Her Quest

Her Quest Her Quest

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Hubie, the CPA, meets the most amazing new client and he does his best to give her world class customer 'service'.


Hubie, the CPA, meets the most amazing new client and he does his best to give her world class customer 'service'.


Submitted: June 04, 2016

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Submitted: June 04, 2016



As she rolled her nude stocking up her leg, Hannah thought about the whirlwind month she’d been having.  Really, her life had been in disarray ever since she’d caught her husband of ten years cheating on her and she’d thrown him out.  He was a successful businessman so she received a sizable financial settlement, but emotionally she’d spent a long time just trying to figure out what was what in the world.  It had led her to an insatiable desire for working out and the resulting incredible physical transformation and as she looked at herself in her new sapphire blue with white lace bra and panty set, she really liked what she saw. 

As she slipped into her new dress she thought back and admitted she definitely hadn’t been prepared that day she’d walked in on her husband fucking his co-worker nor had she been prepared for what happened just a few weeks ago.  She’d been out with friends and afterwards as she walked to her car, she felt more tipsy than she normally got, but so alive.  She’d had such a great time with her friends, laughing and sharing stories and on that dark and cool night her hunger for intimacy was all she could think about; actually, intimacy didn’t do it justice, what she really needed was a good, hard fuck.  The noise of a car unlocking near where she walked caught her attention and she turned and saw a reasonably handsome man staring at her. 

Something came over her and she stopped as her eyes surveyed him before she said, “You only like to look?” 

“Wha…wha…what?” he stammered out. 

She was both amused and thrilled at his reaction as she sensed both his excitement and his hesitation.  She saw his wedding ring and thought it was perfect; as was his Cadillac Escalade with nearly illegally tinted windows.  She kept walking towards him and his eyes were still expressing shock as she watched his bulge growing in his slacks. 

Once she got to his car, she playfully pulled on his tie and purred, “Get in and slide over to the passenger seat.” 

“But..but…but” he stuttered but it didn’t stop him from doing as she instructed. 

She was starting to wonder what she was doing but her body was literally buzzing and there was no turning back even though she wished he was more confident and aggressive.  He was still settling into the seat when she straddled his legs and pressed herself down onto his bulge.  Just the feel of his hardness against her made her gasp with pleasure.

“Do you have a condom?” she growled. 

“Jesus, no; I’m sorry” he quickly replied. 

Her disappointment was obvious, but she decided to make the most of it as she pushed down his slacks so she could grind against his hardness with only the thin nylon of her thong and his boxers between them.  She pulled his hands to her tits, but her wish that he would be a little rough and demanding wasn’t granted and she tried to make it as quick as possible as she ground against him frantically.  She rubbed her throbbing clit against his cockhead and it felt delicious but she couldn’t quite get off.  However when he groaned and exploded, she could feel his hot seed splashing inside his boxers and it pushed her over the edge and she came with a rush. 

She looked down at the mess of his shorts from his explosion and her own very wet cum and she found it amusing that he might have some serious explaining to do when he returned home.  To add more drama to his life she leaned down and whispered, “Thanks honey” and pressed her lips against his collar leaving just a trace of lipstick.  She hopped out of the passenger door and giggled to herself at what a little minx she was. 

And now as she checked how she looked in the mirror one last time, she knew she was on a quest to find a man for another quickie, but this time Hannah was prepared with condoms in her purse.  There was something about how euphoric it had been to have all the control it had haunted her dreams and she buzzed with an energy that she hadn’t felt in a decade.  Hannah’s dress was both sophisticated and sexy as she had to meet with her accountant before she went scouting for her next conquest.  The dress was a dark blue color that showed her curves without being too tight and it was short enough to show off lots of her toned and tanned legs and the stockings added to her allure. 

