Breaking and Entering

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

His double life leads to a completely unexpected encounter with a woman he'd desired for years.

He had made quick work of his initial scan of the house and he glanced at his watch and smiled as he’d be back to his ‘normal’ job sooner than later.  You see, Hubert Davis, was essentially two different people.  His regular job was CFO of a large insurance company, but he indulged his juvenile delinquent past by being one of the best thieves around on his off hours.  He hadn’t had a really good score for a while, so he had jumped at the chance when he’d gotten a tip from a friend.  The house belonged to a young couple that both worked and even better the husband was supposed to be out of town on business.And since he wasn’t too busy in his regular job, he had left that morning for an extended lunch and a little breaking and entering.  He’d taken care of the couple’s dogs with a mild sedative in some ground beef and he laughed as he saw them sleeping across the room. 

It was going to be a good score today as they had lots of expensive electronics and the wife had a pretty good stash of jewelry.  He was sitting at their kitchen table drinking a beer when he glanced at the fridge and his heart stopped.  Many of the pictures contained a beautiful woman that looked like a co-worker; and not just any co-worker, but one that occupied his fantasies.His hair stood up on the back of his neck at the same time as his cock started to get hard.  He jumped up and walked over to take a closer look and he whistled under his breath as he noticed an envelope stuck to the fridge and sure enough there was her name, Elizabeth Johnson. 

In all his years at his little hobby, he’d never crossed paths with people he knew.  Of course, most times he didn’t do this in his hometown for fear of the repercussions if he got caught.  At least if he got nabbed while he was out of town, he might be able to hide it from his employer.  He definitely made more money at his day job, but the thrill of being a thief was something he couldn’t shake.  And to make this first convergence of his two worlds to be even more surreal is that the house belonged to a woman he had secretly admired for years.  She was a beautiful woman that was over a decade younger than him, but they seemed to share a lot of interests and he always wondered what might happen if he let his professional guard down at work and increased the flirting they already enjoyed. 

He knew he shouldn’t, but he walked upstairs to go back into the master bedroom.  He’d been in there once already but it was as a professional thief; not a horny secret admirer.  He saw the nightie on the bed he’d ignored previously and picked it up and held it to his face and inhaled deeply.  The scent of her lotion and perfume made him weak in the knees and he sat on the side of the bed that he assumed was hers.  He reached for the Bose stereo and turned it on.  He knew he should pack up the items he was going to steal and get out of there, but he couldn’t ignore the incredible arousal he felt. 

He opened the bedside cabinet and laughed as he fell to his knees and looked through her assortment of sex toys.  He smiled to himself as he thought that possibly the beautiful young woman wasn’t being properly satisfied and god, how he would like to help her with that problem.  His thoughts turned to how she’d looked that morning.  She was wearing his favorite blue dress that clung to every one of her curves.  They’d been in his office talking about a report he needed and without thinking, he finally voiced something he’d thought hundreds of time, “I hope this isn’t out of line, but you really look incredible today.” He had intended to just say nice, but incredible slipped out because that is exactly what he was thinking.

She had smiled and said, “Not out of line at all, Mr. Davis.  However, I’ve worn this dress a bunch of times; why the comment today?” 

He had chuckled and honestly said, “I don’t know.  I’ve thought it plenty of times, but your smile always makes me feel good so I wanted to tell you I guess; maybe give you another reason to smile.” 

She had smiled and touched his arm and said, “Well, thank you Mr. Davis.  You look quite nice also and the reason I smile is because I enjoy seeing you and your sweet compliment will make me smile all day.”  She turned to leave and he admired how her dress clung to her amazing ass and then she stopped and smiled even more as she noticed where his gaze was and she added, “And to be perfectly honest, I’ve suspected that you like this dress.  I’ve caught you looking at me when I wear it…..that’s why it’s one of my favorite dresses.” 

All of this was running through his mind as he spied her black thong on the floor.  It had clearly been worn and he literally crawled over to it to pick it up.  The throbbing of his cock intensified and he felt like a teenage boy being this aroused over her underwear.  He tentatively held it to his face feeling the silky fabric on his skin and then he fell on his back and breathed deep.  If the nightie had made him feel intoxicated, he was completely shitfaced now as he inhaled her womanly scent.  It was the sweetest smell he’d ever experienced and he was on the verge of an orgasm immediately.  Without thinking through the consequences, he whipped out his cock and let his explosion soak the thong.  It was the most powerful explosion he’d had in a very long time. 

He sat there thinking he should rinse it out, but he simply left it on the floor and smiled at the thought of leaving her a little gift.  He walked into her closet and smiled as he saw various dresses and outfits that he recognized.  He felt himself getting hard again when he saw her lingerie chest.  He opened each drawer and peered inside and let his fingers run across the silky material as he thought of how amazing it would be to undress her and explore her sweet little body. 

