A Sales Call that Wasn't

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

His day went from really bad to oh sooooo good!

His morning really couldn’t have gone any worse.  He had a pretty decent sized hangover from drinking too much at golf league the night before and he’d also been fighting one crisis after another all morning.  He’d just gotten off the phone with an IRS auditor and an audit would be starting in two weeks and it was the last thing he needed.  He cussed again and thought to himself, ‘Fuck, I went into accounting so I wouldn’t have to deal with people and stress and that’s all I have all day long!’ 

He finally took a deep breath and accepted that being a CFO wasn’t meant to be easy and his big paycheck let him have some nice toys which made up for some of the crap he had to put up with during the day.  His thoughts were interrupted when the receptionist phoned him to say that an Ally was in the lobby waiting for him.  He was about to tell her that he wasn’t expecting anyone when a foggy memory from the night before crept into his head.  He’d gotten cornered by the guy he liked the least in his golf league who was trying to arrange a meeting with him for his wife who had just started a new sales job.  Just to get rid of the guy, he’d agreed. 

He ran his fingers through his hair and grabbed a stick of gum as he walked to the reception area to figure out how to make this quick.  He got there just as the woman was bending over to sign into the visitor log and he decided that his drunk self was smarter than he normally was.  He couldn’t see her face just yet, but this woman had a really nice body.  A pleated skirt that was rising up in back as she bent over so he could see quite a bit of her legs and his favorite, a slightly sheer blouse over some kind of tank top or camisole. 

She looked up just as he was lifting his eyes, so he hoped she hadn’t caught him checking her out, but something about her crooked smile told me that maybe she had.  He took her hand as they did the introductions and he led her back to his office.  Her face was even better than her body.  Such warm eyes and a beautiful smile made him pretty close to breathless. 

She thanked him over and over again for seeing her on such short notice and he stopped short of telling her that he’d only agreed to it to get rid of her douchebag husband.  He did mention her husband and she smiled and said, “Well, maybe I should get this out of the way right away in case you’re good friends with him, but we’re separated.  He’s not accepting it well, so I’m not surprised he hasn’t told people.” 

He pointed to his small conference room table and as he sat next to her, he shrugged, “To be honest, I don’t like your husband very much.  I finally agreed to this meeting with you because I thought it was the only way to get away from him last night.” 

She instantly burst into laughter and it was a wonderful laugh.  He couldn’t help but join her and they finally caught their breath and went through the normal exchange of information about each other’s companies.  When he finished a short explanation of his company, she smiled and said, “You don’t remember me, do you?” 

He looked at her and was dumbfounded.  He thought for sure he would remember someone as attractive as her especially with her great personality too.  He thought about lying, but he figured he’d get caught in the lie and he didn’t want that, so he finally admitted that he didn’t remember her. 

She patted his arm and said, “I’m not that surprised.  It was a few years back and my hair was a lot lighter then.”  She smiled sheepishly which told him that she meant it was bleached blonde or something instead of what appeared to be her natural brown color that she looked great in right now.  She continued, “I had to pick up Bob at the golf course because he was drunk off his ass and you were kind enough to help me get him to the car.” 

He suddenly nodded and smiled because he did remember her now.Her husband had been an absolute dick and was trying to insist on driving and he’d had to manhandle him into the back seat; explaining to Ally at the time that he figured he’d be less likely to disrupt her while she was driving from the backseat.  He’d remembered thinking how could that idiot have married such an attractive woman as she had thanked him over and over again.  The years since had been good to her as she’d blossomed as a woman.  He was really captivated by this woman and she must be at least 10 years younger than him; probably more reason why he was so attracted to her. 

He finally realized he hadn’t said anything and he smiled and said, “I do remember you now.  That was a bit of a shit show that night and I must say, the years have been very good to you, Ally.”

Using her name seemed to make his compliment more intimate and she blushed a wonderful color as she had very tanned skin and the blush made her look even more radiant.  She crossed her legs and he let himself glance down and take a nice long look and he smiled as her hand smoothed her skirt again and again.  His gaze was clearly distracting her and he enjoyed the idea that this woman might be a tad attracted to him as well. 