Arriving at the accountant’s office, Hannah was showed into a much larger office than the previous time she’d been there.  Since the divorce she’d been doing interior design work for many of her affluent friends and so she’d hired a firm to prepare her taxes.  A moment later, a handsome man walked in and introduced himself as Hubie.  His handshake was firm and although his eyes never left hers, Hannah sensed a desire to let his eyes roam over her body and that thrilled her.  His tie was loose around his neck and with his shirtsleeves rolled up she could see that he was well tanned and he sure as hell didn’t look like any accountant she’d ever seen. 

He pointed to a table in the corner of his office where she recognized some of the files that she’d brought to Chet, the accountant she’d met the first time.  She was about to ask about Chet when Hubie offered, “Just so you understand, Chet did most of the work on this, but since I’m the lead partner, he asked if I would be able to meet with you to go over a few issues we’ve found.” 

Hannahs’s eyes had been glued to Hubie’s ass as he leaned over the table, but the word issue brought her back to reality.  “Oh dear, did I do something wrong?” 

He turned and quickly sat next to her and squeezed her hand and said, “Oh Hannah, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to startle you.  There are just a few things we need to work out to ensure we have an accurate…..and acceptable tax return.” 

She felt a bit of relief, but when she caught him gazing down at her exposed thigh, her body shifted into another gear.  She scratched an imaginary itch on her thigh, pulling the hem of her dress up a few more inches and hoped he was seeing her stocking tops.  His eyes flicked back up to hers and he smiled; not showing a bit of concern that she’d probably seen his wandering eyes and she found that to be quite sexy.  He pulled a legal pad closer and saw neat block lettering and she bit her lower lip in anticipation of the questions to come.  She laughed nervously when he nearly knocked over his bottle of water and he gave her a long look before he whispered, “You have lovely eyes; even more so when you’re amused like you are now.” 

She blushed slightly and started to tuck her legs under the table, but he moved closer and his leg stretched out and blocked her.  It was such a subtle move that it could have been inadvertent, but she chose to believe that he did it on purpose because he wanted to be able to see her legs, so she uncrossed and crossed them the other way so her foot was nearly touching his calf. 

The sweet feel of this possible seduction got upended a moment later when he asked his first question, “Okay Hannah about your deductions, some of these wouldn’t stand up to an audit.” 

He paused and the sexiest smile grew on his face as he added, “Well, maybe they would, but you’d have to get the right auditor.” 

She was clearly confused as she’d simply given Chet all of her receipts from the credit card she had used exclusively for business.  Hubie saw her confusion and said, “Let me explain in more detail” before pulling out a pile of receipts. 

His eyes were absolutely twinkling as he said, “Now I could see where having your own business can be very stressful and certainly with your recent divorce maybe your normal methods of relieving stress aren’t always available, but I don’t think the IRS will accept these as business expenses” and then he started flipping through a sheaf of receipts as he read them off, “One black mamba 8 inch dildo, one water proof ladies very personal massager….”

She was completely mortified as she must have used her business card for some personal purchases and his sexy voice was now listing off lingerie and erotic video purchases and she reached and tried to pull them out of his hands.  To her surprise, he pulled his hand away and kept reading before pausing and giving her long sultry look saying, “Chet had told me that you were beautiful, but he definitely didn’t, or couldn’t put into words, just how jaw dropping sexy, you are!” 

His eyes were smoldering and her emotion quickly switched from embarrassment to arousal but she didn’t know what to do.  Instead of being the aggressor this time she was frozen in place. 

She felt herself trembling and her arousal was spiking and she imagined slipping off her dress and letting his eyes devour her, but he moved first and he slid his chair closer as he whispered, “Unless you object, how about we take a break from this boring tax stuff and let me relieve some of your stress?”

As she watched in stunned silence, his hands moved to her knees and all she could think of was that his hands were so incredibly warm.  He didn’t waste any time and soon her dress was pushed nearly into her lap and his thumbs were making delirious little circles on her inner thighs just an inch from the leg band of her panties.  It felt so damn good and she wanted him to feel how wet her panties were and then slide his thumbs up inside her as a brief appetizer to having him fill her pussy with his cock, but that’s not what she said. 

