City League Basketball

City League Basketball City League Basketball

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A routine night of city league basketball becomes so much more when some co-workers of Hubie's invite him to the bar after the game.


A routine night of city league basketball becomes so much more when some co-workers of Hubie's invite him to the bar after the game.


Submitted: December 19, 2015

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Submitted: December 19, 2015



Hubie was running back down court feeling as good as he had for a while.  Getting back into playing basketball in a city league had been painful, but now that they were halfway done with the season, he finally felt like he’d gotten into basketball shape.  He’d forgotten that there was a big difference between generally being in good shape and having enough endurance to run up and down the 94 feet of hardwood during a game.  He was getting heated up and had just hit three straight 3 pointers and his team was egging him on when he heard some women cheering for him from the sideline.  Fortunately there was a break in play and he glanced over and saw several women from his office watching from the bleachers.  He was completely surprised by it, but suddenly the ball was in play and he dribbled around a screen and netted another 3 as his co-workers screamed their approval. 

He glanced over again and smiled as they’d clearly been to a bar beforehand.  What also made him smile was his office crush, Ally, was part of the group and she seemed to be really interested in the game and possibly him as well.  He’d secretly lusted for her since she’d started 18 months ago, but he’d simply watched from afar.  She’d had a boyfriend when she started, but recently she was coming to happy hours with other co-workers.  Since Hubie was divorced he went out more often than he should and they’d finally had a chance to get to know each other a little bit and he was mesmerized by her intelligence and beauty.  It was early December and milder than normal, however it had snowed that morning.  He checked her out for the tenth time that day as she sat there in her dark blue sweater dress and black boots.  The other team was shooting free throws and he was standing at half-court and he glanced over and his heart skipped a beat.  With a sexy smile on her face she slowly uncrossed her legs and of course his eyes were glued to her bare legs.  He was too far away to see anything, but just the idea of it thrilled him and her smile seemed to be a little sexier when he pulled his gaze away from her legs and looked up at her face.  He blushed for getting busted and he held up his hands to say, “Hey, can you blame me?”  When she giggled, he knew she wasn’t mad and he tried to focus on the game again.

Thankfully, the game ended soon thereafter because he was becoming more and more distracted by her.  As he trotted off the court, the women acted silly as hell and he couldn’t help but laugh.  They immediately told him that he was going out and he better meet them at the bar that was down the street.  He said he wasn’t sure because he was pretty tired from the game and he smelled like a horse.The women quickly told him to shut up and that he was going and they expected to see him there and bring some of his teammates if he wanted.  He laughed again and after waiting for them to walk out of the gym he pulled off his jersey in order to dry off with his towel.  He’d been working hard on his physique and he was definitely not embarrassed by his toned body, but it just seemed weird to flaunt it. 

After liberally applying some deodorant, he reached for a clean t-shirt when Ally cleared her throat and said, “We all squished into one car to get here from the bar, so can I get a ride with you?”

He was shocked by the sound of her voice and he held up his shirt in front of his chest like a woman might do to cover herself if she’d been surprised by a guy walking in on her. 

She giggled merrily and said, “Hubie, you are such a goof!” 

He laughed and quickly pulled on his shirt and to his delight she added, “You have no reason to cover up your body.  I’m kind of disappointed you did, actually.” 

She winked and he smiled and moments later they were walking out together.  Out of reflex, he opened her door for her and she smiled and said, “Aren’t you a gentleman.”

“Sometimes” he said with a grin and a few minutes later they were at the bar and having a great time.  None of his teammates had been interested in joining them so it was Hubie and four women, but the only one of interest to him was Ally.  He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her and at one point, she leaned into him and whispered, “I definitely don’t mind how you’re looking at me, but others might start talking if you don’t turn down the heat of your gaze.” 

He blushed as he didn’t realize he’d been so obvious and so he tried to stop gazing at her, but he thought she was so beautiful.  He ordered shots for everyone and had just gotten another beer when the women said that it was late and they were going to leave.  He called them a bunch of wimps that they’d lured him out and now they were leaving when the night was still young.  A tidal wave of insults ensued and when the waitress came over he was pleasantly surprised when Ally ordered another drink while the others asked for their checks.  She quickly said, “I felt sorry for the loser so I’ll stay until he quits nursing his beer.”  Everyone laughed and a few minutes later they were alone. 

