Covid-19 Finally Pays Off

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Hubie has a Zoom meeting with his favorite employee and it turns out better than he could have ever imagined.

Only three weeks into this whole Covid-19 crap and Hubie was already tired of it.  As CFO, he was responsible for the financial health of the company and there were so many unknowns at the current moment that it was very troubling.  Adding to that stress was how unsure everyone else was in what should or shouldn’t be done as the number of cases across the nation were increasing every day.  However, possibly the worst part of it was the telecommuting.  At first, he began splitting time between the office and his home office, but after a few days of his wife being an absolute bitch about the dumbest things, he gave up on that and went into the office every day.  He wasn’t sure what her problem was, but he just didn’t have the energy to deal with it any longer and with their youngest kid nearly off to college, he didn’t give them much chance of not being divorced in the near future.

A natural introvert, Hubie enjoyed how quiet it was in the office at first, but he was surprised at how much he was missing seeing others in the office; but if he was honest with himself, it was only one person he really missed.That person was the newest member to his finance team; Alicia, who he’d hired in the last few months to handle special projects.  She was intelligent, witty and from his perspective, a natural beauty.  She’d only been working for about five months when the pandemic hit, but the natural rapport they’d had from the moment he interviewed her was developing into something a lot more intriguing.  If his wife wasn’t such a bitch, he might have felt bad about it, but they’d begun flirting a bit more with each passing week and he really missed the sound of her heels on the tile floor signaling she was coming towards his office. 

Alicia was at least a decade younger than he was and dressed extremely well.  Almost always in a dress or skirt and blouse and damn did he enjoy how a woman looked when dressed professionally like that.  He glanced at his PC clock and realized that his Zoom meeting with her was only a few minutes away and so he started the meeting as he finished up an email he’d been working on. 

A movement on his second computer screen caught his eye and he glanced over and he damn near fell out of his chair.Alicia’s webcam was on, but she apparently didn’t notice it because she was tying her hair into a pony tail and she wasn’t fully dressed.  She was wearing only a red camisole, or maybe it was a slip and the way her breasts were swaying with her arm movements, she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra and holy hell, she was a sexy sight.  He doublechecked and saw that his microphone and camera were off, but it felt really inappropriate to be watching her like this so as she started to put on lipstick, he unmuted his microphone and cleared his throat. 

She quickly said good morning and seemed oblivious to the situation and he stammered, “Good morning, Alicia, um, yeah, did you know that your video is on?” 

“What?!  Oh shit!” she quickly replied and then she leaned forward and he got a tantalizing view of her cleavage before she got it turned off. 

“Jesus, Hubie” she said a few moments later and she was breathless and sounded almost as sexy as she had looked.  “I had no idea, I’m really sorry.  I woke a little later than usual, so I just rolled out of bed and started working on that file you wanted for this meeting.” 

He couldn’t help but chuckle, but quickly said, “Sorry Alicia, I’m not laughing at you.  It’s just that this pandemic is certainly creating all kinds of unexpected issues, isn’t it?” 

She giggled as well and a moment later turned her webcam back on and she was wearing a Michigan sweatshirt, “More appropriate, Mr. Davis?” 

He chuckled again and said, “I know you went there, but I wouldn’t say that sweatshirt is appropriate!” 

She was giggling and because of their relationship, he added, “Besides, I was definitely not complaining about your earlier outfit, but I’ll be able to focus better now.” 

Even he could hear the lust in his voice and he hoped he hadn’t crossed a line. 

He saw her smile and knew he hadn’t even before she asked, “Is that so?”

“Yes indeed.  In fact, I’m surprised that’s what you wear to bed.  Seems awfully glamorous or feminine or……” he’d gotten caught with not being sure what to say and now his mind was racing for some way to finish his thought without sounding like an old pervert or creep and finally said, “Fuck, I don’t know what I’m trying to say, but you looked really amazing.” 

She was smiling broadly now as she whispered, “Well, that was a very sweet thing to say, even with how awkwardly you did it.” 

