Class Time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

James finally gets to know the woman he's had a crush on for a long time.

As James was walking toward his next classroom, his heart started beating harder, but when he saw her, it went into a new gear.  There she sat, Elizabeth, the sweet young woman in his abnormal psychology class.  He’d had a crush on her for over a year and he didn’t even need this class, but he registered for it because she was in it.  He was an accounting major so his presence here was obviously an aberration, but he would take any step to see her; even taking a class he didn’t need.  She smiled and waved him over and he felt like he was walking on air.  Before they’d had this class together, she’d barely acknowledged him, but now their relationship was growing and he wanted it to grow even more. 

As usual, they were both dressed nicer than their classmates due to the jobs they had to get to after class.  From just the first glance, he knew she was wearing the black skirt that made his blood boil.  It was above the knee and very tight and showed just what an incredible ass she had.  Her blouse was slightly sheer and a light pink color and it looked amazing against her tanned skin.  As was often the case, her blouse had several buttons undone and he couldn’t help but glance down her blouse as he sat down.She was petite and had smallish breasts, but he thought her body was amazing.  He dreamt about her all the time and he had imagined them together in so many wonderful ways. 

His thoughts were disturbed when she whispered, “Get a good look, James?” 

He turned bright red and he nearly blurt out an apology, but there was a sparkle in her beautiful brown eyes that made him wonder.  Without really thinking through the repercussions, he softly said, “Actually no.  I didn’t even get a glimpse of your bra.” 

He smiled even more when he saw how bright red she turned while still retaining the twinkle in her eyes and the sexy smile that curled up her full lips. 

Her words tumbled out slightly breathy as she said, “Jimmy!  I didn’t realize you were such a perv.” 

He sat down quickly because his cock was immediately becoming hard as he’d never seen this side of her.  He leaned forward and from somewhere, the words came to him, “You didn’t say that like it was a bad thing, Lizzie.” 

They’d never used nicknames before and so he was worried that he might be stepping over a line, so he was thrilled when she simply giggled in response.  The idea that she was enjoying this flirtation made him want her even more.  He’d always found her attractive and she had a bubbly personality, so now that he was seeing a decidedly different side to her, he was even more interested in her. 

She leaned and placed her hand on his arm and said, “Sorry to disappoint you perv…..but I’m wearing a cami so you wouldn’t have been able to see my lacy green bra anyway.” 

He had no idea where his confidence was coming from, but he brought his other hand up and interlaced his fingers with hers.  He squeezed her fingers and then whispered, “Well, Elizabeth, that’s not entirely true.” 

He paused and gazed into her eyes; relishing this moment of intimacy with her.  Her gaze was almost hypnotic and he forgot what he was about to say.  Her voice was barely audible as it was so low, but he heard it crystal clear, “Oh; do explain.” 

“You could reach inside your blouse, slide the cami off your shoulder and when you lean over the cami will be mostly out of the way and I’ll see it; I’ll see your bra” he replied. 

He couldn’t believe how husky his voice sounded and her eyelids fluttered as she recognized the lust in his voice.  She’d never looked more beautiful and he watched her slide her hand inside her blouse and she was on the verge of doing exactly what he had described, but their professor came in and their moment was interrupted. As he called the class to attention, they shared one more smile and an almost simultaneous sigh of exasperation. 

 He sat there amazed at how things had changed so suddenly and so wonderfully.  They shared glances throughout the class and when the professor told them to work in groups, he immediately leaned towards her and whispered, “I’ve been rock hard since earlier and I bet you’re soaked from your arousal.  Do it, Elizabeth, my dear.  But, slide your bra strap off too because I want to see your hard nipple too.” 

He hadn’t been completely sure about her arousal, but he’d watched her crossing and uncrossing her legs over and over again since class had begun and he had suspected that she was trying to quiet the throbbing in her pussy that was similar to the throbbing in his cock.  But as his words sank in, he saw the look of pure passion in her eyes; the same look that was in his eyes. 

He smiled and growled, “Now!”

Her eyes narrowed to slits and she looked sultry as hell as her hand dipped into her blouse as she started to slowly lean forward.  As more and more of her breast came into view, he was overcome with desire for her.  Just as he had hoped, her hard nipple came into view, but her cami was blocking his view of her bra since they had slid down together.  He was overcome with the need to see it and he quickly reached over into her blouse and pulled the cami down and her emerald green bra that was trimmed with black lace came into view.  He whispered, “Fuck” and before he withdrew his hand, he rolled her nipple between his finger and thumb and she gasped in such a sexy way, he nearly came. 

“Out in the hall now!” she purred.

He watched in disbelief as she got up and walked seductively out of the room.  He hurriedly got up and followed her out wondering how he could be this lucky.  By the time he cleared the classroom door, she was already 30 feet away and the sound of her heels on the tile floor felt like they were calling to him.  When she got to the staircase, she paused and looked back at him and then as she leaned against the wall, she slowly hiked up her skirt; exposing another foot of her sumptuous legs. 

He hurried to catch up and he saw her giggle before starting to ascend the stairs.  By the time he got to the stairs, she was nearly to the landing and her skirt was even higher up on her legs.He bounded up the stairs until he reached her and he pulled her to him as his mouth devoured her neck.  

