Chance Encounter, part 2

Chance Encounter, part 2 Chance Encounter, part 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A continuation of a story of a chance encounter


A continuation of a story of a chance encounter


Submitted: May 16, 2014

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Submitted: May 16, 2014



When Elizabeth finally stopped milking every drop of cum out of his cock he was completely satisfied like he hadn’t been in years.  It had been a while since he’d gotten a blowjob and he’d never gotten one that was anywhere as amazing as this one.  As lost in the moment as he was, he did realize that it wasn’t necessarily that she was super skilled in the art of fellatio as much as it was the eagerness with which she performed it.  For some reason even though he’d just met this woman and she had been more than willing to push the envelope with their flirting and with this first physical encounter, he sensed that she had a sweet personality and maybe just a bit bored with her life; same as him.  In other words, she wasn’t some ‘loose woman’ that did this kind of thing all the time. 

She sat up and stretched her neck and then planted the sweetest kiss on his lips.  She looked at him and then blushed and said, “I really didn’t see that coming, Jimmy.” 

He knew what she meant but he went for the laugh anyway and said, “Damn Elizabeth, I groaned your name like a thousand times and even said I was going to explode.” 

Her giggle was infectious and they both laughed for a few moments before he said, “Well, let’s get going to lunch.” 

She glanced at her phone and said, “Oh baby; you were my lunch.  I don’t have time now, but I certainly don’t have any regrets, do you?” 

He glanced at her fixing her clothes and realized he hadn’t even had a chance to enjoy her breasts at all and he whispered, “Just that we don’t have more time.”  He reached out and let his hand slide across her nearest breast and she smiled and said, “Well, maybe we can find more time soon.” 

It wasn’t a question and he gazed into her beautiful eyes and said, “I hope so.” 

He helped her out of the car and they shared a brief hug and one last kiss and then she walked towards the opposite end of the parking garage and he watched her walking away. When she was about to round a corner, she glanced back and smiled as she realized he’d been watching her the entire time. 

As he started walking back to his office elevator, he pulled out his phone and smiled when he saw, she’d already messaged, “Like what you see, Mr. Davis?”  “Without a doubt E”, he replied.  He wasn’t sure why he had called her just E, but she replied quickly and said, “Hmmmm, a pet name already?  I like it!”She then added, “A present for you.” 

His jaw about hit the floor as she’d apparently taken a picture of him going down on her and that was the gift which she’d just sent.  You couldn’t really see much, but the memory of it flooded back to him and his cock throbbed wildly as he could still taste her sweet pussy.  His fingers were trembling as he replied, “I’m so hard thinking of how incredible you taste baby…..but I’ve got nothing for you. L” 

She quickly replied, “Sure you do Jimmy!  If the elevator is empty, take a pic of your cock and send it to me.” 

He was walking on the elevator at that very moment and he was alone, but he kept thinking that this was crazy.  He couldn’t take the chance, but he wanted to please this woman so much that he slid out of his sport coat and held it in front of him as he whipped out his already hard cock.  Just as he was about to take the picture, the elevator stopped and he nearly dropped his phone.  He should have put his cock away as three women got on, but there was no turning back. 

They glanced at him and he tried to look nonchalant as he hid his throbbing cock behind his sport coat draped over his arm.  The women got wrapped into a conversation, so he decided to go for it.  He quickly moved his coat out enough so he could take a quick pic and then sent it.  The elevator stopped again and two of the women got off and since this was the lobby level, the elevator quickly got full. 

Suddenly he realized that the woman that had stayed on was next to him and as the doors closed she pressed her lips to his ear and said, “Send that picture to me too.” 

His eyes glazed over at the realization that she knew what he’d done as well as that the woman now looked very familiar and it was very possible that she worked for the same company as him.  As he searched for something to say, her hand moved over and grabbed his cock.He nearly gasped and his eyes went wide and then she was moving closer as she began stroking him.  He carefully transferred his coat to his other arm to ensure her ‘activity’ was hidden and his hand slid inside the flap of her wrap skirt. 

She smiled and then he shivered as he felt just how soaked her panties were.  The entire thing was so surreal.  He had just spent his lunch hour with the most fantastic woman he’d ever met and now he was getting a hand job in a crowded elevator; it just couldn’t be real; but it sure felt real!  Her panties were the softest nylon and being soaked with her honey, they were extremely slippery to the touch.  His fetish for lingerie went into overdrive and he hooked his thumb in the front waistband and pulled down on her panties as his fingers pressed against her opening through the crotch of her panties. 