He burst out laughing and she added, “You’re blushing, aren’t you, Mr. Davis?” 

Indeed he was and it felt like it was 100 degrees in his office and he was so very glad that he wasn’t telecommuting because none of this would have happened if he’d been home so he silently thanked his wife for being so intolerable. 

“Okay, okay; time for work, let’s see what you put together.”

The rest of the meeting was professional and he marveled at the job she’d done with the analysis.  She’d missed a few things he wanted, but she also added something he hadn’t thought of so overall it was definitely great work for someone who hadn’t worked at the company long.  He told her as much and she seemed very pleased at his praise and mentioned she could get to work on the changes.  They arranged to schedule another meeting later in the day

They agreed on 6:30 PM as he had a meeting first thing the following morning and he needed her report for that meeting and so he asked one more time, “You sure that’s not too late?” 

“Hubie, for the twentieth time, it’s not too late.  Besides it’s not like I can go to happy hour or anything since all the bars are closed.  Heck, I should even have time to try and be presentable and take a shower before then.” 

His mind quickly went to an image of her in a shower and his delay in responding told her exactly what he was thinking and as her sexy smile lit up her face, “Not too late for you, Mr. Davis?”

Her question brought him back to earth and he smiled because every time she called him that, it was a rush.  It just seemed to add an exclamation point to how their banter crossed the line of appropriate behavior.  “No worries here; it will be a late one in the office getting ready for this meeting. If we get our work done quickly, I guess we could have one of those virtual HH’s afterwards.” 

She smiled even more before saying, “It’s a date.”  He was smiling at the sound of that and nearly missed her last comment before she quit the meeting, but he played it over in his head until he was sure he’d heard it correctly, “Maybe I’ll accidentally leave my webcam on again.”The wink he’d seen just before the screen went dark confirmed that it was something along those lines. 

The rest of the day breezed by as he dove into a myriad of different analyses that would be used along with Alicia’s to illustrate to his colleagues just how badly this pandemic was affecting their business.  He was fixing his second vodka tonic when he got a message that she’d started the meeting.

It took him a moment to finish up what he was working on, but he joined the meeting right on time and saw that she was way more than presentable with her hair done how he liked it, fresh makeup and before he could let his eyes go lower, she quipped, “No fair; I was thinking that you’d return the favor and I’d catch you half dressed.” 

He chuckled and held up his drink and said, “Only 2nd one, but maybe a few more and who knows.” 

She giggled and held up her glass, “Cheers!” 

They went back and forth sharing their screens and walking through their analysis and even with the screen of her webcam minimized in one corner of the screen, he couldn’t stop glancing at her. She was wearing a very sheer blouse and what he assumed was another slip underneath it.  Several times when she’d been in his office he had caught a glimpse of a slip when she crossed her legs and he found it exciting that a young professional woman like her would wear them.  In fact, it had fueled many a fantasy of his; her riding him in his chair as the back of her slip stroked his balls or her bent over his desk as he pummeled her from behind; her slip under his hands as he gripped her hips tightly. 

He wasn’t sure how long his mind had been AWOL, but it was long enough for her to say, “Excuse me; hello Earth to Mr. Davis?” 

He shook his head and said, “Yeah, sorry; got distracted there.” 

She smiled, paused and then literally purred, “Well, you’re forgiven if you admit it was me that distracted you.” 

He should have paused before responding, “Actually it was, Ms. Alicia.” 

“Oh, do tell Hubie.  I mean, I’m even wearing a blouse and everything.”

He chuckled, but either the vodka or everything else going on let him throw caution to the wind because he said, “You are, but let’s be honest, that blouse doesn’t leave much to the imagination, does it?” 

She was smiling like the amazingly sexy minx that she was and said, “Well, Mr. Davis, how dare you?!  Have you been looking at the bodice of my purple slip this entire time?!” 