As soon as the last one walked out, he turned to Ally and said, “Hey, I’m sorry if I was making you uncomfortable earlier.  I didn’t realize I was staring, but you’re just really beautiful and I don’t think I’ve seen your hair like this and you look amazing.” 

She gave him a long look and then quipped, “How drunk are you?” 

He smiled and said, “Just enough to finally have the balls to tell you that?” 

She smiled and she really was beautiful; especially when she smiled.  “You really like my hair this way?” 

She usually wore it long and lightly curled and today she’d worn it with a braid.  It pulled her hair away from her beautiful face while somehow looking both sexy and cute. 

“Most definitely” he said and then added, “Am I right?  Have you worn it like this before?” 

She visibly blushed and said, “I’ve done this on the weekend before, but pretty sure never to work.  I can’t believe, um, I’m surprised you noticed.” 

He smiled as he couldn’t believe he’d already said as much as he had.  He could be painfully shy; especially around women that he found as attractive as Ally and he decided she was enjoying his attention so he added, “Oh Ally, I notice plenty about you.” 

“Oh?” she whispered. 

It was clear she was wanting to hear something else, so for the next minute he recapped what she’d worn the previous few days; mentioning that the sweater one day was one he hadn’t seen before, or that the heels she’d worn two days before sounded different than her normal ones when she walked by and wondered if they were new and that the gray dress she’d worn on Monday was definitely new and she looked sensational in it.  And that every time she’d walked by his office that day, it took him a few minutes to get his train of thought back. 

She seemed completely stunned by what he’d said, but she covered it up by saying, “Oh my god; you’re so full of shit!” 

He laughed and smelled himself like she was saying he smelled, but he then leaned closer to her and said, “First off, sorry if my deodorant is wearing off and I’m stinking up the joint, but answer me this….was I correct about your outfits?  Were they new?” 

In a voice that was decidedly hushed she nodded and said, “Yes, the sweater, the heels and the dress are all new.  Did you really like that dress?  The color is called basil by the way.” 

He looked into her eyes and saw a sparkle, an interest; something there for sure and it gave him more confidence. 

“Oh Ally, you have to be kidding me.  Without being too forward, that dress was made for you.  It was perfect for the office because it was professional, but it also hugged your curves just right.  That color against your tan skin was incredible, the way your butt looked when you walked by was heart stopping and when I stopped by your office to ask you a question, you bent over to get something out of your desk drawer and I saw a fabulous amount of cleavage and just the tiniest bit of what appeared to be a very sexy bra.” 

Her eyes went wide as she looked at him and she twirled her hair for a few moments as if she was nervous.  He was very close to apologizing for saying too much when she finally whispered, “I had no idea you even noticed me.”  She paused again as she looked at him and then added, “I always thought you were the consummate gentleman……so it’s nice to see you’re not always so proper.” 

He smiled and it was probably one of the most genuine smiles he’d had in a while because he knew at that moment that she was attracted to him; maybe not as much as he was attracted to her, but it was definitely not just one way.  He leaned closer to her and starting rubbing her leg just above her knee and whispered, “Oh Ally, I’m definitely not always a gentleman.  The things I’ve thought about you……., but I convinced myself I shouldn’t say anything.” 

She seemed mesmerized by the sight of his hand tenderly stroking her leg; moving higher little by little and so he added, “For instance, when I mentioned you bending over before, I swore you saw I was coming towards you; that you knew I was going to be in your office in a few steps, yet you leaned over to give me that view anyway.  So, yeah I’ve been smiling all week with the thought that you did that so I could look down your dress and that your sexy bra was new and that you wore that hoping you’d have a chance to give me a peek of it.” 

Her eyes went wide and she shifted in her chair and whether it was on purpose or not, it caused his hand to slide under her sweater dress and to just above mid-thigh.  He swore she was blushing and he wondered if he’d hit the nail on the head.  As his mind tried to stop obsessing about how damn smooth her skin was, she giggled and said, “You definitely have an active imagination, Hubie and as good as your hand feels on my leg you really shouldn’t be doing that.  You know I have a boyfriend.” 

His mind raced at the thought that he pushed things too far and she was putting up the stop sign, however her smile and how her eyes were looking at him told him that she was saying what she should say, not what she wanted to say.  So, he plowed ahead, “You’re right Ally, I shouldn’t, but I want to.  In fact I’ve wanted to spend time alone with you for an awfully long time……I suspect it’s what you want as well. “

His fingers pressed a little more firmly into her inner thigh and she shifted in her chair, but she didn’t push him away and so he continued, “You’re not even the teeniest bit interested in what other kind of thoughts I’ve had about you?” 

