Building a House, Part 1

Building a House, Part 1 Building a House, Part 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Beth knew that building a house was going to be full of unusual turns, but she certainly didn't expect this.


Beth knew that building a house was going to be full of unusual turns, but she certainly didn't expect this.


Submitted: February 24, 2014

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Submitted: February 24, 2014



Beth was at work and pissed off at her husband yet again.  Ever since they had agreed to build a house, it had been a nightmare.  The builders seemed like nice guys, but they were long on promises and short on delivering on them.  Another problem had just come up and since her good for nothing husband didn’t have the balls to stand up to them, she was going to have to work through lunch so she could meet their builder and a subcontractor at the house to work something out that afternoon. 

She’d actually been considering stopping by the jobsite on her way home anyway to check on things so this would sort of save her a trip and the thought of her trip to the house got her distracted.  She tried to put the thought of her mind, but she couldn’t.  Their soon to be next door neighbor was a divorced man and a very successful businessman who apparently worked very odd hours.  In fact, she’d run into him quite a few times during the day and then she thought of their last meeting. 

His name was James and he was tall, dark and good looking in his own unique way.  He had amazing hazel colored eyes that seemed to undress her every time he looked at her.  The last time she’d been at the house, she’d been talking to her builder at the corner of the house next to his and he’d come over to say hello.  After a minute or two, the builder walked off and she became very aware of how the wind was causing her wrap dress to have a mind of its own.  She was very aware of James’ eyes constantly looking at her lacy bra that was repeatedly exposed as well as her legs when the wind blew the dress open.  She shamelessly did very little to control her dress as she was very much enjoying his attention.  She’d been aware of his eyes on her on previous meetings, but he was clearly enjoying himself today. 

He finally offered to have her come closer to his garage to get out of the wind and she was surprised and a little disappointed.  He was also disappointed, but he felt that if he kept leering at her, she might not find him as charming.  The wind had been flying her dress around so much that for one 30 second span, he’d had a completely unobstructed view of one of her breasts encased in the sexiest satin and lace bras.  If he wasn’t mistaken, she’d known exactly what he was looking at and he was thrilled that she’d made absolutely no effort to protect her ‘modesty’.  He felt a sexual chemistry between them and he definitely wanted to help it grow. 

They chatted a little longer and he was the one that said, “Well, I know you probably need to get going, but do you mind if I say something first?” 

She glanced at her phone and she actually did need to go, but she didn’t want to.  She mumbled that she probably should get going, but what did he want to say.  Her heart started racing even more when he placed his hand on her arm.

He smiled as she kept glancing down at her arm and he said, “If I may be a little forward, that dress really flatters you.” 

She really couldn’t think of a response as she was completely thrilled at his compliment and so she simply said, “Oh?” 

He took that as a request for more details so as his fingers moved slowly along her arm, he added, “Yes, the green is amazing against your dark skin and well, to be completely blunt, many women can’t wear a wrap dress as it doesn’t hide their, well, let’s say imperfections, very well.  But, Beth, you don’t have any so the way that dress molds to your luscious body is simply breathtaking.” 

Her heart was pounding and although she couldn’t think of anything to say, she did say to herself, ‘Speaking of breathtaking; fuck!  James, you certainly knew how to pay a compliment’.  She doubted that she’d ever heard someone describe her body as luscious and she was completely giddy.  She smiled again as she thought of his eyes devouring the glimpses he’d had down the front of her dress and she was glad she’d worn her nicest bra and panty set and she smiled inwardly as she’d worn it today with him in mind.  She hadn’t planned on the wind, but sometimes a girl just gets lucky she thought.  She couldn’t help but wonder if he could see just how hard her nipples were or just how wet she was getting from thinking of taking him into his house and fucking him until he was sore. 

She finally realized she hadn’t acknowledged his compliment and she giggled and put her hand on his arm and said, “Why James!  Am I going to need to warn my husband that we are moving in next to a flirt?

His eyes were pure electricity as he smiled and said, “Beth, you certainly could, but I would suggest we keep it our little secret.” 

His eyes seemed to caress her lips and then he added, “Besides, I’m not a flirt with just anyone.” 

She smiled and then gulped as he added in an even softer voice, “And, I’m a bit of a perv as well.” 

Maybe it was because she’d just said it a little while ago or maybe it was because she really wanted to hear more, but she said, “Oh?” again. 

His eyes were twinkling as he said, “Well, for instance, I would suggest that when you wear such amazing dresses like this one, you wear stockings as well.”

She giggled and said, “Oh, I just hate panty hose, James!” 

He smiled and said, “Oh Beth, my dear, you really should listen more closely.”

Although his tone was teasing, she felt a surprising amount of embarrassment that she hadn’t listened to him close enough; like she’d disappointed him by not being attentive. 

