Broken Broken

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Hubie loses his virginity and experiences a painful injury in doing so. Will it heal on it's own or will he need to seek medical attention?


Hubie loses his virginity and experiences a painful injury in doing so. Will it heal on it's own or will he need to seek medical attention?


Submitted: November 21, 2015

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Submitted: November 21, 2015



Hubie still wasn’t sure how this had happened.  He’d been at a school dance; one that you didn’t bring a date to and although he’d danced with Lexi a couple times, he was still shocked when she came up and asked for a ride home.  Hubie thought she was really cute and so he was terrified as his sexual experience was limited to making out a few times and one awkward boob grab the previous summer with a co-worker.  It was kind of sad since he was 18 and a senior in high school so as they walked to his car, he was lost for words. 

He opened her door for her and she smiled and said, “Are you always such a gentleman, Hubie?”  As he tried to find something smart to say she quickly added, “I hope not.” 

He stole a glance at her long legs as she got into the car as she’d worn a short summer dress and he felt a tingle go up his spine because as she swung her legs in, she let her thighs open and he saw her red panties!  He knew he was going to get caught leering, but he couldn’t look away; they had lace on the front and they looked silky and his cock leapt in his slacks.  When he finally looked up at her face she was smiling up at him and she whispered, “I guess you’re not always a gentleman.” 

He blushed and hurried around the car trying to figure out how to apologize, but as he settled into the driver’s seat, she’d nearly crawled into his lap and kissed him while pulling his hand up her dress as she purred, “You look like you wanted to feel how silky they are.” 

She guided his fingers over the soft satin and he nearly came right then and there.  He couldn’t believe how forward she was and he was thanking his lucky stars as he tried to think of something to keep his mind off his raging arousal.  The rest was a blur, but in the current moment he was balls deep in her trying like crazy to not cum yet.  She’d basically attacked him as soon as they’d gotten into her basement.  Her dress was bunched at her waist just in case her parents surprised her and she had to try and get dressed quickly and she was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.  She’d left her panties on and even though he was wearing a condom, the extra friction it was providing as he plunged past the leg band as he fucked her furiously was driving him mad.  She was growling in his ear over and over to fuck her harder as his cock felt incredible and he couldn’t believe this was the same girl that sat in his chemistry class in her prim and proper school uniform. 

Suddenly she groaned that she was almost there and she rolled him over and started riding him.  If he thought she was sexy before, she was an absolute goddess now.  One of her hands was guiding his hand over her tits; cupping each breast, lightly teasing the nipples before pinching them and pulling on them.  He could feel her pussy squeeze his cock each time he pulled one, but what was even sexier was how her other hand was pulling on her panties dragging the silky fabric back and forth over her clit.  For a first time experience he knew he was one lucky guy and he hoped this was going to be the first of many fucks with Lexi. 

She started rocking back over his legs bending his cock at a painful angle, but apparently his cock was hitting something just right because she let go of his hand on her tits to lean back even further using her hand on his shin to help steady her balance.  He sat up to try and relieve some of the tension on his cock and she pushed him back and said, “Fuck, just one more minute; this is going to be the best cum of my life, Hubie.” 

Those were pretty heady words for a virgin to hear so he gritted his teeth and wondered if it was possible for her to break his cock because it felt like that was a real possibility.  Moments later even though he’d never experienced it before, he knew she came; maybe even had multiple orgasms because she started cussing like a sailor while bouncing on him like a mad woman as the pleasure coursed through her body.  Her hand was now inside her panties as she frigged her clit and he wished he would have video of this moment; the first woman he’d fucked and he’d made her cum like an animal.  At the moment it looked like she was cresting the highest point of her pleasure, she fell to the side and he felt an intense pain in his cock. 

Thankfully, she was well and properly fucked and she curled up on his chest as she told him that he’d just given her the best fuck and more orgasms than she’d ever had.  She asked him if it was good for him and he said, “Hell yes”.  It wasn’t exactly a lie because it had been the greatest moment of his young life, up until she fell off and broke his dick.  He hadn’t cum and he tried to ignore the pain radiating from his crotch. 

Her parents yelled down asking what all the noise was about and she apologized but told him he had to leave.  She slid out of her panties and tucked them into his hand and purred, “In case you want to have a wank with them later.” 