The smile on her face was dazzling; as if she was hoping he’d ask because she didn’t want to be the one to ask.  She shrugged her shoulders as if she didn’t care one way or the other and whispered, “Sure”. 

He was breathless because his thumb was rubbing less than a foot away from her pussy and he knew she was loving the teasing touch along with their flirty banter. 

He hadn’t lied about the thoughts he had about her because she occupied many of his fantasies, but he didn’t know how far to push things.  As he looked into her beautiful face again he decided that the old golf analogy of “Never up, never in” certainly applied here.  It meant that you had to at least get the putt to the hole for it to have a chance to go in and in this case if he didn’t make it clear how badly he wanted her while had the opportunity, he might never get another chance. 

He shifted his chair even closer without removing his hand from under her dress and in a hushed voice he started, “Promise me you’ll stop me if I cross the line.” 

She smiled as if to say that his magic fingers were already well past the line, but then she nodded and seemed exhilarated about hearing one of his fantasies about her.

“For example” he said, “Throughout the day you wore that gray….um, I mean, basil dress, I had a recurring thought; one that I kept mentally refining and adjusting.” 

He paused and she quickly said, “And?” 

“The material is a little stretchy, right?” he asked.

“Yes” was her soft reply.

“I thought so” he whispered, “So, I imagined that I called a phony meeting for the conference room by my office.  When you entered the room I could barely breathe and the room was mostly dark and it seemed to add to the moment and I immediately told you that I wasn’t sure if the attraction was mutual, but I had to know.  The look on your face as you processed my comment made me completely lose my train of thought and my plan of explaining how long I’d found you so incredibly desirable flew out the window.” 

He took a deep breath and much to his delight her eyes flickered before she whispered, “And?” 

“I pulled you to me and I kissed you; you immediately kissed me back and I was in heaven.  Your body molded into mine and my hardening cock was pressed against your waist and I wished I was shorter so our bodies matched better” he whispered.  His fingers were continuing to stroke her inner thigh as his eyes focused on her beautiful face. 

“I knew you wanted me as much as I wanted you and I yanked on the top of your dress and to my delight it was down off your shoulders and your tits barely contained in your bra were exposed.  As our kissing became even more frantic I tugged one cup down so I could tease your nipple as my hands hiked the bottom of your dress up over your hips.” 

He paused again to try and remove the trembling out of his voice and she quickly said, “And?” 

His thumb was only inches away from touching her panties and he knew they were soaked, but even though she clearly wanted him to continue the story, she shifted in her chair and pushed his arm lightly as she said, “You have to stop; I’m not like this.  I don’t let guys grope me in a bar.” 

He felt horrible and whispered, “Oh Ally; I’m so sorry.  I hope I’m not just some guy in your mind and I guess I’ve just thought about this moment for so long that I pushed things too far.  I really just wanted to let you know how desirable you are to me, but I also need you to know that I also appreciate your intelligence, personality and that I respect you.” 

Her face displayed that his comment meant a lot to her and she smiled shyly before saying, “You have me so aroused that I’m scared; scared of what I’m feeling.” 

He squeezed her leg, playfully this time before saying, “Listen Ally, it thrills me that I’m having an effect on you, but I don’t want you to regret anything.  So, I’ll settle the tab and we can part ways now and I’ll hope that we’ll see each other again because I don’t want this about me taking advantage of you because you’ve had too much to drink.  Deal?” 

She really didn’t respond, but he walked up to the bar and paid their bill and when he turned she was holding his coat and was in hers already.  He was incredibly disappointed that the night was ending, but knew that this was the right thing to do.  However when he smiled and turned to leave she slid her arm in between his arm and his chest and said, “I want to hear more of your imagination; can I come over to your place for a little while?” 

He was shocked when he heard himself ask, “You sure?” but was glad he had when she quickly said, “Definitely.”

During the drive to his place he kept thinking she was going to stop following him, so he was giddy the moment they walked into his house together.  He flicked on his fireplace and got her a glass of wine before he whispered, “Where was I?” 

She smiled and her eyes were sparkling as she quickly said, “I believe you had my basil dress bunched at my waist; both the top and bottom of it.” 

She took a drink of her wine and tucked her legs up under her and he smiled as she looked completely sexy, but also incredibly adorable. 

