Her Admirer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A work relationship becomes very very personal.

Ally stood in front of her full length mirror checking her makeup and outfit for what was at least the third time.It really was ridiculous, but she was absolutely frozen in fear that he wouldn’t like the new dress that she’d purchased with him in mind.  She wanted to knock him to his knees and she was sure the new silk wrap dress would do it, but she was still overcome with concern that he wouldn’t notice; that all of her planning for this day wouldn’t result in what she wanted.  She shook her head to clear the fog as she didn’t even know what she wanted….well that wasn’t completely true because she did know.  She wanted this man she worked with; she wanted him badly. 


Her thoughts were interrupted when her husband walked by and in two short sentences reminded her why she was in her current state of mind, “Aren’t you going to be late for work?” and then, “Jesus!  Is that another new dress?  Don't you have enough clothes already?” 


She ignored him and saw what her secret admirer would see.  How the fabric hugged her just right.  How the fabric was just the slightest bit sheer so in the proper light, he’d see just a hint of the lingerie she’d also bought with him in mind.  She bit her lower lip as she considered again whether to take off the matching thong, but she was worried that she was going to be so wet all day it would seep through the back of her dress and be noticed. 


She left without even a goodbye to her husband and was so eager to go to work it surprised her.  It had all started a few months ago and it shouldn’t be happening, but this wonderful man at work had been thrilling her messages; some sweet and some pervy.   It had escalated quickly and wonderfully and she was possibly falling both in lust and love with him.  


She had agreed to meet him for drinks tonight and what he didn’t know was that her husband was leaving town for work and so they would have all evening to ‘play’ if the mood hit her.   They’d met a few other times and the last time had led to a wonderful few minutes of kissing that she couldn’t get out of her mind.  From his messages, he felt the same way and as she climbed into her car, she started re-reading his last email where he’d explained in graphic detail how he wished the kissing had led to so much more.  She had to put her phone down so she wouldn’t wreck her car, but she was amazed once again how he could drive her wild with his writing. 


She’d barely pulled out of the driveway when he messaged.  When she opened it, she gasped as he’d sent a picture of himself in a suit and tie and he looked handsome and very sexy.  She squeezed her legs together and typed, “Is that from today?” 


He quickly replied, “Of course; do I look okay?” 


As she often did, she was very playful and typed, “Meh.  I guess.” 


He shot back a quick, “Grrrrr” and then “What are you wearing?  We’re still on for tonight, right?” 


She smiled as he was like an eager puppy and she wondered just how far things might go that night.  “None of your business what I’m wearing!” and then “I think so, but I might have a conflict.” 


The last thing she wanted was to miss out on their get together, but she needed to keep things light or she was worried that she’d get lost in the gravitational pull he seemed to have on her. 


His reply was immediate, “Oh Ally; please tell me you’re messing with me.” 


She gave him a “Maybe” response and then drove towards the office.  When she got there, she couldn't help but smile when she saw he was chatting with people from her department.  It seemed pretty clear that he was hanging out hoping she would show up so he could see what she wore.  He gave her a pleasant hello and she smiled and said hi, but as she took off her light coat and hung it behind the door in her office, she could feel the heat of his gaze.  She was straightening her dress unnecessarily when she was startled from his knock on her door.


“Sorry to bother you, but I got coffee for everyone; would you like one?  Cream and two sugars, right?” he asked as he offered it. 


She smiled as he seemed to remember everything she ever told him.  She nodded and as she reached out her hand for the coffee, he stepped closer and literally growled, “Fuck me, Ally; you look amazing.”  Whether it was intentional or not, his hand grazed against her hip and it felt so good that she imagined him sliding his hand inside the wrap of her dress and fingering her right then and there. 


From the look in his eyes as they looked at each other he was thinking the same thing.  She wasn’t sure, but she might have said thanks, but then he was gone into some meetings.  She fell into her chair and tried to quell the arousal that had resulted just from that short interaction.  She imagined sneaking into the conference room and under the table and sucking him as he sat in the executive meeting and the idea thrilled her.  When they had kissed the last time they’d met, she’d pressed herself hard against his raging erection and just the thought of that was making her so horny. 


For the next two hours she tried to throw herself into work, but it was intolerable.  They usually sent lots of messages to each other, but since he was in a meeting, he couldn’t.  Finally she heard her message chime and she quickly clicked over to it and just reading it made her breathless.It was like he could read her mind as he’d written, “I love the new dress, Ally; it looks sensational on you.  It’s no accident you wore that today, is it?” 


She was lost in thought trying to figure out the right combination of coy and flirty for her response while also making him wait when suddenly he was in her office and casually shutting the door as he slumped into one of her guest chairs. 


She managed to find her wits enough to say, “Well, geez come on in Hubie.” 