He finally looked higher and took a quick look at her tanned cleavage and decided that she was fairly small breasted, but that didn’t bother him.  He’d always been an eye guy; there was just nothing better than staring into a set of beautiful eyes and her brown ones were simply amazing. 

By the time his eyes finished their tour of her body, she was really uncomfortable now.  He suggested that he buy her lunch and she quickly agreed.  She insisted on driving and he enjoyed looking at her as she focused on the road.  Her pleated skirt was a delightful mess on her legs and he enjoyed looking at her tanned and toned legs.  When they were nearly to the restaurant, but stopped at a red light, she looked over at him and he reluctantly pulled his gaze from her legs as she said, “You do realize that most men are more discreet when they leer at a woman.” 

Her comment caught him completely by surprise and he burst out laughing.  He caught himself, but from the twinkle in her eyes, he knew she wasn’t upset about his leering; just surprised he was being so blatant about it.  He finally said in a slightly breathless tone, “I am sorry if I’m being boorish, but you are simply breathtaking.  I could look into your eyes all day and explore that body of yours all night.” 

She gasped a quick, “Jesus” and before he thought about it, he undid his seat belt and moved over to her and kissed her softly on the lips.  She immediately responded and the kiss became sensuous as hell; not frantic or urgent, just a wonderful expression of their shared arousal.  It was only broken when someone honked behind them to let them know the light had been green for a while. 

He wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do but he whispered, “My condo isn’t far from here.”She didn’t respond and he added, “Take a right at the next street” and he breathed a sigh of relief when she did so. 


His hand reached out and lightly rubbed her leg through her skirt and then quickly up under it.  At the next light, he upped the sexual tension as his hand moved up and cupped her through her thong.  She groaned and closed her eyes as he whispered, “Fuck, baby; you’re soaking wet already.” 


She glanced at him and in the sweetest and softest voice said, “I’ve fantasized about a moment like this since I saw you at the golf course years ago.  There’s something about you that I can’t explain, but I lost track of how many times I came fantasizing about you.” 


When the light changed, he had to pull his hand out so she could drive, but he was absolutely thrilled that this beautiful woman had been thinking of him all these years so he felt no shame as he held his fingers to his nose and then into his mouth as she pretended that she wasn’t watching him.  His cock was throbbing and he growled, “I can’t wait to taste your pussy, young lady.” 


Her eyes gazed at his as she smiled and said, “You don’t mince words do you, Mr. Davis?  Horny little bugger, aren’t you?!” 


He chuckled and said, “I’ve never met a woman that has knocked me for such a loop and yes, I want you.  I want you badly.  And I don’t mean to be cocky, but is little the word you’re really looking for?” 


As his words trailed off, he pulled her right hand from the steering wheel and into his lap.  He moved her fingers up and down the length of his shaft through his slacks.  She quickly curled her fingers around it and stroked it herself as she smiled.  “Yeah, little might not be quite right….but I wouldn’t say big either.” 


He laughed again as this woman was so delightfully funny, intelligent and sexy and for the next few minutes he was busy directing her to his condo.  They walked hand in hand up to his door and once inside he pressed her up against the wall and looked at her as they fought a dance of domination.  Each of them pressing in for a kiss before the other pulled away.  He finally lowered himself more to her level and pressed his hard cock against her as his right hand yanked up her skirt so that his fingers could rub her through her thong. 


His touch thrilled her and she threw her head back and groaned and his mouth claimed her exposed neck.  His fingers pulled her thong to the side and then dove deep inside her.He felt a shiver up his spine as her fingers dug into his hair and pulled him tighter into her neck.  He finally growled, “Jesus, let’s get to the bedroom.” 


She giggled and started up the stairs, but he decided he wanted something first.  He pulled her close and quickly undid the catch and zipper on the side of her skirt and seconds later it was pooled at her feet.  She stepped out of it and they left it on the floor and after ascending a few steps, she looked back at him and said, “Wanted to check out the merchandise, did you?” 


He growled a yes and she giggled again and pulled her thong to the side so he could watch her pink honey pot winking at him as she ascended the stairs.  And boy, did he watch it.  Her sweet honey was obvious on her puffy lips and he was so mesmerized by that lovely sight that he nearly ran her over when she wheeled on one of the last steps and sat down and spread her legs as she cooed, “You said you wanted to taste me; come and get it Hubie.” 