He glanced at his watch and saw he’d been dicking around for 30 minutes and as he hurried downstairs, he remembered something; something that was very important and something that might change the course of his future.  He’d been walking through her area that morning and overheard her saying that she was running home for lunch to let the dogs out as she probably wouldn’t be home until late.  He glanced at his watch and saw it was a little after 11.  He probably had plenty of time to get out of there, but he simply got his ski mask out and ready and sat back down on the stool and finished the beer he had started. 

His mind was racing; asking himself what the hell he was doing.  Whether he had any sort of plan, but he didn’t.  But he also didn’t want to leave.  About ten minutes later, he heard the garage door opening and he got into position behind the door and waited.  He got a sick feeling in his stomach that he was going to scare this poor woman to death and he thought about finding a hiding place but she was already barging through the door. 

He quickly clamped one arm over her arms and one over her mouth as he whispered, “Don’t do anything stupid and everything will be fine.” 

She immediately tensed up and tried to break free and he was surprised at how strong she was, but after a brief struggle, she apparently realized that she wasn’t going to get free. 

He thought about trying to alter his voice, but the idea that she might recognize him made it that more thrilling and so he whispered, “If I take my hand off your mouth, do you promise not to scream?” 

She nodded and he released her, but still held her to him.  He was rock hard and she had to feel him and he wondered if she was scared that he was going to rape her.  He had a momentary thought that maybe she had a rape fantasy, but he quickly dismissed that thought because as much as he wanted this woman, he didn’t want her that way. 

In a voice that displayed her fear, she asked, “What are you going to do?  Please don’t hurt me.” 

He loosened his grip on her and pulled away and whispered, “I would never.  Let’s go sit and I’ll explain.” 

Her eyes were full of confusion, but they were still beautiful.  As much as he enjoyed all of her wonderful physical features, her eyes were simply amazing and he found himself mesmerized as he’d never seen them this close before. 

He pointed to a chair at her kitchen table and when she saw her dogs laying there, he saw the concern in her eyes and he quickly said, “Just a mild sedative; they’ll be fine in an hour or two, but they might be a little hyper tonight.” 

She displayed her sarcastic sense of humor and biting tongue a second later when she said, “Thanks a fucking lot for that.” 

He couldn’t help but laugh and he saw her eyebrows rise up and he wondered if she was just surprised that he was laughing or because she recognized his laugh.  He took a deep breath and softly said, “Listen, I’m just a thief.  I don’t do violence, but I didn’t get finished in time and here we are.” 

He paused and thought for a moment, but before he could keep talking, in a voice that didn’t seem quite so fearful, she said, “You seem like you’re lying.  Just don’t hurt me, okay?” 

He shook his head and he moved over and sat down in a chair next to her.  He was surprised when she didn’t pull away.  She still looked very nervous, but not as scared anymore; just fidgety. 

He took another deep breath and said, “You know what; you’re pretty intuitive, I am lying.” 

Her eyes went wide and he smiled and wished he could take the stupid ski mask off and he quickly reached out and squeezed her hand.  He was surprised when she didn’t pull away and he didn’t let it go as he said, “I could have and should have been out of here in time, but after I had gathered all the stuff together, I saw some of the many pictures of you around here and I was mesmerized.  You’re an amazingly beautiful woman and I got distracted.” 

She rolled her eyes when he called her beautiful but then she softly asked, “Distracted?” 

He laughed and was now glad that he had the ski mask on as he blushed.  She quickly added, “Jesus; you’re blushing.  You have to tell me!”

She sounded downright playful now and so he said, “Well, I went back to your bedroom.  Got damn intoxicated by the scent of your perfume on your nightie.”  He smiled as he noticed she was blushing now.  “Then I happened to find some very interesting items in your nightstand”.  She was really blushing now and she looked so incredibly sweet and adorable, but also very sexy.  He realized that his fingers were softly stroking her fingers and he asked, “Should I stop?” 

She shook her head and her eyes seemed to be sparkling and she quickly quipped, “I’ll need this information for the police report.” 

For some reason he didn’t think she would share any of this information and so he dove in with both feet.  “Well, as luck would have it, I noticed your black thong on the floor next to me and after inhaling the sweet scent of your pussy……”

 Her eyes went really wide as that word hit her ears and he noticed with a great degree of pleasure that she was biting her lower lip.  “I’m sorry too much information, young lady?”  She shook her head again and unless he was mistaken, that sweet scent that had been on her thong was becoming noticeable right now.  It was likely his mind doing tricks on him, but he sure did enjoy the thought that this sexy and beautiful woman was getting excited from his confession. 

