hard across the face.  It knocked his glasses half off his face and he simply reacted.  He grabbed her hand and twisted it until she had to stand up to try and lessen the strain on her arm.  He stood with her and his tongue snaked out and he tasted blood and his voice took on a tone he’d never heard before, “Apologize for that right now, you spoiled bitch.” 

She swung with her left hand as she squealed, “Let go of me!  No one talks to me like that!”  He caught her hand before it made contact and held both her hands at her hips as he stepped closer to her.  He didn’t stop until his pelvis was pressing against hers and he noticed with satisfaction that her eyelids fluttered when their bodies met.  He pushed her hands back behind her so his hands could move across her ass and with their faces just inches away, he whispered in a commanding tone, “That is exactly your problem, Jane; someone should have taught you a thing or two about how to treat people a long time ago.  Apologize right fucking now!” 

She started shaking her head no and his words literally oozed out of his mouth and what he said was even a surprise to him.  “If your apology sounds convincing, I’ll even consider fucking you.  You definitely need a good pounding and I know you want me to be the one to give it to you.” 

Her only response was to gasp and push herself into him as her eyes looked wildly up into his face.  She finally mumbled, “You are fucking crazy.” 

He let his hands slide down the length of her back garter strap as he moved his lips ever so closely to her neck.  Following the sensual curve of it until he whispered into her ear, “C’mon you sweet piece of ass, I know you can feel my cock against you.  I can feel you shaking.  I know you’re wet; I know you need this.Just apologize for slapping me and we can finish this interview the right way.” 

She didn’t sound the least bit sincere as she gasped, “Let go of me or you’ll regret it.” 

He was wild with need, but he felt strangely calm as he purred, “Oh Jane honey, you’ve been hiding behind this façade of being tough for too long.  If you’re not soaking wet, I’ll leave right now.” 

Her eyes displayed confusion as she didn’t understand what he meant, but then his right hand had moved to the front of her skirt and even though her hands were now free, she simply stood there and waited.He slowly hiked her skirt up in front; letting his fingertips slide along the smooth nylon of her stocking.  He could feel her hips pushing forward; anticipating his touch.  She shifted her feet to widen her stance and he relished how this amazing woman was giving herself to him.  He’d never been this demanding; this forward and as he pushed his hand between her soft thighs, she put a hand on the table behind her for balance and leaned back just before his fingers slid along her slippery wet pussy through her skimpy g-string. 

He’d been right; her tiny g-string was soaked from her arousal.  His fingers teased her; pulling the g-string to the side so his fingers could barely dip between her lips enjoying the feel of her wetness, but not penetrating her.  “Apologize Jane” he said in a softer voice. 

Her eyes were beautiful as they surveyed his face; noticing the blood dried on the corner of his lip where she’d slapped him.  “I’m sorry Hubie, I really am.  You’re not really going to fuck me, are you?  Right here?” she said in a whisper.

He chuckled and then picked her up and quickly turned her.  Using his weight he pressed her upper body down over the table as his hands ripped the g-string from her waist before his hands opened his slacks and pushed them to his ankles.  She looked back at him as he guided his cock up and down her wetness as she pushed back trying to impale herself onto his meat.  “Say please” he growled; needing to make her beg for it. 

She reached back to grip his shaft; wanting to hold it in place so she could take him inside her and the look on her face thrilled him to his core.  She finally gasped, “Please, fuck me.  I’ll do anything to have you inside me.” 

As he thrust deep inside her, he wondered if he’d ever hear sweeter words than those.  He was amazed at how tight she was and how incredibly wanton she was as she pushed back with just as much force as he had thrust.  Glancing down he smiled at what an incredible sight it was.  Her pink garter belt perfectly framing her ass and his cock buried deep inside her.  He felt a chill run down his spine straight to his balls and then his hand came down hard on one perfect ass cheek as he growled, “You will start treating people around here with respect.”  They were rutting at a furious pace as he growled instructions with each thrust and each spank.  He noticed her hand moving under her to rub her clit and he stopped spanking her long enough to grab it; stopping her from pushing herself over the edge. 

He yanked her upper body up as he continued to hold her hand.  He guided it inside her blouse and together they teased her nipples as his mouth finally claimed hers.  The kiss was just as intense as their fucking had been.  When he finally broke the kiss, he whispered tenderly in her ear, “Do you understand Jane?  That you control the destiny of this company?  I’ll be here for you, helping you when I can, but you have to trust others to succeed.” 

She nodded and then groaned as he pulled on one hard nipple.  He groaned, “God, this is going to be fun” as he pressed her back down to the table top and began thrusting furiously.  She looked up at him; seeking permission without using words and he nodded and her hand moved quickly to her clit and as she rubbed her clit, he assaulted her sweet pussy. 

After they had both cum, they collapsed into their chairs and sat there looking at each other.  She was one sexy hot mess.  Her tits were hanging out of her blouse, her stockings were halfway down her legs as his furious thrusting had caused them to be ripped from the attachments.  Her inner thighs were slick from her honey.  He looked down at his cock which was still half erect and then looked at her.  Her eyes were smoky still; like she hadn’t had enough.  She followed his gaze down to his cock and the words were barely out of his mouth and she was moving, “Clean me up, Jane”. 

The feel of her warm mouth on his cock made him jump in his seat and he felt himself immediately start getting hard again.  As he looked down at her sucking his cock eagerly, he smiled and thought, “This is going to be one helluva place to work!”

Submitted: December 30, 2014

© Copyright 2023 zebo85. All rights reserved.

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You Tarzan? Her Jane? ;) spicy, loved it.

Tue, December 30th, 2014 6:15pm


LOL: no loin cloths this time, but maybe next time :)

thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I greatly appreciate it.

Tue, December 30th, 2014 10:20am


That was hot! I love your stories...what a coincidence. ..I have an interview in a few hours! Lol Happy New Year!

Wed, December 31st, 2014 7:09pm


I'm so glad you enjoyed it and wouldn't that be a wonderful distraction to be thinking about in an interview!!

Happy New Year to you also!

Wed, December 31st, 2014 11:13am

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