He laughed and his smile made her smile as he said, “That was presumptuous of me wasn’t it?  I’m terribly sorry.  Do you mind if I come in Ally?” 


He started to stand and she waved at him to sit back down as she held back a giggle.  “What’s up?” she asked aloofly. 


“Need an answer to my question” he said softly. 


She acted like she didn't know what he was talking about just to keep him in suspense.  “About the dress, sweet cheeks” he said softly. 


She took a deep breath and tried to be casual as she said, “I didn’t know how to answer your question.  I ordered this a while ago and since we had to dress up for these visitors you’re meeting with, I thought I’d wear it today.” 


He gave her the sweetest puppy dog eyes as he softly said, “Oh.  I thought maybe it was for another reason.” 


She could barely contain her urge to jump into his lap and kiss his soft lips as he was so damn adorable, but she wasn’t about to let him get comfortable, “And what reason would that be, Hubie?” 


She pushed back from her desk a little bit so she could cross her legs purposefully letting the wrap dress fall open to show off quite a bit of her legs.  She trembled as she saw his eyes move to her legs and even though her legs were neatly crossed, it felt like he was staring right up her dress and that he could tell she was wet; wet for him. 


She nearly fell backwards over her chair as he suddenly stood and in a low growl said, “Well, for reasons like that Ms. Ally!  How at the bar tonight you could choose to show so much of your beautiful legs, or you could lean over and let me see your sweet breasts or how with a few quick flicks of my fingers, I could have that dress completely open so my lips could feast on all of you.” 

Before she could stop herself, she gasped, “Holy fuck, Hubie.” 


They’d shared quite a few steamy message exchanges since they’d kissed so she wasn’t completely surprised when he growled, “Spread your legs and let me see that your thong is wet; wet because you’ve been thinking of me.” 


She wanted to do just that; to uncross her legs and show him that she was wet and ready for him, but not yet.  She wanted him to be as desperate for her as she was for him.  So, she forced a giggle and leaned forward tucking her beautiful legs under her desk as she shook her head and then purred, “Oh Hubie, nothing is that easy.  If you don’t start behaving, I might have to call tonight off.” 


She could see the lust in his eyes and she reveled in it  She needed him to beg and show her just how much he needed her.  She wanted the timing to be perfect sot that they could share an experience that would make them both feel more alive than they’d ever felt. 


He smiled and adjusted his raging erection and whispered, “Oh Ally, I’ll be good so keep your social calendar open for tonight.”  He winked and added, “I’ll be really good.”


The innuendo was clear and his confidence was exhilarating so she could barely breathe as she watched him walk out.  She stared at his ass and imagined her fingers digging into it as he thrust into her over and over again.  She was still lost in thought a few minutes later when her boss came in and ruined the wonderful thoughts flowing through her head.


She heard a message come in from him but she couldn’t respond until her boss left.  She smiled as he had written, “I have to present in 10 minutes, but all I can think about is you.  I hope my erection subsides before then.” 


She quickly typed, “Did I miss you?  I wanted to wish you good luck!” 


She smiled as he responded immediately, “Nope; still got a minute.  Thank you, beautiful.” 


As always his compliments warmed her and she felt an uncontrollable urge to do something that would drive him wild.  She glanced out her open door and then quickly grabbed her phone, swung her chair around to face the back of her office as she slung one leg over the arm of her chair and took several pictures of herself.  She looked through them quickly and saw one that was perfect; a beautiful view of her thighs and just the hint of her purple and white lace thong. 


She quickly typed, “Something special for you” and sent it. 


Just the idea of him looking at the picture before doing his presentation made her giggle and she desperately wanted to run her fingers over the soaked satin of her thong, but she wanted to have Hubie do it instead. 


She got ready to leave for lunch, but stopped when he replied, “Oh fuck me, Ally.I can’t wait to tear that off of you, love.” 


Her breathing was ragged as she thought of his strong hands ripping it off so that he could plunge his cock into her, but then her eyes swam as she focused on him calling her love.  Her emotions had been swirling ever since they’d first started talking and that one sweet and intimate word was simply perfect.  She finally took a deep breath and typed, “Oh Hubie; you silly man.  What makes you think your hands will be anywhere near my thong tonight?” 


She wanted to mention something about him calling her love, but she let it go, but then she slumped back into her chair as she read his reply, “Oh Ally, I wasn’t planning on using my hands; I was going to use my teeth.”  She was absolutely giddy at how much this man thrilled her and then he touched her heart as much as he had been seducing her mind and body when he added, “And yes, Ally, I called you love.  I know you saw it and are wondering, but I am; I’m falling in love with you.  You’re such an amazing woman and you’ve touched my heart in ways I never would have imagined.” 