He added, “I agree, Beth, pantyhose are disgusting.  I said stockings, my dear; with a garter belt or if you must, thigh highs.  That would have made for a tantalizing sight with the wind whipping your dress open.” 

She could barely talk as this situation was quite sexually charged and his hand was moving higher on her arm and it was a very seductive feeling as she wondered if he might graze the side of her breast.  She considered clutching her arm against her breasts to initiate the contact, but she managed to resist the temptation.  She finally said yet again, “Oh?”

Her heart pounded as she wondered what this wonderfully sexual man might say next and he didn’t disappoint.  “Oh yes, Beth.  You have fantastic legs as they are, but the sight of your legs in some nude stockings with say a black garter belt would have made those tantalizing glimpses I had today even more pulse pounding.”

Her heart felt like it was going to pound out of her chest and then he added, “Although, I would much prefer a long and lingering look of you.  The garter straps so beautifully framing your most intimate areas.  The thought of sliding my hands under the straps as well, let’s just say; as I explored you completely.”

She was so completely enthralled with what he was saying as well as so turned on that she couldn’t do anything.  She was waiting for him to squeeze her ass or something as she thought that might be enough to make her cum, but he finally whispered, “I’m sorry my dear; I believe I’ve embarrassed you; at least I assume that’s why you are a wonderful shade of red right now.”

She didn’t doubt it as she could feel the heat from her blushing.  She glanced at him again and relished how much taller he was than her and she wondered what it would be like with him.  She had sensed that he was different from the moment that she’d met him, but to discover that he was such an incredibly sexual person was really blowing her mind.  He had her so completely giddy that she wasn’t even giving any thought to their age difference which was at least 15 years; if not more. 

His voice wasn’t too deep, but it was kind of raspy and it felt like his voice touched her with each word.  His eyes were just a little smokier when he finally added, “You probably should run along, Beth; but before you go, let’s exchange contact information in case we want to get in touch.” 

Just the way he said, ‘get in touch’ made her weak in the knees and she mentally processed what to give him.  She quickly dismissed her cell number as her husband was always complaining about how many text messages she sent to friends.  She didn’t want to give the personal email account that she shared with her husband as she wanted their messages to be private.  She finally reached into her purse and pulled out a business card.  It had her business email address and her cell phone # as a backup. 

He took it and looked at it for a second before, “Beth, now that you know a little more about me, it shouldn’t surprise you that there is a very good chance that some of my messages might be a little risqué; do  you really want me to use your work email for those?” 

Her eyes went wide and she loved how incredibly forward he was being.  He was basically giving her the opportunity to shut this flirtation down or escalate it and she pulled out a pen from her purse as she couldn’t help but giggle as she took her card back.  She noticed her hand trembling as she wrote a personal email account that she rarely used and her husband didn’t know about.  She handed it back without a word and James smiled and his smile looked like a man that was very pleased that things were going according to his plan. 

He nodded and said, “Have a wonderful rest of your day, Beth.” 

He watched her sexy brown eyes twinkling with delight as she said, “You too James.” 

She could feel his eyes on her ass and the throbbing in her pussy was nearly too much to bear.  She grabbed the wrap dress in front to hold it closed knowing full well that it was pulling her dress tight across her ass and she thought of how hard his cock was getting watching her.  As she got to her car, she turned and waved and then slowly swung her legs into the car; spreading her knees slightly as she let her wrap dress fall open and she was breathless as she wondered if he got a glimpse of her panties; the panties that were absolutely soaked and the ones that her hand was going to be down very soon as she teased her clit to a mind blowing orgasm that was oh so close. 

James had seen a wonderful amount of her beautiful tanned legs, but no direct view of her panties.  However, he knew she’d purposefully let her dress fall open so he might get a glimpse and that made his throbbing cock even harder.  His focus left her as he was intent on putting in her email address into his phone.  He was typing a message a moment later that he hoped she would see and escalate their flirtation even further.

He wrote, “Beth, baby; I could see the hunger in your eyes.  You really shouldn’t drive very far in your condition, but I can help you, if you let me.” 

She noticed him on his phone and wondered if he was doing what she hoped he was doing.  So before she drove off, she logged into her email account and as she drove down the street, she got goose bumps when she heard the chime that a message had come in.  After reading it, she felt woozy and giddy and she quickly typed what was becoming her standard response to this strangely wonderful man, “Oh?” 

He laughed at her response and started typing, “Drive up to the undeveloped area of the neighborhood, but park on one of the streets, so I can still see your car.  I want to imagine what you’re about to do.” 

She couldn’t believe this was happening, but she was doing what he said.  She parked a minute later and looked back and could just barely see him standing in his driveway.  She thought of his cock and wondered if he was even a fraction as turned on as she was.  The thought of his cock made her slide her dress up on her legs and she wondered how her legs would feel if she was wearing the stockings he had indicated he wished she’d worn today. 