He gripped her thong on each side and slowly worked it down her legs and off.  She gazed at him sexily as she purred, “Kissing you has been amazing; I can’t wait to feel those soft lips of yours on me.” 


For added encouragement, she reached down and spread her pussy for him with her fingers.  He forced himself to slow down and he kissed his way up her thighs until his tongue slid slowly up and down her sweet pussy.  It was like a bolt of electricity up his spine just to taste her and he glanced up and relished the sight of her arching her back as she draped one leg over his shoulder.  As his tongue circled her clit, her hands first mauled her breasts through her blouse and then she groaned, “Oh baby; suck it while you finger me.” 


He pushed two fingers deep inside her and she lifted her sweet ass up off the floor in response and just the thought of how good it was going to feel to be inside her nearly made him cum.  She started humping his face as she groaned that she was close.  He marveled at how sensuous she was; just the way she moved against him and the sweet noises she made thrilled him. 


He suddenly moved up a step and gripped her sweet ass in both hands and lifted her; swirling her around so that he could lay back with only his head on the floor as he placed her down on his face.  She giggled in absolute joy and then wildly rode his face until she came with such intensity that she threw herself backwards and if it wasn’t for his strong arms and quick reflexes she might have tumbled backwards down the stairs. 


She finally threw herself forward as she gasped that she couldn’t breathe.  As he rolled over and moved up to join her she gasped, “You’ll have to carry me to the bedroom as I can’t feel my legs.” 


He started to kneel to pick her up in his arms and she purred, “Wait!” and reached for his slacks, but then commanded, “Pants off, stud.” 


He quickly complied and once he picked her up, she reached down between them and guided him inside her.  He leaned her against the wall as just the feel of her pussy around his cock made him dizzy.  He paused to look into her eyes and then he pushed her blouse up and off and pulled her bra straps down so he could see her tits as he thrust slowly in and out. 


He finally groaned, “This must be what heaven feels like.”  She wrapped her arms even tighter around his neck as she giggled lightly before whispering into his ear, “That would be the lamest line in the world, but I feel the same way; your cock is touching me in spots I didn’t know existed.” 


To emphasize her point, she lifted herself up and then slammed back down; sending him even deeper inside her molten core.  She reached out and bit his lower lip before growling, “Get me to a fucking bed, now!!!” 


His fingers gripped her ass tight as he carefully carried her to his bedroom; knowing full well that one misstep might leave him with one sore cock.  She bit his earlobe and giggled, “What’s the matter, stud?  Am I too heavy for you?” 


He laughed and said, “Not at all; just being careful.  There’s something very important to both of us at risk right now.” 


She laughed loudly and dug her nails into his shoulders as she purred, “Yesssss, that is true.  At least it’s important to me for the next hour or so.”


He laughed in response and then he bent over to place her on the bed.  She looked up at him and he growled, “God, you are so beautiful!” and before the words had even drifted from the air around them, he was pulling out and flipping her over. 


She looked back in surprise and saw the hunger in his eyes and was energized.  She tried to scramble forward and his fingers dug into the soft flesh of her ass and she groaned when he pulled her forcefully back into his pelvis.  His cock was wedged between her ass cheeks and she wondered when the last time was that she’d taken a full breath. 


She tried to pull away again even though all she wanted was for him to slam his cock deep inside her, but the mystery of what might happen next was too alluring.  His hand came crashing down on her ass and she yelped from the thrilling pleasure pain that erupted.He saw it in her eyes that she was loving this and he let her go.  She whirled around to face him and he crawled up on the bed so they were both kneeling as they looked at each other.  Like two boxers circling each other, but instead of inflicting pain on one another, they both were looking for pleasure. 


His eyes kept looking over her sweet little body; wondering which spots were going to bring her the most pleasure.  She, in turn, let her eyes linger across his hairy chest and then down to his cock.  It was still wet from her honey and he growled, “You can suck it if you like.” 

She snorted in response, but it didn’t hide from him that she desperately wanted to.  She just didn’t want to admit it.  In a flash he was next to her and his hand was gripping the back of her neck; firmly, but not roughly.  “It’s not really a request, suck it Ally!” he purred. 