“I think I had already teased one nipple, correct?” he whispered and she nodded that she remembered that. 

“Do you like your nipples to be tenderly caressed or maybe a little rough, Ally?” he asked.

She softly said, “Depends” and left him wishing she would have said more and he reached down to adjust his hardening cock in his running pants.  She watched with interest and in a soft voice he continued, “I knew we wouldn’t have too much time so I told you that this time was about you; about your pleasure and suddenly my hand was on your g-string and with my thumb hooked into the waistband, I pulled it down off your hips as my two fingers slid slowly and sensuously into your very wet pussy.” 

She gasped a “Jesus” and pulled a throw pillow to her chest and hugged it tight before saying, “I was wearing a thong….you know, in case you want to update your imagination.” 

He chuckled and then let his fingers graze her exposed knee before whispering, “Speaking of my imagination….I bet that fire feels good doesn’t it?”  She nodded and couldn’t help but ask, “What does the fire have to do with your imagination?” 

He smiled again as she’d done exactly what he’d hoped she would and so he quickly said, “Take off your dress for me, Ally.” 

It was definitely a command and not a request and he felt his body buzzing as she reached down to grab the hem and then very sensuously pull her sweater dress up and off.  She was wearing a slip under it so that stayed on, but it was much shorter and very clingy so he gazed at her; telling her with his eyes that she was beautiful. 

Before he could continue, she asked softly, “Do you like what you see, Hubie?” 

“Fuck yes, Ally; you’re incredibly beautiful and sexy.  Thank you for taking off your dress” his voice oozed with passion.

She smiled and whispered, “I’m surprised I did; but your voice….it is so sexy and you have me completely in knots so I wanted to do it for you; to give you a fraction of the pleasure you’re giving me right now.” 

“Ohhhhh Ally; you have no idea how much that arouses me.”  His voice changed slightly as he went back to the story, “So my fingers are up inside you and part of your silky thong is also and each time my fingers thrust deep into you, it drags your thong over your clit and you are groaning so sexily.  I drop to my knees and with my fingers continuing to thrust I find your clit and suck it into my mouth; the satin of your thong partially between my warm mouth and your throbbing clit and it has an astounding effect on you as you grab my hair and hump my face as your orgasm creeps closer and closer.” 

He pauses again and sees her squeezing her thighs together as she clutches the pillow and her eyes had never looked more amazing.  “Would you like me to do what I’ve just described, baby?” 

“Oh Hubie, please; I’m almost there just from your voice and your words” she whispered and the look she gave him would have boiled water. 

He fell to his knees and slowly pulled her legs out from under her.  He couldn’t believe that he was about to do this; to enjoy and pleasure a woman he’d watched and cherished for so long.  Just as he’d described, he hooked his thumb into her thong and pulled it down as he pressed two fingers up inside her.  The feel of her pussy around his fingers made him quiver with delight and when his mouth found her clit, his cock throbbed wildly in his pants.  Her moans of ecstasy filled his living room and when she gasped, “Oh Hubie, I’m cuming; oh Hubie! Hubie! Hubie!” he hoped he would hear that on countless more evenings.

As he continued to suck lightly on her clit; giving her another wave of pleasure, he was intoxicated in the moment and was not prepared for her feet suddenly pushing into his chest.  He was on his back in an instant and he looked up at her wondering what he’d done; that maybe he’d sucked too hard and hurt her.  However, her eyes were wild and she was on him in a flash kissing him with an intensity that he’d experienced before.  Her hands were tearing at her pants and she broke the kiss and then greedily taking his cock into her mouth. 

He tried to do everything he could to prolong it, but he’d been so aroused from watching her get aroused and then making her cum that all too soon he was panting her name as he thrust his cock ever deeper into her mouth.  As he was about to explode, he growled, “Look at me, beautiful” and the sight of her eyes on him as her mouth worked up and down his cock pushed him over the edge and he spurted again and again deep into her throat.  She continued moving up and down him; more slowly and tenderly now giving him his full release before she crawled up his body and laid on him gasping, “Holy fuck; that was amazing.”“That’s a bit of an understatement” he said with a smile. 

She reached up to kiss him and then sighed and asked, “Is it wrong if I text my boyfriend that I’ve found someone so much better than him?”

He hugged her even tighter to his body before replying, “That might be a little harsh, but I love how you’re thinking.”

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