Her outrage was clearly feigned, but before he could answer she said, “Since we can’t do shots together, before you answer, take a long swig of your drink and I’ll do the same.” 

He did as instructed and he’d poured quite a stiff drink so it burned oh so good.  They agreed to pour a fresh drink before continuing and he watched her stand up and lean over her desk to apparently grab the bottle and he caught a glimpse of her skirt and saw it appeared to have shiny silver snaps along the side. 

It was almost 8 PM at this point and with only a small lunch and no dinner yet, he could feel the vodka was hitting him and as he finished his pour he said, “From my perspective, the meeting is over; want to just chat a little bit?” 

“Obviously I do, Mr. Davis; time for you to answer my question…..truthfully.” 

“What was the question again?”


“Yes, I’ve been looking.  You’re always so well dressed and today was no different; and I really like your hair that way” he said and then took a deep breath as he worried how his confession would be received. 

He apparently needn’t worry as she said, “You complimented my hair the last time I wore it this way and tell me exactly what you’ve been looking at Mr. Davis.”

She was leaning closer to the webcam and her eyes were absolutely sparkling and it was clear that she was enjoying all of this. 

“Well, Ms. Alicia, as I’ve already said, it’s not like that blouse leaves anything to the imagination so I’ve been looking at your purple slip.  I think slips are sexy as fuck and especially when on a woman as lovely as you.”  He paused and enjoyed the blush coming to her neck and cheeks and decided to add, “A moment ago, I also caught a glimpse of your skirt; one I don’t think I’ve seen you wear before.  Are those snaps on the side?” 

“Tsk, tsk, Mr. Davis; you probably should be more focused during our meetings, but I’m glad you aren’t and I’m glad that you apparently like what you’ve seen.  You do like what you’ve seen, haven’t you Mr. Davis?” 

“Fuck yes, Ms. Alicia.”  He took another drink and figured he had nothing to lose at this point so he added, “I always like what I see when it comes to you” a long pause and then, “Since you didn’t disagree with me that your blouse leaves nothing to the imagination, you really should take it off, don’t you think?” 

Her eyes went wide before narrowing to very sexy slits, “Was that a question or an order, Mr. Davis?”

His heart was hammering and his cock was throbbing and in a low growl, “Most definitely an order, Ms. Alicia.” 

She sat there for a moment and he growled, “Hold on” before jumping up to slam his office door shut and when he returned, she timidly asked, “Ready, Mr. Davis?”

“Yes, Alicia” and as he watched her very seductively unbuttoning her blouse he asked, “Ms. Alicia, your choice of lingerie obviously pleases me, but in this day and age, it’s a little unusual, isn’t it?”

It felt like she was staring right into his soul and as she slowly undid another button, she whispered, “My mom always wore them and they were the really nice ones; elegant actually.”

He couldn’t help but breathe, “Sensual is what I’d say.”

“Yes, sensual” she agreed as she started on the last button before it dipped into her skirt and added, “my mom gave her slips and they’re in mint condition and I so wear them every once in a while depending on my mood or the dress…….until I started working for you.  Shall I remove my blouse, Mr. Davis?” 

Her last comment was burning into his mind and he took another drink before asking, “Any chance of someone walking in on you?” 

“No roommates; male or otherwise” she replied softly.

“Leave it on for now” and her eyes went wide again before he asked, “What did you mean by before you came to work for me?” 

She adeptly sidestepped his question by standing, “About your question, yes these are snaps.  I actually bought this skirt with you in mind so that I could give you a glimpse of my slip if I wanted….or if I thought you wanted to see.  Do you want to get a glimpse of my slip, Mr. Davis?  Um, I mean the bottom part since you’re already seeing the top.” 

She’d pushed her laptop back and so he was getting almost a full view of her except her pretty face was cut off, but for now it was okay.  She turned and slowly unsnapped one snap after another and when the third one was undone he could see several inches of her purple slip, but he didn’t say anything. 

“Nothing yet, Mr. Davis?”



“Just take it off, Ms. Alicia.” 