She gasped and let him push her head slowly downward.  She kissed her way down his chest; flicking his nipples with her tongue and then she took over and literally dove down to his cock.  When he gasped in pleasure as she took him into her mouth, she felt her pussy throb with anticipation.  It thrilled her to give him some of the same pleasure he had just generously given her on the stair case. 

She could taste herself on him and she had a hunger to make him cum in her mouth just like she’d cum in his earlier.  Stroking his shaft as she bobbed up and down, she became aware of just how loud her mouth was on him and it was an incredibly erotic symphony of sounds; his groans, her wet smacking sounds, her gasps for air and moans of pleasure.  It was almost surreal when she realized she was fingering herself and palming her clit.  She couldn’t remember the last time that she’d felt so wanton; so desperately horny to cum.


He could barely breathe as her enthusiasm was thrilling and her oral skills were amazing.  He finally grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to him and growled, 


“It’s time we did this right, Ms. Ally.” 


She pressed her body into his as they knelt on the bed and kissed tenderly.  It was such a contrast to the crazed wrestling they had just experienced a few moments ago.  She finally purred, “How is right, Mr. Davis?” 


This time he bit her lower lip as he purred, “You know.” 


She shivered as she turned and got down on all fours and then looked back at him.  Her mysterious dark eyes touching his very soul as she whispered, “Like this, love?” 


That simple word of intimacy between virtual strangers seemed to knock him for a loop and he looked at her as he moved behind her.  “Yessssss, just like this” he whispered and his voice was shaking with emotion or lust or something. 

He ran his cock head up and down the crack of her ass and then down along her soaked pussy.  She pushed her hand against his cock trying to force it into her aching pussy.He wanted the same thing, but he could feel her trembling as he teased her and he repeated the same thing several more times before suddenly thrusting deep inside her.They both groaned a throaty, “Oh fuck” and then they established a rhythm that was bone jarring.  The sounds of their bodies smacking together over and over again added just one more level of lust to it and when he realized she was propping her upper body up with one elbow so she could reach back to rub her clit, he hoped this wouldn’t be their only time together.  He’d never met a woman that was so sexual; so incredibly in tune with her body and her needs. 

Moments later she looked back at him and as her eyes were rolling up into her forehead she groaned, “Oh Hubie, I’m almost there; cum with me.  Cum all over my ass, stud!” 

It wasn’t so much her words as her beautiful eyes that did him in and after watching her face contort with pleasure, he pulled out and his first explosion shot up and over her and landed on the bed.  As he stroked himself to complete release, the next few landed on her lower back and then finally her ass.  He fell onto the bed and she curled up next to him as they both gasped for breath. 

He finally leaned in and kissed her and whispered, “Please tell me I’ll be able to see you again…and again.” 

She giggled and whispered, “Maybe” and as he hoped that really meant yes, she added, “Be quiet and hold me; I need a nap.” 





Submitted: February 01, 2015

© Copyright 2023 zebo85. All rights reserved.

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Well luv...you have done it yet again! Another delicious sexual mouthwatering masterpiece! Where does your inspiration come from...

Mon, February 2nd, 2015 6:40am


Awww thank u for the nice comment. My inspirations come from all over. I always enjoy finding new people and experiences to stimulate my mind. However, I'm still waiting for an inspiration from YOU. :).

Mon, February 2nd, 2015 6:19am


You are the master of the unexpected rendezvous. Well done, another really great snapshot of fantasy. Love your writing....

Tue, February 3rd, 2015 6:27pm


Thank u so much for the wonderful comment. Sometimes I think I spend too much time setting up the encounter but I enjoy thinking of different situations and how they might develop.

Thu, February 5th, 2015 11:59am

Elizabeth Henry

So sexy

Fri, March 6th, 2015 6:32pm


I'm glad you thought so! Thanks for leaving a comment; positive reinforcement is what keeps us writers going :)

Sat, March 7th, 2015 7:28am


My goodness!!! This was hot as fuck!! You left me craving for sex. Amazing!

Thu, April 23rd, 2015 4:17am


Oh wow! I'm not sure if I should feel good or bad about that!! Okay that isn't true because I feel oh soooo good about it ????. Thanks for the wonderful compliment and I hope you were able to satisfy your craving.

Thu, April 23rd, 2015 3:48am

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