For an instant she thought she wanted to regain that thrill she’d experienced from being in control and she looked at him and said in a breathless whisper, “You must be out of your mind.” 

His reaction left her speechless and in near tears because just after letting his thumbs drift along the wet nylon covering her pussy, he pulled his hands away and abruptly said, “Hannah, there all kinds of games I’d love to play with you, but not this one.  If you can’t admit that you want to fuck me just as much as I want to fuck you, I’ll resign myself to knowing I had this fantastic woman in my office, wet and aching for me, but she was too stubborn to let something amazing happen because she had to be in control.” 

His confidence thrilled her, but yet she couldn’t allow herself to beg for his touch back so she went with coy, “Wha…wha…what?” she whispered. 

His look of annoyance melted almost immediately and his chuckle and growing smile was infectious and his hands moved back to her legs and he slid his knee under her chair to tilt it back as his thumbs quickly slid along her wet thong crotch and she couldn’t but purr like a contented kitten.  His urgency was sexy as hell as he growled, “God damnit; your sensuality is intoxicating but you need to repeat these words, Miss Hannah.  Fuck me, Hubie.  Fuck me right now……..please.” 

His eyes were filled with lust and she pressed her hands against the arm rests of the chair so she could roll her hips and grind herself against his talented thumbs and as she bit down on her lower lip, she eye fucked him.  It was like one of those childhood contests where the first to blink lost and she thought she could wait him out and not give him what he wanted, but still get what she wanted; which was a good hard fuck on his conference table.  However, his thumbs knew just how to touch her and they were squeezing the crotch of her thong together so that his thumbs could slide along her wet crease and she knew as soon as she acquiesced he was going to press both his thumbs inside her.

She finally gasped, “Fuck me, Hubie; Fuck me right now!”  She didn’t add the word please as he had demanded and she could feel the tips of her thumbs pressing into her wetness and she moaned and as she saw his smirk, she added, “You work for me, so I shouldn’t have to say please.” 

She nearly tipped the chair over backwards as his thumbs delved deep inside her at the same moment that he chuckled gleefully.  As she was trying to process just how good his thumbs felt, they were gone and she felt weightless as he easily picked her up and set her on the edge of the table.  He kissed her with a passion that matched hers and his fingers deftly undid the side zipper of her dress and as he lifted her dress up and off, her hands wildly worked at undoing his slacks. 

She lost track of what she was doing when she felt his strong hands rip the thin band of lace of her thong at each hip; one by one.  It was so damn sexy to have him tear them off and her hands shook as she tried to find the zipper but instead gripped his bulge. 

“Not just yet” he growled and his hands were carefully, but forcefully pushing her upper body back and quicker than she thought possible, his head was between her thighs and his tongue slid down her crease, she gasped, “Oh Hubie!” 

She had no idea when the last time she’d felt the exquisite pleasure of oral and as his tongue slowly circled around her hooded clit, she immediately knew that regardless of when it was, she’d not had anyone do it with the skill that Hubie was about to.  She threw her legs over his shoulders eagerly opening herself up to him and as his lips clamped down onto her clit, it was like the world flipped on its axis. 

She had been focused on what his mouth and tongue were doing to her so she hadn’t even realized he was lifting her up until her shoulders were all that was left on the table.  The blood rushed to her head and his light sucking on her clit sent her to a pinnacle of pleasure that left her feeling like she was blacking out.  She was amazed at his strength and his creativity and when her body was finally back on the table she couldn’t wait for more.  She could feel that his lips were covered in her honey as he pulled her bra up and used his talented tongue and lips on her nipples. 

The blood was finally returning to the right parts of her body and she opened her eyes to see him looking up at her.  She slid her fingers through his hair and purred, “Wow; really fucking wow.  I haven’t cum that hard ever!” 

He smiled and then whispered, “You have the yummiest pussy I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying, but now it’s your turn; how do you want me?” 