She bent down to look into the camera and she gave him a sexy look before saying, “Mr. Davis, I badly want you to see me in my slip, but what about you?” 

She kept looking into the camera and he could hear the snaps being undone as his mind whirled.  “Would you like to hear how I fantasize about you, Ms. Alicia?  That I jerk off nearly every day thinking about you?” 

She leaned over to slip the skirt off over her heels and her slip gaped open so much that he saw one perfectly formed, yet small breast with a very erect nipple pressing into the soft nylon of the slip bodice. 

“Almost every day, Mr. Davis?”

He chuckled at that being the think she keyed on and he said, “Saying every day would have sounded like I’m a bit obsessed, don’t you think?” 

She giggled while nodding and then stood tall as she asked, “I suppose you want to see if my panties match my slip, Mr. Davis?” 

He hadn’t even considered that!  In fact, he was pretty sure that he had noticed her not wearing anything under a few dresses or skirts, but he eagerly said, “You read my mind, Ms. Alicia…..but you often don’t wear any panties, correct?”

She leaned down again this time shrugging one slip strap off of her shoulder and fully exposing a wonderful breast.  “Oops” but no attempt at correcting it before adding, “You have been watching me closely haven’t you, Mr. Davis?  I find that very flattering and very sexy and you are correct as I often leave my panties at home.  I bet you’d like me to wear them, but give them for you for safe keeping during the day?” 

As those words rang in his ears, she stepped back and slowly hiked up her slip.  He didn’t think it was possible, but his arousal surged to another level when stocking tops and a matching purple garter belt came into view and then her silky nylon bikini style panties. 

“Fuck me, Ms. Alicia; you are so incredibly sexy and I’m so hard right now.  Are you wet?” 

“Soaking, sir!  Tell me what you’d do to me if you were in my office……but first adjust your camera so I can watch you take your cock out.” 

This was definitely the craziest thing he’d ever done and wondered for a brief moment if this was video was saved and stored somewhere in the cloud or on their network, but there was no stopping this avalanche of lust. 

He didn’t want to lose control so as he fiddled with his camera, so he told her to put her feet up on the edge of the desk and dip her hand down the front of her panties and finger herself. 

She did as she was told and although he couldn’t see it, he heard how wet she was when she slipped her fingers in. 

The look on her face was going to be seared into his memory banks and as he slowly undid his slacks, he began telling her that the first time they were together, he’d want to taste her sweet pussy so he’d set her on the edge of his conference room table and slowly tongue and finger her until she came. 

“Oh sir!  I’d love that; I’ve not had someone eat my pussy for way too long; I taste sweet as honey, sir.”

“I bet you do, Ms. Alicia; use your other hand and pull your panties to the side so I can see your pussy.”

She did as she was commanded and then her eyes went wide as he she watched him pull his cock out.  He didn’t consider himself a big man, but the look she gave him certainly was an ego boost, but he couldn’t help from saying, “You know they say that a camera adds ten pounds.” 

She giggled and then groaned as she said, “I’m very close to cuming, sir; the sight of your wonderful cock and the idea of it inside me have me right on the edge.” 

He nodded and said, “Cum for me, Ms. Alicia.” 

“Together” she gasped, but she didn’t, or couldn’t, wait for him and moments later he had the most amazing view of this incredible woman in her sexy lingerie cuming as he watched.

He watched intently on how she liked to be touched and catalogued it for later use and then suddenly she sat upright in her chair, sighed and purred, “Holy fuck, sir; I don’t know the last time I’ve cum that hard.  Can you see how soaked my panties are?  You did that!” 

He smiled and then she got an excited smile on her beautiful face and said, “Mr. Davis, I just remembered I left my clothes there in a gym bag the last day we all worked in the office.  I’d worked out and forgot the bag…… but if you want to go why don’t you go get the bag out of my desk drawer, you could use my slip to stroke that monster cock of yours.” 