He continued, “Well, this is kind of embarrassing, but the thought of such a beautiful young woman; possibly being a little sexually frustrated and how sweet that pussy of yours smelled, I pretty much lost it.”  He sighed and added, “I really owe you a dinner because that was one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve had in a long time.” 

The look on her face was priceless and she whispered, “Jesus; that’s fucking…..”  He was sure she was going to say hot, but she finished with “pervy”.  And to keep up her feigned disgust, she added, “Christ, you didn’t get it all over my carpet did you?” 

He laughed and said, “Nope; but that thong of yours is so tiny, it barely soaked it all up.” 

He was sure of it now, she was aroused and she crossed her legs and his eyes glanced down and enjoyed the view of her legs.  She noticed his eyes on her and she seemed to smile and then he got a chill up his spine as she said, “Listen, this is really fucking up my whole day.  So you better do whatever you’re going to do and get the hell out of here.” 

It almost seemed like an invitation and he slipped up as he softly said, “Elizabeth, I could never hurt you and I’ve read that some people get into being forced; the whole not having control thing being arousing, but that’s not my deal.  I’m just going to leave before I do something that I shouldn’t.”

She quickly asked, “Where the fuck did that come from?!” 

She was clearly pissed and he interlaced his fingers into hers and was surprised when again, she didn’t pull away.  He spoke slowly; choosing his words carefully, “Maybe I’m wrong and forgive me if this offends you, but I think you’re very aroused and I’m not sure why, so that’s why I alluded to the rape fantasy.  I’m sorry if that embarrasses you.” 

He wasn’t sure what would happen next, but he wanted to be honest with her.  He owed her that since he wasn’t being completely honest with her because he knew her, but she didn’t know his identity.  When she finally smiled, he felt an incredible sense of relief.  She finally said very softly, “I’m not into rape fantasies, but you’re right, I am very aroused.  I don’t fantasize about random men taking me and taking me roughly, but I do fantasize about one particular man doing it.  This is confusing as fuck for me, but I recognized your laugh earlier Mr. Davis, so take off the mask so we can talk like normal people.” 

He didn’t even hesitate and he whipped it off and tried to comb his hair with his fingers.  They sat there in silence for a second and then she said, “Were you just messing with me; about how aroused you were being in my house?” 

He blushed and she smiled and it made him feel at ease.  “No, I’m not lying Elizabeth; I even looked through your lingerie and now I’m going to be wondering what you’re wearing every day under your clothes.” 

She giggled and said, “You did leave me any gifts in my clean underwear did you, perv?” 

He laughed again and said, “I considered it, but no.” 

She smiled and then took a huge breath.  She looked on the edge of saying something, but he spoke first, “Elizabeth, I’m already completely at your mercy.  My DNA is upstairs soaked into your thong, so you’ve got me by the proverbial balls.  I let my long time desire for you cloud my judgment, so there’s no sense in holding back now.”  His mind was spinning, but he was very aware of her uncrossing her legs and scooting forward on her chair as she waited for him to continue and so much of her beautiful legs were now on display. 

He was almost gasping for air and she softly said, “Say it Hubie.” 

As far as he could remember, that was the first time she’d used his first name and his cock throbbed wildly.  He started to say something; to explain what he was feeling, but her earlier words of how she fantasized about a particular man taking her were ringing in her ears and he simply stood up and picked her up out of her chair and turned and tenderly set her down on the table as he gasped, “I have to taste you Elizabeth.

Her eyes flickered and she gasped, “Holy fk, Hubie” and then she added, “Do it already!!” 

She immediately laid back and lifted her hips so she could pull her dress up.  When he saw that she was not wearing anything underneath, he sat in a chair in front of her and pulled her hips to him and let his tongue run slowly up the length of her wetness.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck yes” she groaned, but then his moment of pure bliss was interrupted when her fingers were in the back of his hair and pulling him away.  He looked up at her and growled, “What?!”

She had a sexy smile on her face as she whispered, “Listen; this is some weird shit.  You had me so hot this morning just from that compliment and how you look at me all the time.  I’ve known you wanted me and I want you, but I’ve never done something like this before.  So, it’s just this for now, but then we have to figure out where this goes from here, okay?” 

Even though she tried to stop him, he leaned back again and ran his tongue up her wetness again before stopping and saying, “Elizabeth, baby.  I’ve dreamt of this so many times, so just relax and enjoy.  I’m in heaven; this is all I need for now.” 

She was looking down at him and her smiling face made him giddy and he purred, “God, you are so beautiful” and then his lips latched onto her clit while his thumb pushed deep in her pussy as also he pushed the tip of his index finger into her rose hole. 

Her orgasms ripped through her after only a minute of his mouth and tongue teasing her clit and as she humped his face, he sucked her clit until she finally begged him to stop.  He spent another long and lazy minute lapping up all her sweet honey. 