As he’d hoped, his fingers pushed into her pussy with her panties being pressed inside as well.  She barely stifled a groan and she purred in his ear, “Oh fuck!  This feels so damn good.” 

He glanced around the elevator and no one seemed to be noticing them and his fingers pushed deeper and her panties rubbed against her clit and he could feel her pussy clamping down on his fingers.  He looked at her face and realized that she did work for the same company and the look on her face as she was obviously cuming pushed him over the edge and he exploded into his sports coat.

It was then that he opened his eyes and realized he had imagined the whole thing.  Well, not taking the picture and messaging it to Elizabeth, but the rest.  He glanced down and saw his cock was properly tucked away, but he had a tremendous bulge in his pants that was luckily hidden by the sport coat that he did have over his arm. 

He was laughing to himself as he walked off the elevator onto his floor and then the woman that worked for the same company leaned in and asked, “Penny for your thoughts, Mr. Davis.” 

She was an attractive woman, but nowhere near as beautiful as Elizabeth and although momentarily startled, he quickly recovered and replied, “Oh, these thoughts are worth a lot more than a penny, Ms……”  She held out her hand and said, “I’m Tina; I work in marketing.”  He shook it and said, “Call me James.” 

They shared a smile and started to go their separate ways when she suddenly leaned in and whispered, “That is a wonderful cologne you’re wearing.”  Just from the gleam in her eyes he wondered if she could smell Elizabeth’s pussy on him and he found the idea of a second woman coming onto him to be quite thrilling.  He smiled and possibly even winked and then turned to walk off, but after a few steps he turned to watch her.  She had a fuller figure than Elizabeth and as she rounded the corner, she glanced back at him and smiled as she saw him staring.  His eyes had been on her curvy ass and her hand was moving across her hip which pulled her skirt tighter and for a moment he thought he noticed the telltale bulge of a garter belt which he found quite intriguing. 

He tried to forget what had just happened because he didn’t need an office affair to complicate his life and he quickly pulled out his phone to see if Elizabeth had messaged.  Sure enough, she’d replied right after getting it with the saucy message of, “Oh Mr. Davis!  Already hard and ready for me I see!”  Then a few minutes after that she sent another message, “You didn’t get arrested did you?  Where are you?”  And then just a moment ago, she had sent a frownie face as he still hadn’t responded. 

He found the fact that she was so eager to hear from him thrilling and he closed his office door and quickly typed, “Hi E; sorry, I spaced out on the elevator thinking about incredible that was with you.” 

She replied with a quick, “Yeah?”  To which he described in great detail how he had never enjoyed a pussy as much as hers and the blow job was the best he’d ever had.  She gave him a smiley face, but also a quick, “Suck up”.  He giggled which he thought was completely ridiculous for a man his age, but then he added, “I do have one regret, though.” 

She replied with an instant, “What?!” reply and fearing she was thinking the worst, he quickly replied, “I never got to really even feel your wonderful breasts; let alone suck on a nipple.” 

He smiled again when she replied with a message of “Perv!  I sucked that shriveled up old cock of yours and you’re still asking for more.” 

He giggled again at her teasing him about their age difference although it did make him think for a second about whether it bothered her.  He smiled when she quickly added, “Jimmy, you better know I’m kidding; you have a magnificent cock.” 

He patted his swollen pants in a rare moment of ‘cockiness’ and was trying to think of how to reply when he saw she’d send a new message.  She’d apparently found a private place and taken a few pictures.  The first one was of her dress off her shoulders displaying a sexy black lacy bra and her tanned breasts pushed together by her arms.  The next picture had the bra cups turned down and her nipples showing as she pinched one. 

He quickly messaged, “Oh baby!!  I’m going to be hard until I see you again!  Speaking of which, meet me at 5:30 at Tucker’s.” 

He purposefully didn’t include a question mark as he hoped it sounded like a confident demand.  She replied quickly with a “Mayyyyybe” and he sat there breathless and stunned. 

He ordered a sandwich from the deli in the lobby and ate it at his desk while he tried to focus on work for a while, but it wasn’t easy.  He was deep into a monster spreadsheet when there was a knock on his open office door.  He figured it was one of his team and he didn’t even look up and he waved the person in.  Suddenly, he smelled a perfume he didn’t recognize and he looked up to see the marketing person from the elevator. 