The idea would have been sexy as hell, but he was busy trying not to scream in pain as he tucked his damaged cock into his skivvies.  He smiled and kissed her and as he walked to his car he did hold her panties to his face and smelled a mixture of her musky pussy and perfume she must have put on before the dance.  He felt his cock stir, but the accompanying pain made him shove her panties in his pocket and think about his next basketball game to get his mind off the sexy girl he’d just fucked. 

For the rest of the weekend he was in agony.  Every time he peed, or adjusted his junk, or even thought about Lexi and started getting aroused, the pain was intolerable.  She called the following night and started talking about their fuck and how amazing it had been and it would have been a sexy moment, but the pain was intense as he started to get aroused.  He didn’t want to screw up his chance at another roll with her so he gritted his teeth and soldiered on.  He had an active imagination and considered himself creative so he lowered his voice to a whispered growl and described in intimate detail what he was going to do to her the next time they were together.  It was thrilling to hear how turned on she was getting even though his cock was killing him. 

She gasped that she couldn’t get away to see him because her grandparents were in town and so he told her he wanted to hear her cum again.She gasped, “Hubie!  I can’t do that!” 

He growled, “Yes you can; you know you want to.  You want me to make you cum again, don’t you?” 

He was able to block out the pain at the image of her touching herself and minutes later when she gasped she was cuming, he smiled and faked that he was also.  Her voice was so sexy right after she’d cum as she told him that she’d wanted him for so long, but she had no idea that he was such a wonderfully perverted guy.  He smiled again and knew he had to see a doctor because he had to fix his cock so he could nail Lexi again. 

He knew he couldn’t see his normal doctor or his parents would know and so he decided if he woke the next morning and he wasn’t better he’d go to one of those minor medical places near his school.  Sure enough, he wasn’t any better the next morning; in fact, he felt worse.  He called into the school and told his basketball coach that his knee was hurting and he needed to see someone and asked him to tell the office staff that he’d be late. 

As he filled out the paperwork at the clinic, he hoped he would have enough money as he didn’t know how he’d tell his parents he broke his cock fucking their friend’s daughter.  Thankfully, a nurse came and got him fairly quickly, but the only problem was that she was young and really attractive.  As he sat on the exam table, she fumbled around with taking his blood pressure and temperature and she kept saying she was new and she was sorry for how awkward she was.  She was really good looking and he told her not to worry as he tried not to stare at her low cut blouse that her lab coat didn’t cover up.  He knew he had to stop looking because his cock was already aching as blood started to flow to it. 

The doctor came in a moment later and she was even more attractive than the nurse and he wondered first off how someone as young looking as her could be out of medical school and then how he was going to be able to tell her what happened. 

She looked at his paperwork and smiled, rather sexily he thought, before asking, “Okay, Hubie, tell me how you injured your groin.” 

The doctor and nurse exchanged a look and he thought it was odd that they seemed to be amused by all of this.  He blushed and thought about telling her that it had happened in basketball practice, but he was concerned that if she didn’t know the real facts she wouldn’t be able to help him and he needed help in the worst way.

He took a deep breath and she squeezed his thigh and whispered, “Just tell us; we’ve heard almost everything.” 

It calmed him down, but only for a moment because her hand caressed his thigh for a second and when he looked at her face he caught a view down her blouse that shook him to the core.  Her blouse had at least two buttons undone more than what he would think was normal and her sexy bra barely looked amazing on what he considered two perfect tits.  He winced as his cock started to get hard and he tried to blot out all of his dirty thoughts.

“Well Doctor Jones” he started as he forced himself to look into her pretty face, “A girl was on top of me and she kind of fell off and it really hurt my junk.” 

He exhaled and felt pretty good about his description, but she was moving closer as she said, “Okay, Hubie that’s a good start, but we’re going to need more details if we’re going to help you.” 

Her perfume was amazing and he noticed that her skirt was molded to her ass and he caught the nurse looking at the growing bulge in his jeans when doctor startled him as she said, “You were fucking, right?  That’s what you meant by she was on top of you?” 

He nodded and she went on, “So, your cock was in her tight little snatch… was tight, right Hubie?  Nice little high school girl; it felt great on your cock, didn’t it?” 

He was shocked at her language and he noticed the nurse was smiling in a very sexy way as she looked at him waiting for his response. 