When he finally raised his face, she had her head propped up on her hand and was watching him with the sexiest smile on her face.  When their eyes met, she purred, “That was the most powerful wave of orgasms I’ve had in a while, possibly ever, Mr. Davis, so thank you….but that was very naughty of you to be violating me like that the first time we messed around!”

From the twinkle in her eyes, he knew she was teasing him, but he softly said, “My apologies, pretty lady.  I was overcome with my desire for you.” 

She smiled and shook her head as she whispered, “You’re such a pervy nerd, aren’t you?”  She didn’t wait for a response as she quickly added, “I still can’t feel my legs, so could you carry me over to the couch?  This table isn’t all that comfortable.” 

He did as she asked and sat down next to her on the couch and leaned over and kissed her softly as he whispered, “You are amazing, Elizabeth; please tell me this isn’t a one-time thing.”

She shrugged her shoulders and whispered, “I don’t know Hubie.  All I know is that I need to punish you.” 

In a flash she was on her knees in front of him and had his cock out and was slowly licking its length.  Driving him insane as she moved to his helmet and her soft tongue teased his sensitive knob until she finally took it into her mouth.As each inch of him disappeared into her mouth, she kept looking up at him and her eyes were mesmerizing.  He finally groaned, “Oh fuck baby; that feels so good.  This is what you call punishment?” 

He could feel her smile and as she moved back up his shaft, she brought her teeth into play and the scraping feeling was both painful and exhilarating.  He groaned her name and began thrusting into her mouth.  Her teeth added such a lusty element to it that he was on the verge of cuming quickly and he warned her and just as he felt his balls reach the boiling point, she pulled off of him and her tiny hand clamped down hard on the base of his cock as she also bit down on his balls and it stopped his explosion immediately. 

Her eyes were so alive as she looked up at him and cooed, “Feel like punishment now, Mr. Davis?” 

“Christ almighty, Elizabeth; please let me cum” he gasped. 

She giggled and whispered, “Well, you did say please” and then she ran her tongue over his balls and sighed, “These feel pretty full Mr. Davis; I can’t have you ruining our favorite dress.”  His eyes went wide as she leaned back and pulled her dress up and off.  She was wearing a sexy dark blue strapless bra and she leaned forward and ran his cock over the satin material and said, “Like that, don’t you?” 

He groaned, but quickly said, “I want to see your tits baby.” 

She ran her thumb over his oozing slit and waited.  He finally realized what she was doing and he whispered, “Please Elizabeth, may I see your tits?”

She giggled and reached behind her and then let her bra fall forward.  She leaned forward again and rubbed his cock head over her nipples and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy the feel of his precum covering her nipples.  She looked up at him and whispered, “Am I going to be in trouble if I take more than an hour for lunch Mr. Davis?” 

Her tongue slid over his helmet again and he groaned and said, “Fuck no; take as long as you want, but please don’t make me wait much longer.” 

She giggled and ran her hand up and down his shaft as her beautiful eyes looked up at him before she softly said, “To answer your earlier question, Hubie; I hope it’s not a one-time thing also!” 

She took him back into her mouth and mercifully finished him off quickly.  When he finally exploded, he thought he was going to black out.  He thrust up into her mouth over and over again as his cock bucked so many times.  When he finally opened his eyes again, she was looking up at him and smiling.  “Was that good, baby?” she cooed.  He laughed and said, “Are you kidding me?  I’ve never experienced anything as close to as terrific as that!” 

She smiled and blushed and then he got a tingle up his spine as she softly said, “If I didn’t have to go back to work, I would have let you shoot all over my tits.  You would have coated these little babies.”  As she said it she cupped her sweet breasts and he smiled and said, “You’re beautiful Elizabeth, you really are.” 

They helped each other clean up and get dressed and he offered to put everything back from where he’d taken it.  She shook her head and said, “If it’s okay with you, could you come back tonight and help me?  It will give us a chance to talk about this intriguing situation we have.” 

He smiled and said that he looked forward to it.  As he left her house, he couldn’t believe how his life had changed in just a few hours.  Just the thought of her made his cock start to harden and he winced as her teeth had left a wonderful reminder of their time together.

Submitted: December 12, 2014

© Copyright 2023 zebo85. All rights reserved.

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Ahhh...naughty...naughty Mr. Davis! I love your always leave me wanting more...

Sat, December 13th, 2014 2:49am


I'm very glad you enjoyed the story and I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. There just might be a part 2 on this story as I enjoyed writing it. ;)

Sat, December 13th, 2014 7:29am


Wow! Incredible, hope to read part 2 soon!

Mon, December 15th, 2014 7:26pm


thanks for the comment. I haven't decided yet, but maybe.

Sat, December 27th, 2014 8:10am

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