Apartment Hunting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Looking for a new place to live leads to unexpected pleasures.

He was in a bit of a fog.  His marriage had been failing for years, but it had spiraled out of control with such amazing brilliance at the end it still left him dazed.  He was now apartment shopping and he had no idea how all of this was going to work out.  He was equal parts content knowing that he had to get out of his marriage, but also scared to death as he’d never been that great with woman, so he wondered how long it would be before he was able to find someone to share time with him.

Although he’d always been shy and introverted around women, he knew he wasn’t a bad looking man.  Being 6’2” and in shape, he was attractive but lacked self-confidence.  All of this was going through his mind as he sat across from the apartment complex manager; she was at least 15 years younger than him and attractive.  She was wearing his weakness; a black skirt and white blouse and he’d taken great interest in the lacy pink bra she was wearing underneath the somewhat sheer blouse. 

She was explaining the various floor plans and seemed to sense that he was in a state of utter confusion.  Unknown to him, she was in a similar state because her husband had been inattentive for weeks and being a woman with a great deal of sexual energy, she was starting to go a little crazy.  She finally suggested they go take a quick tour of the complex and look at an apartment that was ready for rent right now. 

They walked by the pool and even though it was a work day, there were several young women around it and she smiled as he took notice in that.  He tried to politely ask whether most of the tenants were young and single and she couldn’t help but laugh.  She quickly replied that because of the higher monthly rent amounts, that regardless of age, the complex boasted the more affluent tenants that you’d find in an apartment complex.  She giggled when he softly said, “Did you mean to say attractive instead of affluent.” 

In spite of her normal reserved demeanor, she touched his arm before she replied with, “Well, as you’ve probably learned in your life, many affluent people are also attractive.” 

He actually reached out and touched her hand as he replied, “That almost seems like a crack about my age.”  Her eyes twinkled at his comment and then she felt a surge of adrenaline when he added, “So, you must live here then also?” 

It was clear he was slyly paying her a compliment by calling her attractive and she stuttered out that she and her husband did live there.  His eyes seemed to be a little sad and she was surprised when she heard herself say, “He travels a lot though.” 

His eyes seemed to regard her and the odd comment and she wondered why she had said something that could be perceived in so many different ways.  They were walking into a building and she felt a tingle when his hand was on her lower back as he whispered, “That must be very hard on you.”

She wondered whether he intended to use the word hard the way she hoped he meant it or was her horny mind just taking over because she was so wishing that he would fuck her hard.  She made a quick decision and said, “Listen, the one floor plan you seemed most interested in is currently being worked on by maintenance, but it’s the one that I live in, so follow me.” 

He walked in silence behind her.  He was lost in thought because he didn’t recall showing interest in any particular floor plan, so unless he was mistaken, she was simply wanting him back in her apartment.  His eyes moved down to her wonderful ass and try as he might, he couldn’t find a visible panty line and his cock swelled to an even harder state at the idea she was completely nude underneath. 

They were walking into her building and she was getting keys out and he decided it was now or never.  “You know when I commented that it must be hard on you with him traveling alot, I hope you didn’t take that the wrong way.” 

She had already undone the deadbolt, but she stopped and looked back at him and he noticed indecision in her beautiful eyes, “Oh?” she said softly. 

His hand slowly reached out and touched her hip as he moved closer as he breathlessly said, “Yeah, I hope you understand that I meant that a beautiful woman like you really shouldn’t be alone too much.  You need to be admired and adored……and, um, pleasured as often as possible.” 

Her eyes were very alive now as she smiled and said, “You think so, do you?” 

His hand was now brazenly caressing her ass as he said, “Open the door and I’ll show you.” 

He wasn’t sure where all this confidence was coming from, but he smiled as her hand trembled as she fed the key into the doorknob and slowly pushed the door open.  He pulled her inside and he himself to kiss her softly; sensuously. 

She breathed softly, “Holy fk, I’ve never done this before.” 

His eyes gazed into hers with an intensity that left her even more breathless as he slid his left hand along her neck and his other hand deftly undid her blouse.  As his hand roughly cupped her breast through her lacy pink bra, she felt so wanted that she simply let any last reservations melt away as she moaned, “Just fk me; please.” 

Her hands were undoing his slacks as he whispered in her ear, “You are one of the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen in person and that makes your request that much hotter.” 

He yanked up her skirt and she groaned wildly as two of his fingers slid into her wet pussy.  As he’d suspected, she was nude underneath and completely smooth as well.  He could feel that her clit was hard as a rock against his palm and she was grinding hard against him and he let her for a moment, but then pulled away as didn’t want her to cum just yet.  She was yanking on his cock and her need left him hopeful that this wouldn’t be a one-time experience. 

He withdrew his fingers and she moaned, but then she hurried him down the hallway when he asked where the bedroom was.He stood next to the bed and whispered, “Undress for me.” 

As finished unbuttoning her blouse, he took off his slacks and boxers and sat on the edge of the bed and removed his shoes and socks; his eyes never leaving her.  She had an amazing body and when she took off her bra, he loved the fact that she was completely tanned.  She had small nipples that were hard as rocks and he reached for one as she pushed her skirt down and off.  “How do you want it, you little minx?” 