She couldn’t breathe because even though her natural instincts made her wonder if he was simply sweet talking her to get her in bed, she also had gotten to know that he was a hopeless romantic and the idea that he was falling in love with her made her happier than she’d been in a long time.  Her fingers were shaking as she typed, “Hubie!!  Focus on your presentation or you’re going to get your crazy ass fired…..we’ll talk about this tonight.” 


The rest of the day was a blur with Hubie sneaking her messages whenever he could, and even though they were all short and sweet, she enjoyed each one.  When the day was finally over, she still felt off balance as she walked to her car to go meet him at a nearby upscale bar.  When he finally walked in, she didn’t even attempt to try and hide the huge smile that came across her face.


He saw her and smiled equally as big as he walked over to her.  He was taking off his top coat before he approached her and she looked at his broad shoulders and thought about him hoisting her up and pinning her to the wall as they kissed feverishly.  

He sat down and her thoughts weren't broken until he whispered, "Penny for your thoughts?"  

She giggled and said, "Worth more than that" and then she ordered for him.  A beer and shots for both of them.  


"Rough day?" he asked after they downed the shot.  


"You have no idea, Hubie!  You left me all day while you were in your damn meetings; I was bored to tears" she said playfully.  


She felt a tingle down her spine that went straight to her core as he reached out and softly pulled her hair back as he leaned in and whispered, "Oh my.  How terrible....I'd do just about anything to keep tears out of your beautiful eyes."  


She didn't pull away for the longest time and simply enjoyed the intimate moment and the feel of his fingers sliding through her hair.  She finally leaned back, smiled and then responded, "Oh wow; the lines are already coming out."  

He smiled and motioned for the bartender for another round of shots as his hand reached out and pulled her crossed legs towards him.  Since they were seated on bar stools, the seat rotated easily and the tingle that he'd given her a moment before was now a very obvious shiver as his hand knowingly forced her wrap dress opened as he caressed her thigh well up on her leg.  

His words then caused her to uncross her legs, slowly and sensuously, knowing that he'd have one helluva view and that she was also opening herself up for his hand to move higher, "Not a line, my sweet Ally.  Just an honest statement by a man that finds you mesmerizing, tantalizing and hypnotizing."  


She didn't doubt him for one minute, but she wasn't going to let him off the hook, but her sarcastic comeback was interrupted by the shots.  She thought it was odd when he dipped his thumb in the shot glass, but she ignored it as they downed them.  

Suddenly she understood what he was doing as his thumb was now moving on her inner thigh and the alcohol against her warm skin added quite an erotic feel to it and she couldn't help herself as he nudged her thighs farther apart and his thumb ran along the moist satin of her thong.  Their eyes were locked on each other and she bit down on her lower lip to keep from groaning as he put more and more pressure with his thumb; essentially pushing his thumb and her thong deeper and deeper inside her.  It felt outrageously good and she felt goose bumps forming as his thumb pulled her thong to the side and as she adjusted her hips, his thumb pressed partway into her very wet pussy.  
His eyes finally left her beautiful face to glance around the bar to confirm that what he was doing was hidden from the few people that were there and then he looked back to see the amazing sight of her sweet pussy surrounding his thumb.  He pressed it the rest of the way in as he reached in his pants pocket and pulled out $40 and put it on the bar as he growled, "Let's leave."  


She could barely breathe and she desperately wanted to leave, but she had to say something.  In a voice that betrayed her arousal, she gasped, "Do you think I'm this easy, Hubie?!"  


Much to her dismay, he quickly pulled his thumb out and leaned in as his gaze simply made her feel even more weak in the knees.  "Oh Ally; not at all.  I just thought that maybe you wanted me as much as I want you and that neither of us want to waste any time.  I'm so sorry."  


She stopped thinking and she leaned in kissed him softly as she slipped off her stool, "I know; I do.  Let's go!"  


The look of joy on his face made her want him even more and then he surprised her again as he quickly grabbed her coat and helped her into it.  She looked up at him and she shook her head in disbelief; was he too good to be true or was he just playing her she wondered silently.  


She giggled as he leaned down and nuzzled her neck and then whispered, "Just because I just had my thumb in your sweet little pussy doesn't mean I can't be a gentleman."  


She didn't care who might see them and she interlaced her fingers into his and they held hands as they walked out.  He had parked next to her and they walked to their cars without saying a word.  It felt so perfect that they didn't feel the need to say anything to fill in the void.  


A moment later they were between their cars and he was pressing her against her car and whispering, "Oh Ally, I..." but she quieted him by pulling him down for what turned into an epic kiss.  It was frantic and passionate and when he broke the kiss, he gasped, "I need you someplace private."  


She fought her first impulse to invite him over, but she definitely didn't want him to leave.  She playfully shoved him in the chest and said, "Get in" as she opened her door and slid in.  By the time he hurried around to the passenger side and got in, she'd undone her wrap dress and had it slightly open so he could see her sexy bra and thong.  