He had difficulty stuffing his cock back into his pants and he hoped that none of the night shift employees caught him, but he hurried down the hallway and quickly found the bag and returned to his office; ensuring the door was locked. 

His phone buzzed and saw it was a text from Alicia and he smiled some more as she’d said, “For next time you want to think of me” and there must have been a dozen pictures of her in varying poses.” 

“Holy shit” he said as he sat down, “You’re so goddamn beautiful, Alicia.” 

“Thank you sir, now get your cock out for me.”

For the next few minutes, she described how she was going to suck his cock during office hours and then fuck him until he was sore after hours as he stroked his cock with her buttery soft nylon slip. 

There was a hint of perfume still left on her clothes and he breathed that in until she asked him to stand up and shoot his load all over her panties.

When he was finally spent, he staggered back into his chair and looked sheepishly at her sitting there with one tit still exposed, but smiling like she’d won the lottery. 

“A very unusual first time and I will never forget it” he finally said.

“Me neither” she said softly and then, “I expect my panties to be coated with your jizz whenever I pick them up……maybe I should come by the office next week for a more productive in person meeting, Hubie?” 

“Hell yes!” 

Submitted: May 11, 2020

© Copyright 2021 zebo85. All rights reserved.

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Michigan huh?
Well, as usual, I learn something new about you every story, Zebo. I had no idea you were tantalized by slips. I've worn maybe two in my whole life! Garters...well, that's another matter.
Your story is very sexy. I love the virtual quality combined with the personal intimacy. You set the groundwork nicely as you describe Alicia, the new employee with all the accommodating features. She's got that superficial innocence that softly melts away as you slowly recognize she's seducing Hubie from moment one....'accidentally' leaving on her monitor when she's barely dressed. The sheer blouse for the second meeting just seals the deal. But you've always been affected by women's clothing, Zebo. And I've always been amazed at how much you know about that subject. You like the wrapping almost as much as the present, don't you?

I admire Alicia's cautious candor, and she really reads Hubie well....sending him down the hall to grab her undies from her bag. Nice touch, Zebo. Hubie, of course, would have given those panties a nice long sniff to Alicia's delight. And she would have subsequently asked, "Do you like the smell of my pussy, Hubie? You're gonna love how it tastes." Well, maybe that's what I would have said.

Tue, May 12th, 2020 3:29am


You are the best editor on here. So insightful with that sly sense of humor. I hope you enjoyed reading and as always thank you so very much for the comment.

Mon, May 11th, 2020 8:51pm

Amy F. Turner

Such a treat to behold! A new Hubie story right on time for the pandemic! Outstanding, oh so hot, and yummy! Talk about blowing off some steam! Just about melting! Can't wait for that one-on-one in-person meeting. Whew!

Thu, May 14th, 2020 10:16pm


Great to hear from you and yes, this crazy world has spurred a little creativity on my side so I hope I’ll be posting more while catching up on my reading. Hope you’re doing well and I wish my life was interesting as Hubies!

Thu, May 14th, 2020 8:23pm


Zebo's creative juices are flowing during his Shelter In Place!

Wowza! What a great read so seductive and arousing... is it me or is Hubie a bit bolder. I have always admired your attention and detail to women's lingerie. I find it so sexy and hot just like you love!

This smoking hot story was worth the wait! Don't keep your admirers waiting too long before you seduce us again with one of your tantalizing stories...

All my best....

Fri, May 15th, 2020 6:42am


Thank you for the wonderful comment. It has been too long since I’ve indulged my more basic instincts so I guess all this social distancing is affecting me. LOL

More to follow soon hopefully.

Fri, May 15th, 2020 5:22am


Hubie gets some camera action. Def want a follow up!

Sat, May 16th, 2020 8:22pm


That was really HOT!!

Tue, May 26th, 2020 4:20am


Very glad you liked it!

Wed, May 27th, 2020 7:06am


As a long time slip lover this story aroused me greatly. Thank you!

Wed, May 27th, 2020 3:29am

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