As she yanked on his tie to pull him up on the table, she wondered how this man could know how to push her buttons so well.  She considered returning the favor and sucking his cock, but her pussy was aching to have him deep inside her.  As she straddled him on top of the table, his hands undid her bra and now she was completely nude except for her stockings and garter belt and she felt a surge of adrenaline as she watched his eyes devour her nude body above him. 

She leaned over him and let her full breasts rub against his face as she purred, “Do you like, Mr. Davis?” 

His finger and thumbs trapped each nipple as he growled, “Oh fuck yes, Miss Hannah!” 

It had felt like years since she’d been fucked properly and she whirled around in order to open his slacks and get his cock out.  She was completely distracted by the sight of his cock as she pushed his slacks and boxers down his legs so when his tongue circled her rose hole, it was shockingly wonderful.  No one had ever done that to her before and she was surprised at how amazing it felt.  His hands were roaming her stocking covered legs and then up to her ass as he pulled her cheeks farther apart and pushed the tip of his tongue into her.  She let herself enjoy the unexpected pleasure for a moment, but then she took control again. 

She whirled around and planted her hands on his shoulders as she ravaged his mouth with a passionate kiss.  She had his cock pinned against his stomach and she was slowly grinding up and down against his shaft; coating it with her honey as they kissed passionately.  It felt amazing, but she wanted him deep inside her so she broke the kiss and growled, “Where’s my purse?!” 

He somehow managed to grab it from the chair behind his head and he smirked as she pulled out a condom, “You come prepared, don’t you?” 

She giggled and said, “It was going to be Chet’s lucky day.” 

His laughter added a playful tone and she quickly rolled on the condom and then slowly lowered herself down onto his cock. 

“Ohhhhhh fuck” she gasped as her pussy finally enveloped all of him. 

She leaned back and her hands went to her hair as she added, “It’s been too long, Hubie…..and your cock feels like it was made just for me.” 

His hands had been tenderly cupping her tits, but as his fingers and thumbs clamped down on her nipples he growled, “I was just thinking the same thing about your cunt, Hannah.” 

The sweet pain of his pulling on her nipples and that harsh word thrilled her and she’d never felt more seductive and she fucked him with an intensity and ferociousness that was going to leave them both sore. 

She barely heard his whispered, “Lean back”, but she did so and his fingers played her clit like he’d been doing it forever.  He alternated between tender and rough and the effect on her was magical as she kept riding up and down on his cock.  She wasn’t sure if she was having a series of orgasms or one long one, but she suddenly heard a different groan from him and she instinctively knew he was about to cum. 

With a devilish smile she lifted up until she was nearly off of his cock and grabbed the base of his cock as tightly as she could.  His eyes flashed open as he realized what she’d done and she felt like the all powerful Oz as she held his throbbing cock in her hand.  His eyes seemed to display that he knew exactly what she wanted; what she needed and in his sexy voice, he whispered, “Please.” 

“Where?” she asked in her most seductive voice.

His eyes glanced at her tits and she smiled as she wanted the same thing.  She wanted to smell of his sex; wanted to feel it dripping off of her.  She ripped off the condom and then slid his cock between her tits.  He began pumping up into her soft cleavage and moments later he gasped, “Oh fuck Hannah baby!” and his first load jetted up onto her chin and each succeeding one had less trajectory until finally she took him into her mouth and sucked the very last drop of his cream out. 

She rose up above him and then looked down at him and could feel his cream giving way to gravity and she felt completely sexually sated for the first time in her life.  He looked up at her and purred, “You are the sexiest woman alive, Hannah.” 

She giggled as she rubbed his cream onto her tits and nipples before whispering, “I know” and for that moment in time she felt like she was. 

They cleaned up and dressed and she shivered as he ran his hand down her back until he was caressing her ass.  He softly said, “I need to see you again….tonight.I’ll be there a little after 6.” 

It wasn’t a request; it was an order and that thrilled her.  “Yes sir” she said before winking as she grabbed his cock through his slacks. 


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