He looked at her and gazed at her beauty for a long while.  He finally whispered, "Oh Ally; you are so beautiful."  


She smiled, but she didn't want compliments; she wanted him.  "Your turn!  Show me; show me your cock."  


His eyes showed his surprise, but he quickly complied.  As soon as his slacks were open she yanked them and his boxers off his hips as she threw herself into his lap and then he groaned in surprise as she quickly took him into her mouth.  He leaned back and simply enjoyed the sweet feel of her mouth but when he realized that he was barreling towards an explosion.  He pulled her face up and gasped, "Oh Ally; not like this; not for our first time."  

She moved higher and kissed him and purred, "Oh Hubie; this isn't my first time.  You know you've made me cum countless times from your stories; let me do this.  I want this."  

He was torn between satisfying his urgent need and his own desire to give her pleasure.  She sensed it and so with her hand slowly stroking his cock she whispered, "My husband is out of town; let me do this here and you can do whatever you want to me when you come over."  


She didn't wait for a response and simply leaned over to take him into her mouth again.  She was thrilled when he began thrusting up into her mouth; moaning her name with each thrust.  The feel of his cock in her mouth; the taste of him, his urgency was better than her many fantasies and she gave herself to him by doing whatever she could to make him cum.  


But suddenly she couldn't breath; she had to pull off of him as she growled his name as her body thrust back against his intruding fingers.  His long arms had come in handy as he'd reached down over her back and slid at least two fingers into her.  But it felt ungodly good and she wasn't sure why; at least not until he growled, "Does that satin feel good against your clit, love?"  

Her eyes rolled back into her head at the delightful feel of what he was doing along with that word again.  She couldn't focus and then she realized that the soft fabric of her thong was rubbing her clit with each thrust of his fingers and as much as she wanted him back into her mouth, she couldn't catch her breath.  She was blubbering words that made no sense to either of them, but his words penetrated the fog of her lust.  Random words like, "Beautiful, amazing, sexy, mine, sweetheart, love" and then more blunt, "Eat, fuck, hard, thrust" and more as he described what he intended to do to and with her when they went to her house.  


She was humping his fingers wildly as she kissed his cock head and used her tongue to swirl around it and then he pushed her over the edge as he said, "Look at me Ally, my dear!  I want to look into your beautiful eyes as you cum"  

She sat up and kissed this wonderfully crazy man and then she moaned his name again and again as she came with a force that left her seeing stars.  When she finally opened her eyes again, she caught him sucking on his fingers that had been inside her and he smiled and whispered, "How do I get to your place?!"  


She glanced down and growled, "First things first" and bent down and her mouth was on him again.  This time there was no denying her and they set a rhythm that had him moaning Ally over and over again until his cock exploded; hurtling his warm seed down her throat.  She moved more slowly on him now.  Her tongue teasing his mushroom shaped head as her fingers milked every last drop out of him.  


She finally sat up and they stared at each other for a long, wonderful moment until she finally whispered, "Hi."  


He laughed and then in a deep voice whispered, "That was fucking amazing, Ally; you sure it's okay if I come over?  Because I want to undress you and explore every inch of you."  

Submitted: March 07, 2015

© Copyright 2023 zebo85. All rights reserved.

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Wow! I absolutely loved it...luv.... :) You have me feeling fifty shades of nasty right now! ;)

Mon, March 9th, 2015 2:43am


Well that is a very good thing!!! Thanks for leaving such a wonderful comment :)

Mon, March 9th, 2015 6:59am

Alyson Williams

You had me at the very first word! I am fanning myself but it isn't helping. Amazingly HOT!! Glad my hubby is at work! You have a fantastic imagination. Love it!

Fri, March 20th, 2015 3:37pm


Oh what wonderful words to read! Shouldn't you be wishing your husband was home......oh nevermind ;). I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

Fri, March 20th, 2015 8:45am


Very good. You write well.

Tue, March 31st, 2015 12:45am


thanks for the comment. glad you enjoyed it.

Wed, April 1st, 2015 4:53pm


Will there be more to follow? This was amazing..

Thu, April 9th, 2015 12:38am


Maybe just maybe. I'm glad liked it enough to leave a comment

Wed, April 8th, 2015 7:53pm


Damn, I definitely felt some tingling this time. Hubie likes married women I see, the last story I read of yours he was in too, I believe. The forbidden! ;) Hope you add more!

Sun, April 12th, 2015 8:58pm


Of course he does! It's forbidden for both of them. ????. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

Sun, April 12th, 2015 2:40pm



Sat, April 25th, 2015 4:17pm


I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for leaving a comment!

Sat, April 25th, 2015 10:11am

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