She moaned, “Jesus, Jimmy; this is crazy.  I can’t believe how much I want you.” 

He breathed into her ear and whispered in return, “Oh baby; I’ve dreamt of this moment so many times.  I can’t believe I’m here with you.” 

His hand was up inside her skirt and as he pulled her thong to the side, he slid one finger into her wet pussy.  After a long drawn out groan of delight, she purred, “Oh fuck; you have?  You’ve thought of me; thought of this?” 

He could feel her moving against his hand and he slid another finger into her wetness and she gasped.  His hand moved inside her blouse and he mauled her breast and her groans increased in intensity as he pulled on her hard nipple.  He finally answered her question, “Oh fuck Elizabeth; I’ve jerked off thinking of you so many times; you’re my fantasy woman.  Everything about you is perfect.”

Her hand moved behind her and when she stroked his cock through his slacks, he felt like he was going to blackout.  She finally whispered, “Oh James; you couldn’t have answered that any better.  I want you too.” 

In a sudden moment of clarity, he realized that he didn’t want to have someone catch them on the stairs like this.  He grabbed her hand and led her up the rest of the stairs and thankfully found an empty class room.  He kissed her hard and then lifted her up on the desk as he hiked her skirt up over her hips. 

“I need to taste you baby” he growled and a moment later he was yanking her thong down her legs and off.  He tucked them in his back pocket for safe keeping and then his tongue was moving up the inside of her thigh.  His hands moved under her sweet ass as he dropped to his knees and pulled her to the very edge of the desk.  Her legs went over his shoulders and he slowly feasted on her.  His tongue ran slowly up and down the length of her wet pussy and he felt a tingle that ran down his spine and straight to his balls. 

She had the sweetest pussy he’d ever tasted and he shoved his tongue as deep as he could inside her.  Her hands tore at his hair as she pulled his face even tighter against her and when he took her clit into his mouth, she began moaning his name over and over again.  He slid his fingers inside her and as he let her rub her clit against his mouth and tongue, he finger fucked her until she finally squealed that she was cuming.  He continued sucking her clit until she finally pushed him away and purred that it was his turn, but she couldn’t feel her legs.

She rolled over and she made an inviting target with her feet on the floor, and her legs spread wide as she laid face down over the desk.  “Give it to me Jimmy boy” she cooed and she slid her fingers against her wet pussy and spread her labia in invitation; an invitation he didn’t need, but it was one helluva sight. 

He couldn’t believe this was happening and he stepped towards her as he dropped his pants.  She looked back and the look of desire in her eyes made his cock surge to a new level of hardnes as she whispered, “Hurry”. 

His hands moved across her smooth ass cheeks and then she was reaching out from between her legs and slowly guiding his cock up and down her wet pussy.  When he felt that his helmet was at her opening, he thrust deep into her.  He thrust so hard that she was lifted off her feet and slid farther across the desk.  He quickly grabbed her hips and pulled her back to him and that resulted in him pressing even deeper inside her. 

She let loose a growl that was the sexiest sound he’d ever heard.  Her face was flat on the desk and her eyes were already rolling back into her forehead as she purred, “Harder; oh fuck; please harder.” 

He was amazed that this sweet young thing was such a sultry woman and he did just as she asked and he fucked her hard.  His hands dug into her hips and he pressed his weight down on her lower back so she was pinned in place and her pummeled her.  He felt like an animal and she responded in kind.  The sounds were mind boggling; from her mouth came a flurry of obscenities, groans, gasps and moans and from her sopping pussy were the erotic sounds of his cock burying into her again and again. 

He adjusted his hands on her hips and without really intending to his thumb stroked her rose hole.  Her reaction was immediate and amazing and it was clear that she wanted more.  He ran his thumb up and down the crack of her ass and she’d had so much honey drip there when he was eating her out that when he pushed again the tip of his thumb entered her and she screamed that she was cuming.  It was like his cock was being burned as her pussy clamped down on him as her muscles contracted as waves of orgasms ripped through her.  It was only seconds later when he was growling that he was going to cum as well and with one final deep thrust he exploded.  It was the most spectacular orgasm of his young life as his cock spurt over and over again until he honestly thought that he might pass out. 

He pulled her upright and they kissed for a long moment as his cock softened and finally slipped out of her.  They fixed their clothes and made arrangements to meet again and walked back to class together to find that the class had ended long ago.  They shared a last look and went their separate ways until they met again.

Submitted: July 15, 2014

© Copyright 2023 zebo85. All rights reserved.

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I always enjoy your stories and this was no exception! Very well written and the teasing at the beginning made the sex even more fun to read. I also liked that they were so desperate for each other that they just found an empty classroom instead of heading out of school. Thanks for the congratulations too :) I had a really great time!

Sun, July 20th, 2014 1:12am


Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. You write so fantastically well, it means a lot that you like my stories. And you should have had a great time!

Sat, July 19th, 2014 7:50pm

Alyson Williams

So fun to read ;-) As always, great writing! You always find an interesting way to make a story your own. Love your imagination.

Tue, July 29th, 2014 6:53pm


Aw, thanks for taking the time to read and comment Aly. I always enjoy your comments. You need to start writing soon though!!

Tue, July 29th, 2014 11:55am

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