He stood up and circled her and she was visibly trembling.  He sensed that she wasn’t normally very vocal about sex even though she clearly liked it.  He pressed his cock against her lower back and breathed into her ear, “Tell me; I want you to have it the way you want it; I want to make you scream.” 

“Holy fuck” she gasped, but she remained silent. 

His lips moved to her neck and then down to her collarbone before his hot breath was in her ear again, “How sweet; you’re shy.  Such a perfect body for fucking and you’re shy.  I’m going to enjoy this sooooo much.”  He paused for a moment and wondered where this was coming from.  This was so completely out of character for him, but he could smell her arousal and it was clearly doing things to him.  After his hands had palmed her tits for a little while he turned her face to the side so he could kiss her as he bent down enough so his cock could slide between her legs.  She instinctively reached down to press his cock against her pussy, but he pulled back and chuckled before saying, “God, you do need it bad don’t you.” 

This time she did answer as she released a long and sexy, “Yesssss!” 

He let his hand move through the back of her dark hair and then he growled, “I’m guessing you want to be taken; taken hard.  Your husband probably is vanilla and wants it missionary style and you want it hard.  So crawl that sweet body of yours up on the bed and we’ll fuck like the animals we feel like right now.” 

She quickly did so and he reached out with his hand and couldn’t help but gasp, “Jesus, baby; you’re fucking soaking wet.  Christ, you’re hot.  We’ll be doing this again won’t we?” 

She made some noise that he took to mean she hoped so and then he knelt behind her and guided his cock up and down her wet slit before commanding, “Look back at me; I want to see your face as you take my cock inside your beautiful pussy.” 

He was guessing she didn’t get near enough compliments from her husband as each one of his seemed to make her more wanton.  She looked back and he relished the look of delight as he fed his cock slowly into her.  She was surprisingly tight and he groaned when he finally bottomed out. 

His hands moved over her wonderful ass for a moment before he breathlessly said, “It’s been a while for me too baby, so this might be quick.  You rub your clit for me, so I can play with this sweet little pucker back here.” 

Her groan was strangled like she couldn’t believe he had said that.  He wasn’t sure if that was because her husband had never encouraged her to help with getting herself off by playing with her clit or she’d never had her rose hole played with or both, but she quickly complied.  As he thrust, she teased her clit and he teased her rose hole.  She pulled a pillow to her face and screamed into it less than a minute later. 

He was thrilled as it was clear that another orgasm was starting as soon as the previous one was ending and he wanted to push her to a completely new level, so just before he was ready to cum, he pulled out.  As he buried two fingers inside her dripping pussy, he pushed his cock head up against her rose hole.  Not quite penetrating her, but as he exploded, it shot inside her back door and she fell flat on her bed as she moaned into her pillow.  Before his cock started to soften, he pushed harder and his cock head pushed just barely inside her hot back door and she came again.  This time she looked back at him and the look in her eyes made him spasm again even though he was completely spent. 

He laid flat on top of her for a moment; enjoying the feel of this luscious woman before moving to the side and slowly caressing her lower back and ass.  She finally looked over at him and she seemed shy again before she whispered, “Please tell me that you’re going to move in….I’d like to….I mean I need to see you again.” 

He smiled and whispered, “I’m not sure……what sort of move in specials do you have?”

She went into her work mode and talked about free rent and he put his fingers to her lips and softly said, “No, baby; I was hoping for something more personalized.” 

The look on her face was priceless and she whispered, “Oh?” 

He lifted the sheet and nodded down as his thumb moved along her lower lip, “Let’s see how these sweet lips feel on my cock.” 

Her eyes got immediately lust filled as she gasped and said, “Oh fuck baby; I haven’t done this in years.” 

He smiled and kissed her lips quickly and said, “You’ll be great.” 

She smiled and started kissing her way down his chest and he pulled up roughly on her hair and she looked up at him with alarm.  He whispered, “Leave that sweet pussy of yours up here because I want to taste you.” 

Her eyes went wide and she made a sweet squealing noise before whispering, “Oh my…..I don’t remember the last time I’ve had that.” 

Before her mouth was even close to his cock, she was moaning as his tongue was sliding between her lips…….

Submitted: August 31, 2014

© Copyright 2023 zebo85. All rights reserved.

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Is it bad to say that I am seriously aroused! I love how he wants to please her and take care of her needs before his own! There is nothing sexier than a woman undressing a man before mind blowing sex! Oh did I say...awesome job!

Mon, September 8th, 2014 12:34am


Thank you for he wonderful comment and of course it's just ever so slightly 'bad' to admit the story aroused you but that's the point, right? Reading and imagining what's going on in the story as if it was yourself, right? That's why I write so thank you so very much for sharing that my words touched you.

Mon, September 8th, 2014 3:56am


Great story :) A strange part of me always enjoys stories where an affair is involved so this was a nice surprise! It's well written like all of your stories :) And open for a sequel if you ever feel like continuing it. I'd be interested in reading it!

Wed, September 10th, 2014 8:25pm


Ah, thanks. I appreciate you finding the time to read and comment. I hope you add to your portfolio soon!

Wed, September 10th, 2014 1:32pm

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