He stumbled and said, “Hi” and then forgot her name.  She laughed and said, “I see I made quite an impression; it’s Tina, Mr. Davis.”  He smiled and said, “I know I told you to call me James; I remember that much.”  She laughed again and then explained that the marketing team needed his approval on a new marketing campaign so she had volunteered to bring it up. 

He was immediately ticked off because they always did that kind of thing; wanted something approved at the last minute.  He started to get angry and she said, “Rod said you’d be pissed, so he was happy I volunteered to bring it up.” 

Without thinking, he said, “Rod’s a douche box!”

She laughed again and said, “Yeah, you’re right about that.” 

She leaned over to hand the customary forms over to him and he couldn’t help but take a glance down her blouse.  It was a wonderful green color and she was wearing some kind of green camisole under it.  It was trimmed in black lace and sexy as hell and it billowed open and gave him a wonderful view of her creamy white breasts.  They were such a contrast from Elizabeth’s tanned ones and he took a long look without thinking about it. 

By the time he peeled his eyes off of her breasts, she was smiling and softly said, “Well, at least I’m making a good second impression I see.”  He couldn’t help but laugh and he softly said, “Definitely so; don’t tell HR on me.”  He looked into her green eyes and they were twinkling and she whispered, “Mr. Davis, harassment is defined as unwanted sexual advances.” 

Her emphasis on the word unwanted made it crystal clear that she was more than happy to have him leering at her breasts.  He wondered for a moment whether all of this was just part of one immaculate dream and he’d wake up in his bed any moment and smile, but be disappointed that none of it had been real.  He cleared his throat and replied, “I believe you’re right Tina, but I’m not sure if a look qualifies as an advance.” 

He was smiling as he said it and she smiled as well, but also looked a little put off that he wasn’t agreeing that he was flirting with her.  He looked at her again and something inside of him snapped; well almost snapped because he did resist the temptation to throw her on the desk and fuck her.  Instead he motioned for her to come around the desk to stand next to him so he could ask her something.  He glanced up and was happy to see that she’d closed his door when she’d entered and it was always locked. 

He pointed to a line item and asked, “What’s this?”  She started to explain but stopped as she felt his hand on her calf.  She glanced down at him as her breath was caught in her throat.  He whispered, “Go on, Tina.” 

His hand moved higher and she was wearing some of the silkiest stockings he’d ever felt.  His calloused hand moved slowly higher; feeling every fiber of the nylon as he did so.  He enjoyed hearing how breathless she sounded and when she finally finished explaining the item, his hand was just above the back of her knee. 

In a voice that was calmer than he felt, he softly said, “Now this; me sliding my hand up your leg to see if you’re wearing a garter belt and stockings like I suspect; now this could be considered harassment if it’s unwanted.”  She exhaled loudly and he quickly added, “So, it would seem we are at a critical moment, Tina; if my hand that’s moving up over your knee is unwanted, you should pull away.  If, on the other hand, it’s wanted, you really should widen your stance so I have easier access to you.” 

She gasped a soft “Jesus” but quickly complied and spread her feet and his hand went quickly higher.  His voice was still measured and relatively calm even though his heart was racing and his cock was throbbing as his fingers were moving up the back garter strap as he said, “Do you still want to know what I was thinking in the elevator earlier.” 

“Please” she whispered and then she groaned as his thumb ran across the wet crotch of her panties.  He turned in his chair as he intended on showing her while telling her about his daydream.“Well, Ms. Tina, when you and your friends entered the elevator I was taking a picture of my cock to send to a friend.”  He paused and her eyes went wide at his admission as well as his fingers becoming more insistent in their caresses.  “And when you stayed on the elevator, I imagined that you moved close to me and asked me to send the picture to you too and when you saw my cock was still out, you began stroking it right there in the crowded elevator.”

He took her hand and pulled it to his crotch and together they freed it and she started stroking it as she whispered, “Like this Mr. Davis?”  He groaned and said, “Yes, exactly like that.” 

His left arm quickly moved out from between her legs and she gasped in dismay but it quickly wrapped around her lower back and pulled her closer so he could slide his right hand up the front of her skirt and just as he had previously imagined, he hooked his thumb in the waistband of her panties and pulled down while pressing his fingers up inside her as he said, “And I did this!” 