He was typing as quickly as possible and he wrote it in a story format; hoping she would mentally insert herself into the imagery. 

He hit send ever couple of sentences so she could read one part as he wrote the next.  His cock was pounding with an urgency he hadn’t felt in a while and his heart raced as he hoped his words would give this amazing woman a great amount of pleasure. 

 “This is how I envisioned our encounter ending”. 

I would have said to you, “Beth, you probably need to run along, but before you do, I do need something from you.” 

Your eyes narrowed out of suspicion and more than a little lust as you waited for me to speak.  My fingers moved down to your hip and just a little bit down across your butt and you had a momentary thought that you really should stop this, but it felt so good. 

You finally asked, “What do you need James?”

My hand was now delightfully pressing against your ass as I said, “Good girl, Beth.  I saw every fine detail of your sexy bra earlier as the wind whipped your dress around, but I need to see your panties.  When you get in the car, give me a long look at them.”  I then pulled my hand away and stood there waiting. 

You looked at me momentarily and couldn’t believe what had just happened.  In fact, you weren’t entirely sure you hadn’t imagined the whole thing.  What you did know was that you were incredibly turned on.  You caught yourself biting down on your lower lip as you thought of my request.  You then thought some more and realized it wasn’t a request.  I hadn’t said please, I’d simply told you that I needed to see your panties.  You realized that you were currently thinking of how you would need to pivot your legs and move your dress so I could see them and the throbbing in your pussy felt so damn incredible. 

In her car, Beth was breathless and she could barely hold her phone steady as her hand was shaking.  She’d tried to flash her panties to him and reading how he had wanted to tell her to do that very thing made her think about the incredible chemistry they obviously shared.  Her entire body was on fire and she thought about opening her dress, but she figured that he would be telling her to do so soon, so she waited.  Her thoughts were broken as another message came in.

“I stood there looking at you; this unbelievably attractive young woman and I knew you were considering it and that thrilled me.  I’d wanted you from the first moment I’d seen you, but as I am mostly a gentleman, I would have been content to just look, but then I met your husband and found him to be a total ass.  I figured this incredible woman deserved much better and I was going to be quite happy if that ended up being me.  I smiled as you turned and gave me a little wave as you started to get into your car and then gave me a beautiful view of your legs as you swung them into the car. You paused as if you were considering what to do next, but then you pulled your legs into the car without flashing me.

My smile turned dark and without pause, my long legs took me towards your car in swift strides.  You watched me walking towards you and it was all you could do not to touch yourself.  You were so horny and the look on my face made it clear that I wasn’t happy with you not complying with my order and for some reason you were looking forward to seeing what I was going to do or say.  You lowered your window in anticipation and noticed lots of construction workers moving about and the idea that I might reach into the car window and slide my hand up your leg and claim your sweet pussy with my hand in front of all of these people made you wild with lust. 

A moment later I was shaking my head as I leaned into the window and softly said, “Beth, I thought we understood each other.”  I shook my head even more and added, “Now, what am I going to do with you?” 

You really weren’t aware of consciously saying it, but you heard your voice, “I’m so sorry James; I’m sorry I’ve disappointed you.” 

You then looked down as if your hands weren’t your own as they were undoing the sash on the dress and then the single catch just before you started to open the dress slowly.  You felt my eyes on you and I was nodding now; as if this met my approval and the thought that you were pleasing me pushed you closer to your orgasm.You glanced out the windshield and wondered if any of the workers were watching you.  You didn’t care or maybe you wanted them to; you really didn’t know.  All you knew was that I was watching and that was what was important.  You looked out your open window and gasped as you saw just how hard my cock was and how close it was to you.  You had a mental image of me leaning in and worming my fingers into your sopping wet pussy as you sucked my cock.  You had never felt so out of control with arousal and then your dress was completely open and you waited for my reaction.

In her car, Beth had opened her dress just as he had described it and he was completely right. She’d never felt so out of control with arousal and she wished what he was writing was actually happening.  A cool breeze was coming through her window and it felt incredible against her exposed hot skin.  Another message came in and she started reading again; marveling at how quickly he was creating this erotic tale.

My voice felt like it was inside your head as I softly said, “Oh Beth; you are fucking amazing!  What a body; your absolutely perfect.’ 

For once in your life, you didn’t argue. You didn’t respond like you usually would with a comment about needing to lose weight or something else that you didn’t like about your body.  You simply let me look at you and you embraced how good it made you feel to be desired. 

I added, “You’ve seen how hard you make me, haven’t you my dear?” 

You felt yourself nodding and you reached out to touch my crotch.  I intercepted your hand and laughed lightly, “Not today, Beth; but I do like your enthusiasm.” 

You felt no shame from the slight rebuke as you knew we would be together sometime soon; at least you hoped it was soon. 

Your internal temperature rose another 100 degrees or so as I added, “You do need to cum though don’t you Beth?” 

You heard yourself groan, “Fuck yes, James; make me cum.  Please!” 

My fingers ran across your cheek and then across your lips, down your neck, across your collar bone and then paused for a moment.  You felt yourself arching your back, pressing your breasts out even more to entice my hand to move lower. 

“Please James” you softly said. 

I looked in at you; at your stunning brown eyes and had a similar vision to the one you’d just had.  In my mind, my hand was spreading your legs, fingers moving past the soaked satin of your thong and then deep inside your wetness as you sucked my cock.  I thought about giving in and letting both of us have what we wanted; what we needed really.  However, I knew, or maybe it was that I hoped that if we delayed our first time together it would be an epic and mind blowing experience when we did let ourselves go.  It was all I could do to not reach in and squeeze your nipples that were straining so beautifully against your bra. 

Beth was holding onto the steering wheel with one hand and her phone with the other as it was the only way she was able to not touch herself.  She had lifted the back of her dress out from underneath her as she was so wet that she would have had a huge wet spot on her dress which would have been very difficult to explain.  As much as she was enjoying James ‘story’ she wanted to cum so badly, she could barely stand it.  She sighed as another message came in. 

My voice was trembling as I whispered, “Not by my hands today, Beth, my darling.”  I paused and saw you wriggling in your seat in such wonderful need.  “But please, let your hands do it while I watch.” 

My subtle instruction spurred you to movement and one hand feverishly yanked down one satin bra cup and pulled on a hard nipple while your other hand slid down the front of your thong. I could hear your fingers entering your wetness and it was only moments later when I saw the spectacular look of undeniable pleasure on your face.

Beth had dropped her phone and her hands had done exactly what James had written and her orgasm happened just as quickly as James had described.  Just dipping her fingers into her wetness once and then rubbing her clit pushed her over the edge and she’d cum so hard and so fast she thought she might black out.  She wasn’t sure just how long it took her to recover, but when she finally opened her eyes, she gasped as she heard another message come in.  She searched for her phone and finally found it on the floor of her car.  She wondered what else he could possibly say and her eyes went wide as she read. 

Your body shook for a good three minutes and my cock throbbed the entire time.  This incredible image of you was emblazoned into my mind and I thought to myself that I would make good use of it as soon as I got back inside my house. 

When you finally stopped shaking and your breathing was mostly normal, I whispered, “Let me taste you sweetheart.”

Without hesitation you pulled your hand out of your panties and held it up and you sighed as my soft lips sucked your fingers into my warm mouth.  Just the thought of how good it would have been to have my mouth on you caused you to have a small after shock orgasm.  I watched you cum again and coupled with the indescribably sensational taste of your pussy made me lose control and I groaned as I exploded.

In her car, Beth’s body was responding to the wonderful image of this amazing man cuming just from her taste and watching her and she did feel just the slightest orgasm just from squeezing her legs together. 

You were still so woozy from the amazing orgasms you’d had that you weren’t completely sure that what you thought had just happened really had. 

At least you weren’t sure until I whispered, “Yes, Beth; just watching you cum and then tasting you caused me to cum.  That’s how hot you make me.” 

I glanced one more time at your fantastic body and whispered, “You’ve redeemed yourself Beth, but don’t disobey me again.  Better fix your dress and run along.” 

Beth sat there feeling incredible while wondering how this had just happened.  A man she barely knew had just worked her into such a frenzy in person and then with his words that she’d been so horny that she’d had of the best orgasms of her life.  A moment later, he sent another message, “Was it good Beth?” 

She thought that she shouldn’t be completely honest, but she disregarded it and quickly typed, “Oh my fucking God, James.  I came just like you described; actually better than you described.  I’m still buzzing; your words, the idea of it, it was so incredible.” 

His response was immediate, “That’s such good news Beth; I’m very pleased for you; that you allowed me to help you.  Send me a picture.” 

The last 4 words sent her heart racing all over again and she took a picture of her smiling face; allowing it to be low enough that part of her sexy bra and her beautiful cleavage were on display. 

She sent it with the message, “Is this okay, James?” 

He responded a moment later with, “I didn’t think it possible, but you are even more beautiful after cuming, Beth.”  She smiled and then wondered when her arousal was ever going to wane as he added, “This picture will do for now.”

She knew that he would want to see more of her next time and the idea of that made her gasp and roll one nipple between her finger and thumb.  She considered snapping a photo of her hand down the front of her panties, but she decided if he was content she would wait until the next time.  She smiled at how confident she was that there would be another time.  She fixed her dress and drove home wondering what was going to happen with this completely unexpected and unbelievable new relationship.

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