He blushed and wasn’t sure how to answer, but as he reached down to adjust his growing bulge he winced and before he knew it his lips were moving, “Yeah, Doc, it felt amazing.  I’d never fucked before and she was wet, hot and tight and she was telling me how good my cock felt and then she just went crazy.” 

He was surprised at what he’d said and the doctor surprised him even more by having him stand up and telling him to remove his jeans.  He did so and smiled as both women stared at how his briefs were tenting out. 

The doctor smiled and said, “I bet she felt tight; she’d have to with that monster of a cock you have there, Hubie?” 

Again her words surprised him but she wasn’t done, “And so she got lost in the moment and fell to the side and your cock felt like it broke, right?” 

He nodded and said, “Yeah, like right now; I’m excited and it is killing me.  I don’t know how I’ll be able to go to practice if I don’t get some medicine or something.” 

“You didn’t ejaculate, did you Hubie?  Because of the pain” she asked. 

He knew what ejaculate meant, but for some reason his mouth wouldn’t work and so she asked again, “You never came right?  You never blew your load?  I bet you wanted to shoot it all over her tits, didn’t you?” 

He nodded and nearly added, “God, I wish I could shoot my load on your tits.” 

He wondered if he’d actually whispered it because she ran her fingers down the opening of her blouse and even pulled it to the side a little bit to give him an even better view of her lacy pink bra as she said, “I bet my tits are better than hers, aren’t they?” 

He nodded immediately and then said, “From what I can see of them, hell yes.” 

The nurse laughed at his answer and reached over and undid another button on the doctor’s blouse which allowed her to pull the blouse off the doctor’s shoulders and down so he had a great view. 

His cock was killing him and the doctor chastised her nurse, but didn’t fix her blouse and in a voice that seemed a bit breathless said, “Well Hubie, I don’t think you need any medicine.  There’s no doubt your cock is bruised; I’ll check that in a moment by the way.  But your problem is that you have blue balls.  You were heavily excited, but you weren’t allowed to cum so you have a buildup of semen in your balls and probably trapped in your shaft.  You won’t feel better until you get that out, so drop your briefs so I can get a look at you.” 

His legs felt shaky as he pulled his briefs out for her to look inside, but she quickly yanked them down and off.  Both her and the nurse grabbed stools and as he looked down at them they carefully examined him with their faces just inches away from his throbbing cock.  The doctor cupped his balls and turned to the nurse with the most playful look on her face as she said, “Feel this nurse; see how heavy they are?  He’s definitely got a horrible case of blue balls.” 

The nurse’s warm and soft hands felt his balls and he winced again as his cock seemed to harden even more and grow just the tiniest bit longer. 

He felt the doctor’s thumb on his head as she rubbed her thumb through his pre-cum as she said to the nurse, “Look; just like I thought, he’s already leaking way more than would be normal.  I bet his shaft is completely full of his tasty cream.” 

Her hand then moved slowly up and down the length of his shaft as she looked up at him; her tits heaving as she said, “Yes, your cock is badly bruised, but not broken.  Normally, I’d give you a cup and tell you to go whack it, but I’m worried that you might cause more damage.  You really should have a professional do this, is that okay?” 

He looked down at this beautiful doctor and trying to comprehend that she was apparently offering to jerk him off. 

“You’re the doctor; whatever you think is the right thing to do” he managed to stammer out. 

She smiled at his agreement and then asked, “What can we do for you, Hubie?  You know to help you out?” 

He was completely confused and she saw it in his face and she squeezed his arm and added, “I know guys, especially ones your age, are very visual; would it help if Tina here took off her dress so you have some visual stimulation also?” 

His eyes went wide and he muttered “Fuck yes” but Tina had already started pulling her dress up and off before he’d even spoken.  She was wearing an incredibly sexy light blue bra and thong and as she cupped her tits, she asked, “Is my body better than the girl that hurt your lovely cock, Hubie?” 

He nodded and then gasped when she freed her tits and then finally spoke, “Oh hell yes; you’re both so much more beautiful and sexy than her.” 

His eyes were devouring her tits and then down to her thong and she sexily said, “You’d like to see my pussy too, wouldn’t you?” 

He nodded eagerly and she turned to pull it down; bending way over to pick it up off the floor and he saw her bare pussy; already wet from arousal. 

His appreciation for the nurse’s beautiful pussy was interrupted when he became aware of the doctor starting to stroke him as she whispered, “We need to do a really thorough job, Hubie; so we’ll both help you if that’s okay?”  He quickly nodded and she added, “We’ll need to have a sample of your semen to test to ensure there isn’t any blood in it which would signal more damage than I have already diagnosed.” 

“Sure, whatever” he said.

The doctor kissed him and her lips felt so damn good and the shock of that unexpected delight wore off when he felt something soft and warm on his cock.  He looked down to see Tina’s tongue moving around the head of his cock.  He’d never experienced a blowjob before so his eyes went wide as she took him deep into her mouth.  He groaned from the pain and the doctor stopped kissing him and whispered, “Because of the severity of your case of blue balls, we think this is the best process to ensure we get all that cum out of you. It will likely hurt quite a bit, but afterwards you’ll be glad.” 

He groaned again and the doctor said, “I think you need more of a distraction since you can’t really see Tina’s body the way she is.” 

She told Tina to stop and he groaned when he lost the feeling of her hot mouth on him.  The doctor told him to lay down on the table with his legs off one end.  He did so and then as Tina began sucking him again, the doctor hiked up her skirt, climbed up on the table and straddled his face. 

“Ever eat a woman out, Hubie?” she asked. 

“Oh no, Doc, but I’m eager to learn” he quickly said as he looked at her beautiful pussy. 

“You’re a wonderful patient, Hubie!  We’ll need a follow up appointment in a few days to ensure that you’re completely healed” she said just before she lowered her sweet honey pot down to his face. 

He gripped her hips and was eager to get started as his tongue delved right into her.  Her hand gripped his hair as she groaned, “Yes, that’s it; use your fingers though too, baby.” 

He did so and as his fingers thrust up into her, he instinctively thrust his hips up and pushed his cock deeper into Tina’s mouth.  She gagged slightly and pulled off of him and groaned, “Doctor, this young man has a terrific cock; ummmm, I mean a terrible case of blue balls; you might need to assist me at some point.” 

The doctor groaned, “Oh definitely, but you keep working that end and I’ll distract him from the pain.” 

Hubie could barely hear that because her thighs were tight around his ears, but he realized it was true.  He was literally intoxicated by the sweet taste of the doctor’s pussy that his pain seemed to be subsiding and Tina’s mouth was feeling really good now.

Hubie noticed that the doctor was rubbing her clit on his nose and he adjusted his neck and sucked it into his mouth and when she groaned, “Fuck yes” he was happy he’d done so.  She began acting just like Lexi and was grinding on him wildly as he started to alternate between sucking and tonguing her clit.  She growled, “You’re a natural pussy eater, baby.” 

And as he fingered her pussy even more urgently he realized he was getting closer to cuming and he began thrusting up into Tina’s mouth.  Tina sensed him getting close so she began slowly stroking him with her hand in time with her mouth moving up and down and it felt amazing.  He turned his hand that was finger fucking the doctor as it was starting to hurt and in doing so one of his honey soaked fingers slipped out of her pussy and into her tight little ass. 

The doctor growled, “You dirty little pervert” and then she came and flooded his mouth with her honey just as he thrust up one more time and exploded into Tina’s wonderful mouth.  The explosion was painful as fuck, but the ones following the first one all seemed to lessen in pain until all he felt was relief.  The doctor carefully climbed down off the table and then leaned over and kissed some of her honey off of his mouth before whispering, “How’s our patient doing?” 

He sat up in time to see poor Tina.  His explosion had been so voluminous that she hadn’t been able to swallow it all and it was down her chin and even on her amazing tits.  He was about to say sorry, but the doctor saw her condition at the same time and quickly rushed over and began licking it off of her tits.  He sighed at what an amazing sight that was and was thrilled when he started to get hard and realized it didn’t hurt at all. 

He wasn’t about to interrupt the sexy scene in front of him, but Tina noticed and whispered something to the doctor who turned, smiled and asked, “Any pain, Hubie?” 

He smiled and said, “No, Doc.; none at all, but please don’t let me interrupt you.”

The doctor giggled and looked at Tina and then looked back at Hubie and said, “I just realized that we didn’t get any of your cream to test.  Tina swallowed most of it and I just enjoyed the rest; do you feel up for it?” 

Her eyes lingered over his already rock hard cock and the pun seemed just too funny and he couldn’t help but swagger as he said, “I would say so, wouldn’t you?” 


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