She emitted the sexiest groan and then her arm became a blur as she stroked him wildly as she humped his fingers very sexily.  A few moments later he said, “Tina, I’m either going to need to stand up so I can shove my cock in your pussy before I explode or you’re going to need to lean over and take it in your mouth…..your choice.” 

She sighed, “Oh fuck me James” and with that she pulled her hand away and bent over the desk while flipping up the back of her skirt.  He slowly rose out of his chair and thought that he really should use a condom, but he didn’t have one and he really wanted to feel her panty lined pussy directly on his cock.  His hands caressed her hips and then ran down the side of each leg, his fingers dipping into the tops of her stockings. 

Her hand reached between her legs and guided him in and he sighed as he slid inside her nylon lined pussy.  She was pushing back against him wildly as she purred, “This feels fucking unreal James…..harder baby; deeper!” 

He gripped her hips and thrust hard while pulling her panties down off her hips even farther.  That allowed him to go balls deep and the nylon must have felt exquisitely good on her clit because she moaned that she was cuming a moment later.  With one hand on her hip, he reached up to maul her breasts through her blouse and after a flurry of thrusts, he exploded deep inside her.  It felt like he was spurting dust towards the end as his cock continued to spurt again and again.  It wasn’t quite as good as filling sweet Elizabeth’s mouth with cum a few hours ago, but it was sinfully good. 

He finally stopped thrusting as his release was complete and he leaned down to pull her hair back and whisper, “You can tell your boss that his project is approved, but first you need to clean up my cock.”  With a look of complete submission on her face, she fell to her knees and using her soft mouth and tongue, she cleaned their combined juices off his cock. 

He reached down and slid his hand into her hair as she was paying way too much attention to his sensitive head, so he pulled her up carefully, but by her hair so she felt it.  Her lips were so soft and full that he couldn’t help but kiss them and their tongues were quickly assaulting each other.

He finally broke the kiss and opened her blouse to take a look at her C cup breasts and pushed the camisole off one shoulder and saw her half cup bra and hard nipple exposed and whispered, “Good fucking God, Tina; you are one sexy piece of ass!”  His mouth clamped down on her nipple and he didn’t let up until she was gasping and begging him to release.  As he did so, his fingers slid down and pulled up on her panties which pulled the nylon out of her pussy and across her clit and she fell back against his desk as her legs trembled from the wicked feel of it. 

He slid his hand inside her panties and he slid two fingers inside her and was amazed at how wet she still was.  She started moving against his fingers and he growled, “My oh my; you are a hot little slut, aren’t you Tina.”  Her eyes burned bright as if she wanted to say something, but his hand cracked down on one ass cheek so hard, the resulting sound even startled him.  “Careful with those looks Tina if you hope to stop up and see me again” he said with a tone that he’d never heard his voice take on before. 

She closed her eyes and simply moved against him and he palmed her clit in rhythm with her movements. “You want to cum again, don’t you Tina?” he cooed.  “Yes, Mr. Davis, yes please….please let me cum.” 

His thumb went up to her soft lips and he let it run along them for a second and then he whispered, “You have been a good girl; maybe I will.” 

He dropped that hand down and got two of his fingers from that hand soaked in her honey before he slid them down the crack of her ass.  Her eyes flashed open as she realized what he was intending, “Mr. Davis; not there please.” 

He chuckled and it sound quite evil and then he growled, “Oh, I bet you’ve taken it in the ass more than a few times Tina.”  With his words still hanging in the air, he circled her rose hole with his index finger and she moaned with so much lust, his cock started to get hard again.  Two times in about as many hours was quite a bit for an old guy like him, so he wasn’t going to waste a third time with Tina, but he was quite proud of it for ‘waking up’ already.

He kept finger fucking her pussy while he teased her rose hole and then after leaning down to bite her shoulder, he whispered, “I will take you in the ass next time Tina, but for now you can cum as you moan my name.” 

With that he shoved his index finger deep inside her as he attacked her clit with his fingers wet from her honey and she came while squealing his name in her ear.  She rocked back and forth against his hands as her orgasms nearly made her blackout.  As she tried to recover, he took out his phone and took several pictures of her as she was one sexy fucking mess of a woman.  She simply smiled at him and seemed to enjoy that he wanted something to remember their encounter. 

They fixed their clothes and she was walking out a little later smiling over